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[elpa] master updated (0cf4cb5 -> fd217f8)

From: Rocky Bernstein
Subject: [elpa] master updated (0cf4cb5 -> fd217f8)
Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 07:30:20 -0400 (EDT)

rocky pushed a change to branch master.

      from  0cf4cb5   Add 'packages/realgud-ipdb/' from commit 
       new  6e20ae9   smart-operator.el: Initial commit. Resolve "1. #include 
<stdio.h>" in c
       new  b2b4248   smart-operator.el:
       new  51f6f6e   Add various autoload tags.
       new  f30f089   A complete rewritten, now as a minor mode.
       new  ba0886c   Add lots of fine tuned smart-operator-* functions.  
Remove c, c++ mode
       new  4156dfe   Remove temp debug info.
       new  7757306   (smart-operator-?): New function.
       new  a4060f1   *** empty log message ***
       new  4995c41   (smart-operator->): In c-mode, place cursor after `->' 
       new  7fbaf06   (smart-operator-<): Define `<' as `<>' in sgml-mode.
       new  f7f65d1   (smart-operator-%): New function.
       new  9c79b9d   (smart-operator-%): Bug fix.
       new  8d6afd4   *** empty log message ***
       new  af8e9b7   smart-operator c++ mode updates.
       new  5f0c749   minor updates.
       new  527981c   Update copyright.
       new  9156526   Decide . behaviour based on inside/outside comment area.
       new  5c6ad5c   smart-operator-mode: Place whitespace to the front in 
minor indicator.  .
       new  735998f   smart-operator.el: Release 1.1
       new  e70a9ba   Merge branch 'mob' of 
ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/xwl-elisp into mob
       new  f92eca9   (smart-operator-self-insert-command): Resolve obselete 
byte compile warning.
       new  045f95d   Merge branch 'mob' of 
ssh://address@hidden:10022/srv/git/xwl-elisp into mob
       new  75bdf44   Merge branch 'mob' of 
ssh://address@hidden:10022/srv/git/xwl-elisp into mob
       new  9405cfa   Merge branch 'mob' of 
ssh://address@hidden:10022/srv/git/xwl-elisp into mob
       new  ef3a774   (smart-operator-:): Refactor a bit.  Add haskell-mode 
       new  526523c   Merge branch 'mob' of 
ssh://address@hidden:10022/srv/git/xwl-elisp into mob
       new  0f4fbb0   Merge branch 'mob' of 
ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/xwl-elisp into mob
       new  a2cd749   Merge branch 'mob' of 
ssh://address@hidden:10022/srv/git/xwl-elisp into mob
       new  9b067db   (smart-operator-:): Fix bug for haskell-mode case.
       new  8aa0c75   smart-operator.el: Refactor and bump version to 2.0a.
       new  628b864   (smart-operator-%): Tune % in format string.
       new  4b6af84   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:xwl/xwl-elisp
       new  ef91027   smart-operator.el: Escape `,' in function name.
       new  d8eed62   Allow for lisp operators working differently - know about 
       new  83bf2d6   Merge pull request #1 from davidmiller/master
       new  9be7e31   Refactor smart operators for lisps.
       new  754e35e   Python, js & ruby often return self and then chain method 
calls - don't assume spaces in between ). Perl && ruby use ../... as a range 
operator - so turn '. . .' into '...'
       new  15fac44   Perl/ruby use =~ as a first-class regex operator - turn ' 
= ~' into ' =~ ' in those modes
       new  5d5242c   Merge pull request #2 from davidmiller/master
       new  c6760bc   Python string formatting similar enough to printf to use 
the same logic
       new  11970b1   *nix shebangs aren't really suited to smart operatings
       new  06a26a7   New configuration variable - do you want . to be double 
spaced in strings/comments
       new  3e022e6   Python string formatting syntax
       new  688897f   Make smart operator optional in comments/strings
       new  c6eb58d   Javascript uses $ as an identifier quite a lot due to the 
restrictive name rules. Allow $.
       new  49d5859   Removing debug (message)
       new  89369cd   Merge pull request #3 from davidmiller/master
       new  f571fb8   Bump version to 4.0.
       new  d021c2c   Add smart-operator.
       new  8a8b299   Convert packages/ack/README.rst to a package.el 
compatible README. Tweak the description of the ack package in 
       new  bbb1d1d   Fix copyright header and commentary for smart-operator.el
       new  09b34d7   Fix copyright headers for ack package
       new  bbc8003   Fix address of the Org-mode daily in Makefile.
       new  745fb07   num3-mode: use “num3--” as prefix for private symbols
       new  bcf784d   * README (Usage): Doc fix
       new  2eb70a7   Adapt copyright year.
       new  f469156   (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add "fm" to the choices. 
(debbugs-gnu-current-limit): Move up. (debbugs-gnu-send-control-message): Fix 
       new  155218a   * csv-mode.el: Use lexical-binding.  Remove redundant 
:group args. (csv-separators): Add TAB to the default. 
(csv-invisibility-default): Change default to t. (csv-separator-face): Inherit 
from escape-glyph.  Remove variable. (csv-mode-line-format): Remove trailing 
"--".  Move next to line-number. (csv-interactive-args): Use use-region-p. 
(csv--column-widths): New function, extracted from csv-align-fields. 
(csv-align-fields): Use it.  Use whole buffer by default. Use  [...]
       new  b85ecf2   * csv-mode.el: Bump version number.
       new  d67be60   * Debbugs.wsdl: Add get_usertag specification.
       new  9d29075   Fix typo.
       new  74d8224   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-usertag): Change parameters to 
a KEY-VALUE sequence.
       new  2e4e806   * ack.el: Make minibuffer prompt more informative
       new  1f4074a   First cut at cleaning up notes-mode. - Followed the usual 
header/footer conventions in Elisp. - Updated copyright. - Remove configury 
scripts. - Bind $NOTES_BIN_DIR in notes-first while running notesinit. - Use 
$NOTES_BIN_DIR rather than /home/johnh in scripts. - Add `dir' file. - Remove 
non-"notes-"-prefixed functions from notes-aux.el. - Remove notes-bootstrap. - 
Remove notes-platform-font-lock (was broken on XEmacs anyway). - Use 
define-derived-mode for notes-inde [...]
       new  e2bfdfe   Initial revision
       new  996f682   renamed sml into run-sml
       new  70471cf   *** empty log message ***
       new  c3cfff8   *** empty log message ***
       new  8a6aa43   *** empty log message ***
       new  a72ea45   *** empty log message ***
       new  ed2a314   *** empty log message ***
       new  e43bf55   *** empty log message ***
       new  cae2639   First seemingly acceptable new code.
       new  6ed1e8f   *** empty log message ***
       new  317929f   *** empty log message ***
       new  8178b51   * sml-move.el (sml-(for|back)ward-sym): now also return 
the string if any   and take care of the "op" special keyword. (sml-op-prec): 
setup an alist for the infix operators. * version 3.9.1:  sent to Roland 
       new  f0a3495   * sml-move.el (sml-(for|back)ward-sym): distinguishes 
between   operator "=" and syntax for definitions "d=". * sml-defs.el 
(sml-indent-starters, sml-delegate): simplified. (sml-symbol-indent): added 
outdentation for `fn' and generalized it to   also work for `of' and `in' and 
`end'. * sml-mode.el (sml-nested-if-indent): reintroduced as well as the 
special   casing code for it. (sml-indent-relative): generalize the treatment 
of `of', `in', `end', ... (sml-electric-pi [...]
       new  8482dad   * sml-defs.el (sml-close-paren): added a second field 
that specifies when   not to delegate.  Used for zero-indent single-line 
       new  08b80b3   * sml-mode.el (sml-insert-form): Only add a space if 
needed. (sml-electric-space): new command bound to M-SPC.
       new  2d04b4f   *** empty log message ***
       new  fc67aa1   * sml-proc.el (sml-error-regexp-alist): solved the 
pathological   font-locking on long lines.
       new  754fd0a   * sml-defs.el (sml-bindings): removed bindings for TAB 
and M-C-\ * sml-mode.el (sml-font-lock-keywords): skip type vars in "fun 'a 
myfn" (sml-calculate-indentation): add a hack to allow the user to manually   
override the indentation algorithm with a magic comment. * sml-mode-startup.el: 
update the autoloads automatically.
       new  3a0ce5a   * sml-mode-startup.el: fixed to fulfill autoload.el 
       new  439fd99   * sml-proc.el (sml-update-cursor): make sure it also 
works if compile.el   is fixed to uses a marker. * sml-mode.el (sml-indent): 
fix the `fixindent'.
       new  d5a6dc9   * Makefile: updated to the version of pcl-cvs. * 
sml-proc.el: eliminated some old unused code. * 
sml-defs.el,sml-mode.el,sml-proc.el: added simple customize support.
       new  ed048b1   * sml-mode.texi:  somewhat updated the doc. * release 
       new  487fe52   * sml-util.el (make-temp-dir, make-temp-file, 
temp-file-dir,   delete-temp-dirs): Replaced by the make-temp-file from 
Emacs-21. (custom-create-map): add :group arg and allow key to be a list. 
(define-major-mode): Removed (use define-derived-mode instead). 
(sml-builtin-nested-comments-flag): New var.
       new  5c44635   *** empty log message ***
       new  77bcb01   Pass through checkdoc and use `eval-when-compile' 
whenever possible for (require 'cl).
       new  113cc89   *** empty log message ***
       new  049d3da   * sml-mode.el (sml-find-matching-starter): Use a list of 
syms instead of a   regexp. (sml-indent-default): Use symbol membership rather 
than a regexp.   Also, use `sym-indent' instead of (current-column).  This 
fixes a problem   with a hanging `structure Foo = (struct|let)' (due to 
`structure' having   a sml-indent-rule, as opposed to `fun').  Hopefully it 
won't introduce   other problems. (sml-font-lock-keywords): Match vars `val x : 
int' also. (sml-electric-pipe):  [...]
       new  20947c8   fixed misplaced expand-file-name in sml-proc.el
       new  9e9a8b8   * sml-proc.el (inferior-sml-mode-map): Don't inherit from 
sml-bindings. Add the binding for C-c C-l explicitly instead. (sml-run): Look 
in cwd (but only if the command has slashes).
       new  07308cb   * sml-mode.texi: Added yours truly to the list of 
authors. * sml-mode.spec: New file. * sml-defs.el (sml-outline-regexp): 
Slightly improved regexp.
       new  5a0d416   Make the toplevel closer to usual practice. 
(sml-imenu-regexp, sml-imenu-create-index): New var and fun. (sml-mode): Use 
them. (sml-beginning-of-defun): Add `and' as function-leader. (sml-lex-mode): 
New trivial mode. (sml-yacc-bnf-face, sml-yacc-indent-action, 
sml-yacc-indent-pipe) (sml-yacc-indent-term, sml-yacc-font-lock-keywords) 
(sml-yacc-font-lock-defaults): New vars. (sml-yacc-indent-line, 
sml-yacc-indentation, sml-yacc-mode): New funs.
       new  65217e7   *** empty log message ***
       new  4d584d9   Typo
       new  0c245df   (defsyntax): Don't forget to eval `doc'.
       new  998cc70   (inferior-sml-mode): Disable next-error for XEmacs.
       new  8473628   Simplify/massacre.
       new  aa9b67d   (sml-mode-menu): Remove bogus entry for sml-mode-version.
       new  6196a39   Require `skeleton'. (sml-mode): Add the menu for XEmacs.  
Make sure @ is a valid skeleton. (sml-comment-indent): Remove. 
(sml-mode-variables): Don't set comment-indent-function. (sml-def-skeleton): 
Nop if skeletons aren't available. (skeletons): Use `> _' and `@'. 
(sml-forms-menu): Don't bother with easy-menu-filter-return crap. 
(sml-cm-mode-syntax-table, sml-cm-font-lock-keywords): New vars. (sml-cm-mode): 
Use define-derived-mode rather than define-generic-mode. (sm [...]
       new  8c05c0e   (install): Also install .el files. (dist): Don't rely on 
       new  7fe2acf   *** empty log message ***
       new  44e4070   Some new cases from Makholm Henning.
       new  ce8b865   (test): Use elisp files in current dir.
       new  1158be2   Add more stuff.  It might help for Emacs-19.34.
       new  6848c8a   (sml-mode-menu): Add an explicit t for always-active.
       new  1d94a7c   (BuildArch): Simplify call to `install-info'.
       new  13f8d93   Put the entry in `Emacs' rather than `Editors'.
       new  358a376   (sml-syntax-prec): Split ; and , from `in' and `with'.
       new  ad720f0   (sml-mode-menu): Fix activation of `start compiler'.
       new  73c5c5c   *** empty log message ***
       new  d31617c   (sml-proc-buffer): Save excursion when calling run-sml.
       new  ded4dab   (sml-mode-menu): Add an explicit t for always-active. 
(sml-symbol-indent): Add entries for , and ; and turn into defcustom.
       new  652a2f7   (sml-rightalign-and): New defcustom. (sml-tyvarseq-re): 
New var. (sml-font-lock-keywords): Use it. (sml-imenu-create-index): Don't get 
confused by tyvarseq's. (sml-mode-variables): Don't set `comment-column'. 
(sml-funname-of-and): New function. (sml-electric-pipe): Use it. 
(sml-find-comment-indent): Try to ignore comment-markers in strings. 
(sml-calculate-indentation): Handle closing parens specially. 
(sml-indent-pipe): Recognize the case where `and' defines a dataty [...]
       new  a1841f8   *** empty log message ***
       new  02e24d0   *** empty log message ***
       new  cf5b755   (sml-tyvarseq-re): Fix typo.
       new  ccb391a   Remove outdated `sml-load-hook'.
       new  2e47943   Remove outdated `sml-load-hook'.
       new  2704d4d   (sml-mode-menu): Fix typo.  Use std names. 
(sml-begin-syms-re): Reduce redundancy.
       new  a936708   *** empty log message ***
       new  af202a2   * testcases.sml: Add a nasty case that is still wrong.
       new  53778bd   Add self to load-path in sml-mode-startup.el. 
(sml-def-skeleton): Try to use the new `system' abbrev flag.
       new  49f449b   (sml-error-regexp-alist): Use new compile.el features if 
available. (sml-send-region): Remove unused var `file'. (sml-drag-region): 
Remove unused function. (sml-update-cursor): Use compilation-fake-loc if 
available. (compilation-goto-locus): Only advise if necessary.
       new  b13f9a8   (install_startup): Don't add to load-path any more.
       new  f351634   (sml-make-error): Use match-string.
       new  55ced69   (sml-calculate-indentation): Remove unused var. 
(sml-get-indent): Change first arg's meaning. (sml-get-sym-indent): Adjust 
call. (sml-forms-menu): Simplify.
       new  28075c0   (temp-directory): Get rid of warning.
       new  df558de   (sml-backward-sexp, sml-forward-sexp): Remove unused var.
       new  ff68ceb   (sml-error-regexp-alist): Merge regexps. 
(sml-update-cursor): Check sml-temp-file is non-nil.
       new  c407dc8   (sml-font-lock-symbols, sml-font-lock-symbols-alist): New 
vars. (sml-font-lock-compose-symbol, sml-font-lock-symbols-keywords): New funs. 
(sml-font-lock-keywords): Use them.
       new  e583c62   (sml-font-lock-symbols-alist): Add entries for >= and <=.
       new  2230b2a   (sml-font-lock-symbols-alist): Add entries for simple 
type variables. (sml-font-lock-compose-symbol): Add support for non-punctuation 
       new  ea06207   (sml-font-lock-symbols-alist): Add yet more silly entries.
       new  3308f7f   *** empty log message ***
       new  2f16c4f   *** empty log message ***
       new  b3bb97b   *** empty log message ***
       new  f4ddd54   (inferior-sml-mode): Preserve the menu-bar of the 
compilation minor mode, if any.
       new  a9cd9d5   (sml-mode-menu): Remove left over obsolete entries.
       new  080544f   (sml-find-match-forward): Avoid infinite looping if the 
construct is not properly closed (yet).
       new  fa34bdc   *** empty log message ***
       new  7ba728c   Docstring fix
       new  c823f90   First cut at support for MLton
       new  7be4789   Add the 'and-go' arg to 'sml-compile'.
       new  49ecf8a   Make TAB add a " rather than a space at the end of a file 
       new  d68dfcb   Make MLton regexps work in M-x compile.
       new  ee7f0f1   
       new  72f4fc5   
       new  2f54919   
       new  ef877e1   
       new  b0065bd   * sml-proc.el (inferior-sml-next-error-hook): Make it 
match one more format.
       new  bea27e9   * sml-proc.el (inferior-sml-next-error-hook): Make it 
match one more format.
       new  05eb49b   * sml-mode.el: Don't setup load-path here any more. * 
Makefile ($(PACKAGE)-startup.el): Recreate from scratch every time. Setup 
load-path. (dist): Try to update it to use Svn rather than CVS. * NEWS: Update.
       new  8f2d12d   Update email addresses. (dist): Fix up update to use Svn 
rather than CVS.
       new  6e1f741   -
       new  2de9232   -
       new  615680e   -
       new  5ca344a   -
       new  c7662e0   -
       new  e7946a9   -
       new  303598b   -
       new  5e078af   -
       new  b22c69b   -
       new  692910b   -
       new  b112e7e   -
       new  24a0b5e   -
       new  31ffc6a   -
       new  2e7687b   -
       new  55701d8   -
       new  92dccfd   -
       new  354c2f6   -
       new  f410cc2   -
       new  59dfeab   -
       new  df2155a   -
       new  812b93e   -
       new  2ec8b70   -
       new  ed7e256   -
       new  61e55e0   -
       new  bb09f0c   -
       new  dba7f58   Minor edits.
       new  37dd4de   Add SMIE support. * .bzrignore: New file. * makefile.pkg 
(test): Use sml-mode-startup. * sml-mode.el (sml-use-smie): New config var. 
(sml-smie-grammar, sml-indent-separator-outdent): New vars. (sml-smie-rules, 
sml-smie-definitional-equal-p) (sml-smie-non-nested-of-p, 
sml-smie-datatype-|-p) (sml-smie-forward-token-1, sml-smie-forward-token) 
(sml-smie-backward-token-1, sml-smie-backward-token): New functions. 
(sml-mode): Don't set forward-sexp-function. (sml-mode-varia [...]
       new  da0d07d   Merge from trunk
       new  dfd7649   Get rid of ancient compatibility and small utility file. 
* sml-proc.el (inferior-sml-mode-map): Don't use defmap. * sml-move.el 
(sml-internal-syntax-table): Don't use defsyntax. * sml-mode.el 
(sml-syntax-prop-table): Don't use defsyntax. (sml-electric-space): 
`last-command-char' -> `last-command-event'. (sml-defuse-jump-to-def): Don't 
use goto-line from Elisp. * sml-defs.el (sml-mode-map): Don't use defmap. 
(sml-mode-syntax-table): Don't use defsyntax. (sml-preproc-a [...]
       new  e4579d9   Merge from trunk
       new  9afbcd6   Move non-SMIE indentation code to a separate file. * 
sml-oldindent.el: Rename from sml-move.el. * makefile.pkg (ELFILES): Adjust. * 
sml-mode.el (sml-indent-line, sml-find-comment-indent) 
(sml-calculate-indentation, sml-bolp, sml-first-starter-p) (sml-indent-starter, 
sml-indent-relative, sml-indent-pipe) (sml-find-forward, sml-indent-arg, 
sml-get-indent, sml-dangling-sym) (sml-delegated-indent, sml-get-sym-indent, 
sml-indent-default) (sml-current-indentation, sml-find [...]
       new  03dbe99   Merge from trunk
       new  8352df1   Use SMIE by default and make sml-oldindent optional. * 
sml-mode.el: Only load sml-oldindent if necessary. (sml-use-smie): Default to 
t. (sml-smie-datatype-|-p): Better handle incomplete datatype branch. 
(sml-mode): Use prog-mode.  Setup electric-layout and electric-indent. 
(sml-mode-variables): Always setup SMIE if possible. (sml-imenu-create-index, 
sml-funname-of-and, sml-electric-pipe) (sml-beginning-of-defun, 
sml-defuse-symdata-at-point) (sml-yacc-font-lock-keywor [...]
       new  bda14c5   Merge from trunk
       new  46e2930   -
       new  a12d8e6   * sml-mode.el (sml-mark-function): New implementation 
using SMIE. * sml-defs.el (sml-mode-map): Use backtab. Remove leftover unused 
sml-drag-region binding.
       new  493f271   Merge sml-defs.el into sml-mode.el. * sml-mode.el: Merge 
code from sml-defs.el. Remove ":group 'sml" since they're now redundant. * 
makefile.pkg (ELFILES): Adjust.
       new  8457687   Merge from trunk
       new  e13a569   Start preparing for the move to ELPA.
       new  9558cc9   Fix compilation
       new  988fe8f   Move sml-proc to either prog-proc or sml-mode.
       new  a5687b4   Add sml-compile back into sml-mode
       new  4c51df2   * sml-mode.el (sml-electric-pipe-mode): New var. 
(sml-pipeheads): Add (, {, and [ to more reliably detect cases where the pipe 
is not part of a case/fun/... (sml-tyvarseq-re): Use shy groups. 
(sml-font-lock-keywords): Adjust accordingly. (sml-compile): Avoid the 3rd part 
of dolist's spec. (sml-post-self-insert-pipe): New fun, extracted from 
sml-electric-pipe. (sml-mode): Use it to obey sml-electric-pipe-mode. 
(sml-electric-pipe): Use sml-post-self-insert-pipe. * make [...]
       new  f98bf4d   Move sml-compile to prog-proc.
       new  9453dc8   Cleanup copyright; Merge prog-proc into sml-mode.el
       new  179da46   Add SML-mode.
       new  5b6e3de   * admin/archive-contents.el (batch-make-site-package): 
New function. * Makefile (site/%): Use it.
       new  25e3f37   * packages/csv-mode/csv-mode.el (csv-end-of-field): Don't 
skip TABs. (csv--skip-regexp): Rename from csv-skip-regexp.
       new  78cdf58   * nlinum.el: Speed up by caching last line-number. 
(nlinum--line-number-cache): New var. (nlinum--after-change, 
nlinum--line-number-at-pos): New functions. (nlinum-mode, nlinum--region): Use 
       new  e738891   * debbugs.el (debbugs-get-usertag): Fix comments.
       new  269c355   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-usertags): Show also local 
       new  532f6a4   * eldoc-eval.el: Spelling and doc fixes. 
(eval-preferred-function): Renamed from eval-prefered-function.
       new  f5d08c8   * num3-mode.el: Fix footer.  Reported by Jonas Bernoulli 
       new  b1a5903   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-usertags): Rename argument 
       new  5b8d7ec   Selective merge of trivial font-latex.el fix from AUCTeX 
       new  2df1865   Clean up copyright notices.
       new  7dea5b8   New script for auto-update of GNU ELPA.
       new  c4cdf23   * update-archive.sh (signal_error): Fix up sendmail 
       new  1697bcc   * debbugs.el: * debbugs-gnu.el: * debbugs-pkg.el: Change 
version to 0.4.
       new  6ea5fea   * debbugs.texi: Add 2012 to copyright years.
       new  b08cbc5   * sml-mode.el: Integrate BUGS&NEWS; re-add run-sml.
       new  35bdb48   * admin/update-archive.sh: Keep old packages.
       new  f03b8d3   * admin/archive-contents.el: Create web pages.
       new  c9bc8fe   rainbow-mode 0.3
       new  a11389a   rainbow-mode: version 0.4
       new  8c7b59c   rainbow-mode: version 0.5
       new  5e7858e   * packages/cl-lib: New package.
       new  9ce9660   * trie.el (trie--node-data): Simplify.
       new  5ff2142   * ack.el (ack-buffer-name-function): New user variable
       new  3da15e6   Add cl-letf and cl-labels.
       new  06f4e2b   rainbow-mode: fix some LaTex docstrings
       new  0889944   Try to preserve timestamps.  Fix ChangeLog generation. * 
admin/update-archive.sh: Don't change timestamp on packages that have the same 
md5. * admin/archive-contents.el (batch-prepare-packages): New function. 
(archive--simple-package-p): Ignore ChangeLog as well.  Signal errors if the 
file does not have the expected structure. (archive--process-simple-package): 
Add the ChangeLog's content. (archive--make-changelog): Only modify the file if 
the content changes. (archi [...]
       new  858ab43   * packages/ampc/ampc.el: Add proper file trailer.
       new  45ed996   * packages/jgraph-mode/jgraph-mode.el: Add `Version' 
       new  6414676   * notes-mode: Add missing -pkg.el file.
       new  72b105c   * admin/archive-contents.el (batch-make-archive): Don't 
demote errors. (batch-prepare-packages): Don't use cl-pushnew. 
(archive--process-simple-package): Fix insertion of ChangeLog. 
(batch-make-site-dir): Don't demote errors. * Makefile (archive-tmp): Remove it 
before re-creating it.
       new  a69f2bc   hook into dired
       new  793396b   * cl-lib.el: Try and patch things up in case we're hiding 
the real cl-lib.
       new  da9a4c0   Update AUCTeX ELPA package to the new 11.87 release.
       new  495403a   Don't provide the features auto-loads and preview-latex 
included in tex-site.
       new  7cee8ba   * auctex: Shorten copyright year ranges.
       new  d3b5407   Delete AUCTeX style files with unclear copyright status.
       new  c211915   * packages/auctex/tex-jp.el: Fix up copyright line.
       new  f70cc59   * packages/sml-mode/sml-mode.el (sml-mode-map): Add back 
C-c C-s binding. (sml-prog-proc-switch-to): Add missing interactive spec.
       new  2392a43   Refine the deployment script to avoid deploying unstable 
       new  5882ee7   Reverted commits 312, 313, and 315.
       new  b686a8e   Update undo-tree to version 0.6.3
       new  19d4228   * adaptive-wrap.el (adaptive-wrap-extra-indent): Fix 
buffer-localness. Reported by Jonathan Kotta <address@hidden>.
       new  d0d0095   * update-archive.sh: Allow archive-contents to be updated!
       new  e467ba0   * rainbow-mode: update to 0.6, add support for ANSI 
       new  cb4abb1   * memory-usage: Bump version, belatedly.
       new  7832c3e   Fix the copyright section to point out that it's not part 
of Emacs.
       new  384736f   Don't explicitly bind mouse-1.
       new  c617cef   Revert the previous copyright change.
       new  69c3eb2   * js2-mode: merge from upstream
       new  a45d7ef   Re-apply the Toggles -> Toggle wording change
       new  7f46ca5   * js2-mode: same for Returns -> Return
       new  3c57967   notes-mode/mkconfig: don't reference undefined envvar 
       new  421c0e4   Adapt copyright years.
       new  e2fff11   * debbugs-gnu.el : Require wid-edit.el.
       new  e39439b   New package lex.el.
       new  41ed371   * Makefile: Refresh changelogs before copying `packages'.
       new  5c62d9d   New command ack-yank-symbol-at-point and bind it to M-Y
       new  41c60a2   Avoid error message in emacs 24.4.
       new  8a8b001   Restore eldoc-eval.el.
       new  92cfc79   * sml-mode.el (inferior-sml-mode): Fix 
       new  43de482   * sml-mode.el (sml-mode-variables): Set 
sml-prog-proc-descriptor here... (sml-mode): ... instead of here.
       new  a840832   * sml-mode: Release 6.3, bugfixes
       new  94d4dc2   New package ggtags
       new  ccf1bdf   Fix error during redisplay: (wrong-type-argument stringp 
       new  96cdfc3   Fix ggtags-global-exit-message-function
       new  14b0d8d   Do not abuse assert in what it is designed for
       new  4a9a756   Various bug fixes and enhancements
       new  8439d62   * ggtags.el: improve handling of GTAGSLIBPATH in 
       new  7b625b3   * ack: release v0.9
       new  d03714c   Remove ampc.
       new  2ef633d   Merge from upstream
       new  581a6fe   docbook: New package (Info-like viewer for DocBook 
       new  e6b14e8   Merge from upstream
       new  daad3e6   docbook.el: Add autoload cookie.
       new  257cecf   docbook.el: Re-arrange to avoid using a defsubst before 
defining it.
       new  e33e057   js2-mode: Use \\' instead of $
       new  a7a54a5   * ack.el: work around bug http://debbugs.gnu.org/13811
       new  a02e41d   rainbow-mode: version 0.7
       new  c5ced15   js2-mode: Merge from upstream
       new  0b2717e   Add sokoban game for emacs
       new  751f1ef   * sokoban.el: Style tweaks. (sokoban-level-file): Use 
load-file-name to find sokoban-levels. (sokoban-init-level-data): Avoid messing 
with windows.  Use eobp and dotimes. (sokoban-display-options, 
sokoban-get-level-data, sokoban-init-buffer) (sokoban-draw-score): Use dotimes. 
(sokoban-add-move, sokoban-add-push): Use push. (sokoban-goto-level): `signal' 
can't return. (sokoban-mode): Use define-derived-mode.  Set vars locally.
       new  1b65fed   * packages/sml-mode/sml-mode.el (sml-imenu-regexp): Make 
it a const. (sml-imenu-create-index): Don't assume we'll find an = after 
       new  979115a   js2-mode: Merge from upstream 
       new  a535652   * ggtags.el: Use new switch --path-style to global
       new  9a8a483   company-mode: Release 0.6
       new  968f54b   * ggtags.el: Fix bug#13829; release v0.6.1
       new  7552c8e   company-tests.el: add copyright boilerplate
       new  be168bc   company: Update pkg.el and summary string
       new  9e2ecdc   * packages/lmc/lmc.el (lmc-store-word): match-data can 
change in sit-for. Reported by William Léchelle <address@hidden>.
       new  4769b59   * admin/update-archive.sh (copyright_notices): Ignore 
       new  6ee0f9e   company: Remove angle brackets from README
       new  37c5983   * ggtags.el: Fix error report. Release v0.6.2
       new  bc75ca0   * ggtags.el: Fix last change.
       new  c3981b2   company: Release 0.6.1
       new  cf24bbe   company: Release 0.6.2
       new  7551513   * ggtags.el: Release v0.6.3
       new  1d7e056   * sokoban.el (sokoban-init-level-data): Compatibility fix.
       new  db4eddf   company: Release 0.6.6
       new  d1ab02a   * update-archive.sh: *-readme.txt files aren't mutable.
       new  340c088   * packages/lex/lex-parse-re.el: New file, extracted from 
lex.el. * packages/lex/lex.el: Use it instead of the self-load hack. (lex--nfa, 
lex-compile): Use case-table-get-table.
       new  8e240e6   company: Release 0.6.7
       new  cde4a50   Add ENWC from bzr://bzr.savannah.nongnu.org/enwc/trunk
       new  5aad0b2   Fix up copyright names in ENWC; tweak packages/README.
       new  afcb844   * packages/enwc/enwc-pkg.el: Add missing file.
       new  87a3d81   Add jumpc.
       new  c2e02c4   * lex.el: Compatibility fix
       new  c9ea397   Add omn-mode.
       new  35f09c0   * omn-mode.el: Fix up copyright notice, plus minor 
cleanup. (omn-obsolete-electric-indent): New var. (omn-mode-map): Obey it. 
(omn-mode-entity-keywords, omn-mode-property-keywords): Move before use to 
satisfy the byte-compiler. (omn-determine-line-indent): Don't save-match-data 
for no reason. (auto-mode-alist): Use \\' to match end of file name. 
(omn-font-lock-defaults): Use regexp-opt. (omn-mode-syntax-table): Don't use 
"w" syntax for "_". (omn-mode): Move make-loca [...]
       new  2ec66fb   * omn-mode.el: Fix first line style.
       new  ef83a9e   Release 0.6.8
       new  db58b32   * ack: Release v1.0
       new  823da4f   * ack: doc fix and release 1.01
       new  449dd25   * lmc.el (lmc-turbo): New option. (lmc--sit-for): New 
function.  Use it instead of sit-for. (lmc-run): Don't stop upon user input if 
lmc-turbo is enabled.
       new  1ddddd5   * lmc.el (lmc--sit-for): Fix last change.
       new  9d33865   * csv-mode.el (csv-kill-one-field): Check for presence 
before deleting trailing separator.  Remove last arg and turn into a function. 
(csv-kill-one-column, csv-kill-many-columns): Adjust callers.
       new  4da6ea0   * company.el (company-capf): Add support for `sorted' and 
`post-completion'. (company--capf-data): New function. (company-backend): 
Declare before first use. (company-require-match-p): Only call 
company-require-match is needed. (company--continue-failed): Don't use 
backward-delete-char non-interactively. (company-search-assert-enabled): Demote 
it, since it comes too late to be inlined. (company-begin-with): Use a lexical 
closure, so the code is byte-compiled. (compan [...]
       new  8feb50e   rainbow-mode: add support for R, bump version to 0.8
       new  c7a9a62   * ack: bump to version 1.2 to make the archiver happy
       new  20b4def   company: Release 0.6.9
       new  45df65f   js2-mode: Merge from upstream
       new  ea05285   js2-mode: Fix a typo
       new  def3f77   * cl-lib.el (cl-labels): Demote error to message and 
improve it.
       new  5cb2096   company: Release 0.6.10
       new  9e1b9a4   * ggtags.el: Release 0.6.4 with various bug fixes
       new  20e4b9d   * ggtags.el: Release 0.6.5
       new  b6e6d3e   * ggtags.el: A few minor fixes
       new  a4c7714   * ggtags.el: Release 0.6.6
       new  59e6430   js2-mode: Merge from upstream
       new  8ddc6bf   * packages/auctex/tex-jp.el: Add coding cookie.
       new  f281029   Put coding cookie in elisp header line.
       new  bc8e359   js2-mode: Merge from upstream
       new  cbf53df   jumpc version 3, handle deleted files
       new  39e06a0   * GNUmakefile: Rename from Makefile.  Add targets for 
in-place use. (all, all-in-place): New targets. * admin/archive-contents.el 
(archive--simple-package-p): Ignore autosave files. 
(archive--refresh-pkg-file): New function. (archive--write-pkg-file): Print 
with ' and ` shorthands. * packages/company/company-pysmell.el: Don't require 
pysmell during compile. * packages/muse/htmlize-hack.el: Don't require htmlize 
during compile. * packages/shen-mode/shen-mode.el (shen- [...]
       new  ab344ad   * GNUmakefile (%.elc): Don't depend on $(autoloads) since 
that causes constant recompilation of everything. (elcs): New target. 
(all-in-place): Run elcs in a submake, after updating autoloads.
       new  70748a6   oauth2: release 0.9, require url-http
       new  ea855c0   Bump version number to release the new tex-jp.el
       new  b81cb1b   Fixed image-mode issue.  Changed version to 0.5.
       new  d90eb39   * adaptive-wrap.el (menu-bar-options-menu): Add checkbox 
for Adaptive Wrap to the Line Wrapping submenu. 
(adaptive-wrap-unload-function): New function.
       new  07953a5   * oauth2.el: Only require CL at compile time and avoid 
flet. (success): Don't defvar. (oauth--url-advice, oauth--tokens-need-renew): 
New dynbind variables. (url-http-handle-authentication): Add advice. 
(oauth2-url-retrieve-synchronously): Use the advice instead of flet.
       new  8931957   * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Use lexical-binding.  Bump version 
to 0.3. Add ability to view newly added content if the file has grown 
meanwhile. Provide a V binding in dired. (vlf-mode-map): Change C-+ to M-+.  
Add M-- binding. (vlf-next-batch, vlf-prev-batch): Add ability to jump/insert 
given number of batches at once. (vlf): Add autoload cookie.  Add option to 
start viewing from the end of file. (dired-vlf): New function. 
(vlf-if-file-too-large): New function. (abort-if- [...]
       new  90c3a39   * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version 0.4. (vlf-mode-map): Add 
bindings to search and jump to BOF/EOF. (vlf-format-buffer-name): Change 
position into a percentage. (vlf-next-batch, vlf-prev-batch): Keep stable 
cursor position when moving through chunks. (vlf-move-to-chunk, 
vlf-insert-file): New functions. (vlf): Use them.  Disable undo information.  
Change arg order. (dired-vlf): Adjust call. (vlf-re-search-forward, 
vlf-re-search-backward, vlf-end-search): New functions.
       new  fa80238   * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version 0.5 Add editing mode.  
Search refinements. (vlf-mode-map): Change keys for batch size and EOF/BOF 
jumps. (vlf-mode): Move buffer-disable-undo here. (vlf-move-to-chunk): New 
function. (vlf-change-batch-size): Use it to immediately update content. 
(vlf-if-file-too-large): Adjust call (missed in last change). (vlf-re-search, 
vlf-goto-match): New functions. (vlf-re-search-forward, 
vlf-re-search-backward): Use them. (vlf-end-search): Remove  [...]
       new  e35deff   * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version 0.6 (vlf-mode): Setup 
revert and file write. (vlf-format-buffer-name): Change format to indicate the 
chunk numbers. (vlf-insert-file): Remove unused arg `file'. 
(vlf-beginning-of-file, vlf-end-of-file, vlf-jump-to-chunk): New commands. 
(vlf-mode-map): Use them.  Add a `j' binding. (vlf-revert): New function. 
(vlf-next-batch, vlf-prev-batch, vlf-move-to-batch, vlf-move-to-chunk): Set 
modtime.  Better preserve point. (vlf-file-shift-back, [...]
       new  4d12e8b   * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version 0.7 (vlf-goto-line): New 
command. (vlf-mode-map): Bind it to `l'. (vlf-mode): Don't affect the global 
value of revert-buffer-function. (vlf, dired-vlf): Remove `from-end' argument. 
(scroll-up, scroll-down): Add advice to auto-jump to the next batch during 
scrolling. (vlf-get-file-size): New macro. (vlf-revert): Try and pay attention 
to the actual arguments. (vlf-next-batch, vlf-prev-batch, vlf-move-to-batch, 
vlf-move-to-chunk) (vlf-re-s [...]
       new  d34fa1c   * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version 0.8, Add occur-like 
functionality. (vlf-occur-mode-map): New var. (vlf-occur-mode): New major mode. 
(vlf-occur-next-match, vlf-occur-prev-match, vlf-occur-visit, vlf-occur): New 
commands. (vlf-build-occur): New function. (vlf-mode-map): Add `o' binding for 
       new  b00ee27   * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version 0.9. (vlf-end-pos): 
Default to 0. (vlf): Set the major mode earlier. (vlf-get-file-size): Make it 
into a function. (vlf-re-search): Add `batch-step' argument. 
(vlf-re-search-forward, vlf-re-search-backward): Use it. (vlf-goto-line): Make 
it handle a negative arg. (vlf-occur-show): New command. (vlf-occur-mode-map): 
Bind it to `o'. (vlf-occur-visit): Don't switch-to-buffer. (vlf-occur): Protect 
against non-local exits. (vlf-build-occur): [...]
       new  2b8f539   * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Set "Maintainer:".
       new  55d8850   * adaptive-wrap.el: Require easymenu (bug#14974).
       new  421dcdc   * adaptive-wrap.el: Fix bug#14974 by using 
define-key-after instead of easy-menu-add-item. 
(adaptive-wrap-unload-function): Remove.
       new  4b2aa82   Add websocket git revno 
       new  39e5606   * packages/websocket: Cleanup copyright and code.
       new  c131a8a   * packages/websocket/websocket.el: Fix version number.
       new  c5064b2   rainbow-mode: 0.9, allow spaces in LaTeX colors
       new  7ef64d3   * packages/auctex/auctex-pkg.el: Add :url.
       new  271c911   * packages/auctex/tex.el (TeX--call-3/2): New auxiliary 
function. (ConTeXt-Omega-engine, TeX-Omega-mode, TeX-source-specials-mode): Use 
it to provide the obsolescence version when possible.
       new  8616953   * packages/eldoc-eval/eldoc-eval.el 
(eldoc-mode-in-minibuffer): Operate on current buffer rather than 
       new  6334011   * eldoc-eval.el 
(eldoc-display-message-no-interference-p): Force old definition. 
(eldoc-mode-in-minibuffer): Catch errors, run eldoc-in-minibuffer-show-fn from 
the minibuffer.
       new  6f9ce06   (eldoc-display-message-no-interference-p): Turn it into 
an advice. (eldoc-active-minibuffers-list): Store buffers rather than buffer 
       new  c7bfd4d     * packages/vlf/vlf.el:: Version 0.9.1.  Add development 
repository URL.         (vlf-encode-size): New variable.        
(vlf-adjust-chunk): Allow fluctuation when searching for proper         
decoding.  Save encoded size to `vlf-encode-size'.      (vlf-write): Use 
`vlf-encode-size' for expected encoding size.  (vlf-batch-size, vlf-start-pos, 
vlf-end-pos, vlf-file-size)     (vlf-encode-size): Move permanent declarations 
to top level.    (vlf-mode): Fix locality of `write-file-functions' hook.       
 ( [...]
       new  efad3d9   Get "make -k" to go through
       new  82e7dba   Get "make -k" to go through
       new  fa91d07   Merge remote-tracking branch 'repo.or.cz/elpa'
       new  c42be19   Fix up scripts to build archive from Git
       new  c15ec53   Move check_copyright to the makefile
       new  3c913ae   Add externals-list.  Fix up ignore list.
       new  fa61b5c   Complete the list of externals
       new  2372443   Don't create local branches
       new  b27f922   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  0c61a7e   Update infrastructure for Git. * .gitignore: New file. * 
.bzrignore: keep it as a symlink to .gitignore. * externals-list: New file.
       new  37f3916   Mark merge point of coffee-mode.
       new  c4cd0d2   Use README.{rst,md,org}; Auto-generate foo-pkg.el.
       new  10f4e08   Mark merge point of ack-el.
       new  011133f   Mark merge point of company.
       new  6259a8c   Mark merge point of eldoc-eval.
       new  1f28268   Mark merge point of f90-interface-browser.
       new  9f5ae4f   Mark merge point of ggtags.
       new  925ec19   Simplify and fix bug in cycle-hist.
       new  c0b782c   (cycle-hist): Don't rebuild iterator when not needed.
       new  e1be3a6   Reset start of history when using other command.
       new  7ceb3a5   Fix function names error, thank you Stepan.
       new  8321627   (ioccur-print-buffer, defun ioccur-update-buffer):Renamed 
functions, cleanup.
       new  54df46b   Refactorize, add scroll-other-window to keymap.
       new  d67234a   (ioccur-search-delay): Change default value to 0.5, 
better in large buffers.
       new  5b79957   (ioccur-read-search-input): Add C-y (yank).
       new  cf8756d   Add keys to ioccur-keymap, new function.
       new  8a7279b   (ioccur-read-char-or-event): read-event need prompt, will 
be removed after emacs23.2.
       new  058b05c   Fix key bindings in terminal.
       new  e80cef4   (ioccur-split-window): new function to toggle split 
       new  391f66f   Finally find good commands for history in terms.
       new  a939bc7   Fix ioccur-mode-line-string.
       new  11c9307   Version 1.1, merge dev in default branch.
       new  422bd49   (ioccur-read-search-input): Add prior and next for 
scrolling, remove unuseful or.
       new  f70ac17   Merge branchs
       new  bcbb8ad   Ioccur is now buffer local, each buffer have it's own 
       new  2625600   Add autoloads cookies.
       new  b623ba2   (ioccur-jump): Simplify, faster,do not use regexp and 
       new  b7c422b   (ioccur-jump): Move point to first occurence of 
`ioccur-search-pattern' when jumping.
       new  723c336   Fix all lines with +80 columns.
       new  c4cbcf8   (ioccur-jump) Fix: Don't forward-char before back 
       new  b090971   (ioccur) Fix docstring.
       new  6cd05dd   (ioccur): Make code more readable with cond and new func 
       new  4860fdd   (ioccur-read-search-input) Add insert-initial-input in 
       new  87981f7   Merge branchs.
       new  439532e   Merge tags
       new  5b6ed5e   Add a nil message after reading key.
       new  a5c53ed   (ioocur-find-readlines) Better counter, Removing newline 
seem unuseful here.(replace-regexp-in-string..).
       new  5ffd9f5   Fix splitting windows in info buffers.(use 'other-window 
arg of pop-to-buffer)
       new  0c1bf23   (ioccur-visible-buffer-p) Dont compare 
window-configuration when current-buffer is the one we search.
       new  c476975   Get rid of ioccur-visible-window-p by using 
get-buffer-window (Thank you Stefan ;-)).
       new  e94c60b   (ioccur-read-search-input) Bugfix:let bind inhibit-quit 
on windows-nt.
       new  95ac113   (ioccur-jump-without-quit) Do nothing when no candidates.
       new  d9a3501   Merge with development branch.
       new  926a2bb   Merge tags in development.
       new  257f6a1   align map, make ioccur-find-readlines a little faster, 
clean ioccur-print-buffer.
       new  8d705f6   fix error in ioccur-print-buffer, simplify jit-font.. in 
       new  7130be3   Use now a vector to store results. 
