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[elpa] master updated (4acafa6 -> 934736b)

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: [elpa] master updated (4acafa6 -> 934736b)
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 10:21:46 -0400 (EDT)

abo_abo pushed a change to branch master.

      from  4acafa6   Merge commit '0e59474430cbfbe7caf2a41cf7935fc613648c49' 
from avy
       new  b64c6e6   Reworked counsel-fzf to support ctl-u and prompt
       new  f8ccdd4   Interpret mouse events in the minibuffer managed by ivy.
       new  b960aa4   ivy.el (ivy-mouse-done): Remove ivy-next-line-and-call
       new  2b8e898   ivy.el (ivy-occur-grep-mode-map): Use w for wgrep
       new  3967fc6   ivy.el (ivy--window-index): Clarify doc
       new  9a8a5cb   ivy.el (ivy--wnd-cands-to-str): Extract
       new  a924089   counsel.el (counsel-org-files): Use org-attach-directory
       new  5ad6d20   ivy.el: Disable ivy-auto-select-single-candidate for 
address@hidden entry
       new  8889065   Prefer integer positions to markers
       new  82bf244   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): Handle ivy-state-buffer 
getting killed
       new  4117328   ivy.el (ivy-auto-select-single-candidate): Pacify 
       new  a4d7b83   counsel.el (counsel-grep): Reject fileless buffers
       new  4e3606b   counsel.el: (counsel-org-files): Fix and improve
       new  83d85ac   counsel.el (counsel-rg): Read extra args when 
current-prefix-arg is given
       new  b260a16   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer-kill): Add and bind to "C-c C-k"
       new  b0e9e90   swiper.el (swiper--cleanup): Add text to history even for 
       new  c101525   swiper.el (swiper-stay-on-quit): New defcustom
       new  e293127   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): Add
       new  ed7d6a0   counsel.el: increase org-goto/org-agenda-headlines UI 
       new  1d48233   counsel.el: Fix org-get-heading invocation
       new  202a1f9   Prefer define-obsolete-variable-alias to defvaralias
       new  5f50cb3   counsel.el (counsel-minibuffer-history): Add delete-dups
       new  43fbb9a   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Minor touch-ups
       new  1e9e4e5   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Make purer
       new  4ea65fc   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-truncate-radius): Doc fix
       new  50aa561   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Liken to yank-pop
       new  fc3c81e   ivy.el: Use text prop functions more accurately
       new  3522916   Make consistent use of EOL functions
       new  2ad2b11   Interoperate better with kill-ring
       new  381729a   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-action-rotate): Rename from 
       new  b1e03b5   counsel.el: Improve counsel-yank-pop actions
       new  c431ffc   counsel.el: Reconcile counsel-yank-pop & ivy-call
       new  a342049   counsel.el (counsel-minibuffer-history): Add copy-sequence
       new  4a6a8c2   ivy.el (ivy-completion-common-length): Simplify
       new  3bd5f3b   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Expand "(s-c-t-s" 
       new  5857040   ivy.el (ivy-completion-common-length): Fix off-by-one
       new  37b9574   ivy-test.el (ivy-partial-2): Add version guard
       new  bf8f6fa   ivy-test.el (ivy-partial-2): Update
       new  a6375eb   Make counsel-yank-pop ivy-height configurable
       new  4296e99   counsel.el (counsel-find-library): Add :caller
       new  badaab2   counsel.el: Make kill-ring filtering configurable
       new  fdfd149   ivy.el (ivy-completion-common-length): Work around 
       new  d402139   ivy.el (ivy-completion-common-length): Try a different 
       new  d6d59f4   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-action): Extract
       new  5c096a2   Add counsel-evil-registers
       new  0ad72ab   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): More portable
       new  ed88ddc   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-action): Save window-start
       new  620a966   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Add preselect toggle
       new  b2175ea   counsel.el (counsel--yank-pop-kills): Keep first dup
       new  60b8015   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): Major overhaul
       new  2080b43   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur): Require find-dired
       new  741e89a   Added optional initial-input for swiper-all
       new  8821815   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Fix blinking
       new  364fb09   Update documentation: ivy-toggle-fuzzy is no more the 
       new  4e299be   colir.el (colir-blend-face-background): Add hack for 
       new  e109948   ivy-test.el (colir-blend-face-background): Add tests
       new  c2e9a9b   colir.el (colir-blend-face-background): Update
       new  da548bd   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): Go back to 
using ls
       new  a2f57ab   counsel.el (counsel-mode-map): Add counsel-bookmark
       new  864fbfe   counsel.el (counsel-bookmark): Add 2 actions
       new  4f917bc   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fixup
       new  3717b1f   counsel.el (counsel-org-files): Speed up
       new  6f9b319   counsel.el (counsel-semantic): Add pretty formatting
       new  98700de   counsel.el (counsel-semantic): Expand types recursively
       new  f9406be   counsel.el (counsel-semantic-or-imenu): New command
       new  8f4983d   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Improve
       new  7db000f   counsel.el (counsel-semantic): Rewrite cands function
       new  74439da   counsel.el (counsel-semantic-or-imenu): Add a require
       new  c2bc6ac   Add "~/.local/share/applications/" to 
       new  b8e5ba6   counsel.el: Decouple counsel-git-grep from 
       new  27c900a   swiper.el (swiper--ivy): Fix history modified on each char
       new  4b4d094   ivy.el (ivy-reverse-i-search): delete-dups
       new  71476ff   swiper.el (swiper--ivy): Fix history duplicate
       new  e5be467   counsel.el (counsel--gg-count): Fixup
       new  4f57b5a   counsel.el (counsel--git-dir): Remove
