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[elpa] branch scratch/mheerdegen-preview created (now 009dc4d)

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: [elpa] branch scratch/mheerdegen-preview created (now 009dc4d)
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 18:18:52 -0400 (EDT)

mheerdegen pushed a change to branch scratch/mheerdegen-preview.

        at  009dc4d   WIP: [el-search] Enhance doc of el-search-occur-mode

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  d6a3158   WIP: [el-search] Fix nested match issues in *El Occur*
       new  d91a3bb   WIP: Add diverse "sloppy" pattern types
       new  163a7c7   WIP: Add package "sscell"
       new  b8542ca   WIP: New package "gnus-article-notes"
       new  9fce13a   WIP: New :key arg for "filename" and new pattern types 
"file" and "dir"
       new  4ce7e1d   WIP: Add el-search-hi-lock.el
       new  216fd06   WIP: New file el-search/el-search-pp.el
       new  74cc15a   WIP: New command 'el-search-repository'
       new  0275476   WIP: qr: Make shown replacement editable and ediffable; r 
twice restores match; stop for problematic comments
       new  e43d95b   WIP [el-search] Implement 'el-search-keyboard-quit'
       new  4f3d9bf   WIP [el-search] Add quick help command
       new  73bca9f   WIP [el-search] Fix more "redundant _ pattern" cases
       new  a0b93f3   WIP [el-search] Discourage using symbols as LPATS in 
`append' and `l'
       new  62fc5c5   WIP [el-search] Minibuffer hints when entering pattern, 
Fix case when search pattern fails for some sexps
       new  1f46601   WIP: Additions to "Mb hints"
       new  54e3b67   WIP: Optimize caching
       new  5b994a5   WIP [el-search] Fix C-j with numeric arg in error case
       new  562b2db   WIP [el-search] Fix search setup when occur flag bound
       new  d27e751   WIP [el-search] Adjust prev/next match commands for 
search and occur
       new  3aa418f   WIP: Improvements for change and changed
       new  a1b1039   WIP: More colorful match count
       new  a8483cd   WIP: [el-search] Fine tune separator for splicing replace
       new  7de5824   WIP: Improvise eldoc support for search pattern prompt
       new  df185f6   WIP: Test: Make mouse clicks not abort the search
       new  e4bf180   WIP: [el-search] Some minor tweaks
       new  654133c   WIP: Don't initially fold occur buffer
       new  5bdc539   WIP: Include leading comments in occur defun context
       new  2fd5340   WIP: Add alarm-clock.el
       new  fc2c159   WIP: Fix C-A and C-J after finished single-buffer search
       new  8c8e364   WIP: Small fix in 'el-search--reset-wrap-flag'
       new  f11f566   WIP: Small fix in el-search--changed-files-in-repo
       new  009dc4d   WIP: [el-search] Enhance doc of el-search-occur-mode

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