(ioccur-find-readlines) return a vector (ioccur-print-buffer) use loop to parse 
vector returned by *-readlines, doesn't use buffer arg. (ioccur) Send message 
when fontifying.
       new  c745057   Fix yank stuff at point with new `ioccur-find-readlines' 
that push point to point-max.
       new  e3d173d   (ioccur-print-buffer) Use defsubst*
       new  a07710e   (ioccur-read-lines) Use vconcat loop
       new  93f3444   Allow exiting from search loop, new func to truncate 
       new  e771614   (ioccur-find-readlines) save-excursion
       new  c93de8c   Rename ioccur-print-buffer to ioccur-print-results.
       new  65b61f9   Rename ioccur-update-buffer to *-print-buffer
       new  24ece9b   No code change, refactoring.
       new  aa67fa2   Get rid of ioccur-find-readlines, much much faster now.
       new  5e0fd72   (ioccur-print-results) Set ioccur-quit-flag when exiting 
from here to inform ioccur we are quitting.
       new  85502b6   No code change, only reorder and reindent.
       new  986d697   Merge branchs.
       new  b6dfcf2   Merge tags.
       new  98112b9   (ioccur-print-results) Even faster beat precedent version 
of nearly 2 seconds and occur 14 seconds!
       new  bc62825   Minor changes, remove one concat and fix docstring.
       new  2fb5244   (ioccur-print-buffer) Take only one arg, fix docstring.
       new  7134ad8   No code change, only comments.
       new  00e66a6   Keep fixing comments, no code changes.
       new  1a15bca   Add optional arguments to reuse functions elsewhere.
       new  517572c   Merge branchs
       new  2a3b49c   Merge tags in dev.
       new  220eec9   (ioccur-print-results) Remove optional arg. 
(ioccur-print-line) Remove optional arg.
       new  23f78ae   New ioccur-find-buffer-matching allow to match all 
buffers matching regexp in buffer-list.
       new  7bff287   (ioccur-buffer-contain) Don't use return-from
       new  3ebf138   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Recurse until jumping to 
ioccur-current-buffer or pattern change.
       new  b28df94   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Replace now unuseful while 
by when.
       new  28f0826   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) add default-input and bind 
ioccur-history to read-string
       new  a77fd75   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Don't save ioccur-history 
from read-string in minibuffer history.
       new  a6a3629   (ioccur-success) New flag non--nil when search is finish 
and we jump to a buffer. (ioccur) Start an incremental search if initial-input 
arg is provided. (ioccur, ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Use ioccur-success.
       new  159a986   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) change confusing arg name.
       new  5cc1b7c   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Retrieve initial window 
config when exiting buffer list with C-g.
       new  870d28e   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Add ido to possible 
completing-read functions.
       new  35ee6eb   Allow to select buffers by regexp in 
       new  6f34704   Minor change, just change the prompt in 
       new  8532532   Add some infos in headers.
       new  9fa68ab   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Use thing-at-point instead 
of car history for initial input.
       new  6a1d3db   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Remove now unuseful 
return-from, add comments.
       new  180ea30   (ioccur-buffer-completion-style) New user variable.
       new  6438590   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Improve prompt name.
       new  b341862   Merge branchs.
       new  3989e36   Merge tags.
       new  efc2b33   (ioccur-find-matching-buffer) Use read-from-minibuffer.
       new  6aa32e8   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) reindent
       new  bdad4f9   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Remove doublons maybe added 
by minibuffer in `ioccur-history'.
       new  301b91c   (ioccur-jump) show-all
       new  bd43991   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) Fix docstring. No code 
       new  d197dba   (ioccur-list-buffers-matching, 
ioccur-list-buffers-containing) Use extra arg buffer-list. 
(ioccur-find-buffer-matching1) generic function. (ioccur-find-buffer-matching) 
call interactively ioccur-find-buffer-matching1.
       new  95063bb   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching1) save win conf before doing 
anything. (ioccur-dired) new.
       new  6a6cbfa   (ioccur-dired) test if file is a directory
       new  1ff0325   Require outline (for show-all)
       new  c6ebcf4   Merge branchs.
       new  62ca293   Merge tags.
       new  cbba161   (ioccur-print-buffer) Fix: Put ioccur-print-results in a 
condition-case to not return error when regexp is invalid.
       new  c12609b   (ioccur-print-buffer) Send message until complete regexp 
is entered.
       new  cb39502   (ioccur-print-buffer) Improve error message.
       new  5aeafa3   (ioccur-print-buffer) Use 'matching' in message.
       new  10d3575   Put point on empty line when invalid regexp to exit 
properly on RET.
       new  5f673ce   (ioccur-print-buffer) keep improving error message.
       new  b7a1efb   Provide toggle search method (literal or regexp)
       new  925137e   (ioccur-jump) Use the right function depending method in 
       new  36887ef   Add comments and fix some docstring No code change.
       new  a51d309   Merge branchs.
       new  200b2da   Merge.
       new  b86cc10   (ioccur-mode-line-string) a little shorter.
       new  0ee8141   Merge dev branch in default.
       new  a04e1fd   Merge tags from default.
       new  994497d   (ioccur-print-buffer) Add help-echo for commands in title.
       new  fb456c6   (ioccur) maybe turn off wdired-mode and reenable when 
       new  3a591b1   declare wdired functions.
       new  0053b9c   require wdired at compile time to shutup compiler.
       new  5bf7320   Rename ioccur-search-pattern to ioccur-pattern.
       new  7b5d3a0   New M-k kill pattern as sexp.
       new  44bfe75   Modify mode-line help, Fix compatibility with urxvt.
       new  009af59   Help improvement in mode-line and tooltip.
       new  975c671   (ioccur-read-char-or-event-skip-read-key) new when 
non--nil always skip use of read-key.
       new  7d994dc   (ioccur-message) new internal variable. 
(ioccur-send-message) new: send message with value of ioccur-message. 
(ioccur-read-search-input) M-k send a message when killing as sexp.
       new  9242da3   Save history when killing as sexp.
       new  ca0ae89   (ioccur-read-search-input) Remove old-yank-point no more 
       new  e44073d   (ioccur-read-char-or-event-skip-read-key) is now a defvar 
as bug#6881 and bug#6883 have been fixed (Thanks Leo and Stefan).
       new  56908c6   (ioccur) When region is active, narrow it and search only 
there, fontification is made only there also.
       new  2ca0d49   (ioccur-find-buffer-matching1) call ioccur with extra 
args. (ioccur-restart) call ioccur interactively.
       new  353475e   (ioccur, ioccur-find-buffer-matching1) Remove extra args 
beg end, don't call interactively ioccur in *-restart.
       new  9685353   (ioccur):Regression remove narrowing code that cause 
problems elsewhere.
       new  d7ecf9a   (ioccur) Remove now unused save-restriction.
       new  e57fab7   (ioccur-print-buffer) Highlight all matchs in 
ioccur-buffer. (ioccur-highlight-match) new.
       new  cd4e537   (ioccur-highlight-match) use ioccur-search-function 
instead of re-search-forward.
       new  64e52c9   (ioccur) add comment, remove unused code at end.
       new  df0cab0   (ioccur-highlight-match) Fix infinite loop when match is 
zero length.
       new  9276236   (ioccur-highlight-match-p) New user variable to allow 
enabling/disabling highlight in `ioccur-buffer'.
       new  b6b1cc2   Fix split-window in -nw by binding it to C-s instead of 
       new  881ce40   Merge from dev branch.
       new  9f15fb3   (ioccur-jump) Recenter when jumping.
       new  59cf11d   merge branchs.
       new  b309f43   Highlight regexp line by line instead of reparsing buffer.
       new  7c4d96b   Regression: Fall back to precedent approach as parsing 
line by line to highlight regexp is not faster.
       new  3121e6a   (ioccur-truncate-line) Allow to display whole line when 
ioccur-length-line is nil.
       new  2526792   Merge from dev.
       new  8fdfced   Merge tags in dev.
       new  719db96   Always save and restore window configuration when exit 
and quit.
       new  3fd4d30   (ioccur-jump) remove now unused test, fix long lines.
       new  c718719   Improve window-confuguration handling.
       new  5624da3   Keep window configuration when restart.
       new  bd7be97   Fix scrolling, always scroll in named buffer.
       new  f403895   (ioccur) Fix window-configuration when C-g.
       new  8894996   (ioccur-quit) Fix window-config.
       new  73bbfd8   (ioccur-quit) Fix docstring, no code change.
       new  ba769b5   (ioccur-truncate-line) Simplify.
       new  46b6fb4   Use a different face for matches. (ioccur-match-face) new
       new  8db83b9   (ioccur-truncate-line) Fix.
       new  e206981   (ioccur-beginning-of-buffer, ioccur-end-of-buffer) New, 
that have been implemented in the past but never commited!
       new  47e13ba   Highlight match line by line, fix bug that don't 
highlight match when match is whole line.
       new  432c820   Merge dev in default.
       new  7ec6c3e   Merge tags in dev branch.
       new  386f4b6   (ioccur-read-search-input) Maybe restart timer when 
toggle regexp/litteral search.
       new  1b7d5d4   merge branchs
       new  527ba14   (ioccur-jump-without-quit,ioccur-scroll) Use 
switch-to-buffer-other-window instead of pop-to-buffer, specify also window 
conf arg
       new  2a3621c   merge
       new  ca3b6d2   (ioccur-jump-without-quit, ioccur-scroll) Don't record 
       new  5972e1f   No code change just reindent.
       new  1049481   Merge branchs.
       new  140ee20   Merge tags
       new  fbd58f6   (window-system): New, add compatibility with older Emacs, 
Thanks Elena ;-).
       new  060eb03   Change compatibility to 22.3
       new  401ac6d   (ioccur-highlight-match-on-line): Bugfix: Don't higlight 
line numbers when matching all beginning of line.
       new  cdcfa96   (ioccur-goto-line) Goto line without modifying state of 
outline when buffer is outline based.
       new  49ffebf   (ioccur-goto-line) Check if org-save-outline-visibility 
id bound.
       new  c666499   (ioccur-jump): Use match-beginning instead of searching 
       new  ea8f864   Merge branchs.
       new  da98c59   (ioccur-goto-line) Simplify, use org-reveal.
       new  a360c82   Merge branchs.
       new  b2d2875   (ioccur-goto-line) Fix typo.
       new  7d5274c   (ioccur-goto-line) Forget to put back docstring.
       new  9489a76   (ioccur-fontify-buffer-p): New variable that allow to 
inhibit fontification of buffer at start of ioccur.
       new  d42d63f   Merge branchs.
       new  3dc3de3   Merge tags.
       new  25b2cf1   (ioccur-jump-without-quit): Allow saving mark to 
mark-ring.bound to C-SPC.
       new  747c4df   (ioccur-save-history): Simplify.
       new  44f4707   (ioccur-save-history): Don't save when pattern is empty.
       new  2d1b3f5   (ioccur-print-line): Bugfix in highlight match. 
(ioccur-print-match): new use it.
       new  b269195   (ioccur-print-match): Forget to change face name.
       new  b173ab0   (ioccur-highlight-match-on-line): Remove no more used.
       new  a9a2c14   (ioccur-print-line): Fix highlighting long truncated 
lines (e.g when using ^.\{81\}).
       new  d57560a   (ioccur-save-history): Bugfix, typo replace 
anything-pattern ==> ioccur-pattern.
       new  eb5d77d   (ioccur-jump, *-without-quit):fix markers.
       new  c8a1700   merge branchs
       new  24d3c8f   (ioccur): Turn buffer read-only.
       new  ac89932   merge branchs
       new  2675e76   (ioccur): use pop-to-buffer for compatibility with new 
emacs24 window.el.
       new  9c6f252   (ioccur): Disable pop-up-frames.
       new  662da02   Remove one commented line.
       new  499f61f   (ioccur-read-search-input): C-w: Don't yank further than 
       new  705dfb5   (ioccur-read-search-input): Add C-q command 
       new  ad4862d   Merge branchs.
       new  e6030a0   merge branchs
       new  1533627   Merge branchs
       new  a0182d0   merge default in dev
       new  c6b1a33   Update copyright and headers.
       new  4f97272   (ioccur-fontify-buffer-p): Now default to nil.
       new  48e33fc   (ioccur-buffer-completion-use-ido): Renamed from 
`ioccur-buffer-completion-style'. When nil and ac-mode is turned on, use 
automatically anything completion.
       new  23a4738   Merge branchs
       new  8385672   (ioccur-read-search-input): Introduce edition of 
minibuffer input. C-b, C-f, and a cursor in minibuffer.
       new  8a29b00   (ioccur-read-search-input): Add C-a and C-e.
       new  aded13d   (ioccur-read-search-input): kill from current position 
with C-k.
       new  3a792fd   (ioccur-read-search-input): Use with-no-warnings with 
pop. (ioccur): Fix docstring.
       new  63a1491   (ioccur-read-search-input): Fix kill and yank.
       new  057c946   Fix header according to Elpa, fix url. no code change.
       new  490c789   (ioccur-case-fold-search): Provide smart case-fold-search 
in ioccur.
       new  b6fed62   (ioccur-print-results): Fix setting of case-fold-search.
       new  21063f5   Mark merge point of ioccur.
       new  a68a98d   Mark merge point of js2-mode.
       new  4146673   Mark merge point of websocket.
       new  9d69e2c   Fix up copyrights and the checking code
       new  240e356   Fix up deployment script
       new  5d058e3     * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Fix URL.
       new  661bf3d   register-list.el: Update copyright year.
       new  8c844f8   Fix generation of package autoloads
       new  2ae6fa3   Merge temp-buffer-browse as our subdirectory
       new  63f63cc   Add temp-buffer-browse to externals-list
       new  273889e   * packages/js2-mode/js2-mode.el: Remove unused variables. 
 Use posix character classes.  Do a bit of CSE simplification. 
(js2-parse-highlight-member-expr-node): Flip test order to simplify code. 
(js2-re-search-forward, js2-re-search-backward): Don't quote code. 
(js2-echo-help): Defalias applies to symbol, not functions.
       new  598f6d7   Sync from f90-iface
       new  ad56cbd   * 
packages/f90-interface-browser/f90-interface-browser.el: Don't require CL at 
runtime since it's not needed. (f90-approx-arglist-match): Remove unused var 
`match'. (f90-parse-single-type-declaration): Don't use `add-to-list' on a 
local var. * packages/f90-interface-browser/f90-tests.el: Require `cl-lib'. 
(test-check, test-combine-results, parse-declaration): Fix up names accordingly.
       new  7da1533   Sync from eldoc-eval/master
       new  704d38f   * packages/eldoc-eval/eldoc-eval.el: Put the custom vars 
in the eldoc-eval group, where they seem to belong.  Fix up naming conventions. 
(eldoc-eval-preferred-function): Rename from eval-preferred-function. 
(eldoc-display-message-no-interference-p): Use an advice again, but this time I 
think I wrote it correctly. (eldoc-in-minibuffer-mode-map): Rename from 
eldoc-mode-in-minibuffer-map. (eldoc-in-minibuffer-mode): Don't bother 
specifying the keymap now that we're usin [...]
       new  db2e070   * ioccur.el (ioccur-save-pos-before-jump-hook): New hook 
that run before jump and quit.
       new  6146ef5   Sync from ioccur/master
       new  4d32488   Sync from ack/master
       new  5ebe17a   * packages/ioccur/ioccur.el (window-system): Mark unused 
arg. (ioccur-print-line): Remove unused `regexp' arg. 
(ioccur-find-buffer-matching1): Remove redundant "with hist". 
(savehist-save-minibuffer-history): Declare. (ioccur-goto-line): Simplify and 
make sure `org-reveal' is defined. (ioccur-jump): Remove unused var 
       new  e6f8a36   Sync from company/master
       new  289edeb   * packages/company/company-cmake.el: Fix up copyright.  
Require CL. * packages/company/company-template.el 
(company-template--buffer-templates): Declare before first use. * 
packages/company/company-eclim.el (json-array-type): Declare json-array-type. 
(company-eclim--candidates): Remove unused var `project-name'.
       new  a4af083   Sync from ggtags/master
       new  5f20b4c   Sync from js2-mode/master
       new  e986c04   * packages/markchars/markchars.el 
(markchars--render-confusables): Don't quote lambda.
       new  35fc1c6   * packages/shen-mode/inf-shen.el: Require CL.  Fix up 
comment convention. Don't autoload variables unless there's a really good 
reason for it. Turn some comments into docstrings. (inferior-shen-mode-map): 
Initialize in the declaration. (inferior-shen-mode): Use define-derived-mode. 
(check-balanced-parens): `c' was not used. (shen-eval-region): Use 
with-current-buffer. * packages/shen-mode/shen-mode.el: Require CL. 
(calculate-lisp-indent-last-sexp): Declare. (shen-mod [...]
       new  3cd542e   Sync with enwc/master
       new  eac1ca1   Only keep the strictly necessary *-pkg.el files
       new  7e5fde8   * register-list.el: Use lexical-binding.  Remove 
redundant :groups. (register-list-preserve-pos): Don't eval `force-line'.  Use 
forward-line to better match line-number-at-pos's behavior. 
(register-list-refresh): Don't use the line number that happens to be current 
during macro-expansion. (register-list): Remove unused arg `reg-alist'.  Use 
dolist.  Use a closure rather than `(lambda ...). (register-list-edit-value): 
Remove unused var `new-val'.
       new  1ad1d85   * forward-diffs.py: Tweak for new Git format
       new  ddd1238   * adaptive-wrap.el (adaptive-wrap-mode): Move after 
font-lock (bug#15155).
       new  78001d4   Add Emacs/W3 as external
       new  93856a3   fundamental expansion implemented.
       new  db9cc65   undo-friendly delete-and-insert
       new  6662ac9   escape and indent implemented.
       new  60abef2   elisp eval supported.
       new  3db390d   refine escape.
       new  df39b2e   field regexp is OK.
       new  43f5550   Finished constructing the snippet skeleton.
       new  fda393c   overlay created.
       new  e277f3a   next-field and prev-field implemented. Seems something 
wrong with the link relationship.
       new  2af51b9   bug about linking of each field group fixed: caused by 
copy & paste error.
       new  7b4ee55   exit-snippet mostly implemented.
       new  ae32259   bug fix: multiple snippet support
       new  f059403   place cursor at a proper position after snippet expanded.
       new  63a9785   bug fix: wired behavior of synchronize field.
       new  143d1b0   avoid the overlay modification hook to run during snippet 
       new  6cba0e5   prevent wired behavior of modification hook during undoing
       new  2c6be90   behind-hook implemented
       new  5ad8c0d   Use cl's defstruct instead of manually maintained poor 
       new  6b9171d   Will get to implement yas/overlay in next version.
       new  291d683   add a reference to snippet in group.
       new  c505df7   proper undo of snippet expansion.
       new  0016b2d   It's too confusing and complicated: don't support redo of 
a snippet expansion.
       new  c848ecc   inhibit-modification-hook
       new  001a5c4   use a keymap overlay with rear-sticky to support TAB key 
behind a field.
       new  15e54f8   overlapped snippet navigation.
       new  bca65c6   support tabstops
       new  f8083aa   navigation to previous group
       new  1d6bec7   support load from directory hierarchy .
       new  4d055c7   add snippets
       new  58420d5   added menu support
       new  3400bc7   menu support for load-directory
       new  ac7c32d   put the menubar at a proper place
       new  9014087   I didn't realized that filter is a function from rst.el 
instead of Emacs build-in -.-bb
       new  c2fde79   use only ASCII character in snippet
       new  a8fa0e8   popup menu works like a charm
       new  64febed   now multiple snippet with the same supported.
       new  1e0a79a   now multiple snippet with the same supported.
       new  67fbad0   bug fix and add snippets for html-mode
       new  49812f8   add more snippets
       new  072f727   multiple key-syntaxes supported. like charm. see 
python-mode snippet: __ => __${init}__
       new  86421cf   more snippets and a bug fix: strange (= nil nil) will 
cause error in elisp.
       new  0e623fb   more ruby snippets
       new  5324797   popup menu at a proper place
       new  89b07eb   a more proper popup position under Linux
       new  762f01d   Make regexp syntax compatible with Emacs 22
       new  6b5cab6   improved compatibility with Emacs 21.3 -- it doesn't have 
a function to look up text cursor position.
       new  b9110a3   add two snippets for text-mode
       new  5101d36   interactively load directory
       new  fde60ab   more snippets
       new  7bb617a   added comments and URL
       new  5d82552   added a tool for compile snippet bundle
       new  a2dc1c3   bundle should not be included in repo
       new  c0f9f75   fix python script command line error under linux
       new  d9d50f6   a better method to bind <tab> key and a better fall-back
       new  e5deb03   no need to lookup local keymap: if there's one, 
yas/expand shouldn't be executed.
       new  aebc1df   avoid recursion.
       new  8e669b2   transformation supported for snippets
       new  2aa64d4   also set next-field key to <tab> to avoid accidently 
expand another snippet inside current one
       new  6e59597   boundp should be fboundp
       new  f4dad1b   monkey patching a cc-mode function 
(c-neutralize-syntax-in-CPP) to avoid error.
       new  7e60810   dos2unix
       new  60512ff   add Rakefile
       new  5363762   Added elisp support to compile the bundle.
       new  d538298   replace bundle compile tool with elisp code
       new  d3f7633   a new rake task for uploading
       new  32cd36b   Downloading from googlecode the bare .el text file is 
causing problem. pack it as tgz package.
       new  e980e78   Don't use insert behind hook. It often get ignored. See 
issue 3
       new  05fc25a   re-design snippets hierarchy
       new  c684308   re-design snippets hierarchy
       new  2209bbe   re-design snippets hierarchy
       new  0f6040a   re-design snippets hierarchy
       new  57d2541   re-design snippets hierarchy
       new  ecc5a16   re-design snippets hierarchy
       new  d5954bf   support parent snippet-table now
       new  01c990c   compile-bundle also recognize directory hierarchy now
       new  65ff0cd   dynamic set parent supported
       new  20dc879   typo
       new  decb682   bug fix: comparing number to nil cause error
       new  b19ca27   typo
       new  7ed421a   insert-behind-hook: fixed in Emacs 22 but bug in Emacs 
23: hopefully now fixed under both version.
       new  19d3103   release a new version(bugfix)
       new  d9f56c4   add a new snippet for rst-mode: excellent example for 
       new  860eac3   add a new snippet for rst-mode: excellent example for 
       new  e32d729   two new snippets for python-mode from Orestis Markou
       new  d3a0e03   more snippets for rst-mode
       new  9f27162   set customized face. Now user can customize the face.
       new  a42901f   Support expanding a snippet inside another snippet (only 
if not inside a field)
       new  4adb242   bugfix: error when multiple candidate exists in -nw mode.
       new  3eca9b6   prepare for a bug fix version
       new  d309fb0   protect the evaluated string.
       new  5a83f8d   user customizable window-system and text popup function.
       new  f5c8f0a   add dropdown-list.el support.
       new  384463f   Use minor-mode instead of global-set-key. Thanks Trey 
       new  73a273a   also proper behavior of next-field-group.
       new  a0bc43d   support a global after-exit-snippet-hook.
       new  cc91fd9   more compatible with dropdown-list.el
       new  691d440   bugfix: Emacs get confused when a field content is 
       new  022f998   add README file.
       new  fc3aede   use a separate mode-map for yas/minor-mode
       new  c15bdeb   add php-mode to yas/extra-mode-hooks
       new  be5d13f   sophisticated condition system for yasnippet
       new  0901b3f   before expansion hook
       new  cfe5b90   preparing for new rst format document
       new  4960ded   more document
       new  44ad5f2   more powerful condition system
       new  39e78c7   better doc string for yas/buffer-local-condition
       new  f087db3   more document for selecting a snippet
       new  7b4879f   basic document ready
       new  06de296   remove php-mode-hook from black list
       new  3968b79   won't include Rakefile in the release package
       new  ebdc6f2   use a hook to ensure yas/minor-mode's keybinding always 
takes priority.
       new  f715d42   prepare for 0.4.1
       new  6569eef   add html document to repo so that they can be linked 
directly from Google Code Homepage
       new  53f110a   add image to document
       new  d4a2973   exclude html files from svn
       new  6bda640   correct rake file dependency
       new  8360b16   prepare for 0.4.2
       new  c366eef   add contents to faq.
       new  26c0dea   bug fix: failed to recognize user customized 
       new  2610856   bug fix: dropdown-list.el doesn't recognize <return> key.
       new  c852560   prepare for 0.4.4
       new  1fbf0f9   make snippets keys shorter in rst-mode
       new  06f077a   a new version of class snippet for python-mode
       new  3ed1c76   bug fix: infinite recursion when several snippets 
       new  f01e326   add actionscript-mode-hook to extra-mode-hooks
       new  c4df4bb   two new snippet for python mode from user
       new  092176d   add <backtab> to keymap of back navigating
       new  8ad2ae4   add snippets for f90-mode from Li Zhu
       new  60c9ec6   incorporate the latest dropdown-list.el
       new  3967910   prepare for 0.4.5
       new  4e743ee   advanced snippet for python from Yasser González Fernández
       new  9da32c7   make the three python snippet's coding utf-8
       new  0ddaa83   now you can C-w to delete the overlay without causing 
       new  112ea87   avoid the problem where the condition is evaluated twice
       new  515080d   default condition won't expand a snippet in string or 
       new  640ae44   the behavior when no snippet is found is now customizable 
through `yas/fall-back-behavior'
       new  3ca5cb2   YASnippet now integrate with hippie-expand
       new  e8dc967   rename fall-back to fallback
       new  a7a78f1   update changelog and document
       new  4e9ee00   yas/root-directory now can contains a list of directories
       new  3fa8532   load snippets from menu bar
       new  ccceedf   Use a beautiful css style for the document. release as 
       new  268479d   update changelog
       new  3e42918   update doc template to include a link to download page
       new  b97a9a2   fix bug: comparing string to symbol using string=
       new  a1a1be4   more snippets for css-mode
       new  4928550   fix indent (was 3 spaces) of snippets for python-mode
       new  502a2ab   fix a bug in condition system.
       new  d20c41a   remove the looking-back condition, some old emacs don't 
have looking-back function.
       new  4f89861   fix a bug of condition system
       new  77d98da   include html snippets from JimmyWu
       new  aa3ef50   Added ox-mode-hook to extra-mode-hooks
       new  d73e408   add python-mode-hook to extra-mode-hooks
       new  c10def4   Oops, forget to check in the latest changes since 0.5.3
       new  12f10a3   Added directory to yas/root-directory automatically when 
       new  f76c2f0   Avoid gcc warning of cc-mode 'main' snippet
       new  078ac7e   Added snippets for markdown-mode from Peng Deng.
       new  abc2d84   add markdown-mode to known modes
       new  8d1e77d   Use filename for snippet name if no "name" property is 
       new  23a2a9a   use full key extension as "name" when no "name" property 
       new  c1c29fb   fixed the regular expression bug in python-mode snippets.
       new  4643d84   Make the environment of elisp evaluation more friendly to 
       new  53b56bd   forget to commit for 0.5.6?
       new  8650b76   Added a smarter ruby-mode class snippet
       new  5dae0f5   Added several snippets for erlang-mode. Thanks hitesh
       new  352f752   Raise an error when yas/load-directory get a parameter 
that is not a directory.
       new  415b9d4   * Fixed issue 28,   
       new  f7d3e5c   * Added a new section "Field-level undo functionality" to 
correct   issue 33.
       new  047550c   Added $> support, fixed issue 16
       new  c0d868b   Update changelog for issue 16
       new  a9d060d   added csharp, sql snippets from users
       new  a3aac05   Added snippets for erlang-mode from users
       new  be48456   Use eval-when-compile for (require 'cl)
       new  6372783   fix the bug on expanding a snippet without
       new  0b571a9   Fixed the missing space in the cls snippet for ruby-mode
       new  3086519   add some snippets from users for html and latex mode
       new  3307409   Import snippets for scala-mode and nxml-mode from Anders.
       new  98e59e1   Added snippets for lsl-mode from Xah Lee.
       new  66a56d0   Do not include auto-generated snippets in the repo.
       new  d535571   Moved objc-mode directory into cc-mode
       new  9fc0a23   Accept patch from dima.exe to add #key in template file 
(Issue 43)
       new  93dbcb0   update faq for #key property
       new  475f683   Restore the original simple class snippet from r223 
(Issue 40)
       new  998ae15   Fixed the error of $> without overlay (Issue 44).
       new  bef46fe   Fixed the bug of the default code assigned to 
yas/buffer-local-condition (Issue 45)
       new  d4feba8   Use updated version of python class snippet from  
       new  15237b5   Fixed the bug of not indenting well in narrowed region 
(Issue 46).
       new  7b6cbe8   Added yas/substr for convenient mirror transformation
       new  171af03   fix a 'bug' in the class snippet for c++-mode
       new  56fadeb   Fixed the bug where yas/registered-snippet may not be 
properly initialized.
       new  94b1ddf   Fixed the bug of empty overlay (Issue 48), thanks 
       new  f417c72   Fixed Issue 49 (It is almost the same to Issue 48, and 
due to some accidentally removal of code when in revision 281)
       new  64b1dec   A workaround for fixing c-electric- serial command (Issue 
       new  695727e   Do not restrict all electric- serial functions of cc-mode
       new  4acb968   override c-electric- serial function in yas/keymap 
instead of yas-minor-mode-map.
       new  4b49909   Forget to check in 0.5.8 version
       new  8e8ecbc   Avoid recursively calling yas/expand
       new  a020d62   Added grouping support for snippets (Issue 30)
       new  72c2f78   Update doc for grouping
       new  2be9903   Updated the introduction doc, thanks Xah Lee for 
contributing this description
       new  3326775   Make the intro doc more friendly to newbie
       new  1957b71   Added a 'template' snippet for c++-mode
       new  dc403f8   Added escape syntax rule support for latex-mode
       new  a957307   Modified yas/compile-bundle to make the bundle ELPA 
       new  3ec8d3e   no need for a separate yas/compile-bundle-for-elpa 
       new  a09b86f   Preparing for 0.5.10 release
       new  aff63b5   Added some snippets for elisp-mode from Xah Lee.
       new  8112c99   Make initial selection for drop-down. Thanks Brandon 
       new  6913454   Added a snippet 'prop' for python-mode
       new  142185c   More select key for dropdown list (Issue 58)
       new  3309bb7   Added the 'label' snippet for html mode
       new  dae1082   Checking in still largely failing attempt on nested 
       new  1521ce0   Nested placeholders, more or less working, but had to get 
rid of the other workaround (which was a bit ugly anyway). Problem is that I 
have to find another workaround.
       new  5779adf   Big bugs but it's around! Field level undo obviously 
needs a massive change....
       new  b07b209   * Many bugs, gotta look for them later, now have to make 
my cv...
       new  a5b906b   * About to simplify this considerably. Deleted previous 
section on   field-level undo, only a stub for better times to come!
       new  48323e1   * Almost removed the field-overlay stuff, preparing for 
using simple   markers.
       new  88dbdcc   * Nice! Getting there with this scheme, undo and 
       new  7ae9027   * I like. Very nice. New undo scheme is powerful for 
completely   emulating Textmate behaviour I think.
       new  9cfc2d6   * Much closer to getting this all working, undo, redo and 
nested   stuff. Works most of the time but:
       new  89bcecc   * Only the full snippet undo/redo missing. Fields are 
quite OK, I think.
       new  61043b8   * Cleaning up some code and preparing for complete 
snippet undo/redo,   with nested snippets
       new  a6fe7e3   * Simplified passing of info between pre and 
       new  f427657   * Nice try reviving snippets.
       new  f871975   * Getting there, getting there, 
`yas/push-undo-action-maybe' has to be   modified to adapt to new arg list and 
use `pushnew'
       new  503945b   * Fuckin' more complicated than I thought. Think I'll 
have to sanitize   the `buffer-undo-list' once in a while
       new  10d17cd   
       new  2a5cf64   Trashed prior implementation of nested snippets and now 
going full steam on a much better one (I hope...)
       new  9f25e72   Trashed prior implementation of nested snippets and now 
going full steam on a much better one (I hope...)
       new  29d6ebb   * lookin' good, next step: protecting the hidden overlays 
from modification somehow...
       new  a9ab5c4   Going OK, next step is to handler the feared undo/redo!
       new  0e9059c   rudimentary undo, very buggy, but this is the way to go
       new  48903d2   * Much better way of calculating a fields visible value, 
but some subtle bugs. * TODO: exit snippet if the yas/active-field-overlay is 
exited * TODO: kill all field text on first keystroke * TODO: handle border 
cases with empty/near empty active field overlays * TODO: handle escapes * 
TODO: handle nested snippets
       new  c6fd1b0   snippet revival working relatively OK, but need to work 
on undoing an expansion
       new  a57e585   * got rid of yas/registered-snippets * undo/redo much 
smoother * hooks last while yas/minor-mode is t (this may be changed)
       new  011f71b   * Changed the approach yet again, this is it, this should 
       new  603d9a5   * a little bit of trouble with protection after C-d or 
deletions, but nothing too serious...
       new  4fa3f17   * field protection problem solved, I guess * on to the 
transformations, escapes and indent
       new  c066ead   * stacked expansion is tricky, but can be done * 
yas/minor-mode should be needed to expand snippets, this means hooks last while 
snippets last * will probably *not* fix this bug: ${1:nested{2:thing}} when 
"thing" is changed "nested"'s end marker doens't move
       new  56d1f6e   * stacked edition not quite perfect yet, otherwise 
everything looking good
       new  c250599   a minor change, having trouble debugging on mac
       new  b8480a7   * stacked expansion tricky tricky, but is working and 
undo/redo seems reasonablt OK * will try to let the modification hooks do the 
previous-field advancing but I really don't know if its possible * also 
remember to fix the "navigate to deleted field on undo" bug
       new  9c66faf   Commenting...
       new  7deb7a3   Commenting...
       new  e99f2b6   * primary field transformation working more or less, but 
seem to have   screwed with undo/redo, shouldn't be too hard...
       new  684bf39   * implemented `yas/points-to-markers' and friend, look OK.
       new  189b319   * Some little bug fixes, regexps could be cleaner, but oh 
       new  22c5de4   * a little cheating sometimes inserts a newline at end of 
the buffer...
       new  9c12dc5   * fixed two small bugs introduced earlier, have to retest 
stacked   expansion once in a while, wish I had unit tests...
       new  c77fe13   * corrected another problem when evaling user elisp with 
       new  80e895d   * region now represented as `yas/deleted-text' * syntax 
now correctly backward compatible * more little bugs fixed...
       new  f3aaf1a   * started attack on template code as well
       new  1efffa5   * Butchered template choosing code
       new  1f37a6c   * `yas/next-field' needs to be rewritten to account for 
unnumbered fields
       new  2aa10ec   * `yas/next-field' rewritten, now `yas/expand' fails...
       new  0efec29   * typed a lot of cleanup code, probably many many bugs * 
at least most of the customization group is here I think * still got a lot to 
do for the minor mode (including making it global) * TODO: write wrap regions * 
TODO: write per-snippet variable overrides * goto sleep
       new  a585e7b   * working on indentation...
       new  c64546d   * more bug fixes and a global mode
       new  fc5cf46   * "$>" now working * `yas/hippie-try-expand' fixed to 
work with new undo system
       new  fce2284   * replaced <tab> by TAB and fixed a small bug in $> 
       new  6f668fc   Got to:
       new  9c89b56   * enhanced good grace and fixed `yas/trigger-in-field' bug
       new  3ab761b   * merged from trunk finally (expect more bugs) * fixed 
indentation working * auto-indentation apparently working with dirty hack * , 
but did get to see the famous python bug twice, * contrived existing python 
snippets are working, even with `yas/indent-line' set to 'auto * fixed more 
       new  cf8f45d   merged whole dir from trunk r366 (the objc/prop snippet 
should be reverted)
       new  dd62edd   * as one of the final touches, have to make the menu a   
"easy-define-menu" thing
       new  68c0d2b   * better menu, more bugs found/fixed
       new  be129d5   * a million new bugs introduced by a million new 
features, enough for today...
       new  921f472   * having trouble with that menu...
       new  197f22b   * bugs fixed, the real testing starts now...
       new  556d1d3   * the marker-insertion-type thing is very very tricky 
with undo. Will   probably have to go back to my "advance-maybe" strategy 
(which has   less bugs), but still I'm commiting this.
       new  db16ec2   * went back to the previous "advance" strategy and have 
it seems I   have isolated the bug...
       new  3dae607   * little bugs and the adjacent field problem fixed
       new  d6830f1   * more little bugs with field deletions and adjancencies 
       new  1777c1d   * Finally, the last details, I think, commenting, etc...
       new  09322c8   * all prompt fuctions working (tried a bit in text emacs) 
* compile-bundle now includes dropdown-list.el and works (in text mode at least)
       new  97124c5   reverse-merged the python-mode snippet directory, will 
forward merge the trunk again
       new  d114451   couldn't forward-merge again the python-mode snippet 
directory, so just added the prop snippet again manually
       new  6344338   taking care of some details
       new  21fe5b6   * added yas/tryout-snippet
       new  d128913   * small adjustments to yas/choose-value and 
       new  02ad290   * fixed small problem with the 
`yas/multi-dollar-lisp-expression-regexp' * only move to the first snippet 
field after pushing snippet undo actions
       new  f571a09   * Fixed html auto-indent (redesigned yas/indent slightly 
to collect   all the snipept markers then restore them.
       new  da66f61   * Release notes and issue list updated * Little problems 
fixed * ruby mode cls snippet fixed
       new  c1bdfd6   Cleaning up before release commit...
       new  77ec3b7   * escaping now works inside lisp expressions * new 
keybindings * minor fixes * more doc
       new  0a6284a   Last commit before releasing 0.6.0
       new  d20c272   The TRY-JT-nested-placeholders branch replaces the trunk
       new  0f63f0a   fix the date in the changelog
       new  4edf195   fix title in doc/faq
       new  9615d27   * Empty fields that are the last of the list *and* match 
the   snippet's exit are skipped automatically. * Added a printf snippet to 
show off. * The printf snippet also exhibits the back-adjacent mirror bug
       new  7aee2aa   * added `yas/also-auto-indent-first-line' defcustom * 
added `yas/minor-mode-menu' defvar to prevent possible backtrace    (reported 
by Christoph Conrad)
       new  7980ade   * Now byte compiles correctly and with no warnings * 
added :compile task to Rakefile    (reported by Christoph Conrad)
       new  65d2a66    * fixed issue 68    
       new  0e20469   Releasing 0.6.0c with some bugfixes
       new  cb40af4   * fixed Issue 69   
(http://code.google.com/p/yasnippet/issues/detail?id=69) * evaporating 
control-overlay cause problems for zero-length snippets * some cleanup
       new  a2fddf2   * Redesigned directory-guessing mechanism, but kept 
backward   compatibility
       new  9242b60   * Full support for multiple parent-modes, including in 
menu * TODO: write `yas/new-snippet' * TODO: update documentation thoroughly
       new  05b49fe   Fixed some bug with multiple parent modes and commiting 
fixed printf snippet
       new  7d37563   * Fix issue 72 with snippet conditions * Implemented 
abbreviated menu in `yas/use-menu'
       new  b06b96f   * fixed a big bug when compiling bundle
       new  911d75e   * Implement per-snippet keybinding using "keybinding: " 
keyword * Fix random bugs * Fix some whitespace * `yas/use-menu' can now be 
'real-modes' or 'abbreviate'
       new  6b3e53f   * Fixed a serious nconc (circular-list) bug that lead to 
infinite loops
       new  0dd2aae   * much nicer menu... work in progress...
       new  fc32c75   * Corrected snippet expansion  bug introduced by previous 
indenting fix...
       new  8ad9c84   * Fix more bugs, still some more to go * For example the 
inexisting parent-mode when a mode has groups * Display triggerkey in menu 
entries if the snippet has a trigger key
       new  b7cc982   * Fixed more bugs, probably more hiding in 3300+ lines
       new  6d2a17d   * fix more bugs * cleanup just a little bit
       new  43dc9e4   * another little fix and more cleanup
       new  88c3dff   * Corrected a typo in line 766
       new  45b06bd   * Snippet table store is now based on two hash tables 
(keyhash and   namehash) instead of a hash table and an alist (this is still 
not ideal).
       new  c101d0d   * Bring back `yas/dont-activate'
       new  fe85ba5   added skeleton of new documentation
       new  2f0090a   wrote more documentation, still a bit to go...
       new  7912711   small changes to snippet_copier.rb including not 
converting bindings by default
       new  fc3b1f2   doc almost complete. Drawing closer to 0.6.1b
       new  abfcdeb   textmate_import.rb now reads info.plist and creates 
groups (still buggy)
       new  83e85d2   put textmate import stuff in extras directory
       new  670bbe4   put textmate import stuff in 'extras' directory
       new  e22fd3e   Fixed textmate_import.rb slightly and added doc for it
       new  d66a1d1   Added warning about applicability to the documentation
       new  59d78e8   * Fix issue 80 (buffer needs widening before any 
       new  f95327d   * Almost fix issue 84 I think....
       new  51fed35   * More adjustments in issue 84, fix issue 78, and faq 
update for issue 71
       new  4f96f36   Minor doc update and a symbolic link to index.html which 
I don't know if works
       new  3294315   Last commit before tagging and releasing
       new  1196529   * update changelog doc for trunk
       new  0bf235a   Tweaking the TextMate C snippets
       new  bc5ebc0   * BROKEN!: currently working on the bug with 
customization variables   not being set effectively.
       new  ea849a3   * Fixed issue 87. Needs testing
       new  a389f98   * Working on the issues regarding customization of 
yas/trigger-key and   yas/root-directory. Still not quite fixed.
       new  db7ea8e   * Fix issue 91.
       new  9bd7077   * Fix issue 88 * Implement enhacement of issue 90
       new  c5e347d   * Fixed two bugs in issue 90 and issue 88
       new  060afd1   Fixing some issues, might be broken
       new  2bfdd72   * Fixed issue 98, issue 93 and issues related to the 
customization group * Added workaround for issue 97 in the FAQ * Minor updates 
in the documentation
       new  ea124bb   *fix a small type "command2" => command-2
       new  876d8b9   * Fixed issue 99 (Raking bundle and loading it doesn't 
correctly create menu.)
       new  29cf5fe   * Remove useless debug line from python def snippet
       new  32114a5   * Adjustments to fix made for issue 90, faq updated * 
Added google analytics tracking to html docs (experimental)
       new  15620fc   Last commit before branching for 0.6.1c
       new  3955403   * More adjustments to fixing issue 93
       new  8268675   * Yet another adjustment to issue 93
       new  be428da   * Adjusting the yas/trigger-key mechanism, now can be set 
after require but before yas/initialize. * Indented the buffe * Some cleanup to 
the yas/minor-mode-keymap initialization mechanism * Some commenting
       new  1002b16   * minor adjustments to bundle generation. * *NOW* will 
probably tag 0.6.1c
       new  fe9f2fc   * proof-reading the documentation * added link to the new 
       new  cb814b7   updated the faq with results from the tab key issue
       new  9c7cb46   * Redid implementation of directs keybindings, looks 
good, but still   work in progress.
       new  6b943d1   * Redesigned direct keybinding slightly
       new  bd1c159   * Slightly nicer (yas/debug-tables) function, helpful for 
debugging as   the name clearly suggests
       new  e738c0f   * Small change to textmate_import.rb to import 
(commented) "scope" directive * Reimported the HTML and Ruby bundle with the 
previous fix * Applied Rob Christie's patches of issues 109 and 110
       new  1202332   * Finished commiting Rob Christie's patches to the ruby 
snippets (add   setup.el, delete the # => snippet)
       new  28ab45b   * First implementation of snippet-commands, looks 
       new  a135613   * Commands are now identified by a new "# type: command" 
       new  fe54810   * Imported ""# condition:" directive to all snippets
       new  f20c9e2   Updates to imported ruby-mode block snippets.
       new  2fdf170   * Fix issue 113: invalid filenames on Windows. Thanks 
       new  d554f90   * Applied rest of rename plan for issue 113, some changed 
manually * Some manual tweaking will be needed
       new  be64461   * The c-mode stdmap snippet had slipped the rename of 
issue 113
       new  5bffe61   Each Element ruby snippets updated to work with yasnippet.
       new  fb4d8c9   Files ruby-mode snippets updated to work with yasnippet.
       new  027502f   Changed name from untitled top option(..).yasnippet
       new  dd0a377   * Working on the html-bundle. Major work done, details 
missing... * Fixed an aesthetic describe-key bug. * A serious "kill-line from 
snippet field" bug lurks somewhere
       new  50f76b7   * Corrected some little snippet loading bugs
       new  4707b61   * Fixed the "direct-keymaps" bug with 
       new  dbc519c   had forgotten to add this useful snippet
       new  0f8d217   Fixed the naming problem
       new  74f82e0   * Fixed a bug where using 
`yas/also-auto-indent-first-line' would   likely mess up undo.
       new  1f61fa2   * removed spurious newline
       new  ef7a06e   * prepare yasnippet.el to the mirror-inside-field feature
       new  0b80d5b   Fixes some html mode snippets/commands
       new  b94781e   * mirrors-inside-fields works! hope I didn't break a 
million other   things...
       new  9237d09   * Fixed a couple of bugs for the mirrors-in-fields 
feature. * Commented and cleaned up
       new  ba56b47   first commit of a million rails snippets, conditions 
missing, command implementation missing...
       new  2f45e32   work in progress: rails-snippets and a minimal rails ide
       new  f63d9e0   * very subtle mirror-in-field bug fixed (sort stability 
issue in yas/calculate-adjacencies)
       new  21ae8d0   Updated these snippets to use the new mirrors-in-fields 
       new  be1e15a   * textmate_import imports macros just like commands (no 
body) * imported the Rails macros, no adjustments * logic in 
rails-mode/.yas-setup.el supports the "intelligent" migration snippet
       new  d0390df   Working on the rails snippets and conditions
       new  3721a1d   * Added the condition-cache feature.
       new  68f7c3b   a little bit more work done
       new  eb484a8   tweaking the ruby-mode snippets slightly
       new  8851390   * getting rid of the hierarchy-based parents * visit 
snippet can now visit snippets inside bundles
       new  56f5758   * reformed `yas/new-snippet' and 
`yas/load-snippet-buffer'. Works, but probably buggy...
       new  f62bfd4   restructuring classic snippets dir to conform to new 
parenting specs
       new  e5d4fac   restructuring classic snippets dir to conform to new 
parenting specs
       new  ba7a19c   restructuring classic snippets dir to conform to new 
parenting specs
       new  c6161ea   restructuring classic snippets dir to conform to new 
parenting specs
       new  ced143b   removing  directives from some classic snippets
       new  59cee01   restructuring classic snippets dir to conform to new 
parenting specs
       new  b56daef   restructuring classic snippets dir to conform to new 
parenting specs
       new  7f422aa   restructuring classic snippets dir to conform to new 
parenting specs
       new  89f1e22   removing group directives from some classic snippets
       new  06ef1f9   * less akward snippet management when working with 
multiple snippet dirs.
       new  ec01433   Snippet tweaking
       new  f9d9518   adding suitable usr*bin*ruby snippets for linux
       new  542418e   * some small fixes and a new helper function...
       new  1fdca91   small adjustments
       new  52e58b5   adding objc-snippets
       new  0e1a247   * subtle fom bug found and fixed!
       new  5f38d67   tweaking some basic objc snippets
       new  7652fed   adjustments to the import tool so binary plists can be 
       new  623b4df   fix a small bug when reading keybindings
       new  435c107   adding some missing .yas-parents
       new  ae867ce   little change to the c snippets
       new  9cc746e   removed this symbolic-link, will make a proper dir
       new  f711777   * Fix issue 124 - "yas/new-snippet default template 
creates spurious 'k-e-y-b-i-n-d-i-n-g' binding"
       new  d7ae409   set svn:eol-style to LF in all files
       new  5347efd   preparing snippet-loading changes to yasnippet.el
       new  38eff04   * Finally, a more reasonable uuid-based template-loading 
       new  0cc5614   * Help display for snippet keybindings much cleaner. * 
New very helpful `yas/list-tables'. * Debug functions now go to their own file. 