       new  2929c46   counsel.el (counsel-rg-base-command): Use "-S" in place 
of "-i"
       new  7042d70   ivy.el (ivy-read-action): Support multi-character action 
       new  e5c5037   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-action): Remove 
       new  e8bbfbb   Advertise counsel-mode
       new  3a5a79d   counsel.el (counsel-locate-action-extern): Refactor
       new  0fd333a   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Don't treat URLs as dirs
       new  384ffff   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Run gg-count in base 
       new  aecf0f0   Fix typos
       new  82805c4   doc/Makefile: Automate generation of ivy.texi
       new  6da6d70   swiper.el (swiper--ivy) Add integration with evil s 
       new  c643a5c   Preselect current file when showing list of files
       new  5d9aedb   Update doc string
       new  c6fa599   Let counsel-set-variable be used non-interactively
       new  80a51e0   counsel.el (counsel-list-processes): Improve
       new  8c85481   Update ivy.el
       new  ac856a0   swiper.el (swiper--line): Obey dired-isearch-filenames
       new  92fd1aa   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add helpful-mode
       new  3e8fa8b   swiper.el (swiper--line): Add bound-and-true-p
       new  e803437   targets/plain.el: Add some bindings
       new  7c9d664   ivy.el (ivy--regex-plus): Update and add test
       new  b7f8b9f   ivy.el (ivy--highlight-default): Works on negation
       new  ffc34c6   swiper.el (swiper--add-overlays): Improve highlights with 
       new  e8f2de5   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Rely on "du -s" for repo 
       new  aefbcea   Make counsel--yank-pop-position more robust
       new  7060ecd   ivy.el (ivy--re-filter, ivy--sort-files-by-date): Simplify
       new  308b176   targets/plain.el: Bind some keys
       new  deaafd6   counsel.el (counsel-wmctrl): New command
       new  1f5c4ff   Support older Org versions for counsel-org-goto
       new  6186c5a   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Allow sorting
       new  d091595   .gitignore: Add byte-compiled and backup files
       new  8f670ae   counsel.el: Fix and improve counsel-colors-*
       new  d368aa7   Regexp-quote characters in ivy--regex-fuzzy
       new  b720224   .dir-locals.el: Configure bug-reference-mode
       new  0e70aaa   Enable sentence-end-double-space in all modes
       new  e8662ce   Minor logic and indentation cosmetics
       new  240428a   Rename ivy--preferred-re-builders without hyphens
       new  20d8766   Turn more quoted lambdas into evaluated ones
       new  0d2823e   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): Update
       new  37c69bc   ivy.el (ivy--switch-buffer-action): Simplify
       new  928d464   ivy.el: Fold case during index recomputation
       new  c9e5ea3   Fix some docstring typos
       new  dfabc02   swiper.el: Use new defun ivy--case-fold-p
       new  6ee2c41   swiper.el: Move evil's isearch-string set to 
       new  3907b83   Allow ivy-display-functions-alist adding key: t as 
       new  455ec84   Add ivy-display-functions-props and use it
       new  02bdc7f   ivy-display-function will be used to set global display 
       new  b35ed50   swiper.el (swiper--action): A bit more generic
       new  cc5197d   counsel.el (counsel-yank-directory): Add and bind to 
       new  44fd530   ivy.el (ivy-display-function-fallback): Add
       new  9e637b9   ivy.el (ivy-thing-at-point): Prevent error when 
url-handler-mode is on
       new  fb09dc3   Simplify string splitting logic
       new  b5948f2   swiper.el (swiper--action): modify isearch-string only 
when evil-search-module is 'isearch
       new  ac175ed   ivy.el (ivy-exit-with-action): Bring back quotes
       new  d42737f   ivy.el (ivy-kill-whole-line): New command
       new  2e59f0a   Add /doc/dir, *.info and *-autoloads.el to .gitignore
       new  0315b84   Add counsel-org-entity
       new  7605b6a   add abbreviated path option to ivy-virtual-abbreviate
       new  3125aac   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Also works on remote
       new  5b5dcb4   counsel.el (counsel--find-file-matcher): Allow use of $ 
for dirs
       new  b022886   counsel.el (counsel--find-file-matcher): Fix for 
       new  d82b948   counsel.el: Add command `counsel-ibuffer`
       new  3bb99df   counsel.el (counsel-ibuffer) Add action to open vanilla 
       new  d7708c1   counsel.el (counsel-ibuffer): Rename variable for ibuffer 
       new  4034425   counsel.el (counsel-ibuffer--get-buffers): Refactor check 
for wrap around
       new  88e207a   counsel.el (counsel-ibuffer--get-buffers): Avoid inf-loop
       new  433c3c7   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-mkdir-action): Add and bind 
to "M-o d"
       new  b656f81   counsel.el (counsel-outline): autoload
       new  958adad   Provide hooks to customize counsel-git-grep behavior on 
large repos
       new  4384285   ivy.el (ivy--switch-buffer-action): Fix virtual buffer 
       new  bc072e0   counsel.el (counsel-ag, counsel-rg): store command 
       new  24e21f9   counsel-linux-apps-directories: Add guixsd's application 
       new  c437b3a   counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-directories): Fix up type
       new  e4b05e7   Touch-up some defcustom types
       new  6f41412   Minor touch-ups
       new  b8e2e2a   swiper.el (swiper--line): Don't replace tabs with spaces
       new  fbc5f0f   counsel.el: Make process sentinels more robust
       new  0e5a957   counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Simplify I
       new  081c6b1   counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Simplify II
       new  faebf04   counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): Fix & simplify
       new  406ece7   counsel.el (counsel--gg-sentinel): Simplify
       new  a61b35a   counsel.el: Minor simplifications
       new  85529af   counsel.el: Generalise async counsel processes
       new  1c64675   counsel.el (counsel--gg-count-sentinel): Fixup
       new  8497376   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): defuns for all actions
       new  b53ba0b   Add text property `buffer` to swiper-multi candidates.
