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[elpa] branch externals/ssh-deploy created (now ffc3cd0)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/ssh-deploy created (now ffc3cd0)
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 10:35:55 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/ssh-deploy.

        at  ffc3cd0   Added support for multithreading

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  4005d0e   My initial commit
       new  36186d6   Replaced sync references with deploy
       new  045e729   Made readme a bit more clear
       new  97d803d   Updated comments and changed license in preparation for 
MELPA submission.
       new  6344d55   Clarified some comments.
       new  3ddc4cb   Fixed a typo.
       new  4af759a   More clarifications.
       new  5ad07f2   Changed requirements.
       new  05ed4c8   Made changes to comply with MELPA guidelines.
       new  1ebf003   Formatted text a bit better.
       new  18be92e   Fixed keywords, defgroup groups and white-spaces.
       new  f77eba5   Updated README with proper setup example and instructions 
about MELPA.
       new  3fbd479   Changed variable-name typo explicity-save to 
explicit-save and updated README.
       new  ebdbb7e   Add TRAMP protocol for difference queries
       new  d599659   Added support for opening remote terminals, 
uploads/downloads/differences of directories, browsing remote hosts and fixed a 
bug where paths with special chars were not handled correctly.
       new  6f7fdfc   Updated modified date and version.
       new  3bbbbfb   *** empty log message ***
       new  8faa3c1   Now checks in path is in local-root before browsing 
remote host.
       new  be5451c   Updated to comments and README
       new  fa368fb   Made relative path generation as stand-alone function and 
now checks if ztree and tramp-term is installed before trying to call them.
       new  952abf0   Changed reference to zdiff-tree to ztree-diff and added 
more checks to see if tramp-term is installed before calling it.
       new  828aca3   Local path and local root is now evaluated based on their 
       new  2f21669   Added instructions for how to connect to complex servers.
       new  7133863   Fixed typos
       new  a1ea2c2   Improved description of complex connections
       new  f4ad77d   Now works asynchrously, moved (revert-buffer) to 
successful downloads instead of to key-binding.
       new  d40d817   Now displaying asynchrous process output.
       new  965c68f   Centralized asynchronous shell commands.
       new  2257f95   Fixed upload and downloads of root directories where 
local root directory name differs from remote root directory name.
       new  f0eb826   Fixed a bug in protocol definition and started with 
support for multiple protocols.
       new  78d0641   Updated version and modification date.
       new  a86091c   Broken down diff function into multiple functions to 
easily add new protocols.
       new  2d2c380   Implemented FTP via cURL but haven't tested it yet.
       new  109dbb1   FTP support and refactoring completed
       new  e94c9e7   Updated title of README.md
       new  959aa79   Fixed a log message.
       new  560ff1d   Added TRAMP functions and improved messages.
       new  89fb82a   Fixed bug when downloading via SSH to a local path 
containing whitespaces
       new  e6e1ad8   Updated version and modified date
       new  1e58dc3   SSH deployment now works via TRAMP instead of SCP
       new  4e70a41   Now uses TRAMP via async.el for SSH transfers
       new  404aa7e   Transfers now use TRAMP asynchrously
       new  14e7700   Now uses asynchrous tranfers progressively
       new  8253251   Improved README a bit
       new  1af0208   Cleaned up code structure and isolated functions
       new  d324b9f   Cleaned up code structure and isolated functions
       new  61a16be   Merged remote
       new  c04badf   Moved autoloading functions last, changed parameters for 
copy functions
       new  d4953c7   Fixed upload/download of root directory with different 
       new  b1f9e5b   Now detects remote changes
       new  94fc9e6   Updated readme
       new  ac7aff8   Asynchronous detection of remote changes doesn't use any 
synchronous action
       new  4a2f947   Fixed bug where missing remote file used wrong logic
       new  740c27d   Fixed message when no base revision exists and remote 
file equals local file
       new  4c35ab7   Fixed syntax bug in MELPA description
       new  0e32ab3   Added support for detection of external changes in FTP 
and improved async signals
       new  a627c90   Updated readme, spelling and grammar fixes
       new  3569e5e   More grammatical fixes for README.md
       new  f36ffce   Added MELPA Stable link
       new  8ed82d6   Added force upload handler
       new  29cf0b2   Added force handler in documentation
       new  3ea14de   Improved README for forced uploads
       new  1c1e379   More improvement on README for force uploads
       new  4c1a539   Added customizable exclusion patterns
       new  3b69647   Whitespace fix
       new  56da852   Fixed bug where plug-in reported external changes even 
though remote and local was identical, now ignore when remote differs from 
local revision
       new  de8eadd   Remote path is not shell escaped on upload and download 
because it caused issues with spaces in paths.
       new  bf86728   Added deploy command
       new  6d1c10c   Improved documentation
       new  454af97   Added delete function for files and directories
       new  1f0bdf6   Create directories on remote When uploading files in a 
folder that doesn't exist yet
       new  5e86b22   Bug fix for automatically creating missing remote 
directories on upload
       new  b62abf2   Improved code structure and improved documentation
       new  c8b322a   Fixed markdown syntax
       new  ec46610   Fixed a typo and improved documentation
       new  dbd8608   Improved documentation
       new  a724653   Added support for launching remote eshell
       new  b53b875   Improved remote eshell integration
       new  9107add   Fixed code notices in new code related to eshell 
       new  d5315bf   Fix syntax notices and now restores eshell buffer name