* More slight adjustments to snippet loading code. * Hyperlinks to snippets 
definition files! * `yas/key-syntaxes' tweaked, allows "c)" as a key, for 
       new  3d58a04   * Adjustments to `yas/load-snippet-buffer'
       new  88ffd83   Fixed Issue 121
       new  4aab589   * Preparing for new menu-building architechture * Added a 
user-customizable `yas/post-command-runonce-actions', but don't use it, may 
remove this...
       new  ca9769f   * fix big bug in `yas/remove-snippet-by-uid', much 
cleaner also. * other minor adjustments
       new  42220a2   * Still refactoring menu-keymap code in preparation for 
more powerful menus * More refactoring (`yas/snippet-table' to `yas/table') * 
New `yas/template' structure handling, cleaner, but may have broken some stuff, 
handle with care.
       new  cf87089   * still shaky, but a new `yas/define-menu' added for 
composing much   nicer snippet menus.
       new  aa17d20   * Fixed some little bugs. Bundle compilation works with 
       new  ec9f229   * Added `yas/get-template-by-uid'
       new  782b994   * Fixing this snippet with a suitable cached condition.
       new  31f7c38   Fix issue 125.
       new  9a44913   better yas/describe-tables
       new  5707c7a   tweaking rails and ruby snippets slightly
       new  5934a89   tweaking rails snippets slightly
       new  b772711   `yas/direct-keymap-set-vars\' only run after minor-mode 
       new  d8e3a62   * slight changes to the `yas/define-menu' interface for 
upcoming   conversion in textmate_import.rb
       new  882f631   * still buggy, but closer to much better conversion
       new  c0fdef3   * Support exits in the form of ${0:ephemeral text} * 
Clean up whitespace * Minor bug fixes
       new  2d193e8   * Skips file that probably aren't snippets * Does not 
allow quotes in generated file names * Remove some substitutions
       new  619de98   * Start again the textmate snippet importations, with 
better   textmate_import.rb and yasnippet.el
       new  6d426ae   * Soon, no tweaking on snippet importations...
       new  2918e3c   have to admit ruby is pretty amazing
       new  a69a42e   * Fix Issue 131. * Remove a warning about 
       new  7b672df   * working `textmate_import.rb' that processes and 
autogenerates code   in the .yas-setup.el file
       new  cfda4f2   * replace mirrors with "" when transformation returns nil 
* remove one use of `make-variable-buffer-local'
       new  32e7d27   * improved translation engine * testing with ruby-mode's 
       new  1b866b3   * misc improvements
       new  38b3636   * more tweaks to the translation engine to ease the 
       new  8226cb2   * Add the `yas/unimplemented' helper and minor tweaks.
       new  415ddb2   halfway through the ruby translation
       new  0935ba2   removing, this is useless now
       new  0a10ef3   * safety commit :-). But `yas/ruby-require' is working!
       new  24adabf   * toogle block not perfect, but more or less working
       new  01f7d10   * Macros are always commands
       new  bb3e0e1   * toggle block was harder than I thought but quite solid 
       new  5ac5c41   * Fix Issue 132. * Add `yas/expand-uuid' * Remove some 
       new  91a732a   * Reacessing prompting code, fixed some bugs... * Added a 
hack in `yas/x-prompt-pretty-templates'.
       new  2eb120b   first batch of rails conversions
       new  0fe7e4c   Minor stuff
       new  2ec4bd8   * Still a looot of small stuff to fix
       new  0f59b9f   * Fix the multi-line substitution problem * Fix the order 
substitution problem * Add some more substitutions
       new  0f01fad   sorting fixed, sort of
       new  b48cb52   textmate_import becoming quite an ugly program, but ok...
       new  904b426   * fields like ${0: } still need a little more work....
       new  205a142   * html-mode and some small substitutions, also a lot of 
work left
       new  ad4ae27   adding a very basic erb-mode
       new  970201c   * Rewrite `yas/load-snippet-buffer' yet again, is better. 
* Alias `yas/mode-symbol' new variable yas/extra-modes and consolidate. * ${0: 
...} fields try to set the mark on exit, doesn't always work...
       new  97ae0e2   * More work on yas/load-snippet-buffer, more intuitive 
       new  782ea66   * Simplify `yas/load-snippet-buffer', keeping 
functionality * Simplify menu creation/updating * Refactor lots of code * 
Prettier `yas/describe-tables' according to issue 127.
       new  7480d13   * minor fixes to `yas/guessed-modes' * small adjustment 
to `yas/describe-tables'
       new  bb85c9f   * Fix a bug with `yas/hippie-try-expand'
       new  436f6c6   Fixed Issue 136. Groups names shadow snippet names menus.
       new  5554c21   Fix Issue 126. Fix some `yas/load-snippet-buffer' bug 
after using `yas/visit-snippet-file'
       new  5cb0fb7   * A new rake task to make my importing life a little 
easier, but still needs work.
       new  62f6917   just some tweaks
       new  37a54f5   * Fix issue with escaping "(", thanks Sebastian * Add 
`yas/expand-only-for-last-commands', thanks Erik Postma. * Fix an issue with 
primary field transformation after revision 600.
       new  51096f0   Fix Issue 138
       new  477bea5   * `yas/describe-tables' wasn't working at all. nobody 
noticed probably means nobody's using it...
       new  791e6d4   * per-snippet exit hook implemented as primary 
transformation of ${0:$$...()} field * yas/snippet-revival is off by default, 
but should work * modified `yas/replace-backquotes' according to suggestion in 
Issue 139 * need to redo eval'ing of expand-env to correctly fix that issue
       new  1c4215a   * new default: (setq yas/show-menu-p 'abbreviate) * 
`yas/visit-snippet' now ignores yas/prompt-functions * default 
`yas/buffer-local-condition' only restrictive for trigger key expansions
       new  b256a5b   minor tweaks to ruby-mode's .yas-setup.el
       new  114e7f7   * 'permanent-local' _experiment_  for issue 143. * some 
       new  405573e   * routine commit * starting support of imported 
objective-c bundle
       new  edd72c4   * more ideas for objc method hippie completion
       new  0e01780   added snippets for tags i, b, and q for blockquote.
       new  0ce0903   added about 10 elisp keywords. work in progress to add 
       new  eba3778   added ~25 snippets for emacs lisp mode.
       new  b47e74f   added about 30 snippets for emacs lisp mode.
       new  9fe57da   changed the emacs lisp mode snippet readme file.
       new  02dc4b6   added 20 or so snippets for emacs lisp mode.
       new  055ec95   minor tweaks to the rails-related bundles import 
strategy, which are quite usable already\nAlso don't activate yasnippet in the 
       new  36b6392   added or improved many snippets for emacs lisp mode.
       new  4dd44d5   added or improved many snippets for emacs lisp mode.
       new  fd7e119   added or updated about 10 snippets for emacs lisp mode
       new  b5cdc6a   cleaned up about 100 emacs lisp mode snippets. Added key 
field to them. Removed redundant files.
       new  ce9fd3d   * Fix some stacked expansion bugs (snippet-in-snippet) * 
Better default yas/key-syntaxes * Fix issue 142: `yas/minor-mode' by itself 
never triggers a snippet reload. This only happens on `yas/global-mode' or on 
manual `yas/load-directory' or `yas/reload-all' * Misc enhancements
       new  d901125   * Fix issue 141: Use (gensym) instead of a (make-symbol 
       new  a885fa4   added about 33 snippets for emacs lisp mode.
       new  9bb7a14   * Fix issue 152. Don't require ido-mode to be t for 
ido-promt to be used.
       new  079c325   * spurious (and) in last commit
       new  3e903f5   * Fix  Issue 151: yas-parents not working
       new  c3d4fd5   * Some leftover past work in snippet loading
       new  d5ce817   * Fix issues 153 and 97.
       new  1370e09   * Remove a spurious test defun and incorporting a 
suggestion for `yas/skip-and-clear-key' by Matthew Fidler
       new  9f1e257   more changes to the .yas-setup files and fix issue 129
       new  1e15eae   * Fix issue 160 * Fix issue 159
       new  ba24192   Fix issue 163.
       new  b8cd4c8   removed pesky ^M from files, should fix issue 145
       new  d31561e   Fix issue 169
       new  b9bc6e7   * Fixed broken `yas/choose-keys-first'
       new  548053a   Fix a bug reported by pedzsan when importing snippets 
from https://github.com/pivotal/jasmine-tmbundle
       new  5cfda0b   * Reasonable default for `yas/snippet-dirs'. Should take 
care of issue 179.
       new  e7086be   Fix issue 182
       new  07e2413   Fix issue 187
       new  a351134   simplify `yas/reload-all\', don\'t save and restore 
global or minor modes there
       new  b3b9a38   Fix issue 186
       new  dc75e5c   * Corrected a snippet engine bug with this snippet   A 
TEST THAT ${1: should ${2:succeed}} FAILS! $2
       new  89b572c   an attempt to fix issue 192
       new  55feb38   Merge branch 'TRY-better-inhibit-modification-hooks'
       new  2d9e7d6   imported README from googlecode's homepage
       new  202ed2b   a brand new .gitignore
       new  f4f128f   write README in markdown
       new  ff8541a   Reformat README
       new  b9e4edf   Dont mention the github issue tracker just yet...
       new  7be6263   Don't mention the github issue tracker just yet
       new  50094c7   Removed final newline from snippet files.
       new  c87408b   Moved autoload from `yas/snippet-dirs` to 
       new  cbf467d   Attempt to fix a bug with `yas/snippet-dirs` 
       new  8508979   Avoid too many `yas/reload' using `yas/global-mode-hook'.
       new  24b82c5   html files no longer checked in under /doc
       new  846d3db   Add explicit "# key" directive to legacy snippet 
collection before deprecating filenames-as-triggers
       new  e007305   Remove support for filenames-as-triggers
       new  0c589ea   update doc to reflect recent changes, needs reviewing 
       new  b14cb8a   don't create .yas-ignore-filenames-as-triggers anymore 
when importing
       new  27b6ed6   Added mediocre doc:upload task for updating the gh-pages 
       new  28e6012   ignore html files under doc/ and pkg/ dir
       new  f25f05a   some cleanup to textmate_import.rb
       new  998a13e   removed mode-name prefix on trigger keys
       new  5082852   removed group-name prefix on trigger keys
       new  905e112   added missing trigger key
       new  92083ee   `key` is already part of the snippet, and shouldn't be 
there again
       new  1418a29   Keep snippet vars definitions in a single format across 
all snippets and documentation.
       new  36c4ab4   Merge pull request #3 from jimeh/snippets-fix-and-cleanup
       new  badc07b   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:capitaomorte/yasnippet
       new  df4dd46   added ruby-tmbundle submodule
       new  9e454c1   no longer ignore files in extras/bundles
       new  019e20e   Better rakefile for converting bundles
       new  30660bc   Be properly quiet when importing snippets
       new  7f1a2ec   Fix issue 187
       new  4b0b44e   Updated README to reflect new github pages docs.
       new  71639a1   `yas/exit-snippet` called interactively exits the most 
recently inserted snippet (issue #196)
       new  20eb916   Improved explanation of `yas/buffer-local-condition`
       new  0869132   When testing snippets for a specific mode, turn off 
read-only in the testing buffer.
       new  7b1e0dd   using let* instead of let for expand-env
       new  2c40895   Merge pull request #201 from mgalgs/master
       new  7f0823c   Updated README.mdown's installation instructions
       new  4d91704   Slightly more uniform installation instructions for issue 
       new  0c15068   Fix issue #203
       new  ca78c0f   added html- and ruby-on-rails-tmbundle submodules
       new  dc0986a   Added section on using imported textmate snippets
       new  58fcd0d   Slightly reorganized new README.mdown
       new  4b296f3   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  8bf757a   fixed links to http
       new  269d0f9   Fix issue 209
       new  4f765b9   Fix issue #208
       new  2fe4954   Fix issue #212
       new  f5a5dce   yas/ri uses yas/ri-executable
       new  de56265   correct permissions for README.mdown
       new  04a062c   Fix issue reported in 
       new  33b8e72   Fix issue #215
       new  8345d0a   ignore *.elc
       new  83f7559   Fix #216
       new  3fa60fd   yasnippet-bundle.el gone. fast snippet loading now via 
.yas-compiled-snippet.el files, uses yas/compile-snippets
       new  a3557e3   cosmetics
       new  a66a7aa   Document yas/new-snippet better
       new  08fdaaf   Document yas/compute-major-mode-and-parents better
       new  a2dbcaa   TODO: implement Rakefile :release task!
       new  9d5d50b   Removed reference to deprecated yasnippet-bundle in 
       new  abcce91   Load correct .yas-setup and .yas-compiled-snippets file 
when loading a snippet dir
       new  0f75373   Fix typo that resulted on error
       new  be67026   ignore compiled snippets files
       new  ec49dc9   need the comma when deferring errors to the future in  
       new  ca368ad   clean up trailing white space
       new  b555668   add comment definition for snippet-mode
       new  f07590b   remove redundant declaration of defaults for snippet-mode
       new  0efdb45   Merge pull request #223 from lewang/master
       new  a1ce02b   Sligthly saner `yas/load-directory-1'
       new  8cf5f43   Don\'t abort loading more snippet dirs if one of them 
       new  b9f27c6   Added a few ert unit tests, mostly for very basic snippet 
       new  5169151   If no 'key' or 'binding' directives fall back to filename 
as trigger key
       new  6703d9e   Some loading/reloading with useful fixture code
       new  7d65a88   makes 'yas/template' objects easier to read in the echo 
       new  926ffc5   Introduced 'yas/message and 'yas/verbosity, make 
everything log to level 3 for now. Implements #224.
       new  1f4b31a   Fix #207
       new  fa71bf6   yas/ido-prompt: play nice with autoloading of 
       new  d0a0869   Merge pull request #236 from immerrr/patch-1
       new  cceac54   Should really exit all snippets
       new  1f5606e   Fix documentation typo.
       new  c88fbf9   Merge pull request #234 from rson/patch-1
       new  5940eda   Fix #237
       new  0c1c919   prototype, many bugs, especially with with parent modes...
       new  7729ff3   Restructured mostly loading code, improved jit-loading 
and parent discovery. Some bugs may lurk
       new  48420ef   Merge branch 'master' into jit-loading
       new  800386e   This shouldn't be here
       new  2617e69   Merge branch 'master' into jit-loading
       new  163d5c6   Richer tests
       new  8567206   with-snippet-dirs: use UNWIND-PROTECT
       new  3114a10   yas/compile-directory: now works :-)
       new  74326d6   with-snippet-dirs: correct use of `unwind-protect`
       new  600c575   bugfix: also exit all snippets at end of should-expand 
       new  78d4491   enhancement: add `yas/recompile-all`
       new  5f52a4f   enhancement: test snippet compilation and loading. 
refactor test helpers
       new  cf780a9   yas/load-directory: bugfix: `yas/define-parents` must be 
called earlier on.
       new  2b986fb   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
       new  de2b84b   bugfix: also use  here
       new  c050033   bugfix: need to to go to end of buffer after inserting 
       new  3c18c98   bugfix: print-legnth has to be infinity here
       new  b294ba0   bugfix:  needs to be interactive
       new  78b6352   yas/load-directory-1: also start supressing emacs-lisp 
load messages when yas/verbosity is 2 or lower
       new  f381dba   jit-loading: some minor refactoring and better tests
       new  fec7766   Merge branch 'jit-loading', implementing #160.
       new  c120895   typo error in `yas/comleting-prompt'
       new  f310e44   Merge pull request #239 from ptpt/master
       new  de54ad0   Make jit-loading be the default. See issue #240.
       new  aaed45f   Set default Encoding to UTF_8 for Ruby 1.9
       new  dc1f6a6   Merge pull request #244 from darthdeus/encoding
       new  d62a3f5   fix: get rid of `yas/no-jit', interactive calls to 
`yas/reload-all' do *not* use jit
       new  8796947   bugfix: fix #233
       new  47cb799   cleanup: minor whitespace and doc cleanup
       new  f351e07   bugfix: Fix #242
       new  2b19d9b   enhancement: minor cleanup to the loading mechanism
       new  9d390f3   docfix: fix #248
       new  31f211f   bugfix: fix #245
       new  8309111   enhancement: nicer `yas/new-snippet\' template
       new  e803272   bugfix: removed interactive spec of yas/reload-all
       new  8f0ee75   bugfix: more tweaks to the interactive spec of 
       new  af5ea5a   cleanup: remove `yas/find-snippets\', complicated and no 
one seems to use it anyway
       new  e1bf1c4   enhancement: create Marmelade-compatible packages for #217
       new  efca018   enhancement: Update some meta-info for #217
       new  55429d1   cleanup: trailing whitespace
       new  66697b0   bugfix: more correctly create the Marmelade package for 
       new  29d1ee2   only hippie-expand when yas/minor-mode is on
       new  1c13012   allow yas/dont-activate to take list of functions with 
default being `(minibufferp)`
       new  c673007   Merge pull request #251 from lewang/master
       new  e34abd5   bugfix: fix issue #255, removing a keybinding from a 
snippet doesn't really unbind it if it's the last one enhancement: internal doc 
update with ascii diagram
       new  7600f92   bugfix: error in `yas/add-template` when `omit-items` was 
used in `yas/define-menu`
       new  e0ba692   docfix: add the workaround for using yasnippet as a 
non-global minor mode. See issue #253
       new  fadf4c6   docfix: YASnippet -> yasnippet cleanup: some trailing 
       new  8546937   bugfix: `yas/reload-all` should reload all snippets 
bypassing jit when called interactively.
       new  0e0a50d   bugfix: better `with-snippet-dirs` macro
       new  137d189   cleanup: remove crlf line endings
       new  fde0bd6   Reflect MELPA availability and el-get quirks
       new  e4d5ae9   Actually, mention MELPA before el-get
       new  c1e0b7e   package file was being generated incorrectly
       new  da10cff   yasnippet now belongs to the FSF
       new  0568c3c   Fix #70
       new  9c3f3eb   On `yas/reload-all` be clearer as to whether just-in-time 
loading is active
       new  77b00c6   Fix #266
       new  042d6e3   ignore .yas-compiled-snippets.el files
       new  d26293e   doc: be even clearer about snippet contribution policy
       new  40d627c   Clarify ideas about textmate snippet importation
       new  ac80443   Upgrade license headers to GPLv3
       new  f6c57c2   Use UTF-8 when reading in yasnippet.el
       new  38af688   Rename all symbols to `yas-*` but alias the old `yas/*` 
for backward compatibility Bump version to 0.8 All files use unix file endings
       new  11e7974   Remove profanity
       new  8f9b58b   Found some more vars than can be user-customized
       new  6dce529   Some cleanup
       new  9dc8f8d   Rename symbol references to from `yas/*` to `yas-*` in 
docs as well
       new  d67e0b1   Rename symbol references from `yas/*` to `yas-*` in 
bundled snippets
       new  7e788dd   Rename all non-external symbols to `yas--`. Maitain list 
of external symbols in `yas--exported-syms`
       new  f4c16e0   Don't forget to export `yas-hippie-try-expand`
       new  aef579f   Closes #254: don't show a menu at all if `yas-use-menu` 
is nil.
       new  d6e0f9b   bugfix: Support `yas-use-menu` with the value 'full and 
JIT-loading new: introduces `yas--table-mode`
       new  d1c147a   refactor: redo and document some of the menu-bar code, 
also add tests
       new  4835282   Create tar.gz packages
       new  48241cb   scaffolding for a doc revamp
       new  56ad0a1   merged every org file into manual.org
       new  5818e1d   removed executable permissions
       new  6ee6f97   using an org-mode readme, too
       new  0153ca7   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
       new  480fd82   a little more work, but very little
       new  2828d5c   more formatting mostly
       new  00edb0e   Merge branch 'revamp-doc' into 0.8-fsf-changes. Doc 
development will continue in this branch.
       new  b443c21   a little bitt more work on the documentation
       new  0ff243a   fix: reverts commit 
c2ce16a510bb1e533a6df19190c16982344d5303, packages should be .tar files
       new  d7b7471   Add YAsnippet metadata.
       new  14215af   Add `mod` snippet to ruby-mode for `module` definitions
       new  56ae48d   Merge pull request #282 from jimeh/add-ruby-module-snippet
       new  e956db2   bugfix: use `yas-global-mode-hook` instead of advising 
       new  ee5a62d   (yas-choose-value): Accept strings as &rest argument
       new  e92d33f   doc/yas-doc-helper.el: write documentation for "exported" 
symbols from docstrings doc/manual.org: some tweaks, use new 
       new  46abea9   incomplete: preparing tests to fix #271
       new  168a831   Closes #271: save backquoted elisp and re-insert at end 
of expansion
       new  f365e45   Closes #235: implement `yas--init-yas-in-snippet-keymap`
       new  934afc5   Bugfix: fix for #235 didn't load, usage before definition
       new  d9e0b35   Closes #271: 2nd try, remove unescaping of backquote 
       new  8819817   Closes #271: 3rd try, protect escapes after collecting 
backquote elisp
       new  7cc518c   Closes #271: 4th try, with backquote, need  protection 
before collection
       new  78a9cc0   Cleanup: remove unneeded test and reorganize
       new  11fde47   Fix: Put buffers of `yas-tryout-snippet` in 
       new  3ae01b1   Enhancement: add some keybinding tests
       new  a5bc0fc   Merge branch '0.8-fsf-changes'
       new  0a933f2   Closes #281: jit-load in reverse order to maintain 
coherence with `yas-snippet-dirs`
       new  ceb6d0c   Fix: Ooops forgot to commit the actual fix for #281.
       new  3a61934   Refactor: `yas-load-snippet-buffer` can be called 
       new  3f1ae93   Fix: default value for `yas-trigger-key` is not "<tab>" 
not "TAB"
       new  381d3f5   Fix: recursive `delete-directory` does not exist in Emacs 
       new  093c5d6   Add: .gitignore ignores local ert files (needed for 
testing in Emacs 23)
       new  7589e04   Fix: new `yas-trigger-key` default messed up the 
       new  8bb75b3   Add `mod` snippet to ruby-mode for `module` definitions
       new  6152fee   Closes #281: jit-load in reverse order to maintain 
coherence with `yas-snippet-dirs`
       new  17ed0f0   Fix: Ooops forgot to commit the actual fix for #281.
       new  b3db6b5   Merge branch '0.8-fsf-changes'
       new  cd084cd   Closes #285: fix typo introduced in 
       new  8f38a44   Fix: arrgh remove the ^M line-endings again
       new  e439f69   Closes #277: add new `yas-active-keys` (for auto-complete)
       new  6d72f97   Closes #290: problem when advancing the start of a 
       new  886583c   Fix "arrayp, nil" bug in yas-load-snippet-buffer.
       new  a393dab   Merge pull request #308 from 
       new  2e5cdba   Aesthetic fix to README.mdown
       new  25b1345   Merge pull request #321 from luismbo/patch-1
       new  4b6af64   checkdoc + spelling
       new  aed87e5   Merge pull request #325 from rolandwalker/doc
       new  b0e5f92   quieten byte-compiler
       new  69a2be0   Merge pull request #323 from rolandwalker/byte-compiler
       new  2995839   Refactor: remove horrible 'yas--trigger-key-for-fallback' 
and rework 'yas--fallback'
       new  9a82aa2   Add: easier to run tests
       new  2bea769   Fix: correct expectation for this test in batch-mode
       new  ed57ec6   Closes #296: No longer use customizable `yas-trigger-key` 
and friends.
       new  72b5182   Merge branch 'trigger-key-fallback-cleanup'
       new  d3ed5b8   Fix: expose and honour `yas-dont-activate`
       new  0c7d253   Fix: need to require `assoc`, since using `aget` somewhere
       new  bf397dc   Closes #253.
       new  0fd9752   future-proof against obsoleting of `flet' flet will be 
marked obsolete starting in Emacs 24.3
       new  d03491f   comment
       new  e76a727   Merge remote-tracking branch 'rolandwalker/flet'
       new  fd76956   replace interactive-p with called-interactively-p macro 
tested compatible with GNU Emacs v 22.x - 24.x
       new  5fc0e3f   Merge pull request #328 from rolandwalker/byte-compiler-2
       new  f4d005d   Minor: cleanup internal doc headings slightly
       new  46d47c5   reorder defuns to quieten byte-compiler Two warnings 
avoided: function `yas-define-snippets' defined multiple times in this file the 
function `yas-define-snippets' is not known to be defined
       new  f4ced5c   Merge remote-tracking branch 
       new  101029f   Minor: make 'yas--define-snippets-1' an internal defun
       new  7078e0c   Doc: added notice about bug reporting
       new  4c7c2a9   Doc: update "reporting bugs" section in README
       new  066563c   Fix: Closes #330
       new  1e83da2   Fix: also use $EMACS env var in compilation
       new  6a7fcbf   Fix: cleanup after #333 fix, use 'cl-flet'
       new  e5b0a7a   Closes #339
       new  0242421   Closes #347: can't expect THIS-COMMAND to have valid 
       new  d812cec   Remove the use of `aget` that has creeped in
       new  e77fb0c   Merge pull request #344 from dgutov/no-aget
       new  add8a9b   Closes #335: YAS-DONT-ACTIVATE is only buffer-local in 
pre-24 emacsen
       new  22dc097   Remove group-name prefix from ruby-mode/collections/zip
       new  f18d8bb   Merge pull request #343 from dgutov/zip
       new  a8dbcb4   Fix: YAS--CALLED-INTERACTIVELY-P should reverse its 
condition check
       new  118e950   Fix: double check if mac trigger symbol is available
       new  afabc34   Fix: YAS-RELOAD-ALL preserves user bindings on 
       new  5868828   Fix: tests also use YAS--WITH-TEMPORARY-REDEFINITIONS to 
make stubs
       new  eb5159a   Add: unit test for YAS-MINOR-MODE-MAP rebindings
       new  e50e08f   Closes #315: don't consider keybindings when filtering 
snippets in YAS-ACTIVE-KEYS
       new  362874e   Closes #351: sort mirrors by nesting depth when updating
       new  c919913   Fix: enclose this test in WITH-TEMP-BUFFER
       new  51a738b   Doc: document structures YAS--FIELD and YAS--MIRROR
       new  bc1ba24   Fix yas--message for the case message contains %
       new  4e40bac   Merge pull request #355 from tkf/fix-yas--message
       new  7294c9f   Fix yas--version to compatible with version-to-list
       new  59f6658   Merge pull request #358 from Sarcasm/master
       new  3e97adb   add js snippets
       new  752d9df   Merge pull request #363 from azer/master
       new  1cf0bc0   Fix: moved snippets/js2-mode to snippets/js-mode
       new  93796b9   Closes #312: YAS-MODE-SYMBOL does not exist anymore, 
replaced by YAS-EXTRA-MODES
       new  8eea4e3   remove bundled dropdown-list.el
       new  df467ac   Merge pull request #370 from tarsius/master
       new  20ea429   do not require dropdown-list at compile time
       new  487be09   Merge pull request #377 from tarsius/master
       new  436f219   Closes #318: now checks for circular parenthood in 
snippet dirs
       new  38a2e02   Minor: indenting in for yasnippet-tests.el macro
       new  5fe10b8   Closes #372: removed trailing spaces in snippets
       new  1665626   doc: remove README.org
       new  47d5442   doc: finally decided to write the manual in markdown
       new  3520f3b   closes #391: don't assume `declare-function'/ exists, it 
doesn't in emacs22
       new  6398747   Make default snippet customizable
       new  6822035   Factor out embedded elisp code
       new  bbace0a   Assume NO-TEMPLATE is non-nil if 
`yas-new-snippet-default' is nil
       new  ae9d6a9   Merge pull request #397 from thisirs/customizable-snippet
       new  7125d73   Sync with yasnippet/master
       new  66c77ac   * packages/yasnippet: Fix up copyright headers.
       new  b0b0465   fix: more idiomatic elisp, better docstrings, less 
byte-compiler warnings
       new  601dc5a   Sync with yasnippet/master
       new  4261519   * packages/company/company-capf.el (company-capf): Add 
preliminary support for doc-buffer, meta, location, and require-match.
       new  cc1dfb8   * README: Update with corrected information. * 
packages/adjust-parens/adjust-parens.el: Add new package.
       new  d52808d   * xclip.el: Some cleanups and fix copyright years.
       new  9d90e47   * xclip.el: Use pbcopy and pbpaste if available
       new  d75c73a   * xclip.el: Fix last change
       new  aa931c9   * GNUmakefile: Obey a .elpaignore file in a package's 
root directory. * admin/update-archive.sh: Don't copy .elc files to 
build/packages. * admin/archive-contents.el: Improve error message for invalid 
versions. * externals-list: Change auctex to be external. * 
copyright_exceptions: Update to adapt to AUCTeX-11.87. * package/auctex: Move 
it to an external branch, updated to 11.87.
       new  19ba606   2013-09-15 Andrew Hyatt  <address@hidden>
       new  1de42b7   websocket.el: Set version to 1.2, after last set of 
server fixes.
       new  403547f   * README: Add command `debbugs-gnu-bugs'.
       new  94758e2   Fix GPL.  debbugs is NOT part of Emacs.
       new  1326034   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add 
       new  09967f6   Add packages/js2-mode/.elpaignore
       new  914cf7c   Sync from company/master
       new  830c9fb   Add new element to the archive-contents vector, and put 
each package's URL in it (Bug#13291). * archive-contents.el 
(archive--simple-package-p): Return an additional element, EXTRAS alist, with 
key :url. (archive--process-simple-package): Accept additional argument, pass 
it through to the return value. (archive--alist-to-plist, 
archive--plist-to-alist): New functions, code copied from package.el. 
(archive--process-multi-file-package): Extract extra fields to an alist [...]
       new  be59b1b   Avoid lm-homepage which is not in Emacs-24.3
       new  a2ed797   * coffee-mode.el: Tame electric-indent-mode. 
(coffee-mode): Derive from prog-mode.  Set electric-indent-inhibit. 
(coffee-mode-map, coffee-mode-syntax-table): Move initialization into 
declaration. (coffee-comment-dwim): Remove.
       new  1972e32   * Makefile: New file to provide 'make check' tests * 
adjust-parens-tests.el: New tests (apt-near-bob-test): Test indenting near BOB 
(apt-indent-dedent-test): Test same case described in Commentary * 
adjust-parens.el: Fix bug when near BOB or EOB. Fix compiler warning due to 
using defvarred prefix-arg as lexical var.
       new  a74de6a   Fix typo.
       new  807e263   * adjust-parens.el: Generalize to also work with 
alternative list closing chars, such as Clojure's brackets.
       new  011a688   * debbugs-org.el: New file.
       new  3c2f46d   Update copyright years.
       new  c0b2f06   * adjust-parens.el (last-sexp-with-relative-depth): Fix 
function documentation which indicated negative depth when positive is correct.
       new  91f446a   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  0173b0d   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  02147cf   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  1db870b   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  db73280   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  e7d0740   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  cbd8177   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  cb17761   Merge remote-tracking branch 'js2-mode/master'
       new  66c01bc   * js2-mode/tests: Add copyright headers.
       new  17163ee   * .bzrignore: Add auctex.
       new  96c9ccd   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  d6bb9cf   Add 'packages/diff-hl/' from commit 
       new  2a491af   Add diff-hl to externals-list
       new  7f87205   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  1e2d63a   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  2a1ab98   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  7f48fd4   add :keywords to extra package properties
       new  4445082   * adjust-parens.el (adjust-parens-mode): Convert to minor 
mode (adjust-parens-p): Only adjust parens if indentation is correct, else 
defer to indent-for-tab-command. (adjust-parens-and-indent): Take numeric 
prefix instead of raw and handle non positive prefix arg. 
(adjust-parens-and-indent): Return t from function. 
(lisp-dedent-adjust-parens): Return nil iff no change to buffer. * 
adjust-parens-tests.el (apt-mode-test): Add tests for minor mode 
enabling/disabling (ap [...]
       new  44aef11   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  7b7ab69   Use lm-keywords-list instead of split-string for archive 
       new  9a573eb   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  91702e2     * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version 1.0      Turn VLF into 
minor mode and abstract chunk insertion.  (vlf-encode-size, 
vlf-format-buffer-name, vlf-edit-mode-map)    (vlf-edit-mode): Remove.        
(vlf-mode-map): Turn into prefix map, add new bindings.         (vlf-mode): 
Turn into minor mode.       (vlf): Call vlf-mode.   (scroll-up): Scroll when 
point-max is visible.  (scroll-down): Scroll when point-min is visible.        
(vlf-update-buffer-name): Hide total file size.         (vlf-insert-file): 
Refactor. [...]
       new  71f4987     * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version 1.1      Stabilize 
decoding and saving.  Optimize moving between         overlapping chunks.     
(vlf-mode): Forbid automatic final new line.  Improve reloading of      all 
content.    (vlf-move-to-chunk): Always use vlf-move-to-chunk-1.    
(vlf-move-to-chunk-1): Use vlf-with-undo-disabled.  Fix length  calculation 
when deleting from buffer.  (vlf-partial-decode-shown-p): New function.     
(vlf-adjust-chunk): Use it.  Fix end adjustment for earlier GNU         Emacs  
       new  cb18229     * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Version: 1.2     Add ability to 
customize when VLF is offered and activated.     (vlf-application, 
vlf-forbidden-modes-list): New customizations.        (vlf-mode-map): Change 
bindings.        (vlf-prefix-map): New map.      (vlf-with-undo-disabled): Move 
it before its first use to fix   package installation.   (vlf-mode): Initialize 
vlf-start-pos and vlf-end-pos.   (vlf-determine-major-mode): New function.      
 (abort-if-file-too-large): Add support for VLF application       [...]
       new  0eae4db   Remove the ERT testing file, which had too many 
FSF-unsigned changes.
       new  16b8db8   Make html/index.html be consistent with other gnu.org 
       new  e964476   Minor cleanup.
       new  42b603a   Continue previous change.
       new  6bd0e6d   Add comments for autoloaded elements.
       new  c343e14   Add ada-mode, wisi packages
       new  db3c923   Fix up copyright notices.
       new  77251a7   Update copyright exceptions.
       new  898bbad   * wisi: Fix up dependency and sectioning style.
       new  e7806b7   * sml-mode.el (sml-smie-rules): Adjust for new :close-all 
       new  fee08cd   * diff-hl: Fix byte compilation errors
       new  a623139   * adjust-parens: Two new defcustoms:   
       new  c779fbe   flylisp: New package. See announcement: 
       new  e8fbb2f   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  4a65c03   * wisi: Fix warnings and a few 80-columns overruns
       new  b9ee34b   * undo-tree: Update to version 0.6.5.
       new  7cf9c74   Minor fix, according to the GNU Web Site Guidelines
       new  641782c   * nlinum.el: Add global-nlinum-mode and 
       new  cf3e122   Merge branch 'master' of git://bzr.sv.gnu.org/emacs/elpa
       new  1902c29   add 100 seconds word puzzle version 1.0
       new  5f7be59   Update copyright years.
       new  13251fc   New command `debbugs-org-regenerate-status'
       new  6d12908   rename 100secwp to wpuzzle
       new  2a0f105   * debbugs-org.el (debbugs-org-show-reports): Add a minor 
mode header line. (debbugs-org-regenerate-status): Remove (interactive).  Not 
needed anymore. (debbugs-org-mode-map): Remove "C-c # g" key binding.  Not 
needed anymore. (debbugs-org-mode): Autoload it.  Apply 
       new  265223a   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu): Handle SUPPRESS properly.
       new  10a1549   * debbugs-org.el (debbugs-org-show-buffer-name): New 
defvar. (debbugs-org, debbugs-org-show-reports) (debbugs-org-show-next-reports, 
debbugs-org-mode): Use it.   (debbugs-org-regenerate-status): Fix docstring.
       new  ebdfa10   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add new 
packages. (debbugs-gnu): Fix docstring.
       new  bde5148   move wpuzzle in packages directory
       new  d428c8f   * wpuzzle.el: Minor cleanup.  Run checkdoc-current-buffer.
       new  662212c   * debbugs-org.el (debbugs-org-ids): Declare it 
buffer-local. (debbugs-org-show-buffer-name): New defun.  Apply it everywhere 
the respective variable has been used. (debbugs-org): Protect the whole code. 
(debbugs-org-show-reports): Let `debbugs-org-ids' survive mode setting.  Do not 
insert header line.  Do not format buffer. (debbugs-org-show-next-reports): Add 
file local variables.
       new  2c163ca   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  d9da403   * debbugs-org.el (debbugs-org-show-next-reports): Use 
`org-sbe' if available.
       new  e021428   * packages/company/company-etags.el: Require `cl' for 
`case'. * packages/company/company-oddmuse.el: Avoid `eval-when' before 
requiring `cl'. * packages/company/company-elisp.el (company-elisp): Simplify.
       new  ed8f6f3   Merge commit '3575aaa39f311822dcedd53235ba036e9cf68ab8' 
from js2-mode
       new  f5b4c6c   Merge commit 'af601c4a8a087cc5a12a08e08af094c4e21d417c' 
from diff-hl
       new  9b999be   Merge commit '67a96dbbfe645b64291ed62eab6f1eb391a834e0' 
from company
       new  e2fbd70   New package: ascii-art-to-unicode
       new  f4f305b   * archive-contents.el (archive--simple-package-p): Quote 
the keywords list (Bug#16222).
       new  390958e   Merge commit '8b4d7da0d6aa1e24379fe5ace5bd2705352ea07e' 
from company
       new  e15d7b3   bump version number to see if it gets published
       new  895b425   Add new copyright exception.
       new  2550ab1   * csv-mode (csv-mode-line-help-echo): Remove.
       new  38a79a7   Use best compression possible for latest packages tarball.
       new  425fb79   Merge commit '2badcc6227a88e1aba288f442af5f4e1ce55d366' 
from company
       new  953b6a0   * company-capf.el (company--capf-data): Don't get 
confused by lambda exps.
       new  c0e9767   * packages/sokoban/sokoban.el: Fix version. * 
packages/sokoban/sokoban-pkg.el: Remove.
       new  d0f54c4   * cl-lib.el: Resolve conflicts with old internal 
definitions (bug#16353). (dolist fun): Don't skip definitions silently. 
(define-setf-expander): Remove, not in cl-lib. (cl-position, 
cl-delete-duplicates): Add advice to distinguish the use case. (cl-member): 
Override old definition.
       new  3bab53c   Merge commit '8dc8f9525714db66f659a2a51322345068764bd3' 
from company
       new  fbc0032   * admin/forward-diffs.py: Set Maintainer to FSF.
       new  a1d3b17   * lmc.el (lmc-asm-indentation): Indent to tab-width by 
default. (lmc-step): Fix prompt for IN.
       new  c787528   * debbugs.el: * debbugs-gnu.el: * debbugs-org.el: 
Increase Version to 0.6.
       new  2bc9ec5   * README: Fix command invocation.
       new  b6aa92b   Merge branch 'master' of git://bzr.sv.gnu.org/emacs/elpa
       new  92b76a9   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  d0a475d   * packages/uni-confusables/uni-confusables.el: Add ELPA 
metadata. * packages/uni-confusables/uni-confusables-pkg.el: Delete. * 
packages/uni-confusables/gen-confusables.el: Use cl-lib. 
