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[elpa] branch externals/olivetti created (now 46fdcfe)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/olivetti created (now 46fdcfe)
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 09:56:50 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/olivetti.

        at  46fdcfe   Assign copyright to Free Software Foundation

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  997ae52   Initial
       new  6533514   Added a bunch of custom options, allow body-width float
       new  01af0c7   Fixed doc
       new  bd06cf1   Added mode-map and menu
       new  158db93   Added set-mode-line
       new  fd3d39d   Removed extraneous vars and fns
       new  bb7b2ce   Doc cleanup
       new  2363de6   Fixed margin reset on exit
       new  514bc46   Using run-window-configuration-change-hook fn
       new  af1d719   Revert "Using run-window-configuration-change-hook fn"
       new  ea4a25f   Obsessive cleanliness
       new  554461c   Added toggle-hide-modeline
       new  869221a   Removed delete-selection-mode
       new  30e3cbe   Added README/Commentary
       new  bee3291   Fixes #1
       new  06bf86f   Add hook when changing fonts
       new  f213afd   Added safe-width fun
       new  30b82ff   Made body-width buffer-local
       new  885fb20   Added minimum-body-width
       new  5cfe277   Changed body-width standard-value to 80
       new  6a8f400   Added set-width interactive fun
       new  4bec5f2   Added expand/shrink interactive funs
       new  3c60908   Made set-environment use safe-width
       new  e0dabc0   Obsessive cleanliness
       new  c2b1100   Updated README and Commentary
       new  4252fe4   Deleted unneeded .gitignore
       new  bd24fae   Removed erroneous mode-hook
       new  751b90f   Fixes #3
       new  b42eb3e   Allow set-width to accept any number
       new  3859a4d   Added known bugs section to README/Commentary
       new  906974e   Fixes #5
       new  34b8a54   Added doc string
       new  777ec83   Updated README/Commentary
       new  99a8b3d   Changed email
       new  16d0885   Fix "modeline" => "mode-line"
       new  c759791   Added missing doc to olivetti-set-width
       new  7b215a7   Fixes #7
       new  52b5b4e   Cleaning up
       new  41c6642   Update MELPA URL
       new  d852e31   Merge pull request #8 from syohex/update-url
       new  26e9da6   Use defvar-local, it's cleaner
       new  f629184   Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rnkn/olivetti
       new  0653b07   Make olivetti-set-environment act on the list of all 
buffer windows
       new  947b1c0   Custom option to recall visual-line-mode entry state
       new  48874ef   Hiding mode-line seems to work without frame redrawing
       new  78ef7ae   Reset margins in all buffer windows
       new  6818914   Neatening docs
       new  42d5822   Add keymap
       new  6933bf9   More neatening up
       new  26f3db0   Updated README/Commentary
       new  ef3d85e   Updated copyright
       new  bd672e5   Make it easier to adjust olivetti-body-width
       new  4095b76   Merge pull request #10 from larstvei/master
       new  35654fe   Added note about temporary-overlay-map
       new  be11f32   Fixing typo
       new  bb2e0cf   set-temporary-overlay-map -> set-transient-map
       new  66bdcc7   lexical-binding: t
       new  cdc9fc3   Merge pull request #11 from rnkn/lexical-binding
       new  d4fdf91   Fix for Emacs lexical binding standard-value bug
       new  e095ee34  Function quoting
       new  7f8e44b   Custom lighter
       new  f53b5f4   Added mode-map
       new  e7b7169   Using page delimiters
       new  4a6197f   Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rnkn/olivetti
       new  90cf062   Added C-c \
       new  b4094d3   Added badges
       new  d0d2bc0   Attempt to patch known Emacs bugs.
       new  ce4c9f0   Document split-window-right workaround
       new  9d318be   Added README to Commentary
       new  4c2ab02   Use version<, print patch message, cleanup docs
       new  18a9a8e   Use min-margins instead of split-window-right-force
       new  d2c54ac   Add change-major-mode-hook to reset margins
       new  3d057a5   Removed useless (let ...)
       new  4f9210b   Don't use  min-margins - there is a better way
       new  3f237b0   Use split-window window-parameter
       new  cba0d25   user-error for bad olivetti-body-width
       new  ee8f064   Removed 25.1 patch for split-window-right
       new  8556abb   Rearranging code for clarity
       new  1553934   Move hide-mode-line into set-environment
       new  696c195   Fixed window splitting
       new  de2716c   Only reset all windows on exit
       new  39271d0   Only reset split-window param if olivetti-split-window
       new  e515385   Docstring update
       new  ff058b9   new file: screenshots/01.png
       new  5ac4444   Use GitHub repo screenshot
       new  21f8356   Updated README/Commentary
       new  e9feab0   Remove H1 from README/Commentary
       new  da7955a   Added TODO.md
       new  cefceed   Added note about buggy display-line-numbers-mode
       new  9d9f9ce   Added hints
       new  9bd4108   Compatibility fixes for Emacs 26
       new  988d326   Use HTTPS for README links
       new  df2477e   Fix README typo
       new  4c8b62f   Updating README/Commentary
       new  cab3aa3   Add headers for ELPA version
       new  914af43   Update copyright year to add 2017
       new  fd5d85b   Enhance short description
       new  2b202b4   Fix spelling error in description
       new  85ecdfc   Revert "Enhance short description"
       new  c87a7ec   Merge pull request #17 from sten0/master
       new  cd2fdca   Added alt recommendation for writeroom-mode
       new  1629f89   Always find window on all frames
       new  2e92258   Consider fringe width in current window when setting 
       new  35d275d   deleted: TODO.md
       new  7bf367c   Updated README/Commentary
       new  e824a21   Remove disparaging remarks about display-line-numbers-mode
       new  6893bef   Added Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash addresses
       new  7eadbe7   Rewrite olivetti-safe-width for fringes
       new  4344261   Don't round olivetti-scale-width
       new  38b2eb4   Limit window-width to 2* largest fringe
       new  8558589   Rewrite olivetti-set-environment
       new  dd9162f   Documentation improvements
       new  050815f   Use internal rounding for olivetti-safe-width
       new  da1ef8e   Improving olivetti-safe-width
       new  3facf2b   Change hooks:
       new  fc3b045   Readded window-configuration-change-hook
       new  b1759ab   Remove crypto addresses
       new  a7f6477   Add LICENSE.txt, remove README license badge
       new  f5c4565   Deleted repeated word in README.md
       new  c516083   Merge pull request #21 from smythp/master
       new  e70adca   Add safe custom variable properties
       new  3df740c   Change top-level customization group wp -> text
       new  ff2b0a0   Change default body width to 70 (matches fill-column 
       new  2304ddc   Refactoring style: if -> when for condition cases without 
       new  0227265   Update package version number, and text keyword
       new  d40a054   Fixed olivetti-scale-width for integer heights
       new  cb22f8a   Merge pull request #25 from Nielius/fix-scale-width
       new  2ae21fa   Remove redundant turn-on-olivetti-mode function
       new  687f2df   Require Emacs 24.5
       new  6917a16   Remove olivetti-hide-mode-line function & related code
       new  40c64f9   Remove window-configuration-change-hook
       new  506b1d9   Update README/Commentary -- add Emacs 27.x window.c bug
       new  7c4410f   Rename olivetti-set-environment -> olivetti-set-margins
       new  46fdcfe   Assign copyright to Free Software Foundation

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