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[elpa] branch externals/eev created (now fb9f4c6)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/eev created (now fb9f4c6)
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2019 16:58:52 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/eev.

        at  fb9f4c6   Added an explanation of why eev is not in ELPA yet.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  af88c9b   Initial commit for eev2
       new  95397ce   Added `ee-copy-after-and' and `find-eejumps'
       new  99d0c67   Changes in `find-videos-intro'; `ee-copy-after-and' -> 
       new  5320469   `eepitch-do' and `find-wget'
       new  19623c4   Rewrote eev-rcirc.el.
       new  e4964a3   Rewrote `find-brxxx-intro'.
       new  0b2c4ac   `find-here-links'
       new  a334821   `ee-mplayer-{audio,video}-options', `find-here-links'
       new  cca8307   `find-here-links' (code and docs)
       new  834e074   `find-customizegroup'
       new  4a7bfcf   High-level words for `find-wset' (code and docs)
       new  5c4799d   Small fixes in `find-*-intro' functions
       new  301db1e   Make some arguments optional
       new  9f22dff   Added `find-eev-quick-intro'.
       new  b30a527   Corrected typos in `find-eev-quick-intro'.
       new  3950e1e   First commit in two years; `find-eev-quick-intro', 
`to-latin1', and lots more
       new  b9baae6   First commit after an HD crash; lots of changes
       new  4b2e5aa   Added eev-codings.el, started to convert files to UTF-8
       new  8179ff8   Make `find-eev-quick-intro\' and `find-emacs-keys-intro\' 
more important
       new  70964f1   Add `find-eev-install-intro' and `find-eev-install-links'
       new  2009036   Added text to `find-escripts-intro'
       new  23f0366   Added instructions for using the git repository.
       new  655f894   Added a "$*" to the shell script "~/eev".
       new  d77a040   Added `find-sh-at-dir'; added new sections to 
       new  1b0d1dd   Added several sections to `find-eev-quick-intro'.
       new  7c396d0   Many changes in the intros; added eev-load.el
       new  c77ca3b   Rewrote eev-pdflike.el, added sections about it to 
       new  8601bc8   Small changes in eev-brxxx.el
       new  b17c70b   Small changes in README.md
       new  a5f9343   Small changes in `find-eev-install-links' and in 
       new  22702eb   Made all secondary intros point to sections of 
       new  fc52991   Fontify the `find-xxx-intro' buffers.
       new  a0d3da0   Now the `find-xxx-intro' buffers are fontified.
       new  244f47a   Made eev-intro.el require info.el.
       new  de74bf9   Added lots of comments.
       new  9d39df9   Several clean-ups in eev-elinks.el and eev-tlinks.el.
       new  f974ef7   Added lots of comments to eev-plinks.el.
       new  c920947   Part of eev-plinks.el was commented out by accidented; 
fixed that.
       new  e4d30ff   Rewrote parts of `find-escripts-intro' and 
       new  5dbba21   Added `find-eunicodeucs'; added lots of documentation.
       new  3325b83   Some clean-ups in the code for `find-eintro-links' and 
       new  082a9f4   Changes in parts of `find-eev-intro' and 
       new  3baac40   Added some sections to `find-escripts-intro'.
       new  e0d1bf1   Added some sections to `find-escripts-intro'.
       new  8afeb43   Cleaned up eev-mode.el and other files.
       new  14d1125   Converted several elisp files to utf-8.
       new  bfd11b4   Added some sections to `find-escripts-intro'
       new  b0f124e   Added material to `find-escripts-intro' and 
       new  92702c7   Made `find-pdf-text' ignore spurious formfeeds.
       new  2518e75   Use "eev-beginner.el" instead of "eev-readme.el".
       new  7162184   Added `find-texworkspdf-page'.
       new  2dadb94   Added `find-pdftools-page'.
       new  ca3dd97   Added sections to `find-channels-intro'.
       new  b56266f   Added `eev-beginner' (our first autoload).
       new  95052ba   Added several fields to eev-pkg.el.
       new  eee817f   Added a README (for the ELPA package).
       new  4e07159   Added some comments to eepitch.el.
       new  41323e0   Moved the function `ee-template0' to the file 
       new  8a09aa4   Made the files eev-code.el and eev-brxxx.el more 
compatible with lexical binding.
       new  39a2cea   New file: eev-template0.el.
       new  d671913   Rewrote `ee-code-c-d-rest'.
       new  f6fd28a   Cleaned up the comments about `ee-code-c-d-filter-2'.
       new  51e636a   Deleted eev-pdflike-old.el.
       new  fb9f4c6   Added an explanation of why eev is not in ELPA yet.

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