(gen-confusables-write): Generate a file header that better complies with the 
coding conventions (and includes the ELPA metadata).
       new  3123726   oauth2.el: Add support for async retrieve.
       new  bd9091b   [maint] Describe a way to do public incubation.
       new  fdb24dd   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ee5c7a1   Merge the two README.  Update copyright_exceptions.
       new  d7701fa   update to Ada mode version 5.0.1
       new  41c8269     * packages/vlf/vlf.el: Add recenter around chunk 
       new  bc7f076     * packages/vlf: Break into components.
       new  dfe8217     * packages/vlf: Version 1.3.
       new  ffa9eb9     * packages/vlf: Version 1.4.  Add Ediff integration.
       new  7216d94   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  770703b   Merge commit '67ab56a5469f16652e73667ec3b4f76ff6befee6' 
from company
       new  1b86def   Replace "Maintainer: FSF" with the emacs-devel mailing 
       new  fc328e3   * debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): 
Remove w32, ns.
       new  5d70871   * debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-default-packages): 
Add auctex, mh-e.
       new  874a21b   Merge commit '87ba2f6e77ab0ade0da2d9f6368ae34640a8fd83' 
from diff-hl
       new  db88943   Merge commit '10258cb25d28c49198cc50a79cc3825d8ad5db22' 
from diff-hl
       new  8b55861   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ggtags/master'
       new  65fda1b   Merge commit '119822078ee3024c2d27017d45ef4578fa36040f' 
from company
       new  eecd33a   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ggtags/master'
       new  8441af6   Merge remote-tracking branch 'tbb/master'
       new  7cbe317     * packages/vlf: Version 1.5.  Add hexl-mode integration 
and hook        extensibility.
       new  7db4faf   packages/vlf/vlf.el: use derived-mode-p to check major 
       new  03adaeb   * num3-mode.el: Catch strings looking like hex number 
even w/o 0x prefix.
       new  9e84a31   Start building eventual package ‘gnugo’.
       new  6e2aff0   Import gnugo.el from ttn-pers-elisp 1.59.
       new  e3a24bf   [gnugo] Adapt copyright notice to FSF, headers to ELPA.
       new  13747bf   [gnugo maint] Add NEWS file; prune Commentary; nfc.
       new  0000ad7   [gnugo] Use ‘cl-labels’ instead of ‘flet’.
       new  3737fb2   [gnugo] Presume working time-date.el.
       new  ab8adec   [gnugo] Presume "modern" GNU Emacs.
       new  e634044   [gnugo int] Use ‘zerop’.
       new  0cff8db   [gnugo] Wait at most 30sec for subproc output chunk.
       new  2a01540   [gnugo] Don't use ‘process-kill-buffer-query-function’.
       new  6124f45   [gnugo maint] Add HACKING; prune Commentary; nfc.
       new  7c9b6df   [gnugo doc] Document version-number scheme.
       new  d60f519   [gnugo int] Use ‘redisplay’ more.
       new  eb6df3f   [gnugo int] Use ‘display’ property more.
       new  0a10e42   [gnugo int] Use ‘(split-string STR SEP t)’.
       new  8776ee8   [gnugo maint] Update "next" in HACKING; nfc.
       new  34af264   [gnugo] Indicate buffer not modified after save.
       new  71221b1   [gnugo maint] Update a musing item in HACKING; nfc.
       new  de2e934   [gnugo maint] Revamp "ChangeLog discipline" in HACKING; 
       new  13f6493   [gnugo int] Avoid variable FORMAT for ‘message’.
       new  0d976bb   [gnugo gtp int] Use :post-thunk instead of :post-hook.
       new  8f74584   [gnugo maint] Add .dir-locals.el file, link in HACKING; 
       new  cd5b892   [gnugo int] Drop unused local var.
       new  47c8e20   [gnugo int] Use ‘number-sequence’ more.
       new  a1fe783   [gnugo int] Use cl-{plus,minus}p more.
       new  ad4febc   [gnugo] Give names and docstrings to ‘lambda’ commands.
       new  ce89f33   [gnugo int] Hang the sync-return-stash on the process 
       new  296e458   [gnugo int] Drop leading "*" in docstrings.
       new  03577bf   [gnugo] Indicate buffer not modified after load.
       new  90bfdac   [gnugo maint] Update NEWS file; nfc.
       new  a380129   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--unclose-game
       new  487d737   [gnugo] Use ‘user-error’.
       new  f1b980f   [gnugo int] Zonk unused local var.
       new  c099b75   [gnugo int] Use ‘set-process-query-on-exit-flag’.
       new  2501ba6   [gnugo int] Use ‘dolist’ and ‘destructuring-bind’.
       new  4d7e7c7   [gnugo int] Revamp gnugo-{put,get} doc / indentation decl.
       new  fd8cbe5   [gnugo maint] Update "next" in HACKING; nfc.
       new  0468e38   [gnugo] Fix bug: Relax sync regexp.
       new  ecf5ed9   [gnugo] Don't show underscore in group-animation message.
       new  6c4e85c   [gnugo] Use special constructs for keybindings in 
       new  ea95da4   [gnugo] Make proc-status change mode-line elem more 
       new  78170e0   [gnugo int] Use internal macros more.
       new  e33ff02   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  f0ade6d   [gnugo] Bind ‘DEL’ to ‘gnugo-undo-two-moves’.
       new  1b417f1   [gnugo] New command: ‘A’ (gnugo-switch-to-another)
       new  fc4426a   [gnugo] New command: ‘_’ and ‘M-_’ (gnugo-boss-is-near)
       new  cc2c05d   [gnugo maint] Update NEWS; nfc.
       new  0b7d24a   [gnugo] Fix bug: Compute grid spacing using offset math.
       new  26f6f2b   [gnugo] Rename var to ‘gnugo-inhibit-refresh’.
       new  53893d4   [gnugo maint] Update NEWS, HACKING; nfc.
       new  96cb3e5   [gnugo] Release: 2.3.0
       new  bcabbdf   Minimap: Update to version 1.1.
       new  85f78b9   Minimap: Set `truncate-lines' directly.
       new  56f7826   Fix up copyright_exceptions
       new  fb8b7ab   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ggtags/master'
       new  742c99b   Fixes: debbugs:16671
       new  ae9fdb4   [gnugo slog] Specify second arg to ‘unintern’.
       new  1bf00cb   [gnugo slog] Fix bug: Avoid ‘cl-lib’ funcs; use only 
       new  3139dc7   [gnugo] Release: 2.3.1
       new  08e1812   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ggtags/master'
       new  c34cdba   [gnugo int] Use ‘dolist’, ‘destructuring-bind’ more.
       new  b6aa48c   [gnugo int] Streamline subproc (de-)marshalling.
       new  5d9fe98   [gnugo int] Use ‘eq’ less.
       new  36294eb   [gnugo maint] Reindent; nfc.
       new  c4ea3fa   [gnugo int] Use ‘pcase’ more.
       new  1427224   [gnugo int] Elide single-use local var.
       new  81efb18   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--begin-exchange
       new  1d87963   [gnugo int] Avoid redundant calls to ‘gnugo-get’.
       new  ce62d74   [gnugo int] Associate process w/ buffer immediately.
       new  66c0bbf   [gnugo int] Use ‘loop’, functional style more.
       new  c3a64f4   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--compare-strings
       new  fb59498   [gnugo int] Use ‘incf’ more.
       new  012b311   Add 'packages/web-server/' from commit 
       new  cca93d6   add web-server upstream repo to externals-list
       new  6ceaa26   [gnugo maint] Update NEWS; nfc.
       new  75ea67c   [gnugo] Bind ‘M-u’ to ‘gnugo-undo-one-move’.
       new  f6f69e2   Fix up copyright headers.
       new  8c07085   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--who-is-who
       new  0b16877   [gnugo] Make ‘C-u M-u’ switch roles.
       new  f83bd30   Update Minimap to version 1.2.
       new  24eb316   release ada-mode 5.1.0, wisi 1.0.1
       new  ae19acb   * packages/ada-mode: version 5.1.1: fix wisi packaging 
bug, add -a in gnat-find
       new  ec4a117   [gnugo int] Rename arg from SWITCH to ME-NEXT.
       new  1b99e54   [gnugo] Fix bug: Handle property value type ‘none’ 
       new  684397c   [gnugo sgf int] Add abstractions: >>prop, >>node, >>tree
       new  6751787   [gnugo sgf] Move gratuitous newline from after to before 
       new  f7afb7b   fixup! [gnugo sgf] Move gratuitous newline from after to 
before (sub)trees.
       new  7fe76cd   [gnugo sgf int] Add abstractions: seek, seek-into
       new  a767402   [gnugo sgf] Fix bug: Output subtrees correctly.
       new  942a9ba   [gnugo int] Use ‘following-char’ instead of ‘char-after’.
       new  883b718   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  f154afe   ada-mode, wisi: bump versions again; forgot to add some 
files to git
       new  9c51c8a   Subject: Fix up quoting of keywords.  Remove leftover 
support for *-pkg.el.
       new  211f468   Merge commit '7be4321260f0c73ef4c3cadc646f6bb496650253' 
from company
       new  4e963a6   [gnugo int] Cache gametree prop ‘:SZ’ as gnugo prop ‘:SZ’.
       new  8e4b3a4   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--set-root-prop
       new  f3e7423   [gnugo int] Use ‘setq’ less.
       new  38852bd   [gnugo int] Use ‘loop’ instead of ‘dolist’ + 
       new  52b9905   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: nn
       new  0cc99c0   [gnugo] Handle ‘(gnugo-move-history 'two)’.
       new  07d5ba7   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo-treeroot’ more.
       new  9d98336   [gnugo int] Add abstractions: 
       new  3a1d3bf   [gnugo int] Use ‘incf’ more.
       new  38b7f31   [gnugo int] Use ‘setq’ less.
       new  b0fab49   Merge commit 'fec7c0b4a8651160c5d759cc6703b2c45852d5bb'
       new  edaa27a   [gnugo int] Decruft: Infer MOVEP from PROPERTY.
       new  d94afa5   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--blackp
       new  621312c   [gnugo int] Use ‘loop’ instead of ‘mapc’ + ‘apply’.
       new  a54d756   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--passp
       new  5659025   [gnugo] Fix bug: Don't bother translating move "resign".
       new  c27b3ba   [gnugo] Fix bug: Don't misuse SGF prop ‘:EV’ for "resign" 
       new  051a9e9   [gnugo maint] NEWS futzing; nfc.
       new  09fbeb2   [gnugo] Fix bug: On load, follow mainline through 
       new  a33d92e   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--nodep
       new  619b848   [gnugo sgf] Normalize PASS internal rep on read, as "".
       new  d49b55e   [gnugo int] Remove redundant game-over condition check.
       new  15980b3   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  2e1b6a3   [gnugo int] Use ‘pop’ more.
       new  b80c0e8   [gnugo int] Embrace (NODE[...] [SUBTREE...]) IR, for now.
       new  0c0ee22   [gnugo int] Invert gametree IR to hang by the leaves.
       new  d48a25d   Merge git+ssh://git.sv.gnu.org/srv/git/emacs/elpa
       new  dba3154   Merge commit '4a7995ff69b25990dc520ed9e466dfbcdb7eafc8' 
from company
       new  2796762   [gnugo maint] Move hi-lock hint from NEWS to HACKING; nfc.
       new  b24b9b1   [gnugo] Move "1 or 2" calculation into ‘gnugo-magic-undo’.
       new  2929be2   [gnugo] Add command ‘gnugo-oops’ and keybinding.
       new  fdab93b   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--move-prop
       new  45cd315   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  970b203   [gnugo maint] Add some debugging aids to HACKING; nfc.
       new  421f570   [aa2u] Make ‘aa2u’ region-aware.
       new  4122445   [aa2u] Release: 1.5
       new  7ca5350   [gnugo] Add command ‘gnugo-frolic-in-the-leaves’ and 
       new  65860a5   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo--as-pos-func’ more.
       new  1dc0d0c   [gnugo int] Use ‘cl-labels’ less.
       new  c21b235   [gnugo int] Support growth also off of main line.
       new  0879f39   [gnugo int] Remove abstraction: continue-on
       new  a1802e2   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  cf1e8af   Add easy-kill to externals-list
       new  99fa449   Merge easy-kill as packages/easy-kill
       new  9e67519   [gnugo int] Specify STREAM to ‘pp’ directly.
       new  c74295a   [gnugo int] Avoid double list-reverse.
       new  5a5373c   [gnugo] Support SGF[4] parsing from string data.
       new  3d3d522   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo/sgf-create’ more.
       new  dd24ef3   [gnugo int] Add abstractions: gnugo--{,set-}tree-ends
       new  345a48f   [gnugo int] Make ‘gnugo--no-regrets’ take ENDS directly.
       new  a942bf6   [gnugo] Declare dependency on ‘ascii-art-to-unicode’.
       new  50efbea   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo--tree-ends’ more.
       new  30ff4df   [gnugo int] Invert ‘if’ CONDITION and THEN/ELSE clauses.
       new  979a900   [gnugo int] Expand gametree IR: MNUM, KIDS, ROOT.
       new  8964ced   [gnugo int] Fix bug: Detect case for KIDS addition 
       new  49b5a39   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--mkht
       new  aad98f0   [gnugo int] Maintain tree MNUM.
       new  2124c9f   [gnugo int] Drop :monkey COUNT; use node's tree MNUM 
       new  0c4613f   [gnugo int] Avoid lower move-num candidates in déjà-vu 
       new  359f603   [gnugo int] Comment munging; nfc.
       new  38e9583   [gnugo int] Decruft: Consolidate "breathe in" loops.
       new  9a272ec   [gnugo int] Move precise fanout computation to "breathe 
       new  2bcc46f   [gnugo int] Insert frolic xrep starting w/ the leaves.
       new  2b23193   [gnugo] Define "GNUGO Frolic" mode.
       new  624783a   [gnugo] Add some navigation commands for GNUGO Frolic 
       new  f733fbf   [gnugo int] Make ‘gnugo-board-buffer-p’ precise.
       new  6fcf24a   [gnugo frolic] Add some branch swizzling commands.
       new  aa6df2c   [gnugo frolic] Add backward/forward branch navigation 
       new  c516a64   [gnugo frolic] Add command to set the main line.
       new  dbb46d6   [gnugo frolic] Add command to prune a branch.
       new  c1f65de   [gnugo frolic] Handle invalid branch more consistently.
       new  3a61e33   [gnugo frolic int] Assign ‘pop’ rv to avoid byte-compiler 
       new  482c0e0   [gnugo frolic int] Use ‘move-to-column’ more.
       new  e938e14   [gnugo frolic int] Don't go through ‘gnugo-frolic-quit’ 
for refresh.
       new  e6ef4da   [gnugo int] Fix bug: Unbreak SGF file output.
       new  e849e68   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--move-to-bcol
       new  120685e   [gnugo int] Fix syntax error.
       new  170b954   [gnugo frolic int] Regularize keymap decl + init.
       new  e326d23   [gnugo frolic] Sync column headers w/ buffer text; handle 
       new  1c1c99b   [gnugo frolic] Set ‘truncate-lines’.
       new  a5095f2   [gnugo frolic] Doc fix.
       new  7c56594   [gnugo frolic int] Parameterize, centralize awakening.
       new  ec728c7   [gnugo frolic int] Don't bother to awake w/ ‘col’.
       new  c614d2e   [gnugo int] Move vectorization into 
       new  c8c6202   [gnugo int] Fix bug: Update local var ‘ends’ when 
       new  9561a68   [gnugo int] Whitespace munging; nfc.
       new  b4304e1   [gnugo sgf] Fix bug: Preserve whitespace for ‘text’ 
       new  ee29497   [gnugo sgf] Fix bug: Add ‘\’-escapes on write.
       new  ac584ef   [gnugo sgf int] Consolidate loops.
       new  ac3e133   [gnugo sgf int] Internalize ‘gnugo/sgf-hang-from-root’.
       new  7bf3ada   [gnugo int] Reorder gametree IR: ENDS, MNUM, ROOT, KIDS.
       new  11b9c6b   [gnugo int] Decruft: Drop gametree IR element: KIDS
       new  5fe754d   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  d85353e   [gnugo int] Fix syntax error in ‘loop’ destructuring.
       new  ca22be9   [gnugo int] Decruft: Delete unused local vars.
       new  e1224a4   [gnugo frolic int] Add abstraction: gnugo--sideways
       new  30e9a3b   [gnugo frolic int] Add var selection to awakening 
       new  6573b0f   [gnugo int] Use ‘ignore’ to avoid byte-compiler warnings.
       new  9d508f9   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  a99ecf2   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--as-cc-func
       new  fa7940d   [gnugo] Make ‘=’ also display move number.
       new  1f1e0ed   [gnugo int] Move :SZ access into ‘gnugo--as-pos-func’.
       new  ee0d7c7   [gnugo frolic] Add previous/next move navigation commands.
       new  663a32c   fixup! [gnugo frolic] Add previous/next move navigation 
       new  ea8f0b0   [gnugo] New command: ‘O’ (gnugo-okay)
       new  cc50640   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  22f3360   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  3598c88   [gnugo int] Make ‘gnugo-gate’ slightly faster.
       new  c4d2aab   [gnugo int] Add abstractions: gnugo--{user-}play-stone
       new  cc0c0c7   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--count-query
       new  94853e0   [gnugo] Include root node in :sgf-gametree description.
       new  f6c5442   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--decorate
       new  ca56874   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo--decorate’ more.
       new  b7ac0af   [gnugo int] Incorporate ‘gnugo-note’ into unique caller.
       new  99c65a2   [gnugo] Dropped command: ‘t’ (gnugo-toggle-dead-group)
       new  02eb737   [gnugo int] Rename :waitingp to :waiting; save color 
       new  485758c   [gnugo int] Use GTP ‘reg_genmove’ instead of ‘genmove’.
       new  e062fcc   [gnugo] Fix bug: Keep subproc informed of forced PASS.
       new  52adf24   [gnugo int] Incorporate *-play-stone into 
       new  d961646   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--node-with-played-stone
       new  d022ad9   [gnugo] New command: ‘C’ (gnugo-comment)
       new  04ae9c9   [gnugo] Make ‘C-u F’ add the blurb as a comment to the 
last node.
       new  5596f50   [gnugo frolic] Display "!" for comment; add as 
       new  e1c5af0   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  bc669ff   [gnugo] Drop var: gnugo-inhibit-refresh
       new  ad75880   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--finish-move
       new  ccf3443   [gnugo] New command: ‘S’ (gnugo-request-suggestion)
       new  9319e9b   [gnugo int] Accept color for ‘gnugo-push-move’ 1st arg.
       new  873f27e   [gnugo int] Centralize some constant strings.
       new  9e4d7e4   [gnugo] New command: ‘C-c C-a’ (gnugo-toggle-abdication)
       new  9f0dfcd   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--ERR-wait
       new  a1af2f1   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--gate-game-over
       new  262e250   [gnugo] Mention ‘gnugo-frolic-mode-hook’.
       new  467f3a9   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--user-play
       new  993a516   [gnugo int] Use ‘following-char’ more.
       new  8c02fe1   [gnugo int] Commentary munging; nfc.
       new  db8806a   [gnugo frolic] Type ‘Q’ to quit.
       new  359ae46   [gnugo] Increase S/N for ‘C-u F’ comment.
       new  1888a3d   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--plant-and-climb
       new  7d41d01   [gnugo] Drop support for ‘(gnugo-move-history 'count)’.
       new  5616387   [gnugo] Add abstraction: gnugo-current-player
       new  c4cc030   [gnugo] Add hook: gnugo-start-game-hook
       new  4013948   [gnugo int] Remove from ‘gnugo-state’ instead of setting 
to nil.
       new  1f08459   [gnugo] Move most of ‘gnugo-board-mode’ to ‘gnugo’.
       new  54a3a76   [gnugo int] Shave one ‘gnugo-other’ call.
       new  b6c6998   [gnugo int] Consolidate paren overlays access.
       new  6ee6617   [gnugo int] Consolidate display scaling factors access.
       new  9be5378   [gnugo int] Decruft: Streamline game-over handling on SGF 
       new  7f6203e   [gnugo] Use ‘define-derived-mode’ for GNUGO Board mode.
       new  1db4525   [gnugo int] Don't make ‘font-lock-defaults’ buffer-local.
       new  07bbf82   [gnugo] Keep GNUGO Board buffer read-only.
       new  1906db1   [gnugo int] Decruft: Drop unused local var.
       new  9b14b61   [gnugo] Decruft: Use ‘gnugo-program’ directly as 
       new  64c0b9d   Merge commit '51c140ca9ee32d27cacc7b2b07d4539bf98ae575' 
from company-master
       new  1c5fe42   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  413d80d   ada-mode 5.1.3, wisi 1.0.4
       new  92d1f3e   [gnugo int] Decruft: Don't stash :proc-args.
       new  9fd8fd8   [gnugo int] Use functional style more.
       new  cc0d112   [gnugo int] Move some prop jamming to ‘gnugo-board-mode’.
       new  1339edc   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--nquery
       new  56a2e8e   [gnugo int] Decruft: Don't set provisional 
       new  2a184e7   [gnugo int] Couple :center-position and :SZ jamming.
       new  c87937f   [gnugo] Fix bug: Ensure gametree sync for -l/--infile.
       new  fa3f975   [gnugo int] Declare ‘lexical-binding: t’.
       new  887dd02   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--prop<-color
       new  5de8234   [gnugo] On SGF load, leave cursor at last user board 
       new  11dd84f   [gnugo int] Fix bug: On -l/--infile, don't set 
       new  d11d1ac   [gnugo int] Fix bug: On -l/--infile, inhibit first move 
if game over.
       new  e9b07fd   [gnugo] Fix bug: DTRT for :last-user-bpos in 
undo-one-move ME-NEXT.
       new  1393f83   [gnugo] Reduce modifier key bouncing for "quick peek" 
       new  108892b   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--q/ue
       new  3fc3a78   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--mem-with-played-stone
       new  f9160f6   [gnugo] Validate position arg of GTP commands ‘undo’, 
       new  6012394   [gnugo] Internalize ‘gnugo-magic-undo’.
       new  88caac5   [gnugo int] Simplify towards-root loop termination check.
       new  47cd3ec   [gnugo int] Centralize some "No stone at POS" errors.
       new  3399523   [gnugo int] Move ‘gnugo-position’ call down-chain.
       new  342d2ee   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  6c88f96   Fix prefix of last merge and restore deleted files
       new  d9df8b8   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  1ecaae0   [gnugo] Allow user to move for GNU Go.
       new  ab2cc71   [gnugo int] Use ‘destructuring-bind’ more.
       new  57d0a9d   [gnugo] Fix bug: DTRT for suggestion ‘nowarp’ check.
       new  7a901c1   [gnugo] Allow user to request suggestion for GNU Go.
       new  3d9d873   [gnugo] On disable, transform in-flight user-move into 
       new  7b824b6   [gnugo] Fix bug: Use ‘gnugo-gate’ for abdication enable.
       new  6fab5f4   [gnugo int] Use ‘gnugo-current-player’ more.
       new  c4b04bd   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  304fede   [gnugo int] Move ‘gnugo--passp’ earlier in file.
       new  bfb4ad2   [gnugo int] Drop abstraction: pretty
       new  7bf1c96   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--resignp
       new  a91d672   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--no-worries
       new  7de7e76   [gnugo] Make undo commands silently handle overkill.
       new  fd99685   [gnugo int] Snoop ‘--handicap N’ for empty new board.
       new  9394e0c   Don't allow package-initialize to use ~/.emacs.d
       new  6dcd54d   Change echo statements during build.
       new  e3157df   [gnugo int] Decorate w/ plist instead of alist.
       new  3732172   fixup! [gnugo int] Decorate w/ plist instead of alist.
       new  b0b6ef9   [gnugo] Don't display "Abdication {en,dis}abled".
       new  7539e05   [gnugo] Conditionalize xform warping on abdication 
       new  18d6aca   [gnugo int] Compute "Abd" in mode-line at time of change.
       new  8a41ba9   [gnugo int] Fix bug: Use correct color for "Not your turn 
       new  36214b4   [gnugo int] Drop abstractions: 
       new  40079c7   * nlinum.el (nlinum-format): New custom variable. 
(nlinum--region): Change calling convention of nlinum-format-function. 
(nlinum-format-function): Change default value accordingly; Use nlinum-format; 
Try to generate less garbage.
       new  afc34be   [gnugo int] Avoid superfluous ‘gnugo-other’ call.
       new  646e393   [gnugo int] Maintain current buffer in 
       new  07c0448   [gnugo] Replace abdication w/ Assist and Zombie minor 
       new  4ff2985   [gnugo int] Comment munging; nfc.
       new  d0844c5   [gnugo int] Drop redundant ‘gnugo-gate’ calls.
       new  4348c9a   [gnugo int] Move some ‘gnugo-gate’ calls down-chain.
       new  7704a34   [gnugo] Fix bug: On role switch, flip karma after roles.
       new  78c253e   [gnugo] Refuse to climb towards root when in Assist mode.
       new  c3f2ceb   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--assist-state
       new  fa3360f   [gnugo int] Move karma state normalization down-chain.
       new  593efe5   [gnugo] Make climb-to-root "GNU Go to play" reaction 
       new  13b2339   Fix bug that caused undo-tree to hang when undoing in 
region (bug#16377).
       new  0b217b2   [gnugo] Make SGF I/O commands change ‘default-directory’.
       new  5e0ee6a   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  253a726   [gnugo int] Decruft: Presume ‘display-images-p’.
       new  511b31a   [gnugo] Publicize ‘gnugo-undo-reaction’.
       new  1f8eb30   [gnugo] Make ‘gnugo-xpms’ a normal var; drop it as 
       new  2a28dd2   [gnugo] Handle function for ‘gnugo-xpms’ value.
       new  3835da9   [gnugo int] Decruft: Drop :local-xpms support.
       new  4232bb2   [gnugo int] Commentary munging; nfc.
       new  f668f16   [gnugo int] Mention ‘gnugo-frolic-mode-map’ in 
Commentary; nfc.
       new  43f9118   [gnugo] Replace ‘gnugo-toggle-image-display-command’ w/ 
       new  e3506cd   [gnugo] Replace ‘gnugo-toggle-grid’ w/ ‘gnugo-grid-mode’.
       new  42a9e1c   [gnugo frolic] Add command to navigate to end of branch.
       new  9ab5a6f   [gnugo int] Use ‘loop ... collect’ more.
       new  0519b98   [gnugo int] Simplify COND expression.
       new  e0e7686   [gnugo] Fix bug: For GTP "help COMMAND", leave point in 
right place.
       new  625f692   [gnugo int] Use private obarray for :all-yy elems, 
display props.
       new  0ce6b50   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  f48f941   Merge commit 'aecfbcbc10cf03ec94062ac3e590f8118e5a0434'
       new  992110b   [aa2u] Fix bug: Make ‘M-x aa2u’ operate on accessible 
       new  ac0c444   [aa2u] Release: 1.6
       new  9df698a   [gnugo int] Replace COND expression w/ IF.
       new  8a75706   [gnugo int] Add section "Tip Jar" in Commentary; nfc.
       new  36610b5   [aa2u maint] Extract NEWS and HACKING to separate files; 
       new  c023918   [aa2u int] Add "Tip Jar" URL in Commentary; nfc.
       new  1b5eac5   [aa2u int] Don't use ‘cl-labels’ when ‘cl-flet*’ will do.
       new  b0b95b4   [aa2u int] Compute vertical/horizontal components 
       new  1031b2d   [aa2u] Make weight dynamically customizable.
       new  5c7c5db   [aa2u maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  8d809e0   fixup! [aa2u] Make weight dynamically customizable.
       new  48e68b6   Update copyright_exceptions
       new  3355469   Add "rudel" to the list of externals.
       new  a755d32   ascii-art-to-unicode.el (aa2u-replacement): Use cl-case 
instead of case.
       new  b29850b   [aa2u] New command: aa2u-rectangle
       new  2054015   [aa2u] Release: 1.7
       new  b4d3b5f   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  b524a2e   * .gitignore: Add "rudel".
       new  e6edfc5   [gnugo maint] Add ‘Maintainer’ header per top-level 
README; nfc.
       new  017f5fb   queue.el: fix buggy queue-first and queue-empty 
       new  ae5f597   [xpm maint] Add .elpaignore and NEWS files; nfc.
       new  c3ee18f   [xpm] Add Emacs Lisp files.
       new  dcb9fff   [xpm maint] Add debugging aid Emacs Lisp file.
       new  1f4967e   [xpm maint] Add HACKING; nfc.
       new  b8ffb62   Add new simple package poker.el.
       new  9cc56e7   [xpm int] Compute bool-vector length exactly once.
       new  2f0d01b   [xpm int] Don't bother w/ rows outside form bb.
       new  68b7a6d   [xpm int] Doc fix.
       new  c29fee8   [xpm] Release: 1.0.0
       new  fc08fdf   [gnugo int] Accomodate XPM w/ :color-symbols property.
       new  0cd9eb8   Initial import of chess.el.
       new  dbf7b90   [xpm maint] Add some perf ideas to HACKING; nfc.
       new  0fe353e   Fix up copyright headers; add cl-lib requirement
       new  4ff6492   * admin/archive-contents.el: Keep both home page a 
repository links.
       new  b1fb7d6   [gnugo imgen] New feature: gnugo-imgen
       new  bcfd59c   fixup! [gnugo imgen] New feature: gnugo-imgen
       new  9296018   [gnugo frolic] Promote frolic mode/funcs to feature.
       new  6b6d64e   [gnugo] Declare package keywords.
       new  9fee964   [xpm] Fix byte-compilation bugs.
       new  1720a66   [xpm] Declare package keywords.
       new  45d9f39   [xpm] Release: 1.0.1
       new  134b9af   [aa2u maint] Add ‘Maintainer’ header per top-level 
README; nfc.
       new  a519a4b   [aa2u] Declare package keywords.
       new  4f31b8e   [aa2u int] Add abstraction: gsr
       new  5b7f50c   [aa2u] New command: aa2u-mark-as-text
       new  728b7f2   [aa2u] Release: 1.8
       new  dfbfde1   * update-archive.sh: Add "--announce <mailinglist>" 
argument. (send_mail, announce_new): New functions. (signal_error): Simplify 
       new  92d5b7a   Add ergoemacs-mode; fix up externals maintenance
       new  c17cbdc   * .gitignore: Add ergoemacs-mode.
       new  ef529ea   Move chess.el to externals/chess branch.
       new  1ffe975   Add packages/chess to .gitignore.
       new  6285347   Make sure removal of $(ARCHIVE_TMP)/packages/$(pkg) does 
not prompt interactively.
       new  7f2b4c7   [gnugo imgen] Add autoload cookie.
       new  74e2b09   [gnugo maint] Add some headers to gnugo-frolic.el; nfc.
       new  36c35d9   [maint] Fix bug: Rewrite PKG-VER extraction.
       new  48c7f2a   [quarter-plane] Fix typo in Commentary.
       new  2bb7e8f   * update-archive.sh (announce_new): Avoid "eval" and 
don't assume pkg names don't start with -.
       new  b4e0a9e   * packages/svg-clock/svg-clock.el (svg-clock-do-update, 
svg-clock-start): Don't call image-mode every second.
       new  33c6c48   * README: Update for new "Version: 0" convention. * 
admin/forward-diffs.py: Adapt to different syntax. * admin/archive-contents.el 
(archive--strip-rcs-id): Remove. (batch-make-archive): Accept "Version: 0" to 
mean "don't publish". (archive--metadata): Don't use archive--strip-rcs-id any 
more. (archive--html-make-pkg): Handle the case where the is no `latest'. 
(batch-html-make-index): Include unreleased packages.
       new  6a04b86   [gnugo int] Fix up gnugo-frolic.el ‘require’ forms.
       new  ed85e73   Add osc.el.
       new  8fdf3fb   [aa2u maint] Mention TAB infelicity in HACKING; nfc.
       new  ca34a5d   Add metar.el.
       new  5d9da2f   Fix phenomena decoding
       new  364f2e3   release ada-mode 5.1.4
       new  5f9e98d   * packages/nlinum/nlinum.el (nlinum-mode): Don't leave 
overlays around when switching major mode.
       new  573d19e   * packages/metar/metar.el 
(metar-latitude-longitude-distance-haversine): `macrolet' is called 
`cl-macrolet' in cl-lib. (metar-station-countries): Avoid `add-to-list'.  Use 
       new  c3f333f   * packages/gnugo: Add `cl-lib' as dependency; require it 
and use its names. Don't bother with lexical-let since we use lexical-binding. 
* packages/gnugo/gnugo.el (gnugo-board-mode-map): * 
packages/gnugo/gnugo-frolic.el (gnugo-frolic-mode-map): Move initialization 
into declaration.
       new  4a6fe69   * packages/osc/osc.el (osc-filter): Fix up old `cl' name. 
(osc--test-transport-equality): Mark `path' as unused.
       new  3d62b4c   [gnugo int] Whitespace, comment munging; nfc.
       new  7dd466c   [gnugo] Only set AP for modified gametrees in the 
       new  a93c3e2   Use calc-units to convert units to a user-defined setting 
       new  55ef7ca   [gnugo int] Bump required ‘xpm’ version to "1.0.1".
       new  29a77bf   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  d2a8344   [aa2u] New command: aa2u-mark-rectangle-as-text
       new  2a41b58   [aa2u] Update homepage; drop other links.
       new  2347761   [aa2u] Mention TAB infelicity.
       new  2f9235d   [aa2u] Release: 1.9
       new  17d45f4   [metar] Make the length unit configurable (clouds) and 
simplify pressure conversion
       new  a4d063d   [metar] defcustom for metar-units
       new  337f770   [metar] Fix humidity calculation when Fahrenheit is used
       new  9edd7c7   [quarter-plane] Fix typo in Commentary.
       new  c992c20   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ab04f64   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  1cebc93   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  f23c690   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  4c1476b   [xpm] Add homepage URL; drop other links.
       new  6231c8b   [xpm] Release: 1.0.2
       new  54acb15   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  2008235   [metar] Fix metar-convert-temperature to actually DTRT
       new  9ffa40a   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  b1df1f7   [metar] Unify station lat/lon conversion.
       new  72067be   * sml-mode/sml-mode.el (sml-smie-grammar): Add 
include&sharing. (sml-smie-rules): Add functor rule. 
(sml-smie-definitional-equal-p): Use smie-backward-sexp.
       new  17e482c   * sml-mode.el (sml--rightalign-and-p): New function.
       new  a67e28c   [gnugo int] Expose function to byte-compiler.
       new  35599f8   [xpm int] Use ‘cl-loop’ instead of ‘loop’.
       new  5005bfe   [xpm int] Add abstraction: form
       new  043eda9   [xpm maint] Add Author, Maintainer headers; nfc.
       new  18d1c6e   [xpm] Fix typo.
       new  9231de2   [xpm int] Whitespace munging; nfc.
       new  1bf1396   [xpm] Document disabled undo.
       new  c27b88f   [xpm int] Use ‘cl-destructuring-bind’, not 
       new  a252115   [xpm int] Use cl-* names; drop ‘cl’ requirement.
       new  929b86c   [xpm int] Use ‘cl-assert’, not ‘assert’; drop ‘cl’ 
       new  ed05189   [xpm] Clarify function descriptions.
       new  d1858b3   [xpm maint] Don't mention HACKING in Commentary; nfc.
       new  71696ca   [xpm int] Make wip more visible; inhibit their 
       new  64e5c95   [xpm] Release: 1.0.3
       new  1451e51   * company/company-capf.el: Don't ignore things like 
       new  b11201f   [gnugo int] Use "%F" and "%T".
       new  a8d0f50   * sml-mode/sml-mode.el: Release new version.
       new  bab0fc8   Update README to tell how to checkout a single external 
       new  d5953b1   README: Use remote.origin.url to avoid loosing write 
access and save some typing.
       new  f1d3abe   [poker] Add to the games menu.
       new  1b67906   [chess] Package is maintained *in* ELPA.
       new  ae1b226   * aumix-mode: New package.
       new  e9907dd   * packages/nlinum/nlinum.el (nlinum--face-height): New 
function. (nlinum--setup-window): Use it.
       new  8fcfbd5   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  64242ea   Release 0.1.
       new  bdae7a0   Merge commit '7c14dedc79bf0c6eaad5bf50b80ea80dd721afdc' 
from company
       new  b33061b   Fixes: debbugs:17906
       new  7712b2f   * admin/archive-contents.el: Don't stop at the first 
incorrect version string. * externals-list (rudel): Not maintained externally 
any more. (chess): Fix syntax.
       new  04003ca   * caps-lock: New package.
       new  2b64762   * wcheck-mode: New package.
       new  4ea90de   * wcheck-mode.el: Fix minor compiler warnings.
       new  49015a2   * xpm: Fix cl-lib usage and compilation failures.
       new  b61e23a   * javaimp: New package.
       new  4b85149   * packages/ada-mode/* : version 5.1.5
       new  1839681   Rename smart-operator to electric-spacing.
       new  14ac1c4   electric-spacing.el: Refactor by following electric.el 
minor modes.
       new  0db2725   electric-spacing.el: Release 5.0.
       new  0845caf   Refresh copyright_exceptions
       new  5f31ab3   [gnugo int] Use idiomatic ‘re-search-forward’ BOUND.
       new  b368133   [gnugo maint] Update HACKING; nfc.
       new  8c0ec46   [gnugo maint] Add ‘URL’ header; trim Hacking URL; drop 
Tip Jar URL.
       new  bc363a3   [gnugo] Release: 3.0.0
       new  348f9ab   Merge commit 'b1d019a4c815ac8bdc240d69eaa74eb4e34640e8' 
from company-master
       new  0173ed5   Add Package-Requires for flylisp per Emacs bug 18078.
       new  e9bd82a   Fix TODO about fixed Emacs bug
       new  5445531   * GNUmakefile: Don't look for .el files under .git
       new  3cd1a7c   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  23c16f9   Merge commit '3f49d2b3934e69d11410d08f1be8e0011237c11c' 
from diff-hl
       new  b5f93ce   Merge commit '4709fc4530da4ddfd29b910763c801292b228f69' 
from diff-hl
       new  4814e69   Upgrade to version 1.3.
       new  8f9e8a4   Merge commit 'f4ffe2b47cf6854ff3bc3ca1717efe1258c01547' 
from company
       new  7c04579   javaimp: converted to lexical binding, doc fixes, minor 
code fixes
       new  bad5f42   * man.el (Man-getpage-in-background): Always use `setenv' 
for environment variables, instead of modifying process-environment directly. 
The previous version let-bound process-environment -- the let-binding is 
skipped for GROFF_NO_SGR because there is already a let-binding in effect in 
some outer scope.
       new  c52ed5d   (top-level): Quote second arg to `eval-after-load'.
       new  36202b3   Add arch taglines
       new  7b8de18   New directory
       new  26ae956   Sync to HEAD
       new  3609c45   Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  cf50536   (crisp-home, crisp-end): Put CUA property.
       new  441d611   Update FSF's address.
       new  838b1a8   Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  49d292a   Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  3d50bc5   Update copyright years.
       new  dd80d35   Add 2007 to copyright years.
       new  28a63a3   Switch license to GPLv3 or later.
       new  4c556cb   Add 2008 to copyright years.
       new  e88d490   * sieve.el (sieve-make-overlay, sieve-overlay-put, 
sieve-overlays-at): * message.el (message-beginning-of-line): Use featurep 
instead of bound tests in order to resolve conditionals at compile time.
       new  4cfd215   Fix up comment convention on the arch-tag lines.
       new  e1fa36a   Switch to recommended form of GPLv3 permissions notice.
       new  3b9d1e1   Add 2009 to copyright years.
       new  03d8c23   * keymap.c (QCadvertised_binding): New constant. 
(syms_of_keymap): Initialize it. (Fwhere_is_internal): Try and use bindings 
from :advertised-binding if applicable.
       new  2133c01   * emulation/crisp.el (crisp-mode-map): Move 
initialization into declaration. (crisp-mode): Use define-minor-mode.
       new  bbb9290   Add 2010 to copyright years.
       new  7ec96ca   Remove leading `*' from docs of some defcustoms etc.
       new  f7397b2   Add 2011 to FSF/AIST copyright years.
       new  82b0357   Nuke arch-tags.
       new  1445f6e   Refill some copyright headers.
       new  309bbce   Convert consecutive FSF copyright years to ranges.
       new  0120a8c   Fix more minor mode docstrings.
       new  b81d673   Rename 
split-window-{above-each-other|split-window-side-by-side} to split-window-below 
and split-window-right.
       new  8a244d0   Spelling fixes.
       new  569b45e   Add 2012 to FSF copyright years for Emacs files
       new  9bdbe6e   Remove incorrect uses of "modeline".
       new  e8ccf3e   Reduce use of (require 'cl). * admin/bzrmerge.el: Use 
cl-lib. * leim/quail/hangul.el: Don't require CL. * leim/quail/ipa.el: Use 
cl-lib. * vc/smerge-mode.el, vc/pcvs.el, vc/pcvs-util.el, vc/pcvs-info.el: * 
vc/diff-mode.el, vc/cvs-status.el, uniquify.el, scroll-bar.el: * register.el, 
progmodes/sh-script.el, net/gnutls.el, net/dbus.el: * msb.el, mpc.el, 
minibuffer.el, international/ucs-normalize.el: * international/quail.el, 
info-xref.el, imenu.el, image-mode.el: * fon [...]
       new  1fa63cc   Replace version 24.2 with 24.3 where appropriate 
       new  c6cd95b   Aliases to defcustoms must come before the defcustom.
       new  0fd3ef6   Update copyright notices for 2013.
       new  c72cd4b   Update copyright year to 2014 by running 
       new  42b41d1   Move crisp mode from Emacs trunk directory 
(lisp/emulation) to a new ELPA package directory (packages/crisp)
       new  cec0d76   Format crisp package to meet ELPA's requirement: 
maintainer and version.
       new  ac10c4f   Merge crisp mode from Emacs repository and make it a new 
ELPA package.
       new  b2b60a4   javaimp: fixed lexical-binding var placement
       new  1636087   Merge commit '469cd3bc117bfb8da0c03a2a2fb185e80c81d068'
       new  8809513   rainbow-mode: support float in CSS and limit to 100%
       new  40f93f1   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  917e11f   Merge commit '2ef6263c65a109b4d36503e6484fdbf4cb307d0f' 
from company
       new  96929f3   Merge commit 'fa4ba155a3e22ddc4b8bc33fcbf8cc69ef8f0043' 
from company
       new  13edc68             * packages/vlf: Perform search, occur and ediff 
operations over         hexl content instead over raw data when hexl-mode is 
active.    Allow vlf-occur results be saved to file and later reused.
       new  e0b7416     * packages/vlf: Version 1.6.  Automatically tune batch 
size to  improve user experience and performance for batch operations.
       new  a0d6189   [vlf] bump version
       new  0dff39f   remove bogus execute priv
       new  23cd21f   publish ada-mode 5.1.6, wisi 1.0.6, new package 
       new  959afc9   * ada-ref-man.el: Fix up formatting details.
       new  99472b8   javaimp: fix for cases when maven doesn't add xml 
       new  c036261   javaimp: version 0.5
       new  937c0ac   javaimp: doc fixes
       new  345b572   Adding gnorb to externals-list
       new  70f28da   Merge commit '0b9eb2b647a49ffa3dc4e3e61cb8bd94c7fe3634' 
as 'packages/gnorb'
       new  6dbefd7   * GNUmakefile: Fix generation of <pkg>-pkg.el files. 
(pkg_descs): New var. (all-in-place): Use it.
       new  8155985   * packages/gnorb/gnorb.el: Mention dependency on cl-lib. 
Require `bbdb' here, and not during compilation. * 
packages/gnorb/gnorb-utils.el: Don't require `cl'. Don't require `bbdb', in 
case it's not installed. * packages/gnorb/gnorb-registry.el: Require cl-lib.  
Use cl-lib names. * packages/gnorb/gnorb-org.el: Require cl-lib.  Use cl-lib 
names. * packages/gnorb: Fix up copyright and compilation. * 
packages/gnorb/gnorb-bbdb.el: Require `cl-lib'.  Use cl-lib names. (bbd [...]
       new  78acf97   Fixing Gnorb entry in externals-list
       new  7be487b   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  70fc47d   * update-archive.sh (send_mail): Use `sendmail' and 
       new  0266cfd   Merge commit '60d4c09c982a1c562a70cd6aa705f47ab3badcfb' 
from company
       new  35c4c16   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  222ea02   * scroll-restore: New package.
       new  1da73b7   * scroll-restore.el (scroll-restore--set): New function.  
Use it as setter instead of calling scroll-restore-restart. 
(scroll-restore-restart): Remove. (scroll-restore-mode): Add autoload cookie. 
(scroll-restore-commands): Add scroll-up-command and scroll-down-command.
       new  baa3c5f   * packages/lmc/lmc.el (lmc--load-word): Remove unused 
vars. (lmc-after-change, lmc-tool-bar-to-string): Mark unused args.
       new  c95260e   * packages/sml-mode/sml-mode.el (sml-smie-grammar): Add 
"withtype". (sml-smie-rules): Use pcase. (sml-smie-non-nested-of-p): Rewrite to 
avoid regexp and stay closer to point.
       new  b35baa5   * packages/wcheck-mode/wcheck-mode.el 
(wcheck--program-executable-p): Use executable-find. 
