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[elpa] branch externals/objed created (now d826c0f)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/objed created (now d826c0f)
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 12:28:24 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/objed.

        at  d826c0f   Improve non interactive init

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  3096642   Initial commit
       new  41d8985   Fix which-key-idle-delay error.
       new  e17bd00   Slow down screencasts
       new  82d4ad4   Fix link
       new  097ba7f   Slow down screencast
       new  fa92b1e   Improve README
       new  2ff1a49   Improve Readme
       new  3f248c6   Improve Readme
       new  96e2920   Improve Readme
       new  4dd671e   Improve Readme
       new  54e8d42   Adjust textblock object
       new  26ef935   Add output object screencast
       new  a67c5b9   Conform to package guidelines
       new  86e3088   Require Emacs 25
       new  34a0031   Fix init if no object found after movement.
       new  309b153   Add buffer object to block objects
       new  b6e0ca3   Change block object order for better guessing order
       new  ebf09b0   Change yank semantics
       new  372124c   Add undo-only as keeper command
       new  3958d8a   Improve sentence object
       new  b6031cc   Add recenter to keeper commands
       new  5237b4a   Fix string detection
       new  b09cc3f   Change copy op to move on to next object and append on 
       new  81b9ed9   Allow to append next kill like in stock Emacs
       new  56579a4   Update documentation for copy and yank
       new  98f4c47   Fix docs
       new  4634c51   Fix char object for end of buffer
       new  630d2de   Improve/add indentation commands
       new  caf6a96   Further improve indent commands, change some bindings
       new  2232a85   Add some bindings
       new  61bb3eb   Fixup bindings and docs
       new  8c50b53   Cleanup indent commands
       new  dc8c569   Improve surround op
       new  33136a6   Add melpa notice
       new  64dc38b   More on indent/move commands
       new  f7ef787   Add move/indent descriptions
       new  430d858   Add more command to move objects around and change 
bindings for them
       new  ca32294   Ensure value for cursor color, #5
       new  9c9797b   Add melpa badge
       new  8c3ba86   Add note about changing bindings
       new  ae9f965   Fixes #9
       new  29bccb0   Whitespace cleanup
       new  f33147d   Add syntax object adjusted from 
       new  781adf8   Improve syntax object
       new  d5dd1d0   Fix function name
       new  95503ca   Fix syntax object
       new  4badbe8   Simplify object macro usage (allow to use bounds of thing 
       new  de241e3   Start to support mc
       new  e94dc45   Remove :get-inner
       new  5fbacd4   Cleanup
       new  042c3bb   Change some bindings
       new  7ad08e2   Set C-h to work as usual
       new  cd7c738   Undo C-h remapping
       new  41be963   Adjust textblock and block object order
       new  d770ddd   Don't exit after eval op
       new  a090ada   Stop object search at buffer boundaries earlier
       new  f605604   Rename syntax object to face object
       new  6907e69   Improve face object
       new  843d843   Remove textblock from context objects
       new  3eb73e0   Adjust indent op and tab commands
       new  ebad1ac   Fix face object
       new  9f4e3cf   More face object adjustments
       new  37449f5   Update link
       new  1f09072   Improve file object
       new  96c6b8f   Add DEL key for in buffer replacement, fixes #6
       new  192217a   Add no-skip option and block object
       new  9c1b350   Update link
       new  58af659   Start adding tests
       new  21ca995   Cleanup malformed object
       new  5f23c05   Fixup advice code
       new  919a72d   Adjust python block object
       new  809c834   Fix markup
       new  d21fd72   Fix makup again
       new  ad88f19   Fix markup!!!
       new  a2df7ab   Stay active when using describe key in modal state
       new  7c41d13   Fixup which-key paging commands
       new  b54fa1a   Add more tests
       new  12e3fdd   Use last command event so it can be rebound for tests
       new  fc0da6e   Don't produce messages for tests
       new  f8af251   General cleanup
       new  8764254   Add note about tests to contribute
       new  975a8f3   Rewording
       new  b7ded6d   Improve tests, add more tests
       new  cac61c3   Improve block objects
       new  53cafee   Add new commands to move to first/last instance
       new  1c7d142   Add more tests
       new  45eb117   Add alternative bindings
       new  7ba5cb2   New until beg/end of buffer behavior
       new  d15d904   Fix up forward/backward until any object
       new  655a636   Fix bug
       new  7abf5b3   Fixes #3, switch to remote object with '#'
       new  bd6a50c   Change bindings for surroundings, undo in region
       new  aa8ba7b   Change DEL to behave as normal for char object
       new  8d6732e   Improve description
       new  204ea88   Change surroundings binding
       new  e5dfba1   Add extend commands
       new  838094f   Working on #14
       new  9558b39   Add ace char object
       new  22392cf   Add whitepsace objects, fixes #2
       new  deb059e   Update bindings
       new  b9866d6   Fix undo op behavior
       new  e5f8bac   Improve undo in region
       new  0aa6e84   Change some object bindings
       new  433e92d   Block objed advices in object body codes
       new  0e1d041   Simplify object macro usage
       new  b7fbf71   Fixes #12,  collect no-skipping objects correctly
       new  38887bb   Adjust textblock object
       new  c0a65ec   Remove redundant iblock object
       new  72053b7   Simplify macro usage again
       new  2e1e5c1   Run compilation as part of make test
       new  185fe41   Remove unused lexical var
       new  4b21416   Fix endless textblock search
       new  7961536   Adjust textblock object again
       new  d50117d   Fix kill-op error