       new  54ffed8   ivy.el (ivy-resume): Simplify
       new  9a9581c   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix file expansion
       new  0a4668c   swiper.el (swiper-occur): Allow to capture groups from 
       new  ef9f9a6   counsel.el (counsel--git-grep-count-func): du should not 
       new  4e1cef2   ivy.el (ivy--regex): Search "defun \([^ ]+\)" now works
       new  ce2ec59   swiper.el (swiper--extract-matches): Remove extra space
       new  753ab8a   swiper.el (swiper): Allow scroll-other-window use
       new  3a3047b   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): allow preselecting a directory 
with read-file-name-inernal
       new  c276c7b   ivy.el (ivy--cd): update ivy-state-directory
       new  90bce0c   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-cmd-default): Add -I: ignore 
       new  5277478   counsel.el (counsel--git-grep-count-func-default): Run du 
only on .git
       new  eeaf0c0   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): add other-frame action
       new  f64404c   counsel.el (counsel-recentf): add other-frame action
       new  aaf6419   counsel.el (counsel-find-library): add alternative actions
       new  80f437e   counsel.el (counsel-find-library-other-window): Extract
       new  f8cdaa7   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-mkdir-action): use ivy-text
       new  3a2bf29   Touch-up ivy-quit-and-run
       new  b11deda   colir.el: Require cl-lib dependency
       new  da4236c   CONTRIBUTING.org: Fix typo
       new  475a55d   Allow browsing kill-ring in read-only buffers
       new  9c3c382   Give a chance to interprogram-paste-function to alter the 
       new  1181d0f   ivy.el: a customization mechanism for ivy-height.
       new  cd2aab0   Add variable to set :dynamic-collection on 
       new  338add8   Fix spurious counsel-M-x-transformer bindings
       new  ed3dd6b   counsel.el: (counsel-M-x-transformer): Optimise I
       new  5ac2fd4   counsel.el: (counsel-M-x-transformer): Optimise II
       new  3a1df00   Expand documentation of ivy-on-del-error-function
       new  1348220   Pacify byte-compiler
       new  d565c5e   counsel.el: Call gtk-launch asynchronously
       new  5332688   counsel.el: Fixup obsolete definitions
       new  187d826   counsel.el: Minor touch-ups
       new  26ba5c5   counsel.el: Housekeeping
       new  a9db41e   counsel.el: Work around current-kill pitfalls
       new  84989c0   counsel.el (counsel-org-entity): Touch-up
       new  222c652   counsel.el: Add counsel-key-binding face
       new  5c0b848   Improve swiper handling of invalid regexes
       new  6c38884   counsel.el (counsel-fzf-cmd): Add quotes
       new  4fef67f   ivy.el: Fix :preselect getting deselected with new input
       new  3689c8f   ivy.el (ivy--sort-function): Handle fallback
       new  2984025   ivy.el (ivy--sort-function): Handle list of fns
       new  294f4c2   ivy.el: Change default fallback sort function
       new  8d9b270   Conflate caller & this-command in ivy--reset-state
       new  1734ea9   ivy.el: Various sort-related simplifications
       new  711ae96   ivy.el: Minor touch-ups
       new  62ded64   counsel.el: Allow counsel-rg to search for { and }
       new  a3990ab   counsel.el: Avoid popping up Ibuffer window
       new  79a6606   counsel.el: Touch-up Ibuffer functions
       new  36f55f5   counsel.el: Reorder final sections
       new  3d3fe9b   counsel.el: Improve shell buffer switching
       new  be6db35   counsel.el: Revert recent obsolete function alias
       new  c1a0fd4   ivy.el (ivy--sort-function): Handle anonymous fns
       new  3fd7710   counsel.el: Pacify byte-compiler
       new  7920800   counsel.el: Explicitly create async command buffer
       new  57d874e   counsel.el (counsel-imenu): Show functions as "Functions: 
       new  b6fc894   counsel.el (counsel-imenu-categorize-functions): Fixup
       new  7df7ab6   counsel.el (counsel-directory-name): Rename from 
       new  1f33b9d   swiper.el (swiper-occur): Fix for spaces in regex
       new  44408bb   swiper.el: Replace `isearch-lazy-highlight-face'
       new  337081b   Add Ivy version of isearch-yank-char
       new  f75a7bd   Add new command ivy-yank-symbol
       new  70d5083   ivy.el (ivy--yank-by): Make safer
       new  499b740   ivy.el (ivy--yank-by): Allow yank to reach EOL
       new  228086d   ivy.el: Add prefix arguments to yank commands
       new  c6b5b120  ivy.el (ivy-reset-state): Use ivy-sort-max-size for 
collection functions
       new  e3238cf   Show docstring in counsel-set-variable if lv available
       new  4e3eaf4   counsel.el: Support amx in addition to smex
       new  6aa8e42   .dir-locals.el: Add comment for lisp-indent-function
       new  f17d51d   Suggest changing lisp-indent-function
       new  a05b2bc   CONTRIBUTING.org: Add more info on setting up automatic 
       new  9ecc416   Fix indentation
       new  d5eef62   Improve aesthetics of reindented code
       new  87fea81   counsel.el: Fix compile warnings
       new  1355542   Fix the format of amx-cache
