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[elpa] externals/objed updated (f3ebfe4 -> fee7fb9)

From: Clemens Radermacher
Subject: [elpa] externals/objed updated (f3ebfe4 -> fee7fb9)
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2019 06:06:32 -0400 (EDT)

clemera pushed a change to branch externals/objed.

      from  f3ebfe4   Version bump
       new  68c2a1e   Improve quit window, reformat if in edit buffer
       new  2170235   Update description
       new  aa4104e   Improve reformat
       new  20d776a   Improve identifier command
       new  033b5aa   Exchange point and mark when toggling side selection
       new  ae7b3e8   Dont exit objed on macro recording/execution
       new  d56bf74   Don't ignore errors for try-next/prev
       new  c000147   Error when no next/prev object when using next/prev 
       new  00fd599   Skip leading ws on first/last instance command, too
       new  68bae26   Give feedback if already at last/first identifier
       new  ba3d63c   Improve quit window or reformat
       new  7e0bf6f   Change binding for word object in object map
       new  395708b   Update object bindings
       new  e771f06   Improve ace object
       new  37f455e   Add region to object map
       new  850c2e9   Improve object next identifier
       new  c893402   Unify no next/prev message
       new  4936ef0   Optionally use expand-region for extend expansion
       new  77fad58   If region is activated, deactivate it first on objed-quit
       new  6f50de1   Add objed-append-mode for objed-copy repeat
       new  4c878f8   Change objed-append-mode activation rules
       new  a341a60   Fix identifier movement
       new  23005a3   Add object to register functionality
       new  d2e3da3   Add objed-eval binding ":"
       new  bad4e56   Add objed append mode binding "W"
       new  bc5aa6c   Add left/right char to cmd-alist
       new  041109d   Change object at point semantics (rules for o/[/])
       new  951af46   Convert eval op to eval-context
       new  5761dcf   Obey lexical binding for eval op
       new  d35abd5   Improve eval context op for comments and change its 
       new  08cb11c   Eval op improvements/fixes
       new  26cd732   Exit with exit code or op name
       new  b5e68c9   Add objed insert command
       new  fe2b5f1   Improve objed-copy
       new  5af62e2   Default to char if current buffer has no objed--object set
       new  a09e198   Improve objed-eval-exp
       new  5f9a7f6   Give feedback message on reformat
       new  c87ea0f   Change binding for objed-insert
       new  084c9ea   Adding toggle identifier place command
       new  315a622   Update beg of object at point semantics
       new  550e537   Update docstrings
       new  1d116bd   Improve objed context object
       new  6227a85   Improve movment with objed extend
       new  26235a7   Improve duplicate op
       new  dc86d31   Change bindings for duplicate ops
       new  a46a1e5   Add binding for including leading ws
       new  fef1621   Reorder few defuns by topic
       new  c17de45   Convert toggle state to shrink context command
       new  1c04620   Skip docstring for inner elisp defun object
       new  9a3ef85   Update docs for shrink context command
       new  3e5b8f0   Add object-activate-object entry command
       new  2c2741e   Change binding for objed-occur
       new  6308003   Update description
       new  f3d55c0   Add binding for expand context "object"
       new  d43aad1   Change ace object to select by lines
       new  8cf155e   Add prefix key for user-map
       new  7713827   Use stripe buffer mode for ace object if available
       new  e5002a8   Update description for user prefix key
       new  fee7fb9   Version bump

Summary of changes:
 README.asc       |  29 +--
 objed-objects.el |  63 ++++--
 objed.el         | 647 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 3 files changed, 506 insertions(+), 233 deletions(-)

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