(wcheck--language-data-valid-p): Use memq and give better diagnostics.
       new  7323a82   * packages/lex/lex.el: Use lexical-binding.
       new  6341c0a   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-org.el: Miscellanous cleanups. 
(debbugs-org-search): Remove unused var `date-format'. 
(debbugs-org-show-reports): Avoid add-to-list on local var. * 
packages/debbugs/debbugs.el (debbugs-get-usertag, debbugs-search-est): Avoid 
add-to-list on local var.
       new  4894a54   * packages/register-list/register-list.el 
(register-list): Pass arg to called-interactively-p.
       new  fb72fa3   * packages/rainbow-mode/rainbow-mode.el 
(ansi-color-context) (xterm-color-current): Declare.
       new  31b2e31   * poker/poker.el (poker-combinations, 
poker-possible-hands): Fix tests.
       new  70710a0   * packages/num3-mode/num3-mode.el (num3-mode): Use 
font-lock-flush if available.
       new  7fae9c3   * packages/shen-mode/inf-shen.el: Don't require `cl'. 
(shen-remember-functions): Avoid `flet'.
       new  f379e42   * packages/trie/trie.el (edebug-prin1, 
edebug-prin1-to-string): Use advice-add when available.
       new  e5b3b05   * packages/tNFA/tNFA.el (tNFA--DFA-state-create): Avoid 
add-to-list on local var.
       new  23e82ce   * packages/uni-confusables/uni-confusables.el: Fix up 
comment convention. * packages/uni-confusables/gen-confusables.el 
(gen-confusables-write): Idem.
       new  f4e7491   * GNUmakefile (%-pkg.el): Silence the emacs command line 
again. (all-in-place): Remove debug message.
       new  af52456   * packages/f90-interface-browser/f90-interface-browser.el 
(f90-fontify-arglist): Use font-lock-ensure when available.
       new  673f33a   * packages/flylisp/flylisp.el (jit-lock-start): Declare.
       new  49194bc   * packages/jgraph-mode/jgraph-mode.el: Use 
lexical-binding. (jgraph-extract-commands): Avoid add-to-list on local var.
       new  0bb63b4   * packages/markchars/markchars.el (markchars-mode): Use 
font-lock-flush when available.
       new  5ddd738   * packages/vlf/vlf-occur.el, vlf-search.el, vlf-write.el 
(tramp-verbose): Declare.
       new  e60dacd   * packages/js2-mode/js2-imenu-extras.el: Use Unix-style 
       new  56fbb57   Miscellaneous cleanup.
       new  9130121   * packages/company/company-xcode.el 
(company-xcode-fetch): Avoid add-to-list on local var. * 
packages/company/company.el (company--window-height) (company--window-width): 
Move before first use.
       new  242260a   * packages/ada-mode: Miscellaneous cleanups.
       new  d3b43c1   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  1714ab1   Further facets added, extensions removed.
       new  60d0503   pabbrev: New package
       new  02e277a   packages/javaimp/javaimp.el: added check for changes in 
parent pom
       new  2114f4a   packages/javaimp/javaimp.el: parent pom check fix
       new  51625ca   Merging Gnorb commits up to 1.0.1
       new  d66c3b7   Merge commit 'd3fcbefcf56d2caad172e22f24de95397c635bf2' 
from company
       new  f5a70ba   Adjust copyright_exceptions for new AUCTeX.
       new  28f93c9   * web-server: Don't use CL.
       new  e08e6ba   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ggtags/master'
       new  2060b33   Add 'packages/names/' from commit 
       new  cbeaae5   Merge commit '2c744815cf9e4653625dd25f2e7f8b59c152782d' 
from js2-mode
       new  a112e8f   Merge commit '3abcd90ddc2f446ddf0fb874dd79ba870c26ad2d' 
from js2-mode
       new  96644be   Merge commit 'ed44aa9bcebcc055551a2d018db9080ee0e9866f'
       new  f5280ff   release ada-mode 5.1.7, wisi 1.1.0; minor format changes 
in ada-ref-man
       new  f41678c   release ada-mode 5.1.7, wisi 1.1.0; minor format changes 
in ada-ref-man (take 2)
       new  7f8be07   Update copyright exceptions
       new  42d859f   Fix up copyright_exceptions better
       new  f53ca98   * packages/gnorb: Don't require cl.  Fix up compilation 
       new  b2d15b4   * packages/yasnippet: Fix lexical-binding cookie; and 
require cl.
       new  75d203a   Add svg.el, a package for creating SVG images
       new  5c160fa   Move the SVG examples to the svg.el file
       new  4560020   svg.el: (svg-line): Fix scrambled coordinates.
       new  5735fd1   Adjust copyright exceptions
       new  7881b00   svg requires dom.el, and therefore Emacs 25
       new  d9ced30   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  e2d17da   svg-clock.el: Refactoring.  Use 'svg.el' and 'dom.el'.
       new  8316609   Make the `t' "tag" command persist over reordering
       new  695401a   Update the debbugs tag face when switching it off, too
       new  7b4b524   Also suppress all locally tagged bug reports
       new  bfd5dbf   minor fixes
       new  e884275   Really allow narrowing to subject fields
       new  2d33f1d   Make an empty `/' command display all the bugs
       new  9e112d6   Add a lot of Emacs maintainer DWIM
       new  a9f0251   let-alist: New package
       new  6971653   Merge commit 'a11ba779f588af28f93fd4b7a716849695d5d9f3'
       new  93dc6a2   let-alist.el: Add lexical binding. Version bump.
       new  4e03d2c   packages/let-alist: Enable access to deeper alists
       new  5df51c8   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  4897162   Add packages/darkroom by merging its upstream subtree
       new  b765039   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  591d60e   packages/let-alist: Use `make-symbol' instead of `gensym'.
       new  b6a1f35   Require compile before using variables from that package
       new  eef8df1     * packages/vlf: Version 1.7
       new  0d45565   Merge commit '6ea154f73f8389abb03c804bb4a4d21c8893861b' 
from diff-hl
       new  a595cb5   Merge commit 'dea0ba6347f2eb5be310826e7917effb73e1e600'
       new  671fa07   Merge commit 'eb0d8d9e687e1364098f9abc6f9281fcbc0d3abd' 
from company
       new  825d80b   Merge commit 'd12ddaa05f582ecc00e74bc42fd46652153ec7a6' 
from company
       new  ff990b8   Merge commit '68cc63682a66513c0968352f15e9b37fd245e636'
       new  64df945   packages/seq: New package
       new  a3b03bc   Merge commit '8b9dd3e5803fd02b03a7f2a8bb6cb51df7f2f7bf'
       new  069cca7   * packages/company/test/clang-tests.el: Add copyright 
       new  62fe664   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  2d303f2   hydra: New package
       new  b21a73d   Merge commit 'a4ac0dead8e9cb440c1f8aec9141d6c64bad4933' 
from company
       new  c8051e8   Setup git subtree add for hydra
       new  bf17a80   Add 'packages/hydra/' from commit 
       new  786b29e   Merge commit '440c41cc3f5137d694211719abaa38c0193a08a2' 
from hydra
       new  df715ad   Merge commit '1583a82fdcd387de95d27c384ec590e714d24c6a' 
as 'packages/ahungry-theme'
       new  cef865a   Add 'packages/company-statistics/' from commit 
       new  648d56c   Merge commit '06b63f1d718d12d15aaf9459b492944203764d2f' 
from hydra
       new  d5391a0   Merge commit 'b359db633e46987c9107e89199717c2194b9a045' 
from hydra
       new  3185264   Add 'packages/sotlisp/' from commit 
       new  c9d8c1f   Merge commit '7558a961a03b3a9d26fafc69d9665e4aadf47738' 
from js2-mode
       new  1b35517   Merge commit '6f142e342a4228640cb50a45e224f932679355bb' 
from hydra
       new  67952e1   Merge commit '5d576aed8ee0f1ee29c2d1ca597301bdcff5597e' 
from hydra
       new  7bf1675   Merge commit 'a015fb350abe50d250e3e7a9c3c762397326977f' 
from company
       new  6d04865   Merge commit '39c53c953ef9ec2a80e55849d2cb44de219801f5'
       new  ad6a41b   * packages/cl-generic: Add new package
       new  3daf7bc   * packages/cl-generic/cl-generic.el (cl-defmethod): Fix 
handling of subclass.
       new  e14f9cf   * packages/sotlisp: Add "Version:" header; fix EOL format
       new  7447c3d   Merge commit '3e70e12bd942bbd0acac4963b5caca63756ad784' 
from company
       new  ccd5fe3   Merge commit 'b963c70dcf211c86d4bb03bfd4a20c6807cbe679' 
from hydra
       new  4395f8d   Add 'packages/context-coloring/' from commit 
       new  56eaefb   externals-list: Add context-coloring
       new  048d472   Merge commit 'fedf88552990afa269366dfa4c3f5af6d1cdb7c2' 
from context-coloring
       new  03f480e   Handle blocked bugs in debbugs
       new  2b565cb   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.sv.gnu.org/emacs/elpa
       new  92d8b3a   Merge commit 'e312e04bc813a642483f0be67a6073cb93a24552'
       new  3d4e3a5   Merge commit '4c9fdc8a28ee4cfd795c94bc4b872138f363ae0f'
       new  e98dce8   Merge commit '3843afc1e499123bea752c925a4c0d0b7167b8a7'
       new  27c2deb   Update seq.el to version 1.1
       new  47ba81c   Merge commit '50127e91c39a8c72eb2ea1ffadf708f31699cf84'
       new  8ef0304   Merge commit 'd1e03c129603bf589e2c6d98cc93d05de48138c6'
       new  1d57896   Add auto-overlays package.
       new  dadc01c   Merge commit '59de0b7591713d38c6d5c99cb49c4a4cc434a272' 
from context-coloring
       new  6c7a137   Merge commit '68bcaa8d8df5518217a3833fd1bb400c8225fe02' 
from hydra
       new  0fd26f2   * nlinum.el: Use face-width if available.  Hook into 
       new  e2562f4   Merge commit '6f3ad757155b9b3089aba55ee6102ecc9bed647d' 
from context-coloring
       new  2afe3ff   Fix info direntry and add autoloads to auto-overlays.
       new  db60be7   Update seq.el to version 1.1.1
       new  9a72623   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  b180cd9   * color-theme-ahungry.el: Don't burp if color-theme is 
       new  af490b4   * sml-mode.el: Add prettify-symbols-mode and Poly/ML 
       new  66b0d19   Fix copyright assignment in auto-overlays manual.
       new  f56e9fc   Merge commit '0c08964462812942db51d177e6ea922b26019e65' 
from hydra
       new  d1b23dd   Update seq.el to version 1.2
       new  22c29eb   * sml-mode/sml-mode.el (sml-smie-rules): Work around 
Emacs-24.3 bug.
       new  d77d277   * sml-mode/sml-mode.el: Bump version to make a new release
       new  bf4784b   Merge commit 'f4e1cbc5386fbf197ff8bcb6a9275f17c9cbe8e4' 
from context-coloring
       new  4711d67   New gud replacement package: realgud (a front end 
interface to debuggers).
       new  a14ee16   New gud replacement package: realgud (a front end 
interface to debuggers).
       new  70e5579   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ac9ab02   Remove realgud and dependents as a git submodule
       new  a5b184c   Add a simple example showing how to use.
       new  277d6f3   textile doesn't do backtick.
       new  20111b7   See above
       new  e6c6b40   The grammar again
       new  7bbd98c   The grammar again
       new  c98972c   The grammar again
       new  c119797   Remove trailing whitespace.
       new  962fc0f   Add required version header.
       new  71fb10a   Run buffer through checkdoc.
       new  2e06c6a   Merge pull request #1 from expez/package
       new  004d1b4   Thanks to Lars expez
       new  b8e267d   Add a couple of autoloads
       new  31db26a   Reinstate old elisp-comp.
       new  14618ff   Revise documentation.
       new  4fc172a   More doc fixes
       new  b7f056a   Yet more doc text tweaking
       new  cdb6d06   Go over install instructions.
       new  9a924aa   One more change
       new  a3b98c2   Go over install-from-git.sh
       new  f24bf06   install-from-git.sh: forgot to set protocol. rest: 
Attempt to figure out a reasonable lispdir setting (--with-lispdir).
       new  baf206e   tidy organization of configure.ac
       new  f1321bb   We don't need test-unit for test-simple!
       new  c6ae045   Go over documentation yet again.
       new  170b04f   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ef50181   Try travis
       new  1a6d2e9   Is this .travis.yml okay now?
       new  a834061   Try travis build with emacs23-nox
       new  9108632   This emacs package doesn't need any other of my emacs 
       new  c68d9be   Correct travis status image link
       new  9196e0b   Put back in git clone of emacs-test-simple
       new  bfb285c   Add coderwall endorse
       new  6b535fb   Try using Carton packaging
       new  6a7631f   grammar typo
       new  aecbfaf   autoconf, fall back to default datadir install location
       new  bdf4877   Merge pull request #3 from elbeardmorez/ac-lispdir
       new  ebdb387   autoreconf, don't force update
       new  759731a   Merge pull request #2 from elbeardmorez/autoreconf
       new  d370599   assert-raises was passing an extra arg to assert-t.
       new  68d24a8   Fix configure --prefix
       new  91dcf76   Merge pull request #4 from mar-kolya/fix-configure-prefix
       new  2b41b57   Go over Makefile.am. Add check-terse and install-terse
       new  b9b4f5d   1.0 release
       new  1aade84   Release 1.0
       new  51aa00a   Add 'packages/test-simple/' from commit 
       new  8df1dcb   Add 'packages/loc-changes/' from commit 
       new  dd13d5b   Add 'packages/load-relative/' from commit 
       new  498576a   Add 'packages/realgud/' from commit 
       new  509af11   Oops - should have added in branch externals/<pkg>
       new  6bbfc6a   Add 'packages/test-simple/' from commit 
       new  734fc44   Add test-simple to externals-list
       new  7860da5   Wrong git URL to test-simple
       new  1559acf   Use GPL3
       new  e4e5c58   Merge commit '7fe5510edce15f5733552bb4d9de4f5ab1e0de76'
       new  6a983c2   Assign FSF Copyright and boilerplate.
       new  f32cfff   Bump version #
       new  97d4db9   Merge commit 'ec7ba4f2dbae0901724483de5868127a1cbc38e9'
       new  0dba3f0   Reduce boilerplate verbiage
       new  b4d63cf   Merge commit '3fd5ea161e41d94902ef499b41f7032ef07f6430'
       new  7f38c2e   Add 'packages/load-relative/' from commit 
       new  a9db979   Merge commit 'c876c3c62f03d7e945b049932a55496b3cdfe05d'
       new  edd2c5f   Merge commit 'fea2a8b1c10f9f29ba6924b17892de670b650756'
       new  97a0f94   Merge commit '3fa56d7925d5b24c5cd11c61bd6b3235e753a055'
       new  38b5a72   Add 'packages/timerfunctions/' from commit 
       new  ba4175b   * timerfunctions.el: Fix up copyright and conventions
       new  a99c477   * cl-generic/cl-generic.el (cl-defmethod): Use cl-flet if 
       new  b4782e4   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  61cc65f   * jgraph-mode.el (jgraph-mode): Fix strings.
       new  d8454ef   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  0e20afc   Merge commit '0e1d1440e4819d76cc68b213431722884af66e89'
       new  82a3f67   * load-relative/test/test-file.el: Fix up copyright
       new  90ec293   Add 'packages/loc-changes/' from commit 
       new  cad50d2   loc-changes/loc-changes.el: Fix footer
       new  ed4f92b   * timerfunctions.el: Numerous fixes to make it comply 
with checkdoc
       new  30ee935   Merge commit 'e085a333867959a1b36015a3ad8e12e5bd6550d9' 
from company
       new  bc25146   Merge commit 'e342c330807fdd09adba974611122d1c95bdf07d' 
from hydra
       new  e0357d4   rainbow: fix font-lock-mode refresh
       new  82810bf   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  f1c2a47   Add 'packages/spinner/' from commit 
       new  8679c44   Merge commit 'a7b4e52766977b58c6b9899305e962a2b5235bda'
       new  7aa533f   let-alist: Update copyright
       new  78907ce   Merge commit '7eca7d023c95bc21c7838467b3a58d549afaf68d'
       new  0e6e4f5   Update seq.el to version 1.3
       new  b4fb599   Merge commit 'f954c936afc1e3de21a3ee0d6e5add9853f8ed58'
       new  2dd6daf   packages/javaimp/javaimp.el: replace kill-line with 
       new  3ff6802   packages/javaimp/javaimp.el: use line-beginning-position 
instead of forward-line
       new  2983ffe   Merge commit 'f062d5a55496e22cf89f2ef9778a24a840a5a68e' 
from context-coloring
       new  dae23fe   * timerfunctions.el: Fix compilation error.
       new  d137e13   Add 'packages/ace-window/' from commit 
       new  14b3fe2   Merge commit '243c680396edc99db85cc3152a7bbf020aa7a233' 
from ace-window
       new  44d4b45   Update copyright exceptions for AUCTeX
       new  9a92935   Merge commit 'a22acac260a93530f98b1fe84b4b5edc2a6bdc0e' 
from ace-window
       new  d874c83   Merge commit '7783f89cdbb3e3ba57f232552729715148e0b9a1' 
from hydra
       new  d274b02   Add 'packages/swiper/' from commit 
       new  4e7881c   Add 'packages/tiny/' from commit 
       new  d977ddb   Merge commit '901db7732bf61d9809712e8adfad9f84adc2eb56' 
from context-coloring
       new  b086b92   packages/bug-hunter: New package
       new  5844c8b   Add 'packages/aggressive-indent/' from commit 
       new  e4cbb92   Rephrases a comment in seq.el about the order of the 
       new  fee2571   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  fd88fe3   Merge commit 'd8a9a0c201f6abbe22a358cec4793e213bdd3685'
       new  be2636b   Merge commit 'e66862ffc4a7f729db4fb851652d1c32ce41c1b3'
       new  82be3ed   Merge commit 'ce516073e5e4359b88f98610bae9b157945eb8e8' 
from swiper
       new  4a47856   Merge commit 'f28382c9577b50dc7250c0f55c8b34270f0ba691' 
as 'packages/dbus-codegen'
       new  d2a781b   Add dbus-codegen to externals-list
       new  c77c9ea   new package: iterators/iterators.el
       new  868d1c0   iterators.el: copyright to FSF
       new  d0de524   Merge commit '4a6a31d6d4d479720f4b66091892b0cda2377346' 
from hydra
       new  0cf914c   Update packages/darkroom by merging its external subtree
       new  a99ec90   fix: replace 'text' in 'yas-text' in bundled snippets
       new  78d061e   Fix: cleanup yasnippet-tests.el
       new  f1d670c   Closes #318: correctly implement YAS--MODES-TO-ACTIVATE
       new  4808b9a   Closes #318: Don't use CL-LABELS for backward 
compatibility with older emacsen
       new  388106b   fix: shoosh warning with LETREC instead of LET
       new  99ac63f   fix: please older emacsen, don't use LETREC after all
       new  445e8e4   Update manual.mdown
       new  f64dd5a   Merge pull request #407 from dongxiong/patch-1
       new  054a8ba   fix: remove references to dropdown-list.el in Rakefile
       new  5ca447b   Closes #406: correct docstring for yas-extra-modes
       new  08498e3   inhibit change hooks during (insert content)
       new  a936dd4   add: test for issue #404
       new  7b4f59d   fix: don't use universal-argument-num-events
       new  e142dd3   fix font-lock-keywords syntax
       new  f6752ae   remove redundant font-lock-keywords
       new  8c3b378   Merge pull request #409 from npostavs/font-lock
       new  ba1847a   Revert "inhibit change hooks during (insert content)"
       new  dd409b8   wait till after content insertion to narrow
       new  0ebbb0d   test middle-of-buffer snippet insertion
       new  3d09559   Merge pull request #412 from npostavs/less-narrow
       new  f41bc2f   add: external test for issue #404
       new  64da3eb   Closes #415: remove c-specific hacks, harmful on emacs 
       new  bcecb46   don't kill snippet buffer unless saved
       new  60a6272   move snippet saving from loading to closing
       new  66c9767   let C-c C-c save existing snippets too
       new  b314368   Merge pull request #423 from npostavs/load-snippet-ui
       new  5096ec1   widen before deleting regions
       new  288d0a6   Closes #404: merge remote-tracking branch 'npostavs/widen'
       new  58271ea   Feature: de/activate-extra-mode
       new  93de262   Merge pull request #424 from ljos/de/activate-extra-mode
       new  c079d40   Go back to org manual
       new  251314b   fix typo: .yas.parents -> .yas-parents
       new  df736e6   yas/ -> yas-
       new  c47a406   fix exporting of doc strings for org manual
       new  f2e262d   Fix screencast link.
       new  6e940d3   remove reference to yas-trigger-key
       new  84550c8   Merge pull request #430 from npostavs/org-doc
       new  33ebc5a   Migrate to snippets maintained by the TextMate community
       new  0051d8f   Merge pull request #431 from 
       new  a809feb   don't use link abbreviations
       new  4b002ad   rename manual.org to index.org
       new  12b4af2   convert old rst manuals to org mode
       new  094ad24   split symbol reference into separate file
       new  6ddbf78   move index.org subsection into snippet-organization.org
       new  a1d6815   fix links
       new  86db0fa   move index.org subsection into snippet-expansion.org
       new  299f18c   link to docstring ref; fix other links, formatting
       new  c380c2b   move images to the section they describe
       new  1e64552   replace obsolete refs
       new  dd94935   add code examples for snippet-expansion.rst
       new  ef735df   more links to docstrings, don't repeat docstrings
       new  be44bc1   snippet-menu.org: links, formatting, obsolete refs
       new  5771b69   {snippet-development,faq}.org: fixup pandoc output
       new  57288a6   remove erroneous #+BEGIN/END_QUOTE
       new  fe1cc60   move top heading to title
       new  87355b7   move #+STARTUP to org-setup.inc; add #+LINK_HOME
       new  a565b08   publish org doc from Rakefile
       new  67947e7   retrieve function documentation correctly
       new  35f8aa4   fix docstring extraction for "fancy" docs
       new  e8d494e   check function doc before variable doc
       new  b3f8f09   Merge pull request #436 from npostavs/autodoc-1,2
       new  139abcc   format args in docstrings as =code=, not /italic/
       new  97b3091   yas--document-symbol: reindent
       new  d52805f   only crosslink exported symbols
       new  5dc80dc   docstring fixes
       new  7a5cb3c   only /italicize/ words completely in upper case
       new  b15453f   refactor: removed extras and snippets tree, both point to 
       new  7e3ff59   Merge branch 'unclutter': snippets and textmate 
importation snippets are now submodules
       new  2e03080   minor: README.mdown link
       new  df2c3d4   Closes #439: add a faq question about redefining keys
       new  130ccaf   Simplify: index.org no longer repeats info in the README
       new  fee7b84   minor: cosmetic fixes to manual
       new  5ec3fb4   markup suffixed variable names, eg SUBEXPth
       new  75cba8a   Closes #440: don't use  `make-variable-buffer-local' for 
       new  cc6679e   rake doc:upload: check for wrong/incomplete rev
       new  eeec22e   add top level menu, minimal styling
       new  159bc02   fix a faq title
       new  d2ec5b7   fix rake doc:upload
       new  ff6b52c   doc:upload stylesheets/*.css to gh-pages
       new  20cec71   yas-text export twice
       new  d60668b   Merge pull request #446 from dongxiong/patch-2
       new  bee34a5   populate yas--exported-syms based on sym prefix
       new  db7cbec   Merge pull request #442 from npostavs/auto-export
       new  baf5fcd   Closes #447: only call command beyond yasnippet if it 
       new  0d223b2   fix typo
       new  83993b4   add a link to the symbol reference in top menu
       new  c76094c   Rakefile: don't fail with EMACS=t env setting
       new  a1f1e26   yas--document-symbols: respect level arg, raise to 1
       new  157a567   yas--document-symbol: fix no transform case
       new  9d6e729   Use https instead of ssh for submodules access
       new  e08f79b   Merge pull request #449 from nibua-r/https-submodules
       new  4c47e90   Add Travis CI and update tests. Start a Changelog.
       new  668383b   Sync git submodule for yasmate repo
       new  e74ed1b   Add `yas-after-reload-hook' and run it at the end of 
       new  f3e7f64   update snippets submodule
       new  73632eb   yasnippet templates don't add newlines
       new  79a9096   Merge pull request #464 from kidd/master
       new  1cc4132   Remove experimental Changelog file
       new  bd5bc79   Remove an obsolete hack notice
       new  a55ce62   avoid double choices reversing
       new  26570eb   display-fn isn't actually used for filtering
       new  c0d6d37   yas-x-prompt: remove dead code
       new  075aabb   remove yas--x-pretty-prompt-templates
       new  a1cfb7d   Merge pull request #466 from npostavs/no-reverse
       new  686f6a4   Closes #469: Don't use `yas--init-minor-keymap'
       new  22c442d   Revert "Closes #469: Don't use `yas--init-minor-keymap'"
       new  df99b2f   Properly closes #469: Don't use `yas--init-minor-keymap'
       new  d09c72f   Closes #403: more uniform behaviour for `yas-use-menu'
       new  054c3fd   update doc for org 8.x
       new  e7beb33   Merge pull request #473 from npostavs/org8
       new  b85b9ba   Simpler, more effective .travis file
       new  6479ce9   New test for cc-mode's fontification functions
       new  758e6cd   Closes #474: fix cc-mode fontification conflict
       new  9633bec   Merge pull request #476 from npostavs/cc-fontify2
       new  09f340c   Refactor yas-good-grace error handling
       new  d9c5803   Don't lose error message when yas-good-grace is t
       new  e45c2ee   Remove type, expand-env from new snippet value
       new  ae4a94a   Restore backquotes lost in rst -> org translation
       new  7111cb6   Document uuid directive
       new  8e13011   Document type directive
       new  d7dc7c8   Fix publishing with org 7.9
       new  311feab   Closes #474: fix more cc-mode font-lock conflicts
       new  3bd29d7   Replace text -> yas-text in documentation
       new  a7b4a07   Make snippets submodule track master, update it
       new  c3f5f03   Allow jit loading interactively
       new  e921ca9   Merge pull request #493 from npostavs/ijit
       new  77d0df2   Closes #492, closes #494: Consider defalias when 
calculating parent modes
       new  fa0372e   Closes #497: Allow functions as elements in 
       new  d8281ca   * yasnippet.el (yas-key-syntaxes): Improve documentation.
       new  777cb84   Closes #470, handle non-whitespace newlines
       new  eaf6db8   Add yas-shortest-key-until-whitespace
       new  22570ee   Pass start point to yas-key-syntaxes functions
       new  54be71c   Add yas-longest-key-from-whitespace
       new  ae1161c   Fix yas-key-syntaxes example functions docstrings.
       new  798cf6a   Fix edge case in yas-longest-key-from-whitespace
       new  d29c16f   Merge pull request #503 from npostavs/key-syntaxes
       new  2c8dde2   Prevent disabling errors from recent 
`yas-current-syntaxes` logic
       new  6b07c09   Closes #504: Correctly discover  buffers needing snippets 
       new  e57c255   Closes #495: Allow symbols as aliases in 
       new  698f5b4   Closes #508: Ensure original point when evaluating 
       new  2491f5e   move eof footer to the actual eof
       new  5424a56   yasnippet-debug.el: quiet byte-compiler
       new  944e8a9   enforce use of spaces for indentation
       new  da6c79c   Merge pull request #514 from tarsius/master
       new  06c8afc   Update snippets submodule
       new  b429242   Compatibility with custom-unlispify-remove-prefixes
       new  2bcfa87   Merge pull request #518 from rnkn/master
       new  75db6b1   Use cl-incf instead of cl
       new  62607fb   Merge pull request #519 from syohex/use-cl-macro
       new  11cd9aa   Signal an error on recursive yas--fallback calls
       new  4c4bd3f   Merge pull request #524 from npostavs/fallback-loop
       new  9ea9f0a   Closes #525, closes #526: Prevent some keybinding 
fallback loops
       new  ed85042   Closes #527: Unbreak case where yas-fallback-behaviour is 
a list
       new  d6ad500   Tweak README.mdown to simplify bug reporting paragraph
       new  9f68a96   Update README.mdown
       new  659ec72   Update snippets submodule
       new  945642b   Closes #536: Fix navigation to zero-length fields at 
snippet end
       new  abc0faf   Closes #537: Be lenient to extensions operating on 
snippet fields
       new  e3fb6d7   Clean up previous change
       new  b38e146   Update README.mdown
       new  5e897fa   Add file doc/.nosearch
       new  8c6f08a   Merge pull request #542 from tarsius/nosearch
       new  760033b   Closes #546: backport `yas-initialize' and provide 
       new  6ea0b02   Clarify what happens with yas-new-snippet.
       new  2acb5d1   Merge pull request #552 from treese/master
       new  9bbebbd   yas-expand-snippet: Clarify EXPAND-ENV
       new  d9a2cc0   Merge pull request #559 from mineo/patch-1
       new  1ad04a6   Implements #566: Remove dead major modes code
       new  771a34b   Add a CONTRIBUTING.md file
       new  b059b1b   Merge pull request #568 from npostavs/contrib
       new  7638f12   Getting rid of low-level assumptions in yasnippet
       new  a4aa4e7   Closes #562: Deleting inner numberless snippet causes 
       new  c1499e6   Add useful development assertion
       new  d8cfccd   `yas-minor-mode' assertion broke a test. Good. Fix it.
       new  afd096c   Update packages/yasnippet by merging from its external 
upstream subtree
       new  1147d2d   Fix copyright and license
       new  b1bb063   * GNUmakefile: Fix autoloads generation for 
       new  f1454e9   * packages/swiper/swiper.el: Don't require non-existing 
       new  5761503   * packages/yasnippet/yasnippet-tests.el: Silence 
       new  a6a5141   * packages/hydra/*.el: Fix compilation warnings
       new  80acbb7   Merge commit '79a0dc74a2cce6e8c91c378f9bdb742f0403c96d'
       new  6103a87   * packages/javaimp/javaimp.el: Fix some compiler warnings
       new  268d533   New manual debbugs-ug.texi
       new  b625eee   Add *.info and dir to debbugs
       new  7bb7ebc   * debbugs-gnu.el (top): Make byte compiler quiet. 
(debbugs-gnu-apply-patch): Use `mapc' instead of `mapcar'.
       new  745c08a   Grammar fixes in debbugs manuals
       new  add0723   New file debbugs-reference.el
       new  8f2aee4   Merge commit '7ae5f6528df5073eb2b42ec45a21af73bc7047c0'
       new  3709b95   packages/javaimp/javaimp.el: Support additional source 
       new  d80fd27   Version 1.4, fix for ping/pong & 32-bit emacs.
       new  341f2f2   Merge branch 'master' of git://bzr.sv.gnu.org/emacs/elpa
       new  0b8cef4   * debbugs-ug.texi (Minor Modes): New node.
       new  04da702   Minor improvements to debbugs-reference.el
       new  7211750   Rename debbugs-reference.el to debbugs-browse.el
       new  fac3dc6   Merge commit 'c44ef65515f50bd38304a6f50adebc984fb8e431'
       new  0836656   spinner: Fix leftover mode-line-format code
       new  9a2c6d5   spinner: Fix readme
       new  89e7fc2   update ada-mode, wisi
       new  364ca27   Upgrade debbugs to 0.7
       new  c300a6a   seq.el update
       new  e7d6bd8   * js2-mode.el (js2-mode): Use cursor-sensor-mode if 
       new  01c543b   (csv-mode): Set mode-line-position rather than 
       new  716616f   Merge commit 'd592e36f33ac7e1fece462c5b7157f330c732630' 
from ace-window
       new  0402c2c   Merge commit '3b78e0e503f4763f8a2d77eeacfc91213ec5532e' 
from swiper
       new  d084b4d   Merge commit '742d66a63e86ac740e610faa5abba97e7f8ad5c2' 
from hydra
       new  b95b190   Merge commit 'fb864353cd8dc91591942f398ef971ba7714b50f' 
from hydra
       new  5d63c5a   Merge commit '2fd99e13ca15b6356c149deb74d6a2e78d0b264a' 
from swiper
       new  8b9dc41   Merge commit '0cffcacdb0e0a035aa75f5276ca0c4cba688fc6f' 
from swiper
       new  6856825   Merge commit 'cb5ae17997a9ec239cf9d486feceb80acb433754' 
from swiper
       new  c6a4940   Merge commit 'f0f7a844b0c423365020113c022110d899e8c1eb' 
from hydra
       new  10f7ebe   * swiper/ivy.el: Make sure cl-position-if exists at 
       new  f4c86c8   Merge commit 'b128272d475ecb392f32fbc3e5832d76af33446b' 
from swiper
       new  580226b   Merge commit '2b7a97d44dfa0630928fdc107c784d8f352caf3c' 
from swiper
       new  297b9c4   Merge commit 'fb1801ff24b09adc816ef763c9db9cd4b1b5d9dd' 
from swiper
       new  9c69eb6   Merge commit '05b6fc7acf98d44bd71d625bc6056a4125981a70' 
from swiper
       new  9d2569e   * swiper.el: Fix compilation warnings
       new  ea0ce3c   * dbus-codegen/dbus-codegen.el (dbus-codegen-make-proxy): 
Fix names.
       new  b61cf77   * iterators/iterators.el: Don't need cl-lib at run-time.
       new  66057b1   * hydra/hydra.el: Use add/remove-function.  Fix warning.
       new  6966d80   Merge commit '3db1ea76a02993663d40e90c58da989212b9e81a' 
into gnorb-1.0.1
       new  d63590f   Merge dummy commit to add the gnorb subtree metadata.
       new  672a870   Merge commit 'efa18eca10e5a0e05043f872cf9945842bb3a034' 
from swiper
       new  0e9a845   Merge commit 'ac0fc8962eaa15625b127c32f75d2b3daa1ca6ef' 
from swiper
       new  1533c63   Merge commit '294ec7f480908268055b273da96674382b84e198' 
from swiper
       new  d6acde0   Merge commit '675bd5ff97f75fb7d838e6056442ce71adf85e56' 
from swiper
       new  1bf863c   Merge commit 'e2452a3e77ef6ea6b193292d2c0bbbe93dd4b078' 
from swiper
       new  9909ca8   Merge commit '3e5c11a13981a1ff613cb4442ad644285c44e481' 
from gnorb
       new  0f803fa   Merge commit '0d69d15d20b69f439c1a1ed451e06f77b1252b3e' 
from gnorb
       new  b3eafbc   Merge commit '725e12a51e837ed75361f9f2258a887cacb120cd' 
from swiper
       new  13c0800   Merge commit 'ac93b9eef9b6ac44d187b9688d68a7a5f205b3fe' 
from js2-mode
       new  d7d7ee9   * bug-hunter.el: Fix a couple of bugs
       new  a1d002e   * bug-hunter.el: Reduce number of steps
       new  1c33ebb   * bug-hunter.el: Bump version number
       new  d979a9e   * packages/minibuffer-line/minibuffer-line.el: New 
       new  8848484   * packages/company-statistics/company-statistics.el: Use 
lexical-binding. Remove redundant :group args.
       new  e791d51   * packages/ahungry-theme/ahungry-theme.el: Use 
       new  15f4038   * aggressive-indent/aggressive-indent.el: Use 
       new  dbc1ab4   * names/names.el: Use lexical-binding.  Silence compiler 
       new  d28a32f   * packages/test-simple/test-simple.el: Use cl-lib
       new  0d69ed4   * packages/load-relative/load-relative.el (__FILE__): 
bytecomp-filename problem. Fix other details mentioned by 
       new  1cc1c6d   * packages/seq/seq.el: Update seq.el to version 1.5.
       new  bbd218d   * spinner/spinner.el: Rewrite spinners as structures
       new  6fb2d9f   Merge commit '1380f8c1a51f31514125a08f632d017cdfb8e26e' 
from hydra
       new  7ceddc4   Merge commit '5a2e0fd355fea83e3c172402b965a1aa826fcc0c' 
from swiper
       new  ef27d6f   * spinner: Rename constructor.
       new  adf1f31   Merge commit '829bdb6dcb08e2b1a8d8c329e697156e5fa2dbcc' 
from swiper
       new  c57bbac   Merge commit 'faf966b6b5921074da6b99477e1f0bea29b45f6f'
       new  6625097   Merge commit '283a006be8e96c7e011dedddb460b289d335a9fb' 
from context-coloring
       new  2eef38d   Merge commit '6811a4d2788cf6753a19be728b78e13dd44e4ca8'
       new  ea80473   Add 'packages/avy/' from commit 
       new  21fbb54   Merge commit 'cc38c044a13e6df822431d6c706cf4b9255900bd' 
from ace-window
       new  996cab5   * avy.el: Fix up author email and top-level require.
       new  adf3c89   Merge commit 'b114cf8a93224c85c51e95db52bf359131130476' 
from ace-window
       new  9b116a3   Merge commit 'e242f04e32c7d874c779fb83c86aa5bdbc508f18' 
from avy
       new  5533c3b   Update seq.el to version 1.7
       new  276faf2   Merge commit '3bf805df83fe6f110f3e7e8ce2dc37e0cf6c14cb' 
from context-coloring
       new  3298059   Merge commit '199c52606dcd614cb856bbcaca13b5fada0772b6' 
from avy
       new  ae4a0d2   Merge commit 'bc335af4d94d80d3605b66ed51a15d2476ad2179' 
from swiper
       new  53da2d1   * swiper/ivy.el: Clean up regexps and pseudo-closures
       new  4da4b1d   Merge commit 'e084b5d9feab3dd1246e51ce1fddde3db6024f7d' 
from swiper
       new  7094298   Merge commit '1b1896fcd7885280f390b37bf3572b74fbfcc3cf'
       new  0e81d26   * csv-mode/cvs-mode.el (csv-set-comment-start): Handle 
       new  797af46   Skip "test" directories for copyright checks
       new  64bac71   * nlinum.el (nlinum--setup-window): Better preserve 
margin settings
       new  b8e2802   Merge commit '97a2f9340b19c1b8c31455b3219fb88f39d38f1b' 
from ace-window
       new  01b5174   * let-alist (let-alist--deep-dot-search): Fix cons
       new  fd7b3af   Added ztree package
       new  4a6ae72   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ztree/master'
       new  bb686fc   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ztree/master'
       new  9acccf2   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  df218ca   Merge commit '6f785f24120752bc4cb09472bfbe84934bb8d1d9'
       new  250df53   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  2110c43   Merge commit '32b1944d5f0a65aa10c6768f4865f7ed1de8eb49' 
as 'packages/pinentry'
       new  ba06fa1   Add pinentry to externals-list
       new  7b1940b   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ztree/master'
       new  e99edf3   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  85f4f17   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ztree/master'
       new  b7fa8c8   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ztree/master'
       new  38fca9c   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ztree/master'
       new  05f6d93   Merge commit '40f67bf039c143758ac070f9693bb0af87b98aba' 
from context-coloring
       new  0cb483f   Merge commit '5825163e2a8520bbb2751f9692f51a1b73cb81ad' 
from context-coloring
       new  05463d9   packages/bug-hunter: Interactive hunt
       new  ae4b6ea   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  719d12f   Merge remote-tracking branch 'ztree/master'
       new  f20b8a1   Merge commit 'd76bcd7c0dcecb33e6955e25963028600c371588'
       new  19fb7f0   Merge commit '294b5117b42d2622f4fb0a1da219d45d98566b6e' 
from context-coloring
       new  2b3bb47   Merge commit 'c7e65ca646a7fff43df94bb5f95d9953345ef666'
       new  b0e91c7   Merge commit 'b1da26d96cbe8308d0988f6b92737819f98f20fd'
       new  1d78694   * context-coloring/benchmark/fixtures: Tweak copyright 
       new  4e965b7   * packages/wisi: Use lexical binding.  Fix dos EOL.  Fix 
EOB markers
       new  eb5c649   * packages/ada-mode: Miscellaneous tweaks to fix warnings
       new  56ed4ba   Merge commit '32b276e96118f9e34f4cf9a5a2ae6cae3e772144' 
from context-coloring
       new  47a952a   Merge commit '8d38a898f23b3105c5d098f0cfb6c3383547e394' 
from avy
       new  1433f89   Merge commit '45bc13aec56fcd0b55686d2305cf6e6852d467e8' 
from company-statistics
       new  d5546d6   Merge commit 'e64a9cd001b82d0f8238d41bb36e6c0c7b0449b3'
       new  fe2a492   Merge commit 'e9530990914c1d81889269b4a8365b8003625557' 
from swiper
       new  4dea59d   Merge commit '4c478268da6f324deb8753ac1d1c83e767b14dca'
       new  b946a99   * packages/landmark/landmark.el: Move from Emacs master 
       new  8111c00   * packages/landmark/landmark.el: Add Maintainer header to 
meet ELPA's requirement
       new  77797af   Merge commit '9e64c798557bb7f1eeca91140515cb8d11edc8d6'
       new  1dedabf   Fix column width calculation in cvs-mode.el
       new  6e49f69   Update seq.el to version 1.8
       new  36e57ae   * ztree/ztree-pkg.el: Remove since it's auto-generated
       new  ceb78cb   * ada-mode: Use lexical-binding since it requires 
Emacs-24.2 anyway
       new  9464611   Merge commit 'f3a899bb1c36e25e078eed2890eb2fecb22f4175' 
from js2-mode
       new  5e8d364   Merge commit '494c421bfa6f1b72b577267cb3841b0eff262250' 
from js2-mode
       new  151f51c   Add ability to handle cookies.
       new  c4fd451   Merge commit 'e2737d0adb7f8d8f79c2ca0fee5b13b6f8ae164b'
       new  0bc1a2f   Add 'packages/wconf/' from commit 
       new  7af5984   new package el-search for searching elisp
       new  eb474d0   iterators.el: fix two typos
       new  c7dc6fe   el-search: some small improvements
       new  aa595e1   * el-search.el: Fix first line convention
       new  a9b2067   Merge commit '98fe00fbd6a71ba1e79cf616f22c026c9d84adc7'
       new  4e254d4   Merge commit '3557254c6873aeb0b5070248aa0faf2ff0d29d04'
       new  d18310e   Moved to external.
       new  b53d7d9   * el-search.el: Add missing footer
       new  ec2024a   Merge commit '8d8c459d7757cf5774f11be9147d7a54f5f9bbd7'
       new  c6f9834   * packages/other-frame-window/other-frame-window.el: New 
single-file package.