       new  6169b5d   ivy.el (ivy-thing-at-point): Strip text properties
       new  6685d37   ivy.el (ivy--format-minibuffer-line): Apply 
       new  7ec2380   Highlight multiple regexps correctly
       new  5658acb   Add .dir-locals-2.el to .gitignore
       new  fef18e3   swiper.el: Don't highlight multiline matches
       new  6c9d3c2   swiper.el (swiper--add-overlays): Use count-lines
       new  c4e9d27   counsel.el: counsel--git-grep-count-func-default 
submodule support
       new  1c9bad2   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Use copy-sequence when sorting 
       new  ead529e   counsel.el (counsel-describe-face): Set :caller
       new  21f7de5   counsel.el (counsel-faces): Clarify docstring
       new  c6e5b46   counsel.el: Fix face preselects
       new  5b0a843   counsel.el: Touch-up face function ivy-read args
       new  0f3b334   counsel.el (counsel-faces): Autoload command
       new  5c94e70   counsel.el (counsel-describe-face): Use face-list
       new  8827dd7   counsel.el: Use face-name-history
       new  6a00caf   counsel.el: Make face describing more customizable
       new  30d0081   counsel.el (counsel-faces): Simplify
       new  067e590   ivy.el (ivy-read): Default :caller to this-command
       new  615aaac   ivy.el (ivy-call): Restore previous buffer
       new  222f90c   ivy.el: Map <right> to ivy-forward-char
       new  a978e61   Update copyright notices
       new  62357fc   counsel.el: Reorganize headings
       new  56e6a75   Update package keywords
       new  8c1a191   Update library headers
       new  d3099ce   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix dir or file logic error
       new  56346db   counsel.el: Future-proof etags/xref dependency
       new  c374920   counsel.el: Remove top-level esh-util dependency
       new  6f29394   Fix subr-x usage
       new  be93c8d   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix inability to create a 
       new  80f05a7   counsel.el (counsel-locate-cmd-es): Match path
       new  bb73d64   ivy.el (ivy--insert-prompt): Use 
ivy-add-face-text-property for compat
       new  b8c5190   Use compatibility shim for add-face-text-property
       new  43b8245   counsel.el (counsel-org-agenda-headlines): require org
       new  716e151   ivy.el (ivy--add-face): Move require colir to top-level
       new  1ffcbac   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fix :predicate not getting 
       new  89679c2   counsel.el (counsel-set-variable): Add prefix arg 
       new  770936b   counsel.el (counsel-grep): Don't pass too long lines as 
       new  0cf0e6d   ivy.el: Drop preselected candidate after input
       new  e1c9fab   ivy.el: Fix counsel-describe-variable, 
counsel-describe-function, others erroring.
       new  92efd62   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fixup
       new  98826c2   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): Fix for Org 9
       new  e9de468   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): Minor aesthetics
       new  58e82ef   counsel.el (counsel-ag): Allow no space before -- when 
specifying extra args
       new  f2e80ce   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): No need to bind 
       new  d8d3cbd   Move counsel search commands list to variable.
       new  d1d567a   counsel.el (counsel--push-xref-marker): Silence compiler 
       new  726c96e   counsel.el: Refactor calls to counsel-more-chars
       new  93d51d6   counsel.el (counsel-more-chars-alist): Add
       new  3e61fa9   ivy.el: Don't insert the default for read-directory-name
       new  321f3c6   ivy.el: Fix issue of minibuffer height 1 for 
       new  97c9093   ivy.el: Move set-window-text-height call
       new  6137754   ivy.el (ivy-read): Remove the change to post-command-hook 
by ESS
       new  e7e188a   counsel.el (counsel-org-capture): Don't overlook 
templates contexts
       new  e0293f2   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-delete): Add and bind
       new  944c20d   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-move): Add and bind
       new  6bef884   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-left-pad): Fix when there's horizonal 
       new  13d528e   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Improve
       new  e949314   counsel.el (counsel-more-chars): Simplify
       new  31e18fd   ivy.el (ivy-alist-setting): Fix fallback; document
       new  28cc571   counsel.el (counsel-more-chars-alist): Doc fix
       new  89bae2f   counsel.el: Silence byte-compiler
       new  7f330fc   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fix ivy-state-collection alist 
idx not in sync
       new  0b42342   counsel.el (counsel-locate): Add "open as root" action
       new  58289b9   counsel.el: Silence Emacs 24 byte-compiler
       new  93f4ea7   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Use 
       new  a89825b   .dir-locals.el: Simplify outline-regexp
       new  407e3b9   Add installation instructions for Debian and derivatives.
