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[elpa] branch externals/webfeeder created (now b5148b4)

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/webfeeder created (now b5148b4)
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 07:09:56 -0400 (EDT)

ambrevar pushed a change to branch externals/webfeeder.

        at  b5148b4   Version 1.0.0

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  7000480   Init
       new  272bad4   webfeeder-test.el: Privatize -test-pages
       new  f6032b2   readme.org: Remove spurious (delete...) from base examples
       new  06fab2c   webfeeder-test.el: Rename "page" to "rss" in test names
       new  640b214   readme.org: Recommend libxml
       new  be073b5   webfeeder.el: Edit most docstrings
       new  f34e3d6   readme.org: Fix rename feed-builder -> webfeeder
       new  1355a7b   webfeeder.el: Copy the readme into the commentary
       new  0f0ca1d   Atom: Fix missing closing tag in <link />
       new  989c576   Atom: Remove <summary> from parent node
       new  a7cfbf1   Atom: Separate time with ":" in rfc3339
       new  6e0a8d5   Fall back on default author set in 
       new  567fbe3   Atom: Always href attribute for links
       new  73b905e   Atom: Specify type for content
       new  b1986c3   Atom: Don't test top-level descriptions
       new  bfeb09c   RSS: Remove subtitle from items since they are not 
supported by the standard
       new  4e980b2   RSS: Only include author if an email address is found in 
the string
       new  2b10906   Atom: Add support for email address in author field
       new  e462414   testdata/post0.org: Add email address
       new  26f5200   Update test feeds
       new  9083513   Assign copyright to the Free Software Foundation
       new  b5148b4   Version 1.0.0

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