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[elpa] externals/eglot updated (f291816 -> 23accee)

From: João Távora
Subject: [elpa] externals/eglot updated (f291816 -> 23accee)
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2018 19:11:24 -0500 (EST)

capitaomorte pushed a change to branch externals/eglot.

      from  f291816   * eglot.el (Version): Bump to 1.2
       new  3922cf3   Per #144, #156: control strictness towards incoming LSP 
       new  11eb256   Fix #164: CodeAction command can be a Command object 
       new  10b238b   Revert "Fix #164: CodeAction command can be a Command 
object (#165)"
       new  81d035f   Fix #52: Use entire line as xref summary when available
       new  9fb5f0c   Per #52, #127: Improve performance of xref summary line 
       new  cddab30   * eglot.el (eglot--current-column): New helper.
       new  8140be5   Touch up last commit
       new  95ef9e1   Robustify tests against (M)ELPA eglot installations
       new  e2200ce   Simplify interface of eglot--dbind macro
       new  6de3d9c   Per #171,#156: Introduce eglot--dcase
       new  5bbf884   Use eglot--dbind for destructuring
       new  a1f2033   Fix #116, #150: don't break in indirect buffers
       new  1d42be4   Close #173: support completionContext to help servers 
like ccls
       new  4874c22   Use javascript-typescript-langserver for typescript-mode 
       new  38da3d3   Fix #159: Properly clear old diagnostics when making new 
       new  444a8c3   Per #173: robustify previous fix against non-standard 
insertion bindings
       new  a46f003   Fix #164: handle CodeAction/Command polymorphism with 
       new  96169d8   Per #173: fix bug introduced by previous fix
       new  53bfdb7   Per #173: adjust previous fix
       new  f63bedb   Fix #144: Use eglot--dbind and eglot--lambda throughout
       new  37706af   Warn about suspicious interface usage at compile-time
       new  66a1704   Scratch/use elpa flymake (#178)
       new  c1848c3   Handle array params to server notification or requests
       new  6b0b1b7   Be lenient by default to unknown methods or notifications
       new  973cd81   Close #180: Add preamble to comparison to lsp-mode.el
       new  23accee   * eglot.el (Version): Bump to 1.3

Summary of changes:
 Makefile       |  16 +-
 README.md      |  23 +--
 eglot-tests.el |  75 ++++++++
 eglot.el       | 575 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 4 files changed, 512 insertions(+), 177 deletions(-)

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