       new  b4db357   counsel.el (counsel-outline): only look for outline 
regexp at bol
       new  d8a3304   counsel.el (counsel-outline): Handle major modes and 
display styles
       new  3825ad5   counsel.el (counsel-outline): Use a variable to store 
mode settings
       new  bfa6e58   counsel.el (counsel-outline-candidates): Refactor
       new  951560e   ivy.el: Support :annotation-function of 
       new  0fce41a   counsel.el (counsel-outline): correct and clarify 
       new  be9b31a   counsel.el (counsel-outline): support built-in latex mode
       new  58e35c1   counsel.el (counsel-outline): simplify lisp outline-level 
       new  81feb87   counsel.el (counsel-outline): clean docstring
       new  a4194da   counsel.el (counsel-outline-title-latex): use 
       new  6761498   counsel.el (counsel-outline): add :history and :caller
       new  7116f40   counsel.el (counsel-org-goto, counsel-outline): make 
       new  29cd688   counsel.el (counsel-outline): shorten docstring
       new  9386666   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fix for alists that require 
       new  d6c4ea6   swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Limit 
swiper-use-visual-line to 400 lines
       new  214664a   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-use-find): Default to 
t on non-Linux
       new  4641819   counsel.el (counsel-bookmark): Specify :history
       new  bfbce2f   ivy.el: Fontify completion annotations
       new  43b0846   ivy.el (ivy--format-minibuffer-line): Make purer
       new  337377e   Fix mentions of counsel-symbol-at-point in docs
       new  625aafb   Standardise defalias indentation
       new  7a29919   swiper.el (swiper--re-builder): Fix for when re-builder 
returns list
       new  df57778   counsel.el (counsel-package): Load package.el
       new  6ac51f7   counsel.el (counsel-package): Fix initial input
       new  c7db03d   counsel.el (counsel-package): Update docstring
       new  f23964d   counsel.el: Simplify counsel-package collection
       new  da022c8   counsel.el (counsel--package-sort): Docfix
       new  4b090cd   counsel.el: Touch-up counsel-package actions
       new  1c8fcf4   counsel.el: Various counsel-outline housekeeping
       new  5ec943f   counsel.el: Various counsel-outline docfixes
       new  af806ee   counsel.el: Simplify counsel-outline functions
       new  8122c3a   counsel.el: Pacify byte-compiler
       new  66a1c36   counsel.el: Free counsel-outline markers after use
       new  5272e07   counsel.el: Optimise counsel-unicode-char
       new  e4e286a   counsel.el: #'-quote defalias definitions
       new  4739bef   counsel.el: Reword docstring of symbol history var
       new  759f83e   counsel.el: Simplify regexp unquoting
       new  bec04b6   ivy.el: Replace assoc with assq where appropriate
       new  1fcbd49   ivy.el (ivy--buffer-list): Optimise
       new  7c1ab84   Use the variable, not function, buffer-file-name
       new  e7bf2b3   ivy.el (ivy--find-file-action): Simplify
       new  7f07dbd   ivy.el (ivy--recompute-index): Simplify
       new  90238e7   ivy.el (ivy--add-face): Update docstring
       new  7c8beb2   ivy.el: Add convenience function ivy--parent-dir
       new  8df5553   ivy.el (ivy-call): Simplify I
       new  bc45f69   ivy.el (ivy-call): Simplify II
       new  79be4ba   counsel.el (counsel-apropos): Simplify
       new  9797fcb   counsel.el (counsel-apropos): Set sort & preselect
       new  8e01c20   ivy.el (ivy-thing-at-point): Simplify
       new  8539fa3   counsel.el (counsel--M-x-externs): Touch-up
       new  85cbaac   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): Fix this-command usage
       new  52013fa   ivy.el: Use delete-dups where appropriate
       new  2cdd808   ivy.el (ivy--virtual-buffers): Simplify I
       new  f2bcc68   ivy.el (ivy--virtual-buffers): Simplify II
       new  16a5352   counsel.el (counsel-library-candidates): Simplify
       new  ccffa6e   Quote function symbols with #'
       new  bf9d098   Pacify byte-compiler
       new  4092882   Simplify counsel-imenu-categorize-functions
       new  3e1489c   counsel.el (counsel-git-checkout-action): Touch-up
       new  b5e8556   ivy.el (ivy-on-del-error-function): Simplify
       new  41bdad0   counsel.el: Simplify variable completion
       new  5230c7e   Use custom-variable-p in counsel-set-variable
       new  d52045d   Widen counsel-describe-function collection
       new  1082562   ivy.el (ivy--buffer-list): Fix regression
       new  1abeae1   Extend counsel-unquote-regex-parens tests
       new  75fce36   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Filter sorted alist
       new  7f387a7   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Simplify
       new  146f09d   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Simplify sort condition
       new  4ca8786   ivy.el: Avoid modifying alist collection
       new  ba6940b   ivy.el (ivy-alt-done): Sync docstring with manual
       new  69c0e4d   counsel.el: Bind apropos-command.
