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[elpa] branch externals/gpastel created (now 9362fee)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/gpastel created (now 9362fee)
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 12:31:33 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/gpastel.

        at  9362fee   Add a global minor mode (idea from Stefan Monnier)

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  a5a2a44   Empty commit
       new  c9e02e2   Initial version
       new  863065e   Add link to EXWM
       new  7bcdfdc   Explain EXWM binding a bit more.
       new  f4046a5   Check compatibility with Emacs 24.
       new  bf79d2e   Release 0.2.0
       new  927d344   Make interprogram-paste-function an empty lambda instead 
of nil
       new  4f80b88   Add EXWM-related snippets to README
       new  21b7d79   Release 0.3.0
       new  ae11a0a   Update snippet in README to force the focus
       new  45f1798   Fix typo (thanks to Stefan Monnier for noticing)
       new  fce251b   Upgrade Emacs requirement to at least 24.4
       new  fbccc7c   Use an override advice instead of replacing the 
variable's value
       new  b2aab71   Save former value of a variable modified by 
       new  9362fee   Add a global minor mode (idea from Stefan Monnier)

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