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[elpa] master updated (ff13541 -> 1e22493)

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: [elpa] master updated (ff13541 -> 1e22493)
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 18:19:11 -0500 (EST)

dgutov pushed a change to branch master.

      from  ff13541   [el-search] Small fix in el-search--reset-wrap-flag
       new  2a21bfd   Extract company--capf-post-completion, for easier 
       new  4a4152b   Add a FIXME
       new  e72dfad   copyright-update
       new  fc81e99   Deprecate company-css
       new  a64d52c   Deprecate company-nxml too
       new  5c2425b   Work around python-shell-completion-at-point's behavior
       new  23e6c82   Add NEWS entry
       new  0dc6945   Fix the build
       new  0afe18d   Allow CMake completion in strings when inside ${...}
       new  5698be9   Simplify company-cmake-prefix-dollar-brace-p
       new  0325a40   Remove an unnecessary test
       new  07c56b1   Add NEWS entry
       new  5a856d7   backend: Remove pre-completion command
       new  5118b59   company-tng: Supress post-completion (#731)
       new  a78f7d8   Merge pull request #764 from 
       new  1646a10   Always get candidates with prefix string in 
       new  67650de   Merge pull request #769 from tigersoldier/master
       new  287a5fb   Make example backend interactive
       new  ed1085f   Merge pull request #771 from Wilfred/interactive-example
       new  ddfdcb7   Abort when completion-at-point is invoked
       new  46680da   company-css: Improve performance
       new  7d6ab3c   company-keywords: Support thrift-mode
       new  d26ec71   Merge pull request #785 from 
       new  779662f   Truncate the Clang error in the echo area
       new  270976b   Update Javascript and Python keywords
       new  ffba418   Merge pull request #802 from wyuenho/update-keywords
       new  a913803   company-diag: Catch any error in `completions'
       new  392dadd   Per #798, #762: Fix company-capf's highlighting of 
non-prefix matches
       new  b0940fb   Close #798: look for :company-match function in the 
capf's metadata
       new  f404a12   Add some tests for the previous commits
       new  5b11709   Emacs 24 doesn't have working elisp capf, so don't test it
       new  ae9dd22   Make fixes after Dmitry's comments
       new  f31d284   Mention #798 in NEWS.md
       new  382764a   Merge pull request #798 from joaotavora/master
       new  24bbc85   Fix #809 by looking up `face' as well
       new  d0fab46   Properly fix #809
       new  1f836b6   Merge pull request #810 from joaotavora/master
       new  045b23a   move golang's keywords to the right place
       new  4d921fe   Merge pull request #817 from chunzhouyu/master
       new  5015aad   Switch to npostavs/emacs-travis binaries
       new  9e8bd0b   Merge pull request #821 from iquiw/emacs-travis-bin
       new  63fdb96   add some golang fake keywords for a better programming 
       new  7e20ee4   update go-mode's keywords sort
       new  2d87b1f   fix golang's keywords sort
       new  f1aef4d   add reference url for go-mode's keywords
       new  e14cd4f   add some comments for adding go-mode's fake keywords
       new  3162aa2   Update company-keywords.el
       new  b423ba4   Merge pull request #819 from chunzhouyu/master
       new  a163e94   Improve comment
       new  1c76850   Reformat
       new  1c28831   add some golang's builtin funcitons to go-mode
       new  c984355   resort the go-mode in company-keywords.el
       new  d2db92b   Update company-keywords.el
       new  44ed412   resort go-mode'e keywords
       new  2bcaa2e   add some refs
       new  ed8bf2a   capitalize the comment sentences
       new  4fe0bec   Merge pull request #828 from chunzhouyu/master
       new  88b8282   add nil and bool to company-keywords for go-mode
       new  87f479b   Merge pull request #829 from chunzhouyu/master
       new  7c6357a   Define variable alias before referent
       new  4205ad6   Merge pull request #830 from jabranham/alias
       new  afbaad1   company-ispell-available: Better error message
       new  4fa5a37   Backends are called at the same point where company begins
       new  5ab7f42   Merge pull request #838 from bet4it/restore-point
       new  c95a6b4   Release 0.9.7
       new  1e22493   Merge commit 'c95a6b41d621de4253b77e512aa61fc0e75acddc' 
from company

Summary of changes:
 packages/company/.travis.yml         |  37 +++++----
 packages/company/NEWS.md             |  18 +++++
 packages/company/company-capf.el     |  69 ++++++++++-------
 packages/company/company-clang.el    |   3 +-
 packages/company/company-cmake.el    |  12 ++-
 packages/company/company-css.el      |  10 ++-
 packages/company/company-gtags.el    |   8 +-
 packages/company/company-ispell.el   |   2 +-
 packages/company/company-keywords.el |  38 +++++++---
 packages/company/company-nxml.el     |   3 +-
 packages/company/company-tng.el      |  13 +++-
 packages/company/company.el          |  98 +++++++++++++++---------
 packages/company/test/all.el         |   4 +-
 packages/company/test/capf-tests.el  | 140 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 packages/company/test/cmake-tests.el |  44 +++++++++++
 15 files changed, 394 insertions(+), 105 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/company/test/capf-tests.el
 create mode 100644 packages/company/test/cmake-tests.el

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