       new  adbe637   Use 'string-match-p' instead of 'string-match' where 
       new  e20ad0d   Simplify ivy-add-prompt-count
       new  3a1a8cf   Optimise away string allocations in ivy-add-prompt-count
       new  701f26f   Improve regexps to refer to starts/ends of strings rather 
than lines
       new  8efc8ab   Use ivy--dirname-p to check for directory names
       new  2fcde41   Added counsel-grep-map, added swiper-avy key to 
       new  e975622   Add counsel-bookmarked-directory
       new  2f5576a   swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Add 
       new  826bb5e   Interactively specify switches
       new  71cfa9b   Pacify counsel-bookmarked-directory warnings
       new  4009ffa   counsel.el: Do not free counsel-outline markers
       new  298b9b5   counsel.el (counsel-mode): Display local keymap in mode 
       new  32e4842   counsel.el (counsel-library-candidates): check dirs in 
load-path exist
       new  65f8658   ivy.el (ivy-height-alist): Entries can be functions
       new  93e958c   Strip properties from returned alist candidate
       new  02537c9   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Don't trigger from TAB
       new  78ffd07   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-delete): reset ivy state
       new  e7d9593   Fix terminal usage of ivy
       new  813b213   counsel.el (counsel-prompt-function): Remove obsolete 
       new  43474e5   ivy.el (ivy--switch-buffer-action): Remove 
with-ivy-window wrapper
       new  00dbfa4   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Add org-mode's 
src blocks
       new  f4dc7f9   doc/ivy.org: Rename "recommended bindings" -> "sample 
       new  1f78cfe   Add support for counsel-locate over tramp
       new  5501b7e   Add ivy-modified-outside-buffer face for ivy-switch-buffer
       new  96df1a0   ivy.el (ivy-string<): Handle heterogeneous args
       new  196dd15   ivy.el (ivy-push-view): Overwrite view with prefix arg
       new  90f66c6   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Can change current dir when 
completing files
       new  8068626   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix for partial match of 
tramp method
       new  41bd248   ivy.el: Fix Emacs26 regression when completing tramp 
       new  84e7a13   ivy-test.el (ivy-partial-files): Fix for Emacs24
       new  f969cf8   counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-directories): Add dir for 
       new  b110043   ivy.el (ivy--cd): Fix Emacs-25/26 compat
       new  f38ae6c   ivy.el (ivy--sorted-files): Simplify
       new  37bf85f   Ignore non-readable desktop files
       new  dd66c93   counsel.el: Fix xdg-open under Ubuntu for 
       new  1621d35   counsel.el: Simplify async xdg-open invocation
       new  d528292   counsel.el (counsel--browse-history): Add :caller
       new  d85d174   counsel.el: Remove unused yank-pop boundaries
       new  4ae4515   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Minor aesthetics
       new  4b1881e   counsel.el: Allow counsel-yank-pop after point
       new  71b60a7   ivy-test.el (counsel-yank-pop): Add test
       new  02d9528   ivy.el: Don't restore buffer after action
       new  c45233e   counsel.el (counsel-fzf): Remove 2nd prompt colon
       new  985018a   swiper.el (swiper-avy): Fix when there's scroll
       new  f051d66   swiper.el (swiper--avy-candidate): Fix off-by-one in 
       new  cc8a58c   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-delete): Ask for 
       new  59b8966   counsel.el: Respect split string setting when doing 
grep-like occur.
       new  d346991   ivy.el (ivy-read): Turn on :sort also via 
       new  2288613   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-delete): Fix prompt
       new  01ed04d   counsel.el: Do not prompt for directory deletions
       new  d0892f1   counsel.el: Use long prompts for file deletions
       new  cd7d8a8   counsel.el: Clean up buffers of deleted files
       new  c369298   Fix swiper jumping incorrectly to the first match
       new  bd980d8   Unwind with company-abort in counsel-company
       new  24dc0fc   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Avoid 
extra whitespace
       new  075c3ff   ivy-overlay.el: Fix require for 24.3
       new  c74f9c9   counsel.el: Fix compiler warnings
       new  d76968a   counsel.el (counsel--org-make-tag-string): Add
       new  8595ec7   ivy.el: Remove webjump completing-read handler
       new  36dd91e   ivy.el: Use ivy-truncate-lines also for non-graphical 
       new  4461ef3   Move counsel-more-chars-alist and counsel-more-chars to 
       new  08f8139   swiper.el (swiper-all): use ivy-more-chars.
       new  c0a7efb   counsel.el (counsel-ag-function): allow to override the 
minimum search term length.
       new  47299a9   Propertize matches in ivy-occur buffers.
