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[elpa] branch externals/system-packages created (now ce23c0e)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/system-packages created (now ce23c0e)
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 17:01:40 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/system-packages.

        at  ce23c0e   Add documentation about changing package manager and sudo

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  bace616   Initial commit
       new  bccbab3   Initial commit
       new  2737c65   Modifications
       new  7553ef9   More work...
       new  7c17a8b   Adds function to remove orphaned packages
       new  4e7e9e2   Working install command
       new  34f898e   A wild functional package appears!
       new  6d0ebd5   All working, working on listing installed packages
       new  749c053   Finishes list installed packages function
       new  2f0df07   Adds support for pacaur
       new  a6e053e   Fix parens
       new  fd49fc8   Fixes list function
       new  71af8a5   Adds some documentation
       new  0534179   Adds README
       new  a6dcd04   Refactor the package manager specific commands into a 
       new  1c1faa4   Merge pull request #1 from jiegec/master
       new  eef3e8e   Fix Arch Linux package list (explicit) commands
       new  d2884f5   Use idiomatic prompts in interactive commands
       new  38f68ed   Merge pull request #2 from juergenhoetzel/master
       new  360c427   Adds comments to separate package managers
       new  5512322   Adds support for dnf
       new  07d909e   Adds support for yum
       new  47cef47   Adds support for aptitude
       new  b05fc13   Add package footer for packaging convention
       new  17ffd29   Use cl-lib instead of cl.el
       new  07c4faa   Use defcustom for customizable variable
       new  da5835a   Merge pull request #9 from syohex/fix-package
       new  a39b1f0   Moves brew further up in list
       new  942c9e7   On MELPA
       new  19ab3e9   Adds autoload magic comments
       new  6997440   Adds list-dependencies-of command
       new  24eb0b9   Adds several functions
       new  a831a7e   Fix function names
       new  b394c04   Adds support for openSUSE zypper and Gentoo emerge
       new  47e4119   Fix docstring
       new  5b3f7f5   Whether to use sudo or not should be defcustom not defvar
       new  ebfb6f9   Fix typo
       new  5124f57   add lexical-binding t
       new  170f07c   Update README
       new  ae993f9   Prefer apt to aptitude
       new  ccc2a6b   Add support for xbps, used by void linux
       new  4efd204   Use dedicated buffer
       new  15ba684   Add Macports
       new  3f9b67b   Fix macports install and update
       new  1ec26d1   Add macports
       new  874ab8f   Add directory local variables
       new  1acd87a   Add an optional ARGS for package manager options & 
cleanup file
       new  5058542   Adds :group to defcustom
       new  ea7fa7b   Add an option to bypass user confirmation of package 
manager action
       new  bc30966   Update readme
       new  d89ee30   Mention macports in readme
       new  e3493bb   Make install interactive again
       new  3e41c62   README: correct ordering of package managers
       new  2bf16c6   README: mention that xbps is supported
       new  149c253   Fix typo
       new  e821fa2   Drop support for pacaur
       new  c0354b2   README: add docs for how to add nonsupported package 
       new  5010fb4   Fix spacing in some variable names
       new  feaf28c   Remove unneeded version line
       new  f5576f3   Update copyright
       new  50defa4   Pass --nosave to pacman on package removal
       new  78fd4c0   Initial support for nix
       new  e882ac1   `system-packages-packagemanager' to 
       new  936bb1a   `system-packages-usesudo' to `system-packages-use-sudo'
       new  2e9c031   Setup travis to error on byte compiler warnings
       new  ce34019   Update travis to use latest Emacs release
       new  9ef4751   Fix travis
       new  c4c7a96   Travis...
       new  bd51c53   travis: spit out Emacs version
       new  466785b   Defcustom should specify type
       new  ba902ce   Mention helm-system-packages in commentary and README
       new  5cc9ce7   Change brew upgrade --all to brew upgrade
       new  e1a6811   Fix aptitude upgrade command
       new  26feaab   Include bug reference info in .dir-locals
       new  450cbbb   README: fix bug #22
       new  eead7d6   Prefer apt-get/cache to apt
       new  557b1eb   Support listing installed packages in apt
       new  ec3ca7a   Fix brew list
       new  e4551fc   Add initial support for guix
       new  2046209   Make system-packages-supported-package-managers a defvar
       new  4b774b9   Require cl-lib at compile time
       new  ed5d9cc   Improve system-packages-package-manager :type defcustom
       new  f85a7bf   Remove unneeded :group statements
       new  fff67d1   README: add guix
       new  abddd99   Expose function to return command to run as a string
       new  c4437be   Add some very simple ERT tests
       new  04e2f7f   Make travis run tests
       new  0b04066   Test that we error when we don't know commands
       new  1470962   nix: Update for nix 2.0
       new  9e5532b   Require Emacs 24.3
       new  1f3eb2a   Version bump 1.0.3
       new  4f82d24   Fix missing space before a nonconfirm option
       new  8fc1a5c   Bump package version
       new  ede298f   Add system-packages-ensure
       new  7b87f7d   Make system-packages-ensure interactive
       new  e42e8e7   Simplify sudo handling
       new  29bf8ed   Update version header
       new  7f59e32   Nix now ships a nix executable
       new  9a8c3a9   Move CI to gitlab
       new  663423a   Add pipeline-status to README
       new  8eb586b   Version 1.0.6
       new  e53540f   Update CI to use Emacs docker image
       new  23e127e   Modify gitlab CI to test multiple Emacs versions
       new  3af0d4d   system-packages--run-command: Inhibit read-only text 
       new  604d16b   Version 1.0.7
       new  b408ce4   Define variable aliases before their referant
       new  41933fb   Add support for yum package management
       new  d18b2c0   Update dir-local bug-reference-url-format to point to 
       new  2e38329   Remove cl-lib dependency
       new  453802c   Add cache cleaning commands for nix and guix
       new  1846096   Update email
       new  41c294b   Fix tests
       new  df01469   Ensure a space between command and args
       new  e5f8c29   Version 1.0.9
       new  b504534   Revert "Ensure a space between command and args"
       new  54f8243   Version 1.0.10
       new  ce23c0e   Add documentation about changing package manager and sudo

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