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[elpa] branch externals/relint created (now ee70350)

From: Mattias Engdegård
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/relint created (now ee70350)
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 12:57:16 -0400 (EDT)

mattiase pushed a change to branch externals/relint.

        at  ee70350   FSF copyright, URL, and increment version to 1.5

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  0214845   Move to github
       new  125b869   Try harder recovering from read errors
       new  830f4bf   Allow use from batch mode
       new  b4fc385   Rename trawl--batch to trawl-batch
       new  62ca3d4   Slight performance improvement
       new  cb1fdc5   Add caret pointing out the error in the quoted regexp
       new  6ab713e   Reinstate erroneously removed line
       new  34304b4   Add (provides) line to make file importable
       new  d19133e   Better variable name patterns
       new  019f4cf   Rewrite the partial evaluator and extend coverage
       new  d4d8f97   Eval mapcar and mapcan with partial-evaluated lists
       new  66522ca   Increment version to 1.1
       new  3f8509a   Add more functions to check for regexp arguments
       new  d6320f9   Detect functions with regexp arguments
       new  104e66c   Fix bugs in evaluation of `rx' and `rx-to-strings'
       new  f8878ca   Report rx errors in the result buffer
       new  5143edf   Fix indentation accidents
       new  8e37762   Protect against improper lists in function calls
       new  be3979a   Check TRIM argument of `split-string' as well
       new  7d0e177   Rewrite the higher-order function handling
       new  02bf0ba   Use explicit list of pure functions
       new  e1b1ef9   Run in two phases on each file
       new  151dbb8   Handle some destructive list functions
       new  4dbcad9   Increment version to 1.2
       new  ac5d0cf   Add more safe functions
       new  5af5466   Scan string-trim arguments
       new  187d586   Scan arguments to `skip-chars-{forward,backward}'
       new  683f31b   Increment version to 1.3
       new  0fd1d46   Rename trawl to relint
       new  af745bb   Update the package description. Increment version to 1.4
       new  f6fb8e6   Sundry cosmetic fixes
       new  2d1f488   mapcar on non-list sequence
       new  7a1b632   Add wildcard-to-regexp as 'pure' function
       new  c215d54   More careful evaluation of if, when, unless, and, or
       new  15c799e   Evaluate calls to functions defined in the same file.
       new  c1b92cc   Wrap and evaluate defined functions passed as parameters
       new  d4a6d46   Evaluate some more functions, macros and special forms
       new  e824db0   Expand locally defined macros
       new  a1829d7   Refactor the file scanning and linting code
       new  0f76132   Add README.org
       new  365dc91   Check bad skip-set provenance
       new  e882b71   Detect regexps spliced into [...]
       new  0604fad   Use a custom mode for the *relint* buffer
       new  ee70350   FSF copyright, URL, and increment version to 1.5

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