       new  aa45aa7   ivy.el (ivy--highlight-fuzzy): Generalize
       new  31b5423   ivy.el: Fix ivy-occur highlighting for non-grep commands
       new  810d77e   counsel.el (counsel-grep-like-occur): Don't add an extra 
       new  60789b1   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Avoid error on 
modifying read-only str
       new  5d0bb02   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Don't add 4 spaces for 
       new  2dea224   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox): Refresh list with prefix 
       new  5560ed8   ivy.el: Fix compiler warning
       new  5472da5   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Add only string default to 
       new  268bd08   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Add compatibility for 
non-string defaults
       new  8119969   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Exit with unchanged initial 
       new  c0e4ff0   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Add condition on 
       new  c1c1ec7   ivy.el: For non-graphical Emacs set resize-mini-windows 
to 'grow-only
       new  1394933   Simplify various string manipulations
       new  6dcae36   Various minor simplifications
       new  746ba71   Fix ivy-re-to-str usage
       new  e62ee8b   ivy.el: Remove redundant :group tags
       new  87b91bf   ivy.el: DRY for determining minibuffer face
       new  1d3ae8f   counsel.el (counsel-wmctrl): Remove nil from collection
       new  1801927   ivy.el: Fix minibuffer truncation & resizing
       new  ad8bed6   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Simplify
       new  cfef472   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Set 
       new  f93231a   ivy.el: Work around void Info-complete-menu-buffer
       new  58b1749   ivy.el (ivy--quote-format-string): Add
       new  a830041   counsel.el (counsel-command-history): Remove %d from 
       new  6fe1a93   ivy.el (ivy-read): prompt argument is no longer a format 
       new  69856b6   counsel.el (counsel-linux-app): Show also hidden 
*.desktop with a prefix arg
       new  f7e3b6c   Mention recent ivy-read prompt change in manual
       new  794ca3d   Fix ivy--quote-format-string usage
       new  548eeaf   counsel.el (counsel-prompt-function-dir): Simplify
       new  055f0e3   Mark counsel-prompt-function-default as obsolete
       new  141db77   counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): Simplify
       new  509a2b1   counsel.el (counsel--M-x-prompt): Simplify
       new  259cb96   ivy.el (ivy-previous-line): Simplify
       new  f08cfea   ivy.el (ivy-prompt): Improve compatibility warning
       new  0b0df01   ivy.el: Simplify and document prompt propertizing
       new  15132b7   ivy.el (ivy-cleanup-string): Clarify docstring
       new  2c31355   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-setup): Simplify
       new  10165c4   ivy.el: (ivy--remove-props): New convenience defun
       new  3ec2dec   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Simplify
       new  08384c1   ivy.el: Clean up ivy-completion-in-region prompt
       new  8da6e51   counsel.el: Prefer declare form to make-obsolete
       new  9f52838   ivy.el : Add ivy-separator face
       new  d3c0341   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-separator): Extend :type
       new  a041fd6   counsel.el (counsel--grep-regex): Extract and obey 
current matcher
       new  d5ffd67   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Handle Windows path 
       new  9414f7a   counsel.el (counsel-fzf-function): Take bash out of the 
       new  5f4a946   counsel.el (counsel--async-command): Touch-up
       new  79543f3   ivy.el (ivy-read): Minor docstring improvements
       new  7b6765b   ivy.el (ivy--regex-fuzzy): Optimize regex "(a).*?(b)" -> 
       new  11fb8bf   counsel.el (counsel--wmctrl-parse): Extract
       new  5544984   counsel.el (counsel--run): Add
       new  be62a37   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox-play-song): Re-launch if 
not playing
       new  7434a79   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-show-after): Don't inherit 
existing face
       new  7c66f44   ivy-overlay.el: Simplify overlay face overriding
       new  3d301d7   Minor ivy-display-function-overlay touch-up
       new  026f408   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox-play-song): Refactor
       new  cad0326   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Fix typo
       new  3ac2b6b   counsel.el: Call du process directly
       new  9862640   counsel.el (counsel--call): Add wrapper around 
       new  40f7d58   counsel.el (counsel--call): Touch-up
       new  5313837   Simplify counsel--git-grep-count-func-default
       new  33d8e96   counsel.el: (counsel--call): Warn about stderr
       new  2f7e268   ivy.el: Prefer ivy-modified-outside-buffer over 
       new  86635fb   doc/ivy.org: Document ivy-modified-buffer and 
       new  f6d71b9   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox-toggle-shuffle): Add and 
bind to "s"
       new  be98b75   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Fix for counsel-ag
       new  7371a1a   ivy.el (ivy--occur-press-update-window): don't switch to 
a killed buffer.
       new  f879626   Define own variants of compilation-* faces
       new  d4999d8   ivy.el (ivy-occur-next-line): Be useful also in the 
original buffer
       new  8b2b0b7   ivy.el (ivy--select-occur-buffer): Extract
       new  13df2a3   ivy.el (ivy-occur-next-line): Limit the point to 
       new  a1b30ea   counsel.el (counsel-colors--name-to-hex): protect against 
invalid input. (counsel-color-emacs): adapt.
       new  6d84193   ivy.el (ivy-occur-next-line): Jump to first candidate 
when in header
       new  066fc9e   Remove hardcoded font-lock-comment-face.
       new  791f9e2   Remove hardcoded font-lock-builtin-face 1/2.
       new  587a157   Remove hardcoded font-lock-builtin-face 2/2.
       new  e341bdc   Remove hardcoded completions-annotations face.
       new  b43276a   Remove hardcoded org-level-{1-8} faces.