       new  72a5033   Moved safe variables declaration to plugin, made handler 
functions interactive to support extended-command execution
       new  af7f33c   Launch eshell and dired in base or current directory
       new  08d5778   Added example hydra to README
       new  4fbe568   Updated hydra example to prevent lazy loading of package
       new  5e0403c   Instructions for FTP in macOS 10.13
       new  f9a2785   Removed tramp-term functionality, supports native TRAMP 
       new  c65d282   Removed tramp-term functionality, supports native TRAMP 
       new  2226edb   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  3c15ace   Made function arguments optional with module variables as 
       new  d117b9b   Improved documentation
       new  2eab0ee   Fixed bug for eshell in base directory
       new  5cd1f80   Improved code for detecting remote changes
       new  810106a   Added feature to diff directories and fixed a bug
       new  c02b0c9   Removed debug code from directory-diff function
       new  0d8b5de   Only open directory diff buffer if there was any 
       new  ab4b80e   Detection for remote changes doesn't apply to directories
       new  68804ee   Updated use-package README example
       new  ee808ac   Fixed whitespace in readme
       new  c64013a   Made directory variables permanent
       new  407402d   Improved documentation about interaction-free 
password-based authentication
       new  d2c204f   Fixed syntax error in example configuration
       new  5d70d89   Improved documentation
       new  5e191c6   Added major mode for interactive directory differences
       new  5442a7e   Removed dependency package
       new  4a9dfb6   Added feature to open corresponding file on remote
       new  d0b45f4   Fixed typos in readme
       new  c193330   Optimized (progn) structures
       new  0f5e1dc   Fixed bug with endless loop
       new  8c6f24e   Improved code for interactive directory differences
       new  6f54fd5   Fixed bug where upload file into folder that does not 
exist on remote
       new  36b81ff   Fixed bug where async upload to new remote directory was 
not working
       new  63321ec   Just a white-space fix for more coherency
       new  e56b316   Fixed syntax error in (cond) expression
       new  c07b006   Replaced (file-regular-p) with (not (file-directory-p))
       new  aef539b   Create potential missing local directory when downloading 
       new  b879998   Added support for remote SQL sessions
       new  b483b3e   Improved handling of changing directory using let
       new  4f77b6c   Silenced code notices and fixes syntax for 
       new  c2a2be4   Naming remote SQL buffers to enable having multiple open 
       new  a3f9ec5   Now possible to define remote SQL port numbers
       new  592427e   Added support for launching remote shell sessions
       new  6134cd3   Added instructors for using remote shell terminal
       new  5a89d59   Added instructions for keypress related to shell terminal
       new  d0be946   Improved the salience of completion messages
       new  99727db   Updated completed deletion messages for more salience
       new  715325d   Improved wording of directory difference calculation
       new  e24f69d   Fixes 'display-warning throws 'wrong-type-argument error 
       new  d1d68b9   Started with new menu in menu-bar
       new  b1713b7   Added all handlers to new menu
       new  8d99eb6   Updated version
       new  c84f56c   Added Open command to menu as well
       new  088ed22   Added separators to menu and changed order of items
       new  cf4f5e7   Added delete shortcut to menu-bar as well
       new  d8153b9   Improved configuration examples
       new  96276c8   Added forced upload to menu-bar
       new  9d6d8a4   Improved comments, trying to trigger MELPA refresh
       new  76f7740   Now possible to define remote shell executable path per 
       new  7a2c7b6   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  099c7d8   Added support for mode-line status updates
       new  7cc936f   Removed debug comments
       new  c58f524   Using (with-current-buffer) instead of (switch-to-buffer)
       new  fc9bdbc   Asynchronously downloaded buffers are now automatically 
       new  fd7abe9   Mode-line status update for asynchronously deleted file 
       new  f8dc6a2   Renamed mode-line name from SH to DPL
       new  9c3f519   Nicer looking mode-line with square brackets
       new  a1b3577   Fixed issue were a buffer loosed it's reference 
       new  519a639   Fixed issue were buffer was marked as modified after a 
       new  53081a3   After downloading asynchronously associated buffer is 
       new  e64a454   Starting ssh-deploy-mode-line on init
       new  42d4d7a   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  b17f543   line status does not get stuck on asynchronously 
       new  0ff0f77   Using a stack for buffer status instead
       new  519939d   Fixes for mode-line status as stack
       new  c813bbb   Improved syntax and comments for detecting remote changes
       new  5705104   Fixed issue were status list initialization was not 
       new  a1dbc2f   Using unless instead of (when (not
       new  16a22f4   More (when (not to (unless conversions
       new  2f281c3   Fixed bug in (when (not to (unless conversion
       new  d9bc257   Updated version
       new  b13ba60   Removed idle mode-line status to avoid cluttering 
       new  1d3d534   Added verbose flag to enable silencing of non-error 
       new  7b0ab24   Create LICENSE
       new  8900586   Started working on support for deploy script
       new  b560147   Rename run script menu item
       new  57cec3d   Improved documentation of custom deployment script
       new  a81c3f1   Fixed README syntax
       new  57f8638   Fixed issue were no run script was defined
       new  0e3e55e   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  89f9dd6   Fixed DirectoryVariable run script predicate function
       new  104a384   Fixed lambda function predicate function
       new  e869836   Added support for asynchronous deployment scripts
       new  67313e2   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ffc3cd0   Added support for multithreading

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