       new  ce608d8   Add symbol object back
       new  79ec8af   Fix boundary error
       new  b9fe335   Improve nav for objects with leading ws
       new  62c2dee   Improve move object code
       new  fc11d2b   Fix skipping ws if point is after the object
       new  333a9d5   Fix not loading mc variable if mc is loaded late
       new  f3efa0e   Don't let sentence object jump over to next 
       new  5a1c9f7   Improve char switching with objec-ace
       new  49e36fd   Change back to indentation behavior
       new  734711a   Add move-to-window-line-top-bottom to activation cmds
       new  8a74424   Optimize init/reset procedure, avoid unnecessary 
       new  69db302   Some mroe init changes
       new  db542e0   Add replace inside object op
       new  5b4bf3f   Get region command positions according to objed rules
       new  051028c   Fix init for entry commands which use after-init-alist
       new  64ed598   Mark other instances if object command is called 
       new  703d634   Move some op bindings to more emacsy bindings
       new  8d3399a   Adjust mark bindings
       new  9c816e2   Improve mark all for repeated object invokation
       new  c88bb7b   Mention new functionality
       new  92fd6e7   Fix marking instances in objects not surrounding point
       new  7617799   Allow testing different emacs versions
       new  ea2ac9e   Face used in mode line should be less prominent
       new  fe5548c   Install advices for :commands after objed is loaded, 
fixes #21
       new  60c4731   Remove key binding info in header, use readme for that
       new  cf1db37   Allow users to define a function to allow/prevent objed 
       new  c846b15   Init only where C-n is bound to something other than 
       new  f5904c2   Add eval commands to keeper commands
       new  39095c2   Add type specifications to defcustom calls
       new  a246088   Merge pull request #23 from 
       new  a94bfdf   Add extend functionality
       new  6ed0f62   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
       new  0c5a4e3   Version bump
       new  d801608   Cleanup for extend
       new  ac6ecb0   Mention new extend functionality
       new  c87e826   Add News file to document changes.
       new  78116f5   Mention Readme and News
       new  8e9ab88   Markup
       new  de09955   Markup fixes again
       new  add4b8f   Markup again
       new  50c2367   Mention move objects functionality
       new  e9bfd92   Switch code order to avoid confusing compile warnings
       new  77d1691   Update extend behavior
       new  a0a8f81   Improve exchange point and mark
       new  0de9c61   Further improve objed-expand
       new  d792eb0   Dont reinit object for first extend
       new  fa3b6db   Add include leading/trailing whitespace commands
       new  de2d6e1   Toggle for repeating objed-extend
       new  639dc87   Add interactive pipe op
       new  862d168   Fix ipipe schedule timer
       new  d0bc8c7   Update docs for ipipe
       new  30eb150   Improve exit minibuffer for ipipe
       new  49082c7   Accept 1 as universal arg
       new  26c88ba   Revert to 0, 1 is needed for 10>
       new  8ac3ec3   Mention numeric args
       new  ee50345   Rephrase
       new  f643281   Correct key names
       new  9ddefdb   Fix empty buffer error for exit-op
       new  6092485   Ignore cases where object could not be found (range = nil)
       new  4a84e59   Bind this-command when executing region command
       new  d7a7c74   Improve python defun object
       new  5c20c43   Improve org element/block object, don't inherit from 
       new  6951f1b   Add convenience bindings for forward/backward until buffer
       new  fbabb7a   Add command to insert new object of current type
       new  101fd9f   Improve org section object
       new  7f575aa   Fix dispatch, when no object found
       new  74b3595   Adjust textblock object
       new  ec04ce3   Simplify exit-op logic
       new  a7b9df6   Add C-RET, M-RET for eval-in-repl and inserting new object
       new  f50dee4   Allow to use eval-region instead ielm repl for Elisp
       new  179ac60   Update docs for exit-op
       new  3c8f74d   Make forward-word work like the other commands for extend
       new  4489ea3   Fixup forward word extend when already at word end pos
       new  72f1807   Use anzu if available
       new  10de1ad   Comment about commandline test
       new  1af3cc7   Allow minibuffer input in non interactive function ops
       new  a277292   Add option to wrap the region with any string(using 
universal arg)
       new  9a0ea65   Fix override of default for comint-prompt-regexp
       new  736c331   Improve undo, repeat will proceed undo in object region
       new  9225e77   Improve objed-extend
       new  5ca0678   Indent for tab command should not activate objed
       new  4aa3530   Don't init when mode has own modal setup
       new  76779dc   Adjust activation condition again
       new  043ec68   Adjust some bindings (q should quit window for 
       new  8fc9649   Fix markup
       new  5d7bda7   Fix typo (lexical binding)
       new  0800b1f   Improve objed-quit-window
       new  a30956f   Make objed-activate callable from hooks (init with char)
       new  90af56a   Adjust objed-activate
       new  723fe2c   Adjust objed-activate again
       new  3a983ab   Read arguments of rcmd after region is established
       new  7c2bc2f   Inline eval-rspec
       new  47ff6db   Provide default for replace-op
       new  03520df   Ignore user remappings for objed-quit-window
       new  806c681   Improve objed-activate conditions
       new  1bbd30f   Dont activate in minibuffer
       new  cd7be8b   Improve objed-extend
       new  8e86602   Change del-insert binding, leave binding DEL free
       new  b006b28   Change toggle state binding
       new  60d4e97   Dont init when starting commit message
       new  93db5bc   Fix last commit
       new  d826c0f   Improve non interactive init

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