       new  f751471   Remove hardcoded minibuffer-prompt face.
       new  2610c9f   counsel.el: Fix byte compiler warnings
       new  1cc1a60   counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-directories): Add XDG 
       new  1fff149   counsel.el (counsel-linux-app-format-function-default): 
Truncate Exec
       new  71fe93c   ivy.el: highlight yanked word.
       new  dd8a947   Replace http:// with https:// in all links
       new  0355c55   counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): write candidates only 
in the minibuffer.
       new  23c5d8d   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): fix incorrect regexp.
       new  7575b43   counsel.el (counsel-M-x): Filter obsolete commands
       new  106b924   Revert "ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Fix for 
       new  588a190   counsel.el: robustify grep-like ivy-occur.
       new  c593c3d   counsel.el: Fix byte-compiler warning
       new  7e0fd2e   ivy.el (ivy-occur-next-line): Fix for ivy-occur-mode
       new  3f1c6a4   targets/plain.el: Don't call `package-initialize'
       new  0b2d176   counsel.el: Tweak a few docstrings
       new  e6dcf73   ivy.el: Touch up yank pulsing
       new  fcbd944   counsel.el (counsel--normalize-grep-match): remove column 
indicators for wgrep.
       new  ed4d9ef   ivy-test.el (counsel--normalize-grep-match): Clean up
       new  b49dfc6   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Fix dir expansion
       new  14dd562   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Simplify I
       new  7385d1c   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Simplify II
       new  2451d97   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Simplify III
       new  4fdc8f8   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Simplify IV
       new  d6c0a24   Avoid TRAMP related errors from blocking ivy-...-buffer 
       new  c897b56   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Use all-completions
       new  ed1d220   Revert "counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): write 
candidates only in the minibuffer."
       new  d3136f1   ivy.el (ivy--insert-minibuffer): write candidates only in 
the minibuffer.
       new  c507485   ivy.el: More yank pulsing followups
       new  8222b2b   counsel.el (counsel--normalize-grep-match): Update
       new  cccc912   ivy.el (ivy-pulse-delay): Convert to defcustom
       new  34d9f13   ivy.el (ivy-pulse-delay): Touch up doc
       new  19bde24   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): Avoid empty string
       new  5be20cb   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Speed up regex
       new  7ff7d1d   ivy.el: Minor yank pulse simplification
       new  58bf1b9   counsel.el (counsel-unquote-regex-parens): Bugfixes
       new  5081af5   Avoid to hardcode the opinionated 
       new  201c5d7   ivy.el: allow to make the initial-input dynamic.
       new  a3f4be4   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Split up into smaller functions
       new  d7ba75b   Do not let ivy virtual buffer faces creep into the 
recentf file
       new  b31449a   Add find args customization for counsel-{file,dired}-jump
       new  34a72e2   ivy.el (ivy-hooks-alist): New defcustom
       new  a0a671f   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add matrix-client 
       new  707a8e1   Update readme.md, add additional melpa badges
       new  8a0ba73   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add deadgrep-mode
       new  c20ceb6   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Sort list
       new  2b4605e   counsel.el (counsel--org-get-tags): Extract
       new  2d0f707   counsel.el (defgroup counsel): Add own group
       new  f908ed0   doc/ivy.org: Use CSS from gh-pages branch
       new  8d4dbc4   counsel.el (counsel-down-directory): New command
       new  5a6058a   ivy.el (ivy--kill-buffer-action): Remove virtual buffers 
from recentf-list
       new  ebfea9b   swiper.el (swiper-avy): Fix for ivy-format-function-arrow
       new  3f77b6c   doc/Changelog.org: Summarize commits for 0.11.0
       new  17603fc   doc/Changelog.org: Quote links and sort
       new  525b2e4   ivy.el: Release 0.11.0
       new  934736b   Merge commit '525b2e4887dd839045313f32d3ddeb5cab4c7a7e' 
from ivy

Summary of changes:
 packages/ivy/.dir-locals.el             |   12 +-
 packages/ivy/.gitignore                 |    6 +
 packages/ivy/CONTRIBUTING.org           |   51 +-
 packages/ivy/README.md                  |   42 +-
 packages/ivy/colir.el                   |   64 +-
 packages/ivy/counsel.el                 | 4557 ++++++++++++++++++-------------
 packages/ivy/doc/Changelog.org          |  896 +++++-
 packages/ivy/doc/Makefile               |    2 +
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy-help.org           |    2 +-
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy-ox.el              |   15 +-
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy.org                |   80 +-
 packages/ivy/doc/ivy.texi               |  333 ++-
 packages/ivy/doc/scripts.el             |    4 +
 packages/ivy/ivy-hydra.el               |   15 +-
 packages/ivy/ivy-overlay.el             |   70 +-
 packages/ivy/ivy-test.el                |  307 ++-
 packages/ivy/ivy.el                     | 2338 +++++++++-------
 packages/ivy/swiper.el                  |  644 +++--
 packages/ivy/targets/obsolete-config.el |    1 -
 packages/ivy/targets/plain.el           |    5 +
 20 files changed, 6002 insertions(+), 3442 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/ivy/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/Makefile
 create mode 100644 packages/ivy/doc/scripts.el

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