       new  50ab200   * other-frame-window.el: Fix layout convention
       new  45189d6   * other-frame-window.el: Disable more carefully; add 
transient map
       new  fb86346   bug-hunter: Indentation and documentation
       new  0dd0aae   bug-hunter: Version 1.0
       new  895eb9e   bug-hunter: Better messages
       new  f130533   Resolve FIXME:s in other-frame-window.el
       new  3e9f619   Bump version of other-frame-window.el
       new  46643b3   * register-list/register-list.el: Use 
       new  e30f65e   Add 'packages/dts-mode/' from commit 
       new  fc01f9b   packages/dts-mode: New major mode
       new  baefd50   packages/dts-mode: Fix copyright
       new  bf5b54a   * dts-mode/dts-mode.el: Add new SMIE-based indentation
       new  278dc0e   * dts-mode/dts-mode.el: Improve compatibility with 
       new  b2669eb   register-list.el: Update author's email
       new  1119148   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  66b63fd   Merge commit '6238e7402adabd0003f6ffcf5c57d9f18f1e7684'
       new  ecf0dae   Merge commit '09f86fca437f1b2e168093824e9d4ee0aea5130a' 
from swiper
       new  de1f14d   Merge commit '8380161ecfa24a22ef95ce05b5567adc853efa01'
       new  5e82458   * dts-mode/dts-mode.el (dts-indent-rules): Handle hanging 
"<". (dts-mode): Set indent-tabs-mode. (dts--using-macro): Fix Edebug 
       new  15b480c   iterators.el: fix comments
       new  e7ef2b0   html/index.html: Sync with the real file
       new  8a4a3bb   Update copyright exceptions
       new  1a41d47   * .gitignore: Add "omn-mode"
       new  40914ae   Revert apparently mistaken copyright_exceptions update
       new  c21e425   * GNUmakefile: Use LC_ALL rather than LANG
       new  f6da168   Merge commit 'affdc4611d859e6f643e38c2ed9ad83debb92633'
       new  5e6307b   Add company-math and math-symbol-lists to externals
       new  d84a258   Merge commit 'c824884ed1d3095eb998345bcbcfe67507a4db75' 
as 'packages/math-symbol-lists'
       new  e8718b2   Merge commit 'fe9ec0c54c5c0224bdce6b557fe1f4bf2acbc972' 
as 'packages/company-math'
       new  f62f264   * copyright_exceptions: Add math-symbol exeption
       new  a48c2fe   * company-math: Provide email address
       new  e541877   * math-symbol-lists: Fix trailer; provide email address
       new  927a449   Merge commit '0c3d5d96b732e31b8556d2f61cf9c7a2556ade26'
       new  05ff84b   * other-frame-window.el: Use new prefix-command features
       new  b391242   Add 'packages/nameless/' from commit 
       new  833dae4   fsm: Import fsm.el from emacs-jabber
       new  f023bbc   fsm: Delete trailing whitespace
       new  30f5d0a   fsm: Fix formatting
       new  229793e   fsm: Use lexical binding
       new  014b415   fsm: Port to cl-lib
       new  53d4aac   fsm: Add FSM name to some fsm-debug-output messages
       new  6f125ac   fsm: Fix checkdoc errors
       new  545f291   fsm: Add packaging fields
       new  740b688   fsm: Fix copyright
       new  e1fa73c   fsm: Change FSMs from plists to uninterned symbols
       new  7c18bf0   fsm: Bump version to 0.2
       new  2051e81   fsm: Revert some changes suggested by checkdoc
       new  7f7f0b6   Merge commit '512b2ace3db9bf64e16f949ed90b78eb86c7fdda'
       new  a87c218   Merge commit '6abd4f4fe740054d433d928d90fb1671cce6719c'
       new  765133c   Merge commit '60873230991f7a0cd3175eb578fee34c7e238fb3'
       new  50d8b40   Merge commit '5c9d8b82dddec2fab370ec8798569c7fc5698093' 
from js2-mode
       new  5568b6f   Undo some breakage
       new  e5cd75c   Merge commit '7fa7f099c7008d521dbbb57a1546f11535544536' 
from diff-hl
       new  4dae2fb   Add support to build packages from Emacs repo
       new  b481642   Merge ack master from github.com:leoliu/ack-el
       new  bd9ac37   Merge commit 'ea3958f45cb468be0f11e95c24d09e10a389fee0'
       new  13c1166   Merge commit '29bfd8704b99f0b8600ea2bdc1f467df04c9e8bc'
       new  b5e61fc   Skip uninteresting elements
       new  2f2588b   Update seq.el to version 1.9
       new  89ef7d5   Add external packages xelb and exwm
       new  8e6880e   el-search: fix comment styles
       new  f2a954f   el-search: fix two typos
       new  7214a26   el-search: remove redundant package dependency on cl-lib
       new  d65b6d2   el-search: remove redundant :group specs from custom defs
       new  2fbd620   el-search: add autoload cookies
       new  21745be   el-search: some comment changes
       new  66a747e   el-search: bump version
       new  7377fec   Update ediprolog to the latest release
       new  9636889   ediprolog: Don't autoload variables
       new  830e1ce   Merge commit '5c540d26479df04e7fc6b99792707457df174528'
       new  a7add5e   Merge commit 'ba49407c5b4c719dd5dcc298c260513abf0c70df' 
from swiper
       new  c93d889   Merge commit 'b45fc3f6c0802be172c4e887d1cea268ce7866e0' 
from swiper
       new  98520f0   Add 'packages/rich-minority/' from commit 
       new  728d95b   Merge commit '9add6554f8e9e3108bdc470e9960ca2b5db7e58b'
       new  85c031e   dash added to externals.
       new  b107f0b   avoid looking-back in el-search--goto-next-sexp
       new  c37f41f   change default of el-search-this-expression-identifier
       new  e49dfb5   rename a function
       new  71fa43a   el-search: some comment changes
       new  d059b26   fix a condition in el-search--do-subsexps
       new  e06e691   drop el-search-expression-contains-match-p
       new  cfcbf42   rename a function
       new  dcfa5a2   avoid repeated expansion of pcase forms
       new  4c33c9c   new function el-search--end-of-sexp; use it
       new  514fb26   rename a function
       new  44c7aab   rename a local variable
       new  656f828   whitespace clean up
       new  efb8a18   Add packages/midi-kbd/
       new  101f76e   rainbow: add font-lock at the end
       new  564c242   Merge commit '66d05f89242cd4b996ce5dcea0a5fcf9b4e5a1b6'
       new  dabb46f   * README: Improve subtree instructions
       new  3b7f2fb   Merge commit '4d47113ec079dfac1bacb987572c93eefdb176ba'
       new  44303fe   * GNUmakefile: Update due to a dependency change
       new  ad6af9d   * admin/archive-contents.el: Improve docstrings
       new  adf45d2   Add stream.el to ELPA
       new  7257170   * README: Expand instructions
       new  6f64a80   * externals-list: Add several missing entries
       new  c58418e   Merge commit 'd16c20ffc2197234d4dd631fd66768c3a4b305c9'
       new  19512f9   Merge commit '9e84a66b07700bebb73592fe320c19794c206ce3'
       new  2aed67a   Merge commit 'a3dfd7ecf9c58898241c8d1145eb8e0c875f5448'
       new  97adc85   Merge commit '2841c4413eceed257c7f79ab0d47d2034d472391'
       new  4f9790e   * README: Revert change about package.el headers
       new  e5b34dd   Merge commit '52b050992ef6fe0e6e57b51bcb5c98e02c616541'
       new  a47583a   Add 'packages/beacon/' from commit 
       new  f7c1e78   Merge commit '4bf7f1c9e46fb819c673e55d8a1891774e139f98' 
from hydra
       new  0773d02   Merge commit '997baefd66008827aa144c651c166701de78b43a'
       new  5594c65   Merge commit '9173a44b904d52c4c2634b68d74967d6261f4ddc'
       new  23028eb   Merge commit '0c3a48f05d17f486a0c522f0f9ec316dce24d86d' 
from context-coloring
       new  3ae72b8   Merge commit '3c14fa39c9233e64b598a7ca3af243c7395eccdb'
       new  4db0c23   * f90-interface-browser: Merge from upstream
       new  c3288f0   * packages/stream/stream.el: Require Emacs 25
       new  52bc497   Update seq.el to version 1.11
       new  85d19b5   Merge commit 'b56ef781d5a712fd06378f78eb9551ab9269bb2e'
       new  7d9748d   Merge commit 'eeac41976bc7b1aa5e732fb476d24ab4c2890712'
       new  05d3f9f   Merge commit '811f9645ba6332d646c25dd042010478ff5a579f'
       new  aada508   Merge commit '500222d5378f55bbfd6f35cbb65107f2342bf3c3'
       new  d9c7cee   README: Fix typos.
       new  1492831   Some minor changes in debbugs
       new  7519ea6   Merge commit '010e64bef8a9ec5539733ff0c2e92d075b25a271'
       new  a3beb76   Add packages/shell-quasiquote/
       new  ddc2e94   Use shell-quote-argument in shell-quasiquote.el
       new  c3bcb3b   * .gitignore: Add `dash'.  Allow `emacs' to be a symlink.
       new  3187d28   * shell-quasiquote.el (shqq): Make better use of pcase
       new  dde9d2e   * packages/stream/stream.el: Update stream to v 1.0.1.
       new  a3df7de   * packages/stream/stream.el: Update stream.el to v 1.1.0.
       new  cce43bd   * packages/stream/tests/stream-tests.el: New tests.
       new  75efb5e   Update stream.el to version 2.0.0
       new  06490e2   * packages/stream/stream.el: Update stream.el to version 
       new  4ec2c77   javaimp.el: Fix Maven output start regexp.
       new  c78296b   * packages/javaimp/javaimp.el: Update javaimp to v. 0.6.
       new  f097635   Merge commit '2403973be4f34893ec7d878dfafb1ef562f4d9cb' 
from hydra
       new  2dd02a6   Merge commit '00920450d83ffe7a02bbe98997e266726819efc2'
       new  96d23eb   Make update-archive.sh less brittle
       new  60750e2   Better generated HTML pages
       new  07dec62   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--html-header): Use 
`title' for the H1.
       new  b9e1a36   * packages/stream/stream.el: Update to version 2.0.2.
       new  c697c0c   Merge commit '078f88ecb797b6cf2cd597417402274dd82402ce' 
from diff-hl
       new  6b88c0d   Merge commit '082a702f5a4a07bc10052befd7a2b20cc8a0cdb8'
       new  3a5fc10   call syntax functions less often for better efficiency
       new  54ac427   arrange we can use `call-interactively' when coming from 
       new  b6518a5   allow search wrapping
       new  39f4b2d   remove not so useful message of how to repeat search
       new  0d90d40   change a TODO entry; no code change
       new  696e4ae   some doc tweaks
       new  7b1b0f1   rename a local variable
       new  7d3e01a   fix el-search--repair-replacement-layout: don't move when 
       new  026837a   fix el-search-hl-post-command-fun auto-removal
       new  4a1cfa1   document el-search--do-subsexps
       new  70adf0e   fix whitespace
       new  0ff22df   new package: on-screen
       new  8339ec3   require cl-lib only at compile time
       new  c48c500   on-screen: bump version
       new  e6624f3   give feedback in the echo area again
       new  df33230   el-search--read-pattern: fix default(s)
       new  0026252   spelling fixes
       new  10005a2   fix whitespace
       new  386e81b   improve docs; new: el-search-defpattern; add some pattern 
       new  45b1b3b   remove search wrapping functionality
       new  1e29374   simplify el-search-hl-post-command-fun
       new  4007745   el-search: bump version to 0.1
       new  7c89cc9   Update stream.el to v2.0.2.
       new  b2b22dc   Update stream.el to v2.0.5
       new  4ef4e7a   fix compiler errors and warnings
       new  57881fb   * README: Add submission guideline
       new  7d16e8f   * README: Typos
       new  d505c57   Prevent accidental deletion of .git
       new  bf07b89   on-screen: merge from remote repo
       new  86f29ae   add "on-screen" to externals-list
       new  ba3446d   Merge commit 'a66fc082499967627cb89802fc2783accea5cb4b'
       new  ccbbce2   fix header: change "Homepage" to "URL"
       new  0eb72cf   Merge commit 'c82a552640134128df4485f258d40a609bd8a9dc'
       new  2b30441   Merge commit '80b00ddef6dffad7086174c2c57f29ef28b69d27'
       new  879ddec   * sm-c-mode: New experimental package
       new  1698acc   * stream.el: Implement `seqp' instead of `seq-p'
       new  553c431   Merge commit '1a7c480d1e15133b942201f5964fda5e7d74919f' 
from context-coloring
       new  3505e39   Support reading debbugs email exchange with Rmail
       new  c8b25b2   Bump version of other-frame-window.el
       new  63b2cca   * sm-c-mode.el (sm-c-font-lock-keywords): Match function 
       new  148f63d   edit TODO list
       new  090e0e9   add a to do
       new  9127741   New function iterator-of-directory-files
       new  05ceb7a   prerequisites to allow replace with multiple expressions
       new  69ec088   * sm-c-mode.el: Auto-align backslashes.  Improve indent 
       new  2298404   * sm-c-mode: Improve indentation of struct; plus bug fixes
       new  e305c49   * packages/stream/stream.el (streamp): Tiny optimization.
       new  685c2ca   Version: bump to 0.8 in debbugs files
       new  8b0798c   * sm-c-mode.el: Improve "Commentary:" and docstrings
       new  6e03e5a   Merge commit '906d8137224c1a5bd1dc913940e0d32ffecf5523' 
from company-statistics
       new  fffd261   el-search-query-replace: add s (toggle splicing) and ? 
(help) keys
       new  6955cc9   bump version to 0.1.1
       new  e23e6d3   Use symbolic links for core packages
       new  fe648b5   Dereference symlinks when creating tarballs
       new  55f153c   Make externals directory removal safer
       new  1140bcf   Add core package ntlm
       new  cb77ada   Add core package soap-client
       new  1da8b85   Package transcribe added
       new  8004915   Added some usage information
       new  b9a1756   * transcribe.el: Fix up formatting and copyright
       new  c61e2f0   * transcribe.el: Add `provide' statement
       new  5871cc3   * transcribe/transcribe.el: Allow compilation without emms
       new  b0323db   * externals-list: Add seq and python as :core packages
       new  f7d9067   * admin/archive-contents.el: Make :core handling optional
       new  ee99217   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--sync-emacs-repo): 
Fix thinko.
       new  984cc44   * packages/sm-c-mode: Add imenu/which-func/add-log support
       new  a6cb354   Added minor-mode function as suggested
       new  eb2df4f   * packages/seq: Don't define it as a :core package
       new  249dc28   * packages/transcribe.el: Manually changed Changelog
       new  fb3681a   * /transcribe/transcribe.el: Fix unworking keys
       new  215e4ba   Update names subtree url
       new  2ded8e7   Merge commit 'f9e686861765162a9a6373a936c1a72359e7bf4b'
       new  db972a8   Merge commit '311ac8ee54078f95b7279e532da6cf5a2afb4125'
       new  ef28503   Merge commit '85b3fbe091aba2d9dc581894a02f60acd46f4413'
       new  7bf7caa   packages/bug-hunter: Username and documentation
       new  154eab1   packages/let-alist: Define it as a :core package
       new  b218d58   * transcribe/transcribe.el: Remove manual change log
       new  f5e4c53   * GNUmakefile (check_copyrights): Skip symlinks
       new  fe9ea7a   Merge branch 'master' of 
git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs/elpa: transcribe.el update
       new  c60a162   * packages/package-fixes: New package (not yet released)
       new  7b83b68   * .gitignore: Add .dir-locals?.el entry
       new  2ec1786   Merge commit '366689f15373ffacfe4d28b36e6325d193a4e752' 
from tiny
       new  ae35f30   Merge commit '97c2270f7138530de21f773f094c1495498cac78' 
from hydra
       new  e1b552d   Merge commit 'e264139e7fafbd1bbb68f9cef6d1c50b8e6cf1f3' 
from swiper
       new  6e6846e   packages/transcribe.el: Add native discourse analysis in 
       new  c53088e   /packages/transcribe: Fix variables
       new  0c0a719   /packages/transcribe.el: Fix global variables
       new  df03b7b   el-search--matcher: refine when to warn or error
       new  875f673   add TODO section
       new  b49e2f9   packages/package-fixes: Finalize code
       new  5b1a3ac   /transcribe/transcribe.el: edit comments, add new 
       new  9497035   /transcribe/transcribe.el: Fix bug
       new  750ada2   /transcribe/transcribe.el: Add some functions, fix bugs
       new  c8cd929   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  1c3fafe   Increase the default number of hits
       new  266f9ac   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-select-report): Don't bug 
out on the last line in the buffer.
       new  01f3e49   Minor debbugs tweak
       new  145628d   Command to list blocking reports
       new  b5b093e   Save list of read articles
       new  56a39ae   Lowe the hit default
       new  f0ba14e   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-narrow-to-status): Make 
narrowing to the severity work.
       new  620b296   Update branch directory
       new  4bf1898   debbugs code cleanup
       new  ea8ca5a   Retrieve debbugs data in several chunks, sequentially
       new  a13c134   Allow patching from non-MIME articles
       new  882b0a3   Touch up the automatic patch applying logic
       new  1dce4d7   Further tweaks to the patch fixer-upper (for a/erc.el)
       new  6927e93   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-fix-patch): Further patch 
path fixups.
       new  c9bbaa2   debbugs code cleanup
       new  e91c99f   Retrieve bugs asynchronously
       new  c346cad   Add 'packages/async/' from commit 
       new  86a427e   Add subtree package async
       new  ddce73c   el-search: some cleanup
       new  105773d   Merge branch 'master' of git://bzr.sv.gnu.org/emacs/elpa
       new  df64879   el-search: new pattern type `append'
       new  ff8e858   remove example using `message' in a guard
       new  984b8b1   el-search: new pattern type `not'
       new  edc94f6   factor out `el-search--search-pattern-1'
       new  7b3cfde   remove annoying message on how to repeat el-search
       new  ef4b951   use more newlines in `el-search--make-docstring'
       new  c72e61c   el-search: new pattern type `contains'
       new  171db89   When coming from isearch, don't move to other end
       new  9aa16eb   el-search: bump version to 0.1.3
       new  ea951d7   Move asynchronous calls in debbugs to SOAP function level.
       new  f2f032d   multishell - new package
       new  94a2b5c   Activate `soap-invoke-async' in debbugs
       new  482b2b1   multishell - Use actual email address, rather than 
obscured, in packaging.
       new  3cf99ca   multishell.el - Remove (redundant) maintainer line, fix 
remote cd ordering.
       new  6903988   multishell - V. 0. Change "multishell:" to "multishell-", 
use everywhere.
       new  fe896aa   multishell - refactor for name-then-path, and use a valid 
release number.
       new  9fc02a5   multishell - remove custom var 
       new  569aaa3   Merge commit '37c46180280f10fa5120a017acd04f7022d124e4'
       new  efc24f1   Merge commit '899a1f2bad8795a29c0df09c1bd28b3a3b7e48f8'
       new  5c634f1   wcheck-mode: change some wordings in comments
       new  5f3181f   wcheck-mode: make generated face predicate a lambda
       new  bcd90c8   wcheck-mode: precalculate (expt 2 16)
       new  e9dcb39   wcheck-mode: evaluate wcheck--buffer-data-key-index only 
       new  a892139   wcheck-mode: update copyright year and version 2016.1.5
       new  55e86bf   wcheck-mode: update README, copyright etc.
       new  dfde646   Merge branch 'wcheck-update'
       new  5f25476   Transfer license for async to the FSF, add version 1.0 tag
       new  23e741c   Update version of async.el to 1.6
       new  0bbad19   Remove subtree async, make it a regular package
       new  cda9418   Don't rely on UTF-8 locale when talking to subordinate 
       new  0021a10   Properly handle unibyte strings and circular data
       new  273d76c   Remove packages/async/async-pkg.el
       new  0f927e3   Parse also `package-alist` when getting dependencies 
       new  dc36b0e   Declare package-alist in async-bytecomp..
       new  0cf7aba   el-search: New pattern type `l'
       new  9c12dac   Support highlighting of all visible matches
       new  1297dcf   Merge commit 'd0e6660ee501efea3e9b0936ed64fff09e66df02' 
from diff-hl
       new  7045638   Improvement on debbugs
       new  65ca73e   Consolidation in debbugs
       new  3871f14   Add 'packages/html5-schema/' from commit 
       new  735bd27   * html5-schema: Add locating-rules.xml and setup nxml to 
use it
       new  79076f8   Merge commit 'f2f9e47725782527b5f2b52b26db7267f173fa20'
       new  2df98d3   Cache and reuse bug entries in debbugs
       new  5735263   Merge commit 'd4a9dad594473c511f975017d792efc8a8339671'
       new  90e955d   Further improvements to debbugs
       new  53a4345   Update ada-mode, wisi
       new  5deb4a5   multishell - remove plain file copy to replace it with a 
subtree clone
       new  7010083   Add 'packages/multishell/' from commit 
       new  16c4afd   Merge commit '9d4a005a34458419025162224c9daf8d674142c8'
       new  dfd2995   Merge commit '2c5d608ddfeb2dc1acc15d645d94cac087f001d4'
       new  0f00f91   Merge commit 'cce1d8b50b1ceccb80c20398cd659db3a6348aac' 
as 'packages/gnome-c-style'
       new  b0b87c9   * externals-list: Add gnome-c-style
       new  32fc222   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  7c1e9ed   Merge commit recent multshell changes.
       new  54e392c   Release debbugs 0.9
       new  3fbf51b   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  01ff69c   Merge '0c8e5e554199814c25258bc93b64dc008a9ab840', 
register assoc early.
       new  fac41c7   multishell - Merge edge-case but significant fixes
       new  fc97976   Merge commit '6bf96861b98e91ca9c3bd146697580b42d30f5d9'
       new  4d04b58   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  34908be   multishell - Merge commit 
       new  a6fd122   README.mdown (el-get): Remove obsolete information
       new  9c35598   README.mdown (per-buffer): Remove needless lambda
       new  b90269a   yasnippet.el (yas-initialize): Mark obsolete
       new  74c74e7   Merge pull request #569 from npostavs/doc-obsolete
       new  504b2e7   Update README.mdown
       new  7ad20a8   Replaced 'shadow' with 'override' throughout documentation
       new  5515e81   Merge pull request #571 from PhilHudson/master
       new  2864b41   Closes #549: Adjust `load' verbosity to `yas-verbosity'
       new  3a3e167   Fix "invalid function: quote"
       new  528af62   Merge pull request #578 from aluaces/patch-1
       new  741bed6   Minor doc fixes
       new  8e432f0   Add new function yas-lookup-snippet
       new  701fcbc   Merge pull request #596 from npostavs/lookup-snippet
       new  0c30eab   Simplify some code
       new  21ec7c8   Add documentation for snippet compilation
       new  580c86d   Merge pull request #599 from 
       new  a4ff049   Closes #601: updated snippets submodule
       new  3ca27e8   Reorganize snippet construction from list code
       new  c950512   Fix #597; use SAVE-FILE to visit compiled snippets
       new  91ea650   Accept documented snippet list formats
       new  b2bb4e8   Test visiting compiled snippets
       new  751d011   * yasnippet-tests.el (string-suffix-p): Define for older 
       new  a16942d   * yasnippet.el (yas--define-snippets-2): Use 
       new  31a9ba1   * doc/snippet-organization.org (.yas-skip): Add info.
       new  0922458   Fix invalid yas-key-syntaxes element warning
       new  5947966   Update snippets module
       new  ce86afd   Add (failing) yas--modes-to-activate test
       new  a838da3   Build a single `explored' list.
       new  8fa56f1   Fix #619; find parents for extra-modes too
       new  56334c1   Merge pull request #621 from npostavs/dfs-extra-modes2
       new  aed8291   * yasnippet.el (yas--scan-sexps): Use ignore-errors.
       new  0d01ac1   Fix #618; save match data in yas--scan-sexps
       new  d7fad6d   Simplify string matching.
       new  188f996   Fix #617; ensure point is visible before x prompt
       new  fed80af   Avoid double snippet loading messages
       new  ae21f1c   Activate extra and major modes first
       new  7893f15   * README.mdown (Use `yas-minor-mode`): Reword.
       new  9f3ce0e   Fix #607; avoid Emacs bug #21824
       new  9b85d6a   * CONTRIBUTING.md: Add note about changelog only messages.
       new  b35e813   M-x delete-trailing-whitespace
       new  b3e5be2   Ignore trailing spaces in snippet definitions
       new  85df352   Closes #632: Use `user-emacs-directory' instead of 
hardcoded "~/emacs.d"
       new  37a6760   Fix #587; set `this-command' on fallback.
       new  4737927   Use destructive list functions in yas--s-a-p
       new  afcdd3e   yasnippet.el (yas--called-interactively-p): Remove.
       new  d2b7905   Remove yas--inhibit-overlay-hooks macro.
       new  e653845   * README.mdown: update melpa URL.
       new  b17d1d1   * README.mdown: Add link to textmate-to-yas.el.
       new  176d4cb   Cleanup yas--on-field-overlay-modification
       new  a3165c6   Improve test simulatulation of self-insert
       new  081d448   Fix #515; only clear field on self-insert
       new  bf8d2da   Respect y-b-l-cond from binding triggered snippets
       new  ac0832a   Fix #576; don't override yas-prompt-functions
       new  0f4bb4b   Don't choose ido prompting based on Emacs version
       new  c9589b7   Bless Noam Postavsky as the new official maintainer
       new  427e409   Fix debugging code for newer Emacsen
       new  16d2b43   Fix bug reporting examples.
       new  4181ba4   Fix #648; create ~/.emacs.d/snippets automatically
       new  e159269   Fix silly mistake in previous commit
       new  2761305   Update packages/yasnippet by subtree-merging from its 
external upstream
       new  411283d   * packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-tests.el: Add copyright 
       new  4fcdbb0   * packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-tests.el: Really add 
copyright blurb
       new  4e1f5fb   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ce2e37e   multishell - merge 1.0.6 changes.
       new  55e974f   Merge commit '1054ea1bc5b07a1438a18c1b33f4266b28ff9d77'
       new  d240892   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  c57456e   multishell - still 1.0.6, clarify conditions for tramp 
homedir bug
       new  2f888d6   multishell - merge 1.0.7
       new  64152c7   Merge commit '11fbd70347a8cc62817c6d4ebf2291471ebdd607' 
from avy
       new  40abb12   Fix previous merge bundler in packages/yasnippet/doc dir
       new  88b8878   Add test capability to ELPA
       new  625ec61   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  51ce1a9   multishell - merge 1.0.8.
       new  4928953   Fix maintainer address
       new  5fc2046   * ztree/ztree-diff-model.el (ztree-diff-node): Use 
       new  44cab03   Fix maintainer address
       new  290a0f4   * sm-c-mode/sm-c-mode.el (sm-c-smie-rules): Improve 
indent of enum's {...}
       new  a4899a7   multishell - merge code tidying, still on 1.0.8.
       new  447e63d   Merged from upstream with StefanM's changes
       new  8746612   multishell - merge latest updates
       new  1d4aa52   * rnc-mode: New package
       new  5c3ac09   Add 'packages/loccur/' from commit 
       new  fb4eaff   Merge multishell 1.0.9
       new  9e33fba   Use font-lock-fontify-region instead of 
       new  ef4ae24   multishell - merge 1.1.1
       new  4fe45cc   Fix missing mail-header-separator
       new  2fe0d42   Merge multishell 1.1.2.
       new  fe2efe9   multishell - a bit more for 1.1.2, including missed 
change log entries.
       new  1eb2c70   Merge commit 'f4edea201bc4c38d082ec3143ceec87d2dcadb37' 
from diff-hl
       new  8a057f7   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-apply-patch): Really do QP 
       new  6c1444b   Bump version number to 1.0 and make changes public
       new  06123d5   Merge commit '9e55c293a80c6173db756200742e74cb06468ab0'
       new  bf5ed71   Update the mode-line after spinner-stop
       new  a171dc0   Add the "retitle" control
       new  2ef2330   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Control Messages): 
Add retitle.
       new  4e00f5d   Spinner version 1.7
       new  a93703e   wcheck: If exists use font-lock-ensure, else 
       new  913f19d   Merge commit '1ce5a659e968af25122b46a3fc3b04b30b5ebdd5'
       new  002089f   Merge multishell 1.1.3
       new  a5a08b2   * packages/bug-hunter: Better error reports and 
       new  10ad01e   Go to isearch left end when starting replace
       new  f9c3232   Merge commit '1b831d21ac9688e3f31703f0b492202f6d24a75b'
       new  516e400   Merge commit 'd827bb511203a64da3ae5cc6910b87b7c99d233b'
       new  d600ff7   Merge commit 'f2458211bc25749f07e0d70addde7c7745dcc79d'
       new  2c4cd12   multishell - merge 1.1.5 from multishell repo.
       new  0462a43   use uninterned symbol in `el-search--matcher'
       new  160a21c   Complete and document what a SYMBOL in `l' matches
       new  5215e31   Fix compliler warnings in stream-tests.el
       new  313b0b6   * ampc: Re-add, since I cannot find it anywhere else
       new  d6c0a7b   * ampc/ampc.el: Fix up warnings and use cl-lib.  Change 
       new  7db703e   Improve doc of el-search-this-expression-identifier.
       new  1ecb3fd   update stream.el to the latest version
       new  df9ecc8   factor out minibuffer setup hook fun; treat empty input
       new  636b50a   fix executable bits
       new  edf3a1e   Merge branch 'master' into new-website
       new  313ce6a   Wrong number of args in test-raises
       new  ce2f577   Merge commit 'bb13df55aa357538f95c3a8a28cac18533f5d164'
       new  f5763ff   Add tramp-theme
       new  df9984d   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-stale): 
Fix docstring.
       new  5f6261b   ; Minor changes to tramp-theme.el
       new  868cc3d   Oops, release tramp-theme 0.1.1
       new  2795acb   * packages/tramp-theme/tramp-theme.el: Add autoload 
       new  a85a4c8   url-http-ntlm: New package
       new  5db836a   url-http-ntlm: Remove trailing whitespace
       new  944488f   url-http-ntlm.el: Adjust blank lines
       new  29d1e82   url-http-ntlm: Wrap lines at column 80
       new  71b52d2   url-http-ntlm: Fix checkdoc errors
       new  95ed4fd   url-http-ntlm: Remove blank comment lines
       new  3149004   url-http-ntlm.el: Reindent whole file
       new  52501b1   url-http-ntlm.el: Update copyright owner and years
       new  6638579   url-http-ntlm.el: Add maintainer header
       new  0fc7b77   url-http-ntlm.el: Update installation instructions
       new  9fe63fb   url-http-ntlm.el: Update author's email address
       new  88dbb0f   url-http-ntlm: Use url-http-ntlm namespace consistently
       new  2c9c009   url-http-ntlm.el (url-ntlm-auth): Move defun near end of 
       new  9044266   url-http-ntlm.el (url-http-ntlm-last-args): Group defvar 
with others
       new  8260900   url-http-ntlm: Use double dash naming convention for 
private symbols
       new  88bd0a3   url-http-ntlm.el: Add comment headings
       new  79feeb6   url-http-ntlm: Port to cl-lib
       new  df004cf   url-http-ntlm: Override url-http-parse-headers redirect 
       new  1cd451a   url-http-ntlm: Prevent infinite loops
       new  6972b32   url-http-ntlm: Remove limit of one username and password 
per server
       new  a80d7f3   url-http-ntlm: Declare url-http-extra-headers special
       new  5fd4666   url-http-ntlm: Autoload url-ntlm-auth and its registration
       new  4a688c2c  url-http-ntlm: Add auth-source support
       new  1586528   url-http-ntlm.el: Add home page header
       new  7050612   url-http-ntlm: Change spelling of authorization function
       new  e188bd1   url-http-ntlm.el: Require ntlm 2.0.0
       new  e140640   url-http-ntlm: Shorten first line of some docstrings
       new  5dcb631   url-http-ntlm: Add `url-debug' debugging messages
       new  7b0e2b9   url-http-ntlm: Add cl-lib to Package-Requires
       new  a0b19d2   url-http-ntlm.el: Bump version to 2.0.0
       new  2810e4e   url-http-ntlm.el: Update copyright years
       new  0940fa3   url-http-ntlm.el: Bump version to 2.0.1
       new  0e4cd17   [ELPA] new package: arbitools
       new  6004844   [ELPA]: new package: arbitools
       new  fe70276   [ELPA]: new package: arbitools
       new  096349b   * packages/sisu-mode/sisu-mode.el: Update to 7.1.8
       new  7748d4e   Remove url-http-ntlm-parse-header-NN.MM.el files
       new  daa84be   url-http-ntlm: Bump version to 2.0.2
       new  f7c4f31   * sisu-mode/sisu-mode.el: Fix Maintainer: address.
       new  a5384cf   Merge commit 'f0b45f4a010d8e5680f66c9a22f433386d023466' 
from context-coloring
       new  1a1e9ea   * packages/arbitools.el: correct code syntax issues
       new  89444c8   * arbitools/arbitools.el: Fix checkdoc warnings and 
quoting problems
       new  1e5a958   * sisu-mode/sisu-mode.el: Clean up name space, clear 
       new  0c0c2e5   Merge commit '68160bad14b031b069f30f1bd494ba4f252321c1'
       new  ef681ba   Fix the "exempt" marker
       new  3b6c4ba   Update copyright exceptions
       new  e918ae5   * packages/arbitools.el: fix coding issues
       new  1c5b2ef   packages/excorporate: New package, import version 0.7.0
       new  879deed   * sed-mode: New package
       new  485b899   Revert last botched commit
       new  76b5c4e   * sed-mode: New package
       new  2fd10a0   packages/excorporate/excorporate.texi: New manual
       new  b9d4f17   packages/excorporate/excorporate.el: Bump version to 0.7.1
       new  2d9f964   Fix the case where the metar record contains M01 
       new  9353a9b   Add a work-around for bug#19582, present before Emacs 
       new  e743764   * sed-mode/sed-mode.el: Bump up version for first release
       new  1419363   * packages/arbitools: added some new functions and menus
       new  9dddf21   * packages/arbitools: endoffile bug fixed
       new  3fa8096   * packages/arbitools: added menu option
       new  c094a9a   Merge company-math
       new  035303e   Merge math-symbol-lists
       new  c52f226   Allow reading debbugs from an offline cache
       new  c64a3d1   Allow sending control messages offline
       new  0e7c191   Minor debbugs fixes
       new  305617a   * packages/metar/metar.el: Bump version for last two 
       new  06682a1   * packages/arbitools: Add functions and menus
       new  7bba61e   New user option: el-search-smart-case-fold-search
       new  7f6e4d7   Tweak docstring of el-search--ensure-sexp-start
       new  a034e1f   Fix for non-interactive calls of el-search-pattern
       new  21339e9   Merge commit '206468aa4de299ad26c2db12b757f5ad7290912f'
       new  f6b23ed   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  0be5149   Version 1.2.0 Sync with github
       new  e8c8628   Add stream stream-delay and stream-of-directory-files
       new  bb5a11e   * packages/stream/stream.el: Bump version number.
       new  ffa65ef   * csv-mode, landmark: Fix maintainer's email
       new  aaabb20   Add a command to save the bugs list
       new  24cd0b9   Minor change in `string' pattern
       new  e68836f   * csv-mode/csv-mode.el: Remove out-of-date "URL:" header.
       new  838596d   Merge commit 'e0454a100541ce3f1f732b97894a3441cef3316f' 
from hydra
       new  51084ed   Slightly improve on fix for #515: Refactor code and add 
       new  5eef10e   Decide field clearing commands based on delsel
       new  9c031d4   Update snippets submodule
       new  c66e3e8   Apply changes from GNU ELPA
       new  1d69c0d   Don't use yas-x-prompt by default
       new  01e6c3a   Reduce `yas-new-snippet-default'
       new  bfb17de   Avoid error in case this-command isn't a symbol.
       new  176f160   Update packages/yasnippet by subtree-merging from its 
github-based upstream
       new  ad33a7c   * packages/transcribe: New release: new functions and 
       new  f88579e   New function el-search--macroexpand-1 for debugging
       new  5442a49   Decode xsd:base64Binary values in debbugs.el
       new  cabcecd   Release debbugs 0.9.1.
       new  5367895   packages/excorporate: Handle nil list of main invitees
       new  ade359f   packages/excorporate: Update manual
       new  579b071   packages/excorporate: Retrieve Services.wsdl directly
       new  f3ca6ba   packages/excorporate: Change server version lookup
       new  ba6fcf4   packages/excorporate: Improve exco-get-meetings-for-day
       new  051429d   packages/excorporate: Acknowledge Erik Hetzner
       new  188ba9b   packages/excorporate: Require soap-client 3.1.1
       new  af350b0   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.2
       new  52efb15   packages/excorporate: Add NEWS file
       new  ad0abce   * packages/transcribe.el: Fixed key binding error. Added 
       new  78b1f64   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--pull): New function
       new  dbd5b32   packages/transcribe.el: Applied suggested patches
       new  65b56b6   Split seq.el into separate files for different versions 
of Emacs
       new  f7a2f1b   * packages/seq/seq-25.el: Better declarations for 
       new  d1332a2   packages/arbitools: Added new functions
       new  e74a564   packages/arbitools.el: Applied suggestions, improved 
       new  84eff64   Update seq.el to version 2.14
       new  08a323a   Update seq to version 2.15
       new  117bed9   Merge commit 'c0de8a8ad0f0abbc12bce35fc4a0feebc8892f48'
       new  1504489   Merge commit 'ef509502cdd228c8ce0a562bbf411e5f98beaaf1'
       new  1517a64   Merge commit 'b67364d4825a9bf0a22261809ee9e9060b268198'
       new  091e6e0   Remove reference to thread-last
       new  2bae7f7   Merge commit '98f32631ffdaa9daf735799734ad9d3565146898'
       new  1b08888   bug-hunter: Don't offer interactive bisection in the 
       new  9d384ae   packages/excorporate/excorporate-org.el: Allow quitting 
       new  1d18337   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.3
       new  8682c01   Avoid trailing whitespace in snippet tables
       new  f21f03b   yasnippet.el (yas--describe-pretty-table): Cleanup.
       new  77988f1   Release 0.9.1
       new  cf91840   packages/yasnippet: subtree pull from external
       new  4539cc9   Merge commit '49225f379efedf228636985a92ca6fb84cfdea5a'
       new  2442873   Merge commit 'd666642d7ad905997d0ac5ecd4b27353506ce79e'
       new  8c52c80   Merge commit '456c40803432b34842e43ceda66cdd105fbf8866'
       new  0a647b1   Merge commit '67fa7e1a60966e49eccf21b02110af12afa995e0'
       new  16c8dc8   packages/arbitools.el: Added new functions
       new  405acd9   Various cleanup
       new  b9962b6   Further cleanup
       new  d9046a5   packages/yasnippet: subtree pull from external
       new  8148a44   packages/javaimp: full rewrite
       new  cdcf8a2   packages/javaimp: temporary revert version
       new  7bd72e8   Release debbugs 0.9.2
       new  a039868   packages/javaimp: cosmetic fixes
       new  544e812   Merge commit '97eaa5778ce0cd596a0807ef2e676d2681aabf84'
       new  b98344d   packages/javaimp: whitespace/doc fixes
       new  0f2b17b   Fix a typo in the readme
       new  fc7772e   bug-hunter: Improve the error message when emacs -Q fails
       new  f29dc79   Fix csv-mode to delete its own overlays only
       new  2eff2dd   * packages/javaimp/javaimp.el (javaimp): Add a parent 
       new  7664ecd   * seq-24.el 
(seq-concatenate,seq-into,seq--make-bindings): Use _
       new  93606ce   packages/arbitools.el: Fixed some bugs
       new  40c9763   packages/arbitools.el: Fixed some bugs
       new  4d079e3   * arbitools/arbitools.el: Remove unused vars
       new  6b06f04   Rename swiper -> ivy
       new  dc813f7   Merge commit 'db005182ad0fd05c07e8e5c085abe6c750e6c578' 
from ivy
       new  9fd9a20   Get more info from patches in debbugs-gnu
       new  812c6f0   Add a new command debbugs-gnu-patches
       new  50c3b41   Increase the Debbugs version number
       new  d606554   * debbugs: Use cl-lib. Use lexical-binding when available
       new  dd35407   * packages/ampc/ampc.el 
(ampc-highlight-current-song-mode): Delete
       new  4e589fb   * packages/rnc-mode/rnc-mode.el (rnc-smie-rules): Add 
empty-line-token rule.
       new  7556a9e   * externals-list: Add ztree entry
       new  b9c035b   Allow the "C" command from debbugs mode to work
       new  9e83a62   Fix last checkin
       new  04bef3c   Bump version number
       new  9d7ff43   Allow inclusing the closed bugs
       new  773c116   Fix #17 - Minibuffer completion pre 25
       new  217ce33   Merge commit '16be7a12d0dbbbd0e59fc2ccf9a7c7085eb9cf5a'
       new  e9609de   Merge commit 'c0a1e24ef39e2b0f388135c2ed8f8b419346337c'
       new  41d14dd   packages/transcribe.el: Fixed void function declaration
       new  f0486dc   packages/arbitools.el: minor fixes
       new  e674509   packages/transcribe.el: Fixed function calls
       new  fe8c26e   packages/arbitools.el: Removed unused variables
       new  ce77000   Add 'packages/validate/' from commit 
       new  0ccf1dd   Merge commit '3659f0267f1a70a7141b7d53d8a0696d40247c08'
       new  5463da6   Version 1.6, mostly fixes for fragmented headers.
       new  453f067   * websocket/websocket.el (websocket-server-accept): Mark 
arg as unused
       new  0e31d82   Merge commit '7371d05adf4e86f8c6c507d6a8177abac1680d06'
       new  db2d0fd   Merge commit '06e8bd7d4c31ba5b10cf5c18a13c5370045cea71'
       new  1f2012a   * aggressive-indent.el: Silence warning
       new  1b07025   Merge commit 'f4163526c6f603b9dea1d8a3253d31c135fd8876'
       new  befbba9   Add new package "smart-yank"
       new  4c20fd1   Give smart-yank's mode map the canonical name
       new  8a7c990   Make smart-yank-yank-pop a top-level def (use defalias)
       new  fc55c4e   Merge commit '0e327f72bdffc5bc4a1fbc34a8da1b7066e819b3'
       new  d4be10d   Merge commit 'eaab57092284028b1567622c96d9b332de3c7a4d'
       new  fbe5589   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  bf2ac53   Remove async-pkg.el file added by error during merge.
       new  d56251a   Merge commit '744aeaaff9c0bc0732ceee98623d6d1a932bc604'
       new  10f5c54   Merge commit '8438ff5e71ca040e7a1e325d608a3f5ea050503f'
       new  91e4a61   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  f127907   packages/javaimp: Restructure code, add some tests.
       new  859d4c4   New user option: el-search-use-sloppy-strings
       new  5a4e739   Rewrite `string' pattern definition
       new  edca279   el-search--check-pattern-args: make arg TYPE a string
       new  5476a38   Rewrite replacement layout restoration
       new  159aab4   Replacing: make C-g an alternative key for quitting
       new  12e63f1   Comment and whitespace changes only
       new  91bfde4   Improve documentation and argument names of 
       new  3366ad1   Handle replacements containing another match
       new  325e0d8   Rename two functions
       new  02e682b   Add patterns for character properties
       new  d2ba660   Address compiler warnings
       new  4b41ab5   Clarify the operation scope of replacing
       new  0d5c952   Fix el-search--ensure-sexp-start error at bob
       new  469e8c9   Make el-search-pattern accept an optional NO-ERROR arg
       new  9f7b20b   Give el-search--s a more meaningful name
       new  7876c8f   Use `pp-to-string' to print replacement expression
       new  6dd98f6   Small fix in el-search--setup-minibuffer
       new  771f80f   Make query-replace accept FROM -> TO style input
       new  2f68546   Rename a local variable
       new  54c29d6   Reduce duration of a `sit-for'
       new  313ec00   Make sure not to lose the minibuffer-prompt face
       new  19528fa   Clean up el-search-read-expression-map; add some doc
       new  f549265   Set initial input for replace when coming from 
       new  04d6be0   Improve history handling
       new  b34d3c2   Factor out `el-search--replace-hunk'
       new  63aba60   el-search--ensure-sexp-start: don't assume point-min==1
       new  dfb848b   el-search version 0.2
       new  100b906   smart-yank version 0.1.1
       new  7bd2510   Merge commit 'aaeb619f1ff57e666925bcef22bb3195c22d589e'
       new  21d8b00   Rewrite the `change' and `changed' patterns
       new  d7a616d   Merge commit '3007b2917d71a7d66eb94876536dfd80b0661d40' 
from context-coloring
       new  bff05fc   packages/javaimp: Fix comparison of module load ts with 
parent files.
       new  926bb97   Fix bug face for newly arrived bugs in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  90b7ceb   New package: cycle-quotes
       new  aa93048   Add some more basic stream operations
       new  5cb1f82   * myers.el: New package
       new  b4bba7c   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Searching Bugs): Fix 
       new  5e5d6e2   Improve debbugs-gnu-search
       new  d140d6d   Avoid potential problems with user's hooks
       new  8e86b29   yasnippet.el (snippet-mode): Add autoload cookie.
       new  8a60ca4   Don't add useless kill ring entries
       new  00fb36a   yas-dont-activate is a hook
       new  1dda998   Only kill snippets for text length change
       new  9077006   Decide field clearing based on command's effect
       new  514dad9   Change Emacs installation method for Travis CI
       new  e1352b8   chmod -x doc/yas-doc-helper.el
       new  eb9952d   Document .yas-setup.el
       new  ada8fc5   Test and fix problem with mirror+autofill
       new  3a489cd   Refactor yas-next-field a bit
       new  ffbc3b5   yasnippet.el (yas-next-field-will-exit-p): New function.
       new  5528210   Test expansion in an empty buffer
       new  27dd2bf   Add new tests for multi-line mirror indentation
       new  3b89d17   Indent multi-line output from mirrors
       new  f0d4403   Add register option for yas-wrap-around-region
       new  eb17a0f   Improve documentation for new register option
       new  66e5259   Disable region wrapping for trigger key expansion
       new  3359aad   Revert "Disable region wrapping for trigger key expansion"
       new  5a033ef   Delete active region for trigger key expansion
       new  f7d7df6   Fix fields following $0 + region insertion
       new  91f9769   Support htmlize.el in Rakefile doc target
       new  d5068a9   Fix some doc formatting
       new  6dd52b3   Make yasnippet less chatty
       new  84989c8   Don't indent empty lines in snippet expansion
       new  99f2cdf   Document $> and fix escaping
       new  d29a62a   Fix outdated and misformatted docs
       new  653b35e   Fix field transform application in yas-next-field
       new  32cfc11   Don't use major-mode syntax-propertize-function
       new  4fc4a12   Extra measures to prevent premature yas-minor-mode
       new  c439bf9   Add yas-backport-obsolete-alias option
       new  4a802e4   Rename yas-backport-obsolete-alias
       new  836fc90   Fix broken links in README.mdown
       new  ed856e8   Avoid bug in insert-file-contents with REPLACE=t
       new  9f29691   Release 0.10.0
       new  63af94b   packages/yasnippet: pull from external (0.10.0)
       new  0dcdbae   Update seq.el to 2.16
       new  23add37   Further work on debbugs-gnu-search
       new  a3d3874   Release debbugs 0.9.6.
       new  4320e8b   * packages/tramp-theme/tramp-theme.el: Remove file-local 
       new  8c973a4   * packages/num3-mode/num3-mode.el: Fix compilation 
       new  897f8a8   packages/excorporate: Interoperate with LaTeX preview
       new  8ee81c9   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.4
       new  c12aab3   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el 
(debbugs-gnu-default-packages): Add "hyperbole".
       new  7bd3b65   Various changes in debbugs-gnu
       new  7f20748   Simplify debbugs-org.el
       new  d3fe757   packages/excorporate: Interoperate with 
       new  d6e093a   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.5
       new  81a6fad   * packages/yasnippet: Fix some compilation warnings
       new  d7ad951   Fix the values possible for status queries in debbugs
       new  bca5e53   Release debbugs 0.9.7
       new  82a8851   Merge commit '212c8fc3101781a2f1c55ca61772eb75a2046e87' 
from company
       new  d38a414   Add support for JSDoc @callback, @func and @method tags
       new  515bd29   Merge pull request #308 from 
       new  93b2900   Fix computed property generator methods indentation
       new  61404b1   js2-indent-operator-re, js2-declaration-keyword-re: Use 
symbols boundaries
       new  d1966ec   Merge pull request #289 from dgreensp/fix-array-rest
       new  fdd9db7   Special-case unary + and -
       new  326a50e   Use idle timer to reparse, even when the buffer's just 
been opened
       new  66b94de   Fix the tests broken in the previous commit
       new  531c06a   Fix the straggler
       new  227f3ab   Run all tests on 'make test'
       new  3ae06a4   Merge pull request #325 from phst/all-tests
       new  d32cf76   Fix more remaining failures
       new  2e5f1de   Fix a byte compilation warning on Emacs 25
       new  91f87e7   Merge pull request #326 from phst/compiler-warning-25
       new  aee8195   Colorize contextual keywords as & from in import & export
       new  97dbfa5   Merge pull request #327 from XeCycle/ckw-as
       new  a87f161   Colorize imported names as variables
       new  ba2da47   Merge pull request #328 from XeCycle/iname-color
       new  4a0b830   Add :warnings-count keyword argument
       new  4ca3a23   Declare vars created with renaming destructuring
       new  924c4c5   Change warning message to not conflict with spec
       new  44c93f2   Merge pull request #333 from daniellandau/master
       new  87da34e   Allow space before global declaration
       new  ab49149   Merge pull request #332 from bolivier/master
       new  c0179a5   Backport for fix for #335
       new  5d2b028   Merge branch 'dgreensp-object-rest-spread'
       new  65da308   Add a test for #335 as well
       new  c22bb9d   Add js2-mode-assume-strict custom variable
       new  a30046e   Merge pull request #342 from shicks/strict
       new  6d6d532   js2-define-symbol: Treat const same as let
       new  19565d5   Parse generator methods better
       new  a8588a7   Make a new release
       new  d2ef097   Merge commit '0cda39255827f283e7578cd469ae42daad9556a2' 
from js2-mode
       new  a297fd2   Merge commit 'e93367512080e540dc5dd126dfcb38b4a5e9415b' 
from diff-hl
       new  efea5a8   * packages/yasnippet: Don't backport new vars
       new  e696652   Add 'packages/compact-docstrings/' from commit 
       new  c159237   Add compact-docstrings to externals-list
       new  f2d5205   Merge commit '421e26058a6b7131f144bce96c6b0ac902a2b420'
       new  486f76d   oauth2: send authentication token via Authorization header
       new  76428c7   packages/fsm: Fix compilation error
       new  10f55f3   packages/fsm: Bump version to 0.2.1
       new  33e0b40   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings
       new  b41ad59   * enwc.el: Add email address of author
       new  a08df0d   * cl-generic/cl-generic.el (cl-defmethod): Improve 
       new  b835822   Add 'packages/delight/' from commit 
       new  4e32703   externals-list: Add delight
       new  c37aaee   * delight.el: Fix copyright
       new  f40e208   Use GNU ELPA version number formatting
       new  460ea1c   Improve debbugs menu and buffer name
       new  1eca7b1   Don't enable compact-docstrings-mode in Gnus's summary 
       new  18d6458   New package systemd
       new  c1b07ff   Use dynamic completion for bug numbers in debbugs
       new  27e5535   Make debbugs-newest-bugs more robust
       new  39ef2c3   Get the correct patch author name
       new  5bfaacf   Document debbugs-gnu-send-mail-function
       new  7c292e8   Minor fixes for debbugs control messages
       new  020604e   * nlinum.el: Add highlighting of the current line
       new  419e9fa   Merge commit '3ce72cf77cf5958d91b65bc4867cbacff968da74'
       new  020ea11   * sm-c-mode.el (sm-c--comment-regexp): Fix excessive 
       new  3807d33   Support for connecting to remote session bus
       new  b73152a   [systemd] Use `process-file' instead of `shell-command'
       new  9cde1c9   Document patching from debbugs, and fix some bugs
       new  80cfae7   Remove usages of the gnus-with-article-buffer macro
       new  5943845   Release: ada-mode: version 5.2.0. wisi: version 1.1.3
       new  b31a493   * admin/archive-contents.el: Minimal support for local 
       new  eeaa9c2   packages/transcribe.el - minor bug corrections
       new  b95107f   * packages/hyperbole: New package
       new  714e0f6   * ampc/ampc.el (ampc-views): Add "Search view"
       new  75f0a30   * ampc/ampc.el: Add current song time in status display
       new  b638186   * copyright_exceptions: Update for new 
       new  1438673   packages/transcribe.el: interface improvements
       new  3313e2b   Minor fixes in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  959a2b9   Documentation enhancement for debbugs
       new  3bdfa43   * GNUmakefile (.gitignore): New rule
       new  0987817   Improve debbugs sorting.
       new  3aae63c   ipdb: add new debugger based on pdb
       new  d671086   ipdb: add tab completion
       new  56cd739   ipdb: add hook for completion to initialization
       new  683b616   ipdb: add tab completion to track-mode
       new  0f38c0d   ipdb: add test
       new  262aab5   ipdb: add regex test
       new  2c9fc1a   Merge branch 'ipdb' of 
https://github.com/seanfarley/emacs-dbgr into ipdb
       new  a9fda19   Merge pull request #74 from rocky/ipdb
       new  c22f099   Bump version
       new  a4cd7c9   Disable ipdb until melpa is updated
       new  448820b   Reinstate ipdb support
       new  4b4fe36   Fix wrong setq call
       new  e891d46   Improve completion and default value in 
       new  7deacb0   Merge pull request #80 from cpitclaudel/master
       new  4f60110   Towards fixing up tab completion in ipdb.
       new  ab481f3   fake realgud:run-process better
       new  ffd8d85   Merge pull request #81 from rocky/ipdb-complete
       new  56d5665   Improve command mappings in pdb-command-hash
       new  76ce128   Update IPDB in accordance with PDB
       new  30feb82   Merge pull request #85 from cpitclaudel/84-pdb-fixes
       new  9410df0   Improve eval: run on region if active, and fall back to 
       new  b5df1f5   Merge pull request #86 from 
       new  1c427b7   Add a prefix arg to "continue" command
       new  fe939e1   Merge pull request #90 from 
       new  c31cbf8   Add a "safe mode" setting (on by default)
       new  e3c647c   Merge pull request #92 from cpitclaudel/82-add-safe-mode
       new  c975f44   Improve behavior of delete, enable, and disable
       new  cc49a39   Merge pull request #89 from 
       new  0f56a40   Small fixes in cmds.el
       new  3c32c70   Merge pull request #93 from 
       new  571f343   Manually generate "recursive" autoloads for subdirectories
       new  87c04f1   Merge pull request #94 from rocky/84-fix-autoloads
       new  5bd842c   Revert "Manually generate "recursive" autoloads for 
       new  74daf0b   Merge pull request #95 from 
       new  e955640   Rename realgud:prompt-if-{prefix-or-,}safe-mode
       new  f2ecc39   Prepare for refactoring of realgud-cmd
       new  c789a24   Add a few bindings to shortkey-mode
       new  91c252d   Remove key argument of realgud:cmd-remap
       new  1ad7030   Merge pull request #98 from 
       new  1c89ae1   Ignore safe-mode setting when clicking a toolbar button
       new  70b4374   Refactor and improve breakpoint UI
       new  f307088   Merge pull request #101 from rocky/bp-icon-in-fringe
       new  9153a62   Update commentary; e.g. link to debuggers handled
       new  c6f58c4   Use `buffer-live-p' instead of `buffer-name' in 
       new  a029013   Minor docstring and code cleanups
       new  7962750   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  ccfb8ac   Handle enable/disable bp status messages - 1st cut
       new  d159b88   Typo
       new  bfb2c32   Add some enable/disble patterns
       new  7f392a7   Automatically attach to a command buffer when enabling 
       new  4bdeb4f   Merge pull request #104 from rocky/36-auto-attach
       new  a29cf50   Show default buffer when automatically attaching
       new  5cf9a90   Simplify the implementation of realgud:cmdbuf-associate
       new  d61d1cb   Fill in missing bits of Cask file
       new  669b91f   Add python3 shebang to fringe-utils.py
       new  af04176   Rewrite README
       new  9039cc5   Merge pull request #105 from rocky/new-README
       new  7f465d7   Improve IPDB completion
       new  43ac614   Merge pull request #106 from rocky/75-ipdb-completion
       new  23625d0   Alway late on this kind of thing.
       new  f4d3322   Allow realgud-track-bp-delete to recognize multiple 
       new  627707e   Merge pull request #110 from 
       new  548dee3   Remove leftover debugging message
       new  6836d6c   Improve visibility of breakpoints
       new  0d88179   Merge pull request #111 from 
       new  4d2fa9e   Update README.md
       new  8768573   Fix file-column-to-string in the presence of composed 
       new  44333d7   Slightly shorten setup instructions in README
       new  7239ffd   Update screenshot
       new  25c557e   New RealGUD logo
       new  d99aaf6   Merge pull request #113 from rocky/logo
       new  a2a3c6e   Remove unwanted argument in call to cmd-run-command
       new  7356256   Ensure that the Github organization logo is a square
       new  6da4507   Add a bit of padding around the logo to make GitHub happy
       new  3d90e0c   Further refactor cmds.el
       new  db751b4   Merge pull request #114 from rocky/default-hash
       new  d6c469b   Clarify %p in documentation of expand-format
       new  7947c9a   Further cleanup in cmds.el: remove unused arguments
       new  2ae968c   Add a C-u interface to break and clear
       new  739b455   Merge pull request #119 from realgud/improve-break-C-u
       new  b4a18b5   Fix invalid references to realgud:loc-follow
       new  86ae15e   Update doc links
       new  b18a4d7   Revert "Revert "Manually generate "recursive" autoloads 
for subdirectories""
       new  9b64e54   Merge pull request #121 from 
       new  2cd90ff   A few more link updates (+ small edits in Commentary)
       new  db621bf   Update Travis links
       new  339d720   Correct "breakpoint deleted" regexp
       new  585eb6f   Correct cmd capabilities for perldb and trepanjs
       new  c262820   Confirm on debugger quit.
       new  108af3a   Merge pull request #127 from realgud/quit-confirm
       new  357b71c   Add basic support for jumping
       new  097a0c5   Merge branch 'master' into 103-jump
       new  7e85ee4   Mark debuggers that don't have "jump".
       new  dcb8c33   Merge pull request #126 from realgud/103-jump
       new  df029cf   Fill out pdb-remote execution
       new  1b1c638   Restart should be a confirm command too.
       new  3826802   Relax deleted breakpoint regexp in PDB to support Python 
2 and 3
       new  7a9fb5c   Broaden trepan breakpoint search
       new  7ae296f   Merge branch 'master' into enable-disable
       new  8a03d6d   Correct python trepan enable/disable patterns
       new  e3fdd19   Merge pull request #130 from realgud/enable-disable
       new  d4b837f   Don't bind standard keys when disabled by config (#131)
       new  75a3620   Correct enable/disable pattern for trepan.pl
       new  8553d0c   Correct realgud:gdb-pid-associate call
       new  5bd01cd   Simpler change to previous commit
       new  ac273c3   Remove code added by mistake
       new  08c37a0   Improve realgud:run-process docstring
       new  bd53970   Another small doc change
       new  fffc5e5   Reassign more copyrights to FSF
       new  ca29e6e   Suppress irrelevant compilation warnings
       new  4eaf9f4   Warn if gdb --interpreter=mi or -i mi is used
       new  9921fdc   Merge pull request #137 from realgud/gdb-mi-warning
       new  7d2ec72   One more FSF copyright assignment
       new  21c99dd   Assign more copyrights to FSF
       new  039e85f   Finish FSF Copyright assignments
       new  ab14a38   Need to put back el-get-install.el for travis
       new  7ab0597   Release 1.4.0 which will be on melpa stable and elpa
       new  aa70449   Add 'packages/realgud/' from commit 
       new  bc3c34e   Not needed for elpa
       new  209eaaf   Bump min version to 24.4
       new  be8e1ea   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  0d01b33   Merge commit '8d07bdedfe9e56de8a32f32af6e4c853a5fa6c4d'
       new  da4a693   Remove list-utils dependency
       new  f863c9e   Remove list-utils dependency
       new  938c3af   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  3e7e0e3   Remove use of list-utils package
       new  3129c38   Merge commit 'a8bd8678db59322dac1015576716c4ebb2c628df'
       new  5b676aa   Bump debbugs version to 0.10
       new  5b53ad7   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  4d6467d   * realgud.el: Fix "Author" to be a valid email
       new  e9323df   Sync with elpa
       new  add2f16   el-get-install.el: remove list-utils
       new  6582d31   Merge pull request #141 from dunn/list-utils
       new  022cdc8   common/helper: require cl
       new  427bae6   Merge pull request #142 from dunn/helper-cl
       new  de22a1a   Increase minimum versions recorded
       new  8313889   Reinstate 24.3. That checks out and works
       new  1de0b1d   Merge commit '48b48807a8917e455b5687945a81375703bd1a6e'
       new  084a3ec   ELPA packaging
       new  a92d052   Merge commit 'ab69dbcccb4d0ed5ec2a7bd6bc7b3cff7e7adbac'
       new  6f772e1   Merge commit '4d1dcdf7631c23b1259ad4f72bf9686cf95fb46c'
       new  6e64d62   Use user-emacs-directory.
       new  ac14103   Wrong require - thanks Stefan
       new  2c168ce   Bump version
       new  c918880   Very slightly improve performance
       new  5568d0b   Avoid recursive stream-append in stream-concatenate
       new  c44a09a   Don't need el-get-install here
       new  415a9ef   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  c4a63d2   Wrong require - thanks stephan
       new  3710f5f   Don't add subdirectories to load-path
       new  8d3b652   Merge pull request #144 from npostavs/nosearch
       new  f8944fb   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  7632560   Remove ANSI schmutz from zshdb output
       new  16eb4e3   Merge commit 'bdbbc65028af8deb55a4e474be43b5b99e6cc539'
       new  db18f0c   Fix deleting breakpoints
       new  bb2e2f0   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  55b5393   Version 1.4.3
       new  8345f5d   Merge commit '6dc971269f6f9435e5159c2cfe66fc5e4b296df2'
       new  3443708   Avoid reading a binary as a source file
       new  fcfa1b4   I like the word "extensible"
       new  20fbc5f   Wrong require again.
       new  f8e48cf   Merge commit 'd7bac581f04756582078cd9ea45e5a28406ee05c'
       new  4a79817   Add comment about (pcase) backquote inside (real) 
       new  8596fc3   Add 'packages/diffview/' from commit 
       new  5b5db9d   * diffview.el: Fix copyright header
       new  a6975b0   Improve poker-hand-value performance by 25%
       new  0aebc34   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ec40ee6   Ignore process send errors
       new  859a029   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  8a1b3f7   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  ae679d4   Add starting directory in info and...
       new  e3027f2   (require 'files) is unnecessary - preloaded
       new  b1621d7   Merge commit 'db34a79efd068f28643cefd6f16a7329ba24dbf1'
       new  0fd674a   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  72a07da   * packages/realgud/realgud.el: Add missing cl-lib 
       new  79156aa   Improve performance of poker-hand-value by a factor of 4
       new  75c3d2d   cl -> cl-lib and other goodies
       new  831e4a8   Set EMACSLOADPATH in make. remove more .el lint
       new  1d2f882   Administrivia
       new  264f0dc   Merge commit 'ff57536e7c8e7dd2b5bfdf803fe78327b572e080'
       new  8b97284   Fix up INSTALL. Tolerate older emacs
       new  135f661   Merge commit '5f47b1f64cad8a06e945e2a1287b986a3676554d'
       new  7b86c10   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  e3019f6   * sml-mode/sml-mode.el: Use cl-lib.
       new  92e23f2   * stream/stream.el (stream--generalizer): Accept more 
       new  05493c3   * tests/dbus-codegen-tests.el: Fix up compilation
       new  525a287   * test/subdir/test-require-list-from-subdir.el: Don't 
       new  bcbad93   * admin/archive-contents.el: Use cl-lib
       new  c33f7a2   * externals-list: Add diffview
       new  0a86b4f   * diffview.el (diffview-mode-map): Define explicitly
       new  280ffce   * web-server/examples: Don't load `htmlize' during 
       new  5834956   * fixtures/test/: Don't byte-compile
       new  de4203a   Add a pre-flop hand strength table and an ert test for 
       new  2623cef   Set default number of iterations to 300
       new  661963a   * context-coloring/fixtures: Undo last change
       new  9864e15   * lmc.el: Use cl-lib
       new  b26fcd0   * lmc.el: Mention dependencies & bumpp version
       new  1028672   * nhexl-mode.el: Use cl-lib
       new  09b70cd   Update copyright
       new  2513686   Move some pattern definitions to new file "el-search-x"
       new  d412dd8   Fix el-search-query-replace reindent wrongly in narrowed 
       new  20eba7b   el-search--make-docstring: exclude some specially named 
       new  b483d62   Add calling convention to el-search-defpattern's docstring
       new  d99534d   Improve `change' and `changed'
       new  1a47791   el-search: bump version to 0.2.2
       new  a54931d   [poker] Version 0.2, update copyright years and add todo
       new  ae5554e   * packages/sml-mode/sml-mode.el (sml-tyvarseq-re): 
Backtrack less (bug#24205)
       new  977c40e   Simplify nested backquotes
       new  9aabb4e   Simplify `el-search--transform-nontrivial-lpat'
       new  93927c7   Add the pseudo-package "test" to 
       new  8893094   * packages/seq/seq-24.el: Rename seq-p to seqp
       new  3b56c59   Some details
       new  7fd3ea5   ; Fix documentation of seq-subseq
       new  afe268b   Fix replacement verification for splicing mode
       new  b215d70   packages/transcribe.el: improved analysis functions
       new  7f2fb8f   Extend arguments of `debbugs-gnu-bugs', plus minor fixes
       new  e2a6fe4   Add `el-search--macroexpand'
       new  412e501   Pinpoint semantics of `seq-subseq's implementation for 
       new  8c38cd5   Add systematic tests against bogus element generation
       new  43bc3f1   Make el-search--make-docstring require a NAME argument
       new  4e9b350   Merge branch 'master' into new-website
       new  0dcd606   debbugs-gnu.el: Doc fixes
       new  59d13c4   Fix errors detected by tests added in last commit
       new  d9ef596   Release debbugs 0.11
       new  01f8baf   Merge commit '07009d7695eb7b82225712336fe388495dd48169' - 
Fixed broken 'x' button in ztree-dir - Fixed broken compare over tramp
       new  81c7547   ztree: increased version
       new  bfcea7f   Merge commit 'e5eb534859acc0cc0a13403fd166457db9fb7eb5'
       new  7be9044   Adjust for NOAA server changes.
       new  4b86c72   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  c0e3ae0   url-http-ntlm: Avoid calculating responses twice
       new  f069626   url-http-ntlm: Bump ntlm required version to 2.1.0
       new  39e8514   url-http-ntlm: Bump version to 2.0.3
       new  8440340   packages/excorporate: Acknowledge Fabio Leimgruber
       new  26623ba   packages/excorporate: Bump url-http-ntlm required version 
to 2.0.3
       new  8464268   excorporate.el: Bump version to 0.7.6
       new  62c0db6   excorporate.texi: Increase authentication success 
       new  47263a1   Add section "Patterns for stylistic rewriting" and 
pattern `iffy-if'
       new  65fd12a   Merge commit 'b6898b8e7945609c3341ead4ed074bdb15a41e40'
       new  ed23cac   debbugs-gnu.el: Add "26.1"
       new  a376d03   Merge commit 'c9d86457d43decf61810006752544d7f7bd5a61d'
       new  e1fd670   Merge commit '3e73c363ca06b85eaa905ba0d0b17e08991e3d3e'
       new  198bc2b   Merge commit 'ab1a5c589378334eafca105af1a17f73b9065423'
       new  9473a09   Merge commit 'fffe8d0b42b143a2e7df0470d9049fa57b6ecac5'
       new  efab6ac   Merge commit '16e0e2338b9539610437e420d968c7084d48eb57'
       new  c131dd1   Merge commit '998407f56009f441a7cb83d678118d4d8e68f661'
       new  81fcab0   Work around Emacs bug#24542
       new  3b81939   Rewrite of el-search for version 1.0
       new  4e8dc6a   Call el-search--wrap-pattern at better places
       new  afffecd   Add missing settings of some vars when restoring a 
previous search
       new  8c31561   el-search: more cleanup and minor tweaks; version 1.0.1
       new  2411dcd   Some details in the documentation
       new  d747368   Remove exception for auctex/multi-prompt.el
       new  e3db2d9   Backport seq.el changes from Emacs master
       new  b5afa0b   Fix seq-random-elt docstring
       new  6968063   Add new package parsec to externals-list
       new  96268d5   Add 'packages/parsec/' from commit 
       new  d579549   * packages/sml-mode/sml-mode.el (sml-smie-rules): Remove 
incoherent rule.
       new  8e0fa5a   .travis.yml: Don't notify on success
       new  2823971   Add region contents to new snippet
       new  4ec2250   Make yas-describe-tables easier to use from lisp
       new  69b5c49   Separate parsing from evaluation of backquote lisp
       new  952bfa4   Revert "Separate parsing from evaluation of backquote 
       new  1300488   Warn about backquote exprs modifying the buffer
       new  636b374   Merge: restore backquote evaluation behaviour
       new  8513c17   Say how to hide the backquote side-effect warning
       new  be745e1   Fix some compilation warnings
       new  dea93f8   Don't indent first line of mirrors
       new  9d0786c   Do indent the first line of mirrors, but in correct order
       new  1d8311b   Add test for indentation of single line mirrors
       new  9bb3988   Merge: a different fix for #712.
       new  29d29f6   Escape yas-selected-text for new snippet.
       new  fefb91b   yasnippet.el (yas--quote-string): Remove.
       new  a25bfee   Add test for loading snippet with same uuid
       new  ff9934e   Fix removal of snippets by uuid
       new  d472df2   Don't warn about modifications to other buffers
       new  4e54dd0   yasnippet.el (yas-escape-text): No error on nil text
       new  64a3d82   Don't clobber match data in modification hooks
       new  ca5f7ba   Fix field navigation in the backwards direction
       new  9a743c4   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings
       new  b71d5bf   Simplify `yas-new-snippet' load&save logic
       new  6235060   Load snippet after saving
       new  089c5c6   Fix yas--message verbosity levels
       new  bc7fb8b   Merge: Simplify `yas-new-snippet' load&save logic
       new  b980289   Support yas/ symbols in yas-define-menu
       new  8fa2805   Use new name of python-in-string/comment in docs
       new  83289ff   Cleanup redundant cl dependency, :group & :require
       new  b39aca0   Don't warn about cl-functions with old cl-lib
       new  0c52691   * Rakefile: Handle unset `warnings' parameter
       new  2f5f215   Fix test-rebindings
       new  77b7f24   Fix saving of new snippets
       new  0945af4   Add test for snippet saving
       new  2314c79   Explain about backquote expressions in doc
       new  2aefd32   Change cl dep to cl-lib for tests too
       new  012d96c   Replace yas--with-temp-redefs with cl-letf
       new  d1e6ceb   Replace all occurances of `capitaomorte'
       new  e95a9be   * NEWS: Update for 0.11.0.
       new  1fb8428   packages/yasnippet: Merge external (v0.11.0)
       new  76ac874   * packages/parsec: Fix up copyright headers
       new  70f705e   Merge commit '21f5a11' from GitHub
       new  1497bcd   `change', `changed': make "HEAD" as default explicit
       new  fbede4f   Add 'packages/highlight-escape-sequences/' from commit 
       new  712e6be   Add hes to externals-list
       new  cee5454   Inhibit logging of some messages
       new  f5ba818   Document change-revision transformer function; make a 
       new  b05dd36   Release debbugs 0.12
       new  893a152   Use "https" in debbugs bug URLs.
       new  35e94ef   New command `el-search-load-path'
       new  fe82259   Release wisi 1.1.4, ada-mode 5.2.1
       new  d54ac23   Merge commit '4840be0f3a82f49157239014a09c7001b7816316'
       new  3d1994b   Merge commit '46bfe80d1d0c0ba6cf1a4593b55af11cd943c697'
       new  e9625dd   Speed up multi searching; version 1.1
       new  583bbcd   Some details
       new  8704418   Don't use the non-word "heuristical"
       new  8ea437d   Merge commit 'e077caf1957f1846fae29aa84a021234c43be96f'
       new  695df95   tests: use /bin instead of /lost+found
       new  dee2071   Merge pull request #609 from dunn/lost
       new  fc3e311   Merge pull request #610 from 
       new  e984a9e   Improve a docstring
       new  1a29fd9   Release 0.9.2
       new  39142be   Merge commit 'c9912e9ba7ef441677c1a9de7e14f78cb2da5e0e' 
from company
       new  7322fc5   Fix leaving behind helper buffers
       new  f917a5c   Do not use map.el in seq-tests.el
       new  ff6c376   Merge commit '0637791f005f747532b4439439a81c3415961377'
       new  563740d   Merge commit 'c30247ea4efbddb8efc0c21634b1e78aac4dea6a'
       new  244cfcc   Merge commit '1c9cdd66501a2f32c59347c56cf4a4316e51ad32'
       new  0f21fbf   Merge branch 'master' into new-website
       new  80855df   Website footer improvement
       new  6666aa8   Package pages improvements
       new  79ce9cf   README: Fix copyright years.
       new  d594e4a   New package: json-mode
       new  8e3a416   Extend the heuristic matching approach; complete review
       new  858ec1f   Backport seq-mapn fix from Emacs master
       new  6e5acc9   Backport the latest changes to seq.el from Emacs master
       new  19f3bf2   Use syntactic fontification for JSON object names
       new  047405c   Fix disregarding compressed elisp files
       new  41c503b   Set syntax table for temp buffers in el-search-atom-list
       new  19a4024   Explicitly `error' when trying to jump to invalid search 
       new  9b59e38   Add a helpful comment; bump version to 1.2.1
       new  04e5427   Use jka-compr-load-suffixes instead of hardcoded suffixes
       new  d9fab79   Respect .elpaignore when compiling and optimize 
       new  5442f75   Clean up local variable.
       new  3a76dcc   Set up post-colorize hooks.
       new  c3acdf3   Improve Font Lock integration.
       new  c3170ef   Revert "Clean up local variable."
       new  76a5cb7   Merge branch 'master' into prettify-symbols
       new  4b8d226   Use a mode hook for detecting entering Prettify Symbols 
       new  23e3f2e   Add tests for prettifying symbols.
       new  c25b080   Add Emacs 25.1 to the build matrix.
       new  0795518   Make binaries configurable in Makefile.
       new  13075dd   Feature-detect prettify-symbols-mode for Emacs 24.3 
       new  c542349   Check for compositions on old Emacsen.
       new  4d933dc   Ensure coloring still works after prettification.
       new  8a3dec9   Merge pull request #5 from 
       new  7b3bf2f   Don't color before or beyond the buffer.
       new  9aac116   Merge pull request #6 from 
       new  8257686   Remove no-byte-compile from development files.
       new  5b25565   Version 8.1.0.
       new  8c695e0   Merge commit '1b30a28857727202d1f6a027f83ad66151fb1e92' 
from context-coloring
       new  071611c   Updated to version 1.2.3
       new  595dac2   Issue #18: files considered different if they have 
different sizes
       new  94b0a40   Merge commit '2751b96aca36cc5c31dc105ec985c269126420a0'
       new  6acdf18   Use regexp-opt on suffixes in el-search--elisp-file-name-p
       new  60e2f5a   Change to package directory before checking .elpaignore 
       new  f61aba1   Call `user-error' instead of `error' where appropriate
       new  4a34bd7   Avoid infinite recursion in circular programs
       new  498ce22   Put tar'd files at the end to fix build in some 
       new  a963227   Improve handling of reader errors in el-search-atom-list
       new  3116be9   el-search: bump version to 1.2.2
       new  1dc64df   Work around more manifestations of Emacs bug #24542
       new  b4c0edb   * cl-lib/cl-lib.el: Make it work for Emacs-21.  Bump 
version to 0.6
       new  4fe0031   1) Implemented feature: narrow/widen directories in 
ztree-dir 2) Fixed regression in TRAMP mode while in ztree-diff 3) Updated 
       new  b85e925   * cl-lib/cl-lib.el: Don't use `emacs` package for Emacs<24
       new  3e82682   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  d78bdf3   Improved cobol--indent-line-to.
       new  7630d1c   Further improved fixed-format indentation.
       new  915f324   Improve positioning of cursor after indent.
       new  fdf77f0   Improved indentation of fixed-format comments.
       new  21e4bed   Corrected comment.
       new  ac29188   Fixed indentation of code at the beginning of a file.
       new  31d6d6a   Fixed incorrect indentation of first line of skeletons 
and fixed faulty positioning of cursor.
       new  583a88b   Fixed faulty indentation of END METHOD. (used for 
property getters/setters).
       new  6c78796   Fixed-format indentation is now fully operational; 
removed warning.
       new  e16b0b0   Improved prologue as suggested by ELPA formatting 
       new  458e231   Refactored indentation functions to be in terms of 
columns instead of points. Also added tabbing functionality requested by Rich 
di Lulio.
       new  bc7abdd   Fixed tabbing alignment in fixed-format code.
       new  85a7436   Fixed cursor not being moved to start of code area when 
the line was empty.
       new  8ab3dda   Misc changes regarding reserved words and comment style.
       new  c8b079d   Prepare cobol-mode.el for submission to ELPA.
       new  875d81e   Added extra feature request.
       new  3ecd806   Add 'packages/cobol-mode/' from commit 
       new  5038bba   * packages/cobol-mode/cobol-mode.el: Fix copyright and 
       new  80cf88c   * cobol-mode/cobol-mode.el: Fix compilation and heed the 
       new  043ea23   * cobol-mode/cobol-mode.el: Misc tweaks; some from 
       new  9e7c3f2   Also count pattern types starting with "_" as internal
       new  ac5acb1   [gnugo int] Use ‘setq-local’.
       new  cc17702   [gnugo maint] Add copyright policy to HACKING; nfc.
       new  c55e8ce   [gnugo slog] Clear ‘inhibit-point-motion-hooks’.
       new  7819037   [gnugo maint] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  ea33869   [gnugo] Release: 3.0.1
       new  7d2c06e   [gnugo int] Use ‘replace-regexp-in-string’.
       new  2c8a44c   [gnugo int] Use ‘line-end-position’.
       new  156a59f   Fix Highlighting function name of form {"quoted name" () 
       new  67f179d   Fix comment alignment
       new  ad539da   Merge pull request #345 from jacott/master
       new  132dafe   Support ES7 exponentiation
       new  08b173b   Makefile: use -Q to avoid site-lisp loading
       new  52b1145   Merge pull request #348 from dunn/makequiet
       new  0e8dd25   js2-parse-mul-expr: Parse the right operand as 
exponentiation too
       new  02f94b5   js2-jsdoc-arg-tag-regexp: Recognize @module
       new  a8409b6   js2-jsx-mode docstring fix
       new  aa10c15   Merge pull request #353 from 
       new  9f7194d   js2-parse-class: Convert positions to relative for NAME 
and EXTENDS, too
       new  458bf46   Propertize regexp literals like js-mode does
       new  14fddff   Unbind js2-mode-show-node
       new  1a63f8e   Allow newline in globals declaration
       new  932e4b5   Propertize regexp starting with /= correctly
       new  699f949   Special methods should allow keywords as names
       new  3bfc964   Merge pull request #377 from XeCycle/memfn-delete
       new  f38e5ee   Fix dead link in the documentation
       new  3af3896   Merge pull request #380 from 
       new  9d59406   Compute externs on demand
       new  47efe87   Optimize a call to `append`
       new  0c6845d   Update NEWS.md
       new  633e9b5   Merge pull request #378 from 
       new  f23a2af   Copy edits
       new  f007cdd   Move it up
       new  b36a756   Fix "pos" argument in template node constructors
       new  3fdc42d   Merge pull request #381 from mgiles/template-pos
       new  2059e43   Fix length of name in namespace-import nodes
       new  49f2a64   Merge pull request #384 from mishoo/master
       new  50170a9   Fix the fix (error detection)
       new  450143f   Merge pull request #385 from mishoo/master
       new  0da89d3   Fix indentation after regexp in js2-old-indent.el
       new  65ccd25   Fix arrow expression function's length
       new  e807570   Create a separate scope for switch statements
       new  02608ba   Fix the breakage from the previous commit
       new  b00102a   Handle destructuring assignments when classifying 
       new  98beac8   Handle other cases of destructuring 
       new  0188339   Refactor ‘js2-define-destruct-symbols’ on top of 
       new  9cb033c   Add a STRICT parameter to js2--collect-declared-symbols
       new  cda6e58   Rewrite js2--classify-variables, focusing only on name 
       new  6180ca3   Rename js2--collect-declared-symbols to 
       new  ade47d2   Cosmetic, reformat to stay within the preferred 80 
columns limit
       new  fa6b725   Mostly cosmetic, split js2--classify-variables in three 
simpler functions
       new  3b3c95d   Merge pull request #397 from lelit/issue393
       new  cbc51bd   feat: add js2-comments-between func
       new  598031c   fix: copyright year of tests/comsume.el
       new  be565b7   Merge pull request #387 from futurist/master
       new  d02ea1a   Bump the version
       new  04a722a   Merge commit '03c679eb9914d58d7d9b7afc2036c482a9a01236' 
from js2-mode
       new  b830b2b   Let ert-support.el work for subdirectories
       new  7cd6282   New command `el-search-from-beginning'
       new  2e4d189   Improve summary message of `el-search-overview'
       new  870ca40   Improve half-baked introduction of key bindings
       new  4fe4e7e   * gnugo/gnugo.el (gnugo-refresh): Fix unknown function 
       new  b9f8f15   Use `read' to circumvent bug#24542
       new  705daac   * externals-list: Add psgml.
       new  9329167   Update some copyrights
       new  be277b1   Add a FILE argument to `el-search-dired-marked-files'
       new  10fedb7   [gnugo int] Avoid latent order-of-evaluation error.
       new  f5b4885   [gnugo int] Fix verse meter; nfc.
       new  4c08804   [gnugo int] Revert bogus OoE avoidance fix, w/ better 
       new  701e78e   [xpm int] Whitespace munging; nfc.
       new  c6da7b9   Add some THANKS files; nfc.
       new  b25de72   Specify copyright update policy in some HACKING files; 
       new  a88aa7b   [aa2u int] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  9594ee6   [xpm int] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  f078829   [xpm] Make ‘flower’ size customizable.
       new  62c2df3   [admin] Add abstraction: archive--read-externals-list
       new  2097260   [admin int] Simplify ‘archive-gitignore-externals’.
       new  165b0b1   [admin int] Use ‘archive--read-externals-list’ more.
       new  4dd13e3   [admin int] Add abstraction: 
       new  3f87907   [gnugo slog] Prefer Cursor Intangible mode, if available.
       new  1a6684c   [gnugo] Release: 3.0.2
       new  077a72b   [gnugo int] Add Juanma Barranquero to THANKS; nfc.
       new  8e75514   [gnugo maint] Add people from ttn-pers-elisp THANKS file; 
       new  f8a295d   [gnugo int] Shirk syntax, abbrev tables in Gnugo Board 
       new  d17d46f   [gnugo int] Simplify SGF-write subroutine.
       new  e5b657a   [gnugo int] Comment munging; nfc.
       new  7543697   [gnugo] Make ‘gnugo-comment’ fall back to root node.
       new  1175f81   [gnugo int] Decruft: Don't declare hook and keymap vars.
       new  56e31b8   [gnugo int] Whitespace munging; nfc.
       new  e9b0b91   [gnugo] Drop trailing fullstop for "... done" messages.
       new  5452f14   [gnugo] Make ‘C-c C-p’ output more spacious.
       new  ac02c87   [gnugo] Make ‘gnugo-goto-pos’ return buffer position.
       new  fbfb06c   [gnugo int] Decruft: Don't bother w/ ‘group’ text 
       new  e8f9b22   [gnugo] Add abstraction: gnugo-aqr
       new  405cbf1   [gnugo int] Reduce ‘setq’ usage.
       new  7e5cc4f   [gnugo] Drop trailing fullstop in animation message.
       new  2775994   * xpm/xpm.el (xpm--gg): Fix incorrect defstruct field 
       new  95261b2   [xpm int] Add ‘require’ form.
       new  329ba16   [gnugo int] Incorporate ‘gnugo-toggle-image-display’ into 
unique caller.
       new  7c1cb1e   [gnugo] When sorry, say "Sorry" first.
       new  1d05139   [gnugo] Fix bug: Don't clobber dead-group indication on 
       new  8cdec02   [gnugo int] Add abstraction: gnugo--zonk-ovs
       new  5661d47   [gnugo int] Lift redundant pall of death computation.
       new  ca992d4   [gnugo] Formalize game-over "group"; use symbolic color.
       new  658cc11   [gnugo] Include seki groups in game-over data.
       new  29fbd47   [gnugo] Indicate seki groups on the board.
       new  59715ed   [gnugo] Make ‘C-u F’ store additional SGF properties.
       new  58cd7ba   [gnugo int] Comment munging; nfc.
       new  fddd4b6   [gnugo] Document new ‘C-u F’ behavior.
       new  fec410a   [gnugo] Release: 3.1.0
       new  c1e3e53   [xpm] Release: 1.0.4
       new  c51a03f   debbugs: Handle Emacs with separate build number
       new  6631731   [admin int] Add abstraction: archive-call
       new  8ec8738   [admin int] Simplify ‘archive--write-pkg-file’ calling 
       new  5a076d5   [admin int] Replace one-armed-‘if’ w/ either ‘when’ or 
       new  177b92c   Merge commit 'bd11e73689b7fabb82ea8223762039ced33c6199'
       new  217fe4b   Add "guix-patches" to debbugs
       new  5f5328e   Fix bug#25784 in debbugs
       new  43eaf47   Increase debbugs version to 0.14
       new  46b8bc5   Set mouse point in debbugs
       new  abf4211   ; Add debbugs-gnu.el TODO item
       new  644a43e   [admin int] Add abstraction: archive--dirname
       new  2b01252   [admin] Add ‘--help’, ‘--version’ support to shell 
       new  3c5bc0e   Clear executable bit for Emacs Lisp files.
       new  a9a144b   * packages/ada-ref-man/*: release version 2012 TC1
       new  40acce5   * packages/ada-ref-man/ada-ref-man.el: actually bump 
       new  d9d2c2d   Merge commit '833ae431a5b35739be3076ea4b586d84d6fe269f' 
from wconf
       new  67dcb5a   Merge commit 'e62157d43b2c874d2edbd547c3bdfb05d0a7ae5c' 
from company-statistics
       new  5311f27   * windresize.el: Fix up email; address compiler warnings
       new  927a265   Removed packages/enwc in preparation for subtree pull.
       new  67f3036   Add 'packages/enwc/' from commit 
       new  7e42c81   Add cl-print from Emacs
       new  392f972   Minor fix against b30add.
       new  ed6eebe   Merge commit '8e63abd47ea0cfa00b44b3c2ab81a933dbd9ce93'
       new  fb28fd6   [admin] Fix bug: Clean up $buildir/archive when done.
       new  652b7d8   [admin] Make update-archive.sh slightly less verbose.
       new  64adb01   [admin] Specify bash in update-archive.sh shebang line.
       new  4b61401   [admin] Bump update-archive.sh version to "1.7" for push.
       new  f563401   [admin] Prefer GNU wget to curl.
       new  df70e58   [admin int] Simplify perl script.
       new  20a47c0   [admin] Release: org-synch.sh 1.2.
       new  f834ee7   [admin] Revert ‘s/sh/bash/’ for update-archive.sh.
       new  1f766fb   [admin] Release: update-archive.sh 1.8
       new  d501afa   Merge commit '8a0f951c02d0fe73dd247b983747951d39c7e76a'
       new  092ef29   Merge commit 'dd9b14d7f5c0eb43c5279255a990e6c1388fb0be'
       new  d6b2404   Merge commit '2bc1a7c5f09de5deb7f27b2b4ed731271f9f3f05'
       new  f367993   el-search version 1.3: Lots of fixes and improvements
       new  3df96f4   Merge commit 'ae75eeb6f3a0fa8598d06c3b14ead8606918a446'
       new  37de0d3   Merge commit '96b73f42807bc34c11e9bb99f25b856b249014b5'
       new  030e8f9   Fix email subtree command
       new  e9b805c   New function gnorb-install-defaults
       new  3297878   [gnugo imgen] New fit func to ignore bottom grid line
       new  e1d2509   [gnugo int] Gate ‘cursor-intangible-mode’ call precisely
       new  0002ca3   load-dir: allow ignoring some files
       new  4e40dfe   Fix autoloads for BBDB functions
       new  491171a   Remove useless use of progn, update usage status function
       new  64f9cd7   Fix creation of nngnorb/nnir groups
       new  14473e5   * load-dir/load-dir.el (load-dir-one): Don't set global 
       new  a1c5821   Add gnorb-version command
       new  9635444   load-dir: fix CL and free variable warnings
       new  78ced70   load-dir: no need for let f
       new  d000f18   * load-dir.el: Add `Maintainer:`.
       new  da58d5c   * lmc.el: Fix `Package-Requires` line
       new  fc7fafe   * packages/load-dir/load-dir.el: require just cl-lib 0.5
       new  646d581   Update documentation
       new  12bb34c   Fix nnir search routine
       new  24bd1cf   Remove unnecessary with-no-warnings
       new  9bf231b   Update Gnus summary article line after trigger process
       new  18c8393   Rename msg-id-to-group to msg-id-request-head, refactor
       new  c44e411   Bump Gnorb version to 1.2
       new  05ff2c6   Fix inevitable screwup in previous commit, bump version
       new  544d36c   Increase the minimum Emacs version dependency
       new  7116c4b   company-keywords-alist: add enh-ruby-mode -> ruby-mode 
       new  832013d   Merge pull request #616 from 
       new  f8e28d8   Use pipes instead of PTYs to receive output from Clang
       new  04ba747   Merge pull request #621 from juergenhoetzel/use-pipes
       new  6b3d5f0   Preview the common part of completion candidates
       new  c04a88f   Modified for the original frontends to work
       new  84d2612   Preview func take the exact common part
       new  7cf3644   Take the exact candidate as an nonoptional arg
       new  fb5e248   Merge pull request #618 from kkatsuyuki/preview-common
       new  e99510d   Update NEWS
       new  021ed6f   company-diag: Also show completions if prefix is a cons
       new  e6a11c5   Merge pull request #625 from 
       new  aae3489   Use tramp-aware `start-file-process' to start completion 
       new  61b1ca4   Merge pull request #629 from 
       new  f10e7fe   Don't show (anonymous) as function annotation, or in 
argument expansions
       new  3923eab   Fix a failing test
       new  0cedbe0   Support Tramp in company-gtags
       new  ecc631d   Remote the overriding-terminal-local-map check
       new  e33dca8   Fix company-auto-complete and electric-pair-mode 
       new  e2fbc45   Fix the new test to work in Emacs 24
       new  7a8c38e   Track the changes in window width
       new  3913232   Update copyright years
       new  40f35ee   Don't use the trailing slash in .elpaignore
       new  401993e   Bind message-truncate-lines around call to message in 
       new  73d7ecb   Merge pull request #656 from cpitclaudel/651-truncate-echo
       new  cf1ae9e   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  dc5102b   Release 0.9.3
       new  7a090e9   Merge commit 'f1499404163d8148e7a6303a8598f9c0f696d1cb' 
from company
       new  e68750c   Bug fix in mail tracking extraction
       new  3be2700   Don't let the Gnus summary format group create registry 
       new  c0a66ea   Don't mark the 'artno key as precious
       new  e48290c   Add `counsel-rg`
       new  4989337   Fix counsel-rg to follow matching candidate
       new  f2146cb   Allow to customize ivy-display-function per caller
       new  705f9ff   ivy.el (ivy-occur-mode): Set view-read-only to nil locally
       new  e462fce   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix when ivy-text exists
       new  bca6f73   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix broken "/ssh:"
       new  8761b3c   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Fix pasting "/etc/"
       new  cd9cee4   Address multiple problems with counsel-rg
       new  5f1d632   Remap scroll-up/down-command instead of assigning C-v/M-v 
so page up/down works
       new  cc597e0   Ignore TAGS buffers in swiper-all
       new  76154ac   counsel.el (counsel-grep-post-action-hook): New hook for 
       new  679ed73   Add support for counsel-find-library
       new  08c30e1   ivy.el: Use predicate when reading file names
       new  4a9ff48   Fix typo in ivy-read docstring
       new  6c29e8f   ivy.el (ivy-call): Don't mess with default-directory
       new  5de62c5   counsel.el (counsel-grep-occur): Quote the directory  name
       new  ea60b09   ivy.el (ivy-call): Call the action in ivy-state-buffer
       new  7e40c66   counsel.el (counsel-bookmark-avoid-dired): Add
       new  816129a   counsel.el: Fix byte-compile warning
       new  e8ca416   swiper.el: Ease the creation of swiper-in-region functions
       new  a88b0ae   counsel.el: added three new counsel commands.
       new  218b492   Use ivy-format-function approach for counsel-faces
       new  87fb6e0   Fix little typo
       new  cad7f63   Make counsel-ag prompt for extra args when using prefix 
       new  98fee01   swiper-all should consider magit stash buffers too
       new  9be4c2e   Make counsel-ag support limiting in files.
       new  56e43a3   ivy.el (ivy--virtual-buffers): Don't modify recentfs or 
       new  87aa5f4   counsel.el (counsel-ag): Fix byte-compile warning
       new  8b2af85   Fix counsel-ag support limiting in files
       new  5b747c3   Set `outline-regexp' directory local
       new  4b8e784   Remap `backward-delete-char-untabify' to 
       new  108f1a3   Don't claim `swiper' provides `ivy-mode'
       new  171038c   Fix typos
       new  f90e571   Update copyright year
       new  a5b055c   swiper.el (swiper--update-input-ivy): Fix window-end call
       new  8b8dae9   Add highlighter function configuration to ivy
       new  181e030   ivy.el: Simplify previous commit
       new  9ecc3c6   counsel.el: Add counsel-command-history
       new  0abff08   counsel.el: Fix counsel-command-history
       new  f33622c   counsel.el: Add counsel-org-agenda-headlines
       new  ea2479c   ivy.el: Fix ivy-highlight-functions-alist
       new  2f4e2fb   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Simplify
       new  8a13ea4   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Scroll to first cand
       new  839c2a5   ivy.el (ivy--format-minibuffer-line): Fix for 
ivy-display-style nil
       new  5d16b55   doc/ivy.org: Update package names in ELPA/MELPA
       new  9e1e204   counsel.el (counsel-ace-link): Use `cdr' for action.
       new  b71eb06   Make ivy--flx-sort more intelligent
       new  2118652   Add command `counsel-mark-ring'
       new  31bb443   ivy.el: Allow toggling of sorting in ivy-read
       new  7bb9918   ivy.el (ivy--sort-maybe): Fix byte-compiler warning
       new  fa72748   Add missing parameter for ag
       new  9009dc5   Use customizable list of directories when looking for 
linux apps.
       new  a22a89e   Allow spaces in file names when running linux apps.
       new  f25557f   Revert "Add missing parameter for ag"
       new  3ef3a65   counsel.el: support universal argument for 
       new  e12cee8   counsel.el (counsel-package): Add func to manage packages.
       new  d377156   counsel.el (counsel-package): Fix sorting issue
       new  37515f2   Heed non-sort entries in ivy-sort-functions-alist
       new  287c959   counsel.el: Improve counsel-package
       new  295fabc   Allow users to find libraries from counsel-load-library
       new  3781426   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-cmd-default): Use '%s' 
       new  0271346   ivy.el (ivy-minibuffer-map): Bind "C-v" and 
       new  437d376   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add nix-mode
       new  afb8dff   Add compatibility with evil-ex-search.
       new  f9bff76   Apply search highlighting for evil when applicable
       new  4b4005c   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag-action): Fix "C-M-m"
       new  2a6d41d   swiper.el (swiper-all): Fix case-fold-search
       new  ce15470   counsel.el (counsel-git): Add "x" action
       new  efdc70a   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read-handlers-alist): New defcustom
       new  ba8cb12   Ensure counsel-M-x preserves last-command
       new  eb9ccb8   counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-list): Check if dir exists
       new  cda2ad3   Add circe-mode to swiper-font-lock-exclude
       new  baaf817   Correct Circe major-modes in ...-font-lock-exclude
       new  0c1a14a   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Set :caller to this-command
       new  97d0483   Run wgrep-setup when entering ivy-occur-grep-mode
       new  30aee45   ivy.el (ivy-occur-grep-mode): Call wgrep-setup if 
       new  cc076c8   Fix compilation warnings
       new  3f57421   ivy-hydra.el: Add an alternative "M-o" using hydra
       new  70dc2e0   README.md: Recommend enable-recursive-minibuffers
       new  576abff   ivy-hydra.el: Use ivy-minibuffer-map
       new  89fcd06   ivy.el (ivy-occur-revert-buffer): Restore ivy-occur-last
       new  03c82b1   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Remove :require-match
       new  a39426d   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Don't require-match for null
       new  ded6065   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Adjust :caller
       new  918b27d   ivy.el (ivy-case-fold-search): Add additional value 
       new  4fa744f   counsel.el (counsel-grep-function): Add 
       new  9e37e14   ivy.el: Remove ivy--current
       new  6018988   ivy.el: Use set-ivy-index instead of setq ivy--index
       new  06f70e1   ivy.el: Move ivy-recursive-last logic to ivy-call
       new  d4c7e69   counsel.el (counsel-grep-base-command): Single quote regex
       new  007201f   ivy.el (ivy-rotate-sort): Guard against nil sort
       new  fb72955   ivy.el: Remove with-ivy-window
       new  abb0d4e   Make swiper-avy work with more regexp builders
       new  5702d3a   ivy.el: Change recursive restore order
       new  d80748d   counsel.el (counsel-colors--best-contrast-color): Return 
same color on error
       new  0b24f64   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region-action): Work for cons 
       new  80511e4   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Put 
overlay at symbol start
       new  0616c69   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-left-pad): Trim cands to window-width
       new  cf03b78   counsel.el (counsel-irony): New command
       new  0e94a29   Define ivy-help-file with defconst
       new  2e69cab   swiper.el (swiper-goto-start-of-match) New defcustom
       new  0dd822f   swiper.el (swiper--action): Set evil search direction to 
       new  6328d93   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Fix for :dynamic-collection
       new  fe04e1d   doc/Changelog.org: Prepare for 0.9.0
       new  1fe4976   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Add new action 
       new  829b823   counsel.el (counsel--find-symbol): Fix typo
       new  ace1df0   swiper.el: Silence byte-compiler
       new  286f0b5   ivy.el: Clean up whitespace
       new  b4be8a1   doc/Changelog.org: Sort stuff
       new  f9d170a   doc/Changelog.org: Link all issues
       new  e366e0a   Bump version to 0.9.0
       new  36875e4   doc/Changelog.org: Fix links
       new  4c4daea   doc/Changelog.org: Fix links
       new  e6fa608   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Fix for rgrep
       new  f13d615   Merge commit 'ace01d5603ddf49b025eb811b612af72ec38dcfb' 
from swiper
       new  62050e2   ivy.el: Correct some docstrings
       new  6b40f87   Merge commit 'af746cad0e9c5d010ea530381111372f7daae55b' 
from swiper
       new  992ad3e   Fix a bad git subtree merge
       new  9d1f73c   Remove ivy 0.9.0 to add it again with subtree
       new  ea9e000   doc/Changelog.org: Minor update
       new  12f6a66   counsel.el (counsel-mode-map): Add counsel-describe-face
       new  bf4a09f   Bump to 0.9.1 for ELPA release
       new  1387e66   Add 'packages/ivy/' from commit 
       new  45752a9   ivy/targets/obsolete-config.el: Satisfy check_copyright
       new  6fbe658   * sm-c-mode.el: Fix some problems reported by Andrés 
       new  9caf793   Add new pattern type `de-morgan'
       new  6b5b78f   Merge commit '9893d7f17a2ee7f83587c305c256bd1300995125'
       new  c796ddf   Explicitly require pcase
       new  5e5ffad   Add file "stream-x.el" to the stream package
       new  839f5a1   * admin/archive-contents.el: Use `git worktree` for 
       new  70779fc   Initial commit.
       new  2438f93   Added remove-hook-helper to README.
       new  3754240   Updated README to include savannah project link.
       new  2449998   Modified define-hook-helper to more closely match defun.
       new  833a657   Updated README to include new usage.
       new  ad1d784   Removed docstring argument from `hook-helpers'.
       new  9df5cb2   Restored docstring argument in `define-hook-helper'.
       new  2666745   Removed define-mode-hook-helpers, since it only moves the 
word "mode" around.
       new  d7f45d7   Updated README, removing define-mode-hook-helper.
       new  90f59cb   Added `define-hook-function' to allow defining a function 
to be added to multiple hooks.
       new  4990c67   Implemented new design for anonymous helpers
       new  8c941aa   Finished last commit.
       new  c3d4719   Added gitignore file
       new  caf05fa   Fixed bug in define-hook-helper
       new  daef5e3   Clean up describe-hook-helpers
       new  57820bb   Fixed bug in hkhlp-normalize-hook-spec
       new  9987906   Fixed failing tests
       new  24da9d2   Preparations to push to ELPA
       new  9f026af   Add 'packages/hook-helpers/' from commit 
       new  68e7839   Merge branch 'scratch/hook-helpers'
       new  01d476e   Bumped version to 1.1
       new  ffe0099   Merge commit 'aeac0786a092fadf872deea40ffbda2f06197305'
       new  f340821   Fix up copyright
       new  2edb55e   Tweak el-search--pp-to-string
       new  56c6132   Inject nsm-* vars in smtp-mail for emacs-25+ (#75).
       new  b0b911c   Merge commit 'ccba4b8381dfc7b39f446a6441d0bc32185866c5'
       new  8ae8b1e   Add makefile.
       new  0d32352   Update version number.
       new  aa36f40   Merge commit '54a1bb3f7d40a7f37a63444fdefcec51155a0e90'
       new  0fb4748   Update seq.el to 2.20
       new  26e5056   Mark adaptive-wrap-extra-indent as safe if integerp 
       new  1a9bc3b   Reset wrap flag even when no match
       new  b03dbf4   Recompile search pattern when resuming searches
       new  50f30d0   * packages/other-frame-window: bump version; improve 
minor mode doc string
       new  e5789e7   * packages/other-frame-window: add text for list-packages 
long description
       new  d6275a9   Extend heuristic matching to top-level sexps
       new  ebec36c   Some details
       new  4f5a753   Add 'packages/vdiff/' from commit 
       new  e24d67e   Add vdiff to externals-list
       new  264f313   * ada-mode/ada-mode.el (ada-case-activate-keys): Fix 
compiler warning.
       new  28489a1   num3-mode: support binary numbers
       new  bb6876c   Merge commit 'f55acdbfcbb14e463d0850cfd041614c7002669e'
       new  3445687   Merge commit '857d2a42e92040a3009394da21e4d37c98d43c87'
       new  d078481   Merge commit '4a6f27b83ef0240c56587354277ba685d9834bc9'
       new  8802bc2   Handle read errors when reading and validating replacement
       new  78918e8   Merge commit '8280df5ce6db836559a5c2442b97a2f02b6f7a05'
       new  694e70a   Add how to configure/test from emacs..
       new  9c3a609   Use %S to print expected/actual message.
       new  f803f02   Merge pull request #6 from 
       new  6b7e404   Rename test-gcd.el -> gcd-tests.el to comply with Melpa
       new  07ef0b6   Merge pull request #8 from rubikitch/rename-test-filename
       new  3cb6e95   Document targets "check-short" and "install-short"
       new  b635c4f   New function `test-simple-run': register test
       new  fd09b51   Emacs exits abnormally when noninteractive test fails.
       new  28bde6c   gcd-tests.el: Add test-simple-run comment line
       new  f15444d   Mention test-simple-run in README.md
       new  fd71e07   .travis.yml: Drop support of Emacs23 (Test in Emacs24)
       new  232dfb0   test-simple-run: make it a command.
       new  3e0f306   Mention M-x test-simple-run in README.md
       new  77ae064   Merge pull request #9 from rubikitch/test-runner
       new  9b49809   Remove unused lexical variables noted in byte compilation
       new  2441502   A spelling typo
       new  a1d54d3   Switch from Carton to Cask
       new  f5f7d8b   Merge pull request #10 from syohex/switch-to-cask
       new  dbf240b   Why didn't I do this before?!
       new  4f81749   Version 1.2.0 sync with elpa
       new  7785448   Minor changes
       new  f53eba6   TAP output in batch mode now goes to stdout, not stderr
       new  1171e17   Merge pull request #11 from doomvox/tap_stdout
       new  f60f5c3   Use cl-lib instead of cl.el
       new  568eac3   Merge pull request #12 from syohex/cl-lib
       new  6731e3b   Merge commit '604942d36021a8b14877a0a640234a09c79e0927'
       new  364705b   Bump version ..
       new  b18bfa8   configure.ac: default lispdir relative to prefix
       new  d3e907d   Merge pull request #145 from dunn/make_install
       new  c9f2a25   make install packaging Fixes #146. version 1.4.3
       new  4335a1a   Fix up "make dist"
       new  e39db14   Hoist remove-ansi-schmutz above just js
       new  4e56948   Bp tracking respects custom filename lookup ...
       new  754fab9   file remapping changes
       new  e508dd3   host removing ansi-schmutz to mode setting.
       new  ea10ca1   realgud:cmdbuf-buffers-describe shows field names
       new  fe4b04e   Small docstring clarification
       new  ee19034   more doc corrections:
       new  51919fe   describe-variable links to cmd-buf non-nil value
       new  a9006c2   Towards tracking breakpoints more often
       new  b89246b   Tidy code a little
       new  ff99a72   Tidy code a little
       new  593cda9   Tidy a bit
       new  3d83a47   Merge pull request #150 from realgud/breakpoint-display
       new  84a5637   Add flake8 pattern
       new  a50ff0c   Fixes issue #33
       new  3b8f27b   WIP: stab at positioning with column offsets
       new  377dabf   field char-offset -> column
       new  6a89d4d   Closer to getting column info used
       new  f5fd8a5   Restor column location...
       new  152cbfd   Merge pull request #162 from realgud/column-offsets
       new  c006959   Revert column tracking change
       new  3136680   Customizable "search for this (relative) bp file"
       new  a125331   Fixes PR review realgud/realgud#163
       new  ae49366   Merge pull request #163 from FelipeLema/master
       new  a6b4168   Increase flake8 message coverage...
       new  11faec3   Fixes #164
       new  cadf7db   Allow nil as file parameter in realgud-exec-shell
       new  ad1230f   Use cl-lib names
       new  410aac4   realgud-file-find-function is in realgud group
       new  5816897   Remove more lint messages
       new  fd7e2fd   caddr -> cl-caddr
       new  4829213   lint on test
       new  bc9f090   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  1cd5494   Add jdb termination message
       new  031ad87   Initalize local-variable realgd:jdb-file-remap
       new  55d3714   Add lang/java.el and ...
       new  c11f914   Initalize local-variable realgd:jdb-file-remap
       new  b245569   Add jdb termination message
       new  0a8c341   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  58de046   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  f7d508c   Small cleanups
       new  128f8cb   Fix up automake install
       new  f8f86ec   Set EMACSLOADPATH in travis run
       new  e11c6e6   travis 5th try
       new  fe032c1   Add trepan2-delayed and trepan3k-delayed
       new  7d7d936   Honor debugger-name in trepan2-suggest-invocation
       new  474e9b2   Merge pull request #175 from Apteryks/patch-1
       new  1afb12e   Last change distributed a bit over other debuggers
       new  0dd693f   And a couple more
       new  67353ed   Typo
       new  cabab20   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  36a8588   Merge commit 'a1130df3ada34e76675324a8c25823b420b20239'
       new  5587fc0   Bump version
       new  0642025   Add 'packages/org-edna/' from commit 
       new  a74b453   Merge commit '7f863bd82effad75b108c191266d79391e2a4439' 
into scratch/org-edna
       new  d23079a   Merge branch 'scratch/org-edna'
       new  784d44f   Fix `rainbow-color-luminance' docstring
       new  7490c1e   Merge commit '50657b33a26d77cd224621e07ff616527f671bdb'
       new  e5547f9   Add library dired-du
       new  649c2b8   Add command to update cache size for the marked files
       new  a1a9d70   Merge branch 'scratch/dired-du'
       new  e0eb93a   New file kmb.el
       new  5969b80   * nlinum.el: Bump version to 1.7
       new  a6d6bb9   Add new library gited.el
       new  c84cd5b   Default to beginning of epoch when no commit time info
       new  86a1f64   gited-list-branches: Move to current branch only when 
it's shown
       new  21dc1fe   gited-update: Don't overwrite `tabulated-list-sort-key'
       new  1428cce   Fix sort of columns when gited-hide-details-mode is 
       new  7aa2d06   * gited.el (gited-mark-branches-regexp): Fix docstring.
       new  680456d   Mark branches by last commit time
       new  0453e4d   Don't ask deletion confirmation when gited-expert is 
       new  55a601d   gited-mark-branches-by-date: Use less verbose default
       new  ab69c6c   gited-mark-branches-by-date: Provide defaults to HH:MM:SS.
       new  ddae301   Simplify code using gited-branch-exists-p
       new  0ff6bd8   Prefer user-error on errors with origin in the user
       new  bc1529b   Prune deleted remote branches
       new  e877896   * gited.el (gited-remote-repository-p): Don't include 
origin in regexp.
       new  86ef908   * gited.el (gited--fill-branch-alist): Fix typo in 
progress reporter.
       new  57d1e8f   * gited.el (gited-move-to-branchname): NOOP when 
gited-branch-alist is nil.
       new  dd4eed7   Use taggerdate/taggername when listing tags
       new  4738ab7   * gited.el (gited-goto-branch): Check first that BRANCH 
is shown.
       new  9aa4254   * gited.el (gited-set-branch-upstream): Output buffer 
must be editable.
       new  88d8e5d   Update documentation
       new  d85d925   * gited.el (gited-mode-map): Use prefix '* s' for all 
stash commands.
       new  e7dd412   Add commands to add/delete tags
       new  c9b9b00   * gited.el (gited-tag-add): Fix docstring.
       new  3557592   * gited.el (gited-list-branches): Update docstring.  Make 
alias to `gited-list'.
       new  f956387   * gited.el (gited--fill-branch-alist): Silence harmless 
       new  18d21d9   Add missing docstrings for several commands
       new  e517a43   Merge branch 'scratch/gited'
       new  c8375dd   gited-list: Add autoload cookie
       new  7513c78   * ediprolog/ediprolog.el (ediprolog-version): Bump to 1.2
       new  0312a68   Update to emacs-websocket version 1.8.
       new  79ad1f7   Remove use of string-make-unibyte and other cleanups.
       new  9bbbc02   * packages/metar/metar.el: Bump version.
       new  e1754bc   Move misplaced ‘async’ makefile.
       new  f4469d2   Show example screenshots
       new  da14193   * screenshots/gited-tags-screenshot.png: Update 
       new  f244688   Use proper name for the branch column according with 
       new  59b2497   * gited.el: Bump version to 0.2.3.
       new  53b628a   * gited.el (gited-hide-details-mode): Update 
gited-verbose when toggle the mode.
       new  00aba19   Use remote branches on marking commands if listing remotes
       new  ca7989a   ; * packages/gited/gited.el: Update file header.
       new  a17fb1e   Fix indentation in rnc-mode
       new  6b81aba   * gited.el (gited-goto-branch): Return point on success.
       new  d77b317   * gited.el (gited-mark-remembered): Insert the marker and 
fontify the row.
       new  5a8368f   * gited.el (gited-update): Preserve marks in Gited buffer.
       new  a6200af   gited-do-sync-with-trunk: New command
       new  8894f73   * gited.el (gited-do-sync-with-trunk): Add docstring.  
Update file header.
       new  ec8b38c   * gited.el (gited-do-sync-with-trunk): Fix typo in 
       new  4f45169   gited-checkout-branch: Set right faces for marked branches
       new  e4ba5f0   * gited.el (gited-do-sync-with-trunk): Go to branch 
before `gited-sync-with-trunk'.
       new  c03997f   ; * gited.el: Update file header.
       new  8b16452   Add new command `el-search-this-sexp'
       new  8570aed   Merge commit 'e3d7e22cb10582a443b0e245be68aca936cd6abf'
       new  da97fac   * sokoban/sokoban.el (sokoban-draw-score): Fix off-by-one 
       new  ab902f4   gited-git-checkout: New function
       new  2d1898a   * gited.el (gited-tag-add): Fix docstring.
       new  d3557b8   * gited.el (gited-git-checkout): Avoid harmless warning.
       new  2dc7a1b   gited-amend-commit: New comand
       new  b7b0011   * gited-tests.el (gited-test1): Use 
       new  0f7982d   Save sokoban-level when a level is completed, restore 
sokoban-level when game is started
       new  ba935db   Allow for player to start on a target, allow for wider 
and higher levels
       new  e43b974   * packages/gited/gited.el (gited-stash-branch): Update 
Gited buffer on success
       new  7e957fa   * packages/other-frame-window/other-frame-window.el: 
improve description
       new  70b7eaa   Update ada-mode to version 5.2.2, wisi to version 1.1.5
       new  5800395   * packages/sokoban/sokoban.el: Change player and block 
color if on target
       new  53430a2   * auto-overlay: Mark or remove unused vars
       new  13e12b0   * cobol-mode/cobol-mode.el: Tweak syntax-propertize and 
use cl-lib
       new  76f5c81   Add function and binding to clear template field and move 
to next (#660)
       new  b915d77   Fix #665 quick and dirty
       new  8f872be   Fix backspacing into a "bad" prefix
       new  263354b   Be more accurate about when to return `stop'
       new  0a9d5c4   Set company-template-nav-map as parent of 
       new  54f4488   Merge pull request #674 from 
       new  bcb86c9   Remove dead code
       new  ce9bc34   company-diag: Output major mode as well
       new  25710d9   company--col-row: Disable native line numbers temporarily
       new  5e15bbe   Update NEWS
       new  01a9a09   Release 0.9.4
       new  26053db   Merge commit 'a197b072dc93dbad238f1dc70da01e3775ebfb56' 
from company
       new  22991d4   * sokoban.el: Determine sokoban-width and sokoban-height 
       new  72a318e   Improve final message produced by yas-reload-all
       new  24e6fc7   Rework yas-reload-all message introduced by #744
       new  94cdb37   Reword #744 yet again
       new  6e35e9f   Remove last use of flet
       new  d8b7a4c   Promote yas--snippets-at-point to a public API
       new  662d083   Keep yas--snippets-at-point for compatibility
       new  cda51bc   Respect yas-indent-line for mirror updates
       new  c16b873   Use expand-env for all snippet evaluations
       new  f290f68   Make the documentation build reproducible
       new  41a4426   Add timestamp of source revision to HTML doc
       new  6409c5d   Use git describe for doc HTML output
       new  d3d56bf   Update handling of markers during indentation
       new  8c8a1ff   * doc/faq.org: Typos and grammar.
       new  919dc63   Use more compact format for snippet menus
       new  7bf9096   Use :filter instead of yas--fallback
       new  54748b6   Refactor snippet marker manipulating functions
       new  b90f9a1   Make snippets work in org source blocks
       new  a7b3ef1   Fix whitespace lossage between mirrors
       new  3c5d92b   Enable snippet-mode automatically
       new  738e8ab   Rework error handling
       new  ebbc93f   Don't catch and rethrow yas-{-}exception
       new  09fc97c   Use debug-on-error to simplify error handling
       new  723bd7e   Remove lambda list building hack
       new  66f058a   Fix snippet local exit hook
       new  2962c45   * yasnippet-tests.el (snippet-exit-hooks): New test.
       new  017aa52   Merge: snippet-local exit hook; error handling 
       new  3f6d2ef   Let snippets expand in strings/comments by default
       new  d203e86   Make yas-buffer-local-condition into a defcustom
       new  8f90e67   Merge: let snippets expand in strings/comments by default
       new  1b9f21d   Fix running hook variable set as buffer-local
       new  b45c8f5   Fix mirror transformation error with expand-env
       new  acdb673   Fix nested snippet expansion
       new  859b85a   Ensure inhibit-modification-hooks is nil while modifying 
       new  e9beaa9   Restore syntax-propertize-function before indenting 
       new  8e9cc58   Only update live snippets
       new  e4c8072   Fix interaction with c auto-fill
       new  477fd34   Update snippets submodule
       new  71bd0f6   Correctly wrap auto-fill-function when it's toggled on 
       new  4f831d9   Make `yas-about' more informative
       new  5c7e586   * yasnippet.el (yas-about): Fix compile warnings in 
previous commit.
       new  03ca4f8   Fix problems with auto-fill-mode interaction
       new  d8ef6b3   Fix ${0:soon-to-be-deleted} with no other fields
       new  9c435dd   Fix condition timestamps in key filter functions
       new  159b243   Don't leave unreadable objects in the undo list
       new  76e134c   * doc/snippet-expansion.org: Complete sentence fragment.
       new  68d0501   * .travis.yml: Use Emacs 25.2
       new  b59fe5b   Fix field parsing in modes that use the `syntax-table' 
       new  181acaa   Don't delete snippets more than once.
       new  6d3444e   Restore syntax-propertize-function before indenting 
       new  41925c0   Handle undo of snippet 1st line indent properly
       new  c7f6c34   Fix undo information recording for multiline snippets
       new  92e5ced   Make sure tests don't rely on running order
       new  a391a45   Allow customizing overlay priority
       new  4d952b5   Fixup yasnippet-debug.el
       new  97f50d5   Provide command line interface from yasnippet-debug.el
       new  bbab3cf   Make yas-debug-process-command-line easier to debug
       new  17ff0ad   Handle dead snippets better
       new  d132f76   Optionally add undo list to debug info
       new  c6b7eee   * yasnippet-debug.el (yas-debug-snippet): Show modified 
       new  fbffba2   ; Merge yasnippet-debug.el updates
       new  fe2b68e   Update CONTRIBUTING.md information
       new  82d2b7a   Update NEWS, version number to 0.12, and snippets 
       new  394e1cb   * packages/yasnippet: Merge version 0.12.0 from upstream.
       new  1ed38b5   * sokoban.el: Force sokoban-width to be at least 15 to 
accommodate score display
       new  334cdac   ignored warning support
       new  5da7683   Merge pull request #404 from 
       new  3e5978d   Drop msg.yield.parenthesized error
       new  a97a7d7   yield should not end a return statement
       new  50a61e7   ES6 yield is followed by AssignmentExpression
       new  7ef6b1d   Merge pull request #366 from XeCycle/drop-yield-paren
       new  72b06a0   Add support for ES7 class public fields
       new  fdf2a94   Merge pull request #363 from XeCycle/class-public-field
       new  e455b85   js2-node-qname-component: Nandle computed properties
       new  6240b2c   Allow trailing comma in param list (#410)
       new  ed27e7e   Remove js2-mark-safe-local, it's unused now
       new  bf92eba   Put the visitor and printer properties on unprefixed 
symbols as well
       new  e79e72a   Map C-M-j to js2-line-break
       new  287c240   Merge pull request #421 from raxod502/feat/C-M-j
       new  7dd159b   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:mooz/js2-mode
       new  2936b43   Add option js2-getprop-has-side-effects (#424)
       new  cc5a0dc   Replace (equal nil ...) with (null ...)
       new  3de5bb1   Fix jsdoc highlighting for tags w/ optional braces
       new  6226655   Merge pull request #425 from shicks/jsdoc
       new  3ec18d7   Add support for /*jslint*/ declarations
       new  50c1a7f   Add tests for `/*jslint*/` declarations
       new  b89e66a   Merge pull request #358 from JulianKniephoff/master
       new  4724ab3   Support async arrow function without parentheses
       new  e53d28d   Update NEWS.md
       new  ae5a79d   Add failing test for issue #420
       new  908c406   Recognize initialized variable in destructuring object 
       new  e570260   Merge pull request #434 from lelit/issue420
       new  569671d   Always consider `await` to have side-effects
       new  c768316   Merge pull request #436 from felipeochoa/issue429
       new  5333051   Bump the version
       new  12bbb8b   Merge commit 'cb57d9b67390ae3ff70ab64169bbc4f1264244bc' 
from js2-mode
       new  5b9fc62   Merge commit '943636fe4a35298d9d234222bc4520dec9ef2305' 
from hydra
       new  0aad8a0   Avoid to indent snippets having setup `(yas-indent-line 
       new  e594035   Fix some compilation warnings
       new  fbc9fb1   Add compile_all target, fix all compilation warnings
       new  ce7e6ee   Release 0.12.1
       new  cdb469d   Merge yasnippet 0.12.1 from upstream
       new  c5013d7   Implement multi-buffer query-replace
       new  41d1a45   Fix and speed up the `change' pattern type
       new  dba6cb0   * sokoban.el: Add support for level data in xml format
       new  cd1a843   Make the el-search-object struct contain an alist of 
       new  ef10217   Fix el-search--change-p for atoms
       new  294983d   Some details
       new  54dd19e   Use match-string-no-properties
       new  78d47bc   Add function to return the repository trunk branch
       new  51c2e15   Add EBDB to externals list
       new  9a531d4   Add rcirc-menu
       new  8689adf   rcirc-menu.el: add catching up and updating
       new  c445d1f   rcirc-menu.el: make rcirc-menu-update more resilient
       new  5654d14   rcirc-menu.el: catchup marked buffers
       new  6978580   rcirc-menu.el: fontify activity column
       new  44ecd47   rcirc-menu.el: guess target when rcirc-target is nil
       new  aab8c34   rcirc-menu.el: explain what T and P are
       new  b56dd44   Merge branch 'scratch/rcirc-menu'
       new  c8cca5b   Add rcirc-color
       new  ce77eb6   Merge branch 'scratch/rcirc-color'
       new  00c20a6   * rcirc-menu, rcirc-color: Fix copyright
       new  414c036   Add explicit instructions for new external packages
       new  2417612   url-http-ntlm.el: Omit user and domain in Type 1 message
       new  1f4d68a   url-http-ntlm: Bump version to 2.0.4
       new  fe43d1c   Add external/contrib packages for EBDB
       new  ee06989   Tweaks for package format correctness
       new  a89df43   Add internationalized ebdb-string method for Chinese 
       new  56e1f28   Stick to variable naming scheme
       new  9fe28f3   Merge branch 'ebdb-bits'
       new  3071ed7   Fix up headers for ebdb-i18n-chn
       new  2da92be   * edbd-i18n-chn.el: Fix typo in metadata
       new  79fec53   rcirc-menu: fix tabulated lists everywhere
       new  ee386d2   Upgrade data structure packages to latest versions.
       new  a48a845   Re-convolute ebdb-string-i18n for addresses
       new  99733d9   Provide the right package name for ebdb-i18n-chn
       new  c71a08d   Use autoload cookie for defclass
       new  c010e9d   Add 'packages/which-key/' from commit 
       new  50df403   Merge commit '527113d06ed4a69eeb97ee1359539b29fea8c858' 
into scratch/which-key
       new  84dc452   Update externals-list for which-key
       new  c460183   Merge commit '7c01092e65b2ea520af8ca36ee93cef49981d45a' 
into scratch/which-key
       new  29aea67   Merge branch 'scratch/which-key'
       new  3c21771   Update which-key version for GNU ELPA
       new  7bff7af   * dict-tree/dict-tree.el: Fix typo in Package-Requires.
       new  0d4f911   * heap/heap.el: Fix first-line convention.
       new  8af046e   Add autoload cookie to gnorb-ebdb-link defstruct
       new  dfca3b6   New copy-message-text behavior
       new  c578825   rcirc-menu: reset activity string when catching up
       new  3a71d7c   rcirc-menu: server buffer activity sorts lower
       new  b4c0215   Don't keep region active when expanding from keymap
       new  275d3fe   Add yas-also-indent-empty-lines to allow old indent 
       new  a152317   Release 0.12.2
       new  db5a814   * packages/yasnippet: Merge version 0.12.2 from upstream.
       new  3cfe97b   Merge commit '3ae24d6b02b3b13a5468174599183102e1cb3c11' 
from tiny
       new  b8eca73   Teach EBDB to snarf Chinese names
       new  02f50fd   * javaimp.el: Add missing license
       new  259fb31   Added vigenere package
       new  4980881   tiny.el: tiny-mapconcat returns sexp, not string
       new  9b96e72   Merge commit '012b2e7a67b9f067bbfa0292479861ffbaa201fa' 
from tiny
       new  33a3689   Added captain package
       new  2cc73f8   Added auto-correct package
       new  eb7a10a   auto-correct.el: Cleaned up support 
       new  ff4372f   Guard require statements for packages outside of ELPA
       new  2960067   captain.el: Changed default predicate to enable 
       new  316248a   auto-correct.el: Changed default predicate to enable 
       new  b039cfc   auto-correct.el: Reverted last commit
       new  5587e1d   captain.el: Reverted last commit
       new  fc99eef   * sokoban.el: Require at least emacs version 23.1 because 
of load-user-emacs-file
       new  b30f460   gnorb-utils needs macros from nnheader
       new  8b62115   Add ada-ref-man document and program sources
       new  72eddf0   Add ada-ref-man/build directory for the Makefile
       new  0b9b2c3   * packages/ada-ref-man/README: add copyright, license 
info; add make command
       new  0cc7a0a   Edit address formatting to match changes in EBDB package
       new  85a59b4   Safer to check script of address locality
       new  8180292   Merge commit '85a1af27541f6a73a63120fac2cfbb7ba39531c9'
       new  775fa05   ; Update author email address in debbugs
       new  97c8047   * packages/tramp-theme/tramp-theme.el: Increase Version 
to 0.2.
       new  b995685   Narrow down the semantics of symbol LPATs
       new  6c9f062   Use stream-x.el
       new  7f43601   Add some useful commands for *El Occur* buffers
       new  c2ff761   Don't let el-search-pattern resume a paused search
       new  2baa574   Make `el-search-reset-search' modify its argument
       new  251cbef   Restore current search head in case of error or quit
       new  0d060f2   More multi query-replace related improvements
       new  53cd99b   Show line numbers in *El Occur* buffers
       new  2fa548d   Use a separate function to document defined pattern types
       new  d57acdd   Release Ada mode 5.3.1, wisi 1.1.6
       new  3ab5a44   Make amount of context around occur matches adjustable
       new  9969cfa   [aa2u slog] Handle ‘ucs-names’ that returns a hash table.
       new  fd985d8   [aa2u] Release: 1.10
       new  01c79e1   [aa2u slog] Fix botched bifurcation.
       new  776ce25   [aa2u] Release: 1.11
       new  d80c849   [aa2u maint] Add Kaushal Modi to THANKS; nfc.
       new  6fffe6d   captain: Change default predicate to a function, and call 
it unconditionally
       new  982aa38   captain: Change abbrev table to be case sensitive
       new  15a0cc4   captain: Fix docstring of captain-predicate to reflect 
recent change
       new  4abd6b4   captain: Bumped version
       new  c7e83a0   captain: Added examples for setting captain-predicate to 
       new  d416369   captain: Bumped version to 1.0.3
       new  8b91021   auto-correct: Changed default predicate to a function and 
added examples
       new  1d7fb70   auto-correct: Bumped version to 1.1.1
       new  c5221c7   Merge commit '2b06d75096d6a1c06682b70e229f2c932e9eac2c'
       new  794869e   nlinum.el: Make it possible to use the right margin
       new  d1db68c   * nlinum/nlinum.el: Don't assume nlinum-use-right-margin 
is fixed
       new  0492c93   Merge commit '729338b02a0e331a4faf475da9f54771a3470106'
       new  e2da0f9   Sneakily add basic EBDB support to Gnorb, bump to 1.3.0
       new  30c75ce   auto-correct: Fixed handle-support bug and bumped version
       new  65972f0   Tweak minor problem in debbugs.el
       new  bc3d591   auto-correct: Defer loading of flyspell support until 
after flyspell has been enabled
       new  b73c2ae   Fix "Make amount of context around occur matches 
       new  efa4076   Fix replacing matches with nil
       new  6aa95f5   Require the new rmc.el lib when available
       new  26c7c61   Improve jumping to matches in *El Occur* buffers
       new  c5e5adf   Merge commit '2545b5c764bf84701e352a45d7e849b23845b006'
       new  8f7350e   Merge commit '32ce7765c95559f6a0552cdaeedb6eb97bb7a476'
       new  eda363b   Odd bug in gnorb-org-handle-mail, bump to 1.3.1
       new  b2ebe49   Display an x/y-style match count in the echo area
       new  268daa1   Recover from search head pointing to a killed buffer
       new  90b137c   Always use the current search for query-replace
       new  6ca3ca5   Some details
       new  f37d80a   Merge commit '6b078bf41f59ea0158b01742cae428ed61c4bc35'
       new  d65caa2   Don't limit `el-search-emacs-elisp-sources' to "lisp/" 
       new  ee5e05d   Merge commit '9ec7fca8002b213c7eee1168258e36a683190d18'
       new  055ed35   Fix nlinum face height function (Bug#26552)
       new  8270de6   * packages/nlinum/nlinum.el: Bump version to 1.8.1.
       new  3eb26bc   New package mines.el
       new  eb1d1ac   * xclip/xclip.el: Use gui-backend-*-selection in Emacs≥25
       new  6b283d7   * mines: Fix compilation warnings
       new  d1df763   Add bbdb
       new  94e5a31   Move game documentation into `mines-mode' docstring
       new  318cd4a   * packages/mines/mines.el: Bump version to 1.1
       new  91b7f66   * mines/mines.el (mines-mode): Move the docstring to 
where it belongs.
       new  81a6b30   * packages/mines/mines.el: Bump version to 1.2
       new  cad54bf   Bump el-search version to 1.4
       new  d7d2d02   * admin/update-archive.sh (rsync): Only skip top-level 
       new  ecb561e   Add a PROMPT arg to 
       new  45d9da3   New command `el-search-count-matches'
       new  8c70fe8   Add gle-mode package
       new  5f77199   * packages/gle-mode/gle-mode.el: Improvement for 1.1
       new  1281394   Fix gnorb-version command
       new  2f1d266   Fix replying to most recent tracked message; bump to 1.3.2
       new  09500f1   Show match count for `el-search-query-replace'
       new  5087f28   Fix resuming search in a modified buffer
       new  b09a92f   Tweak text search in gnorb-org-view
       new  776b259   When responding, let a blank sender pass
       new  c5d7930   Improve folding behavior in *El Occur* buffers
       new  1a93dea   ivy.el (ivy-read-action): Allow quit by ESC for better 
work with evil
       new  73dadde   ivy-hydra.el (ivy-dispatching-done-hydra): Quit on "C-g"
       new  8218637   ivy-hydra.el (ivy-dispatching-done-hydra): Break hint 
into columns
       new  bcaecfb   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Change priority in cond
       new  21a6839   Refactor counsel-linux-app.
       new  0db9cf0   Don't accept empty fields in desktop files
       new  51f4b0e   Use throw/catch instead of nested if statements.
       new  ad0b09f   Only parse "Desktop Entry" group
       new  03513f7   Hide linux applications when appropriate
       new  78ef24f   Use call-process instead of call-process-shell-command.
       new  4ddf349   Support TryExec in desktop files
       new  d6904e7   Make the linux application list generation O(N) instead 
of O(N*N)
       new  b8211b0   Add back counsel-linux-apps-faulty
       new  e3bc70b   Actually search for desktop files recursively
       new  132fae9   Add back the linux application cache.
       new  9f916bc   counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-list): Remove 
       new  4e2ce3a   counsel.el (counsel-linux-app): Add "d" action to open 
desktop file
       new  ddce2b6   ivy.el: Add "i" and "w" as global actions
       new  3f74db6   Add a format function for the counsel-linux-app menu
       new  a25ccbb   ivy-overlay.el: Fix byte compiler warnings
       new  85d9645   counsel.el (counsel-set-variable): Handle defcustom with 
multiple entries
       new  4db694a   counsel.el (counsel-set-variable): Disallow '(function)
       new  71c84d2   counsel.el (counsel-package-action): Fix package removal
       new  eea0de2   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Don't restrict to 3 chars 
or more
       new  ba0470d   counsel.el (counsel-irony-callback): Update due to irony 
       new  394adc0   counsel.el (counsel-irony-annotate): Update due to irony 
       new  908c33f   counsel.el (counsel-company): Remove 
       new  16b0e38   counsel.el (counsel-package-action): Add defvar
       new  9845ed5   Highlight custom variables in counsel-describe-variable
       new  4b4d571   counsel.el (counsel-describe-variable): Mention 
highlighting in doc
       new  76c438e   Highlight interactive functions in 
       new  160bfae   Add and use ivy-highlight-face
       new  da0d4b8   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-action-remove): Add and bind 
to "d"
       new  617188c   Limit rg results to 150 columns
       new  115f4f1   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer-transformer): Compose face
       new  d6422ce   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-setup): Fix 
ivy-fixed-height-minibuffer for inline
       new  a5de338   Don't attempt to save readonly files before calling 
       new  32dccdc   Prevent opening an already open file in counsel-grep
       new  8ba68c9   counsel.el (counsel-unicode-char): Show cands in order
       new  3a0b3e2   swiper.el (swiper-all-buffer-p): Add gnus-article-mode
       new  693f998   Customize behavior of the magic slash on non-existing 
       new  fb16dfc   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Fix when scrolled
       new  02b7c71   counsel.el: Add counsel versions of org-goto
       new  58e2073   counsel-mark-ring: sort by location
       new  0433cf1   counsel.el (counsel-variable-list): Delete empty name
       new  31956b3   ivy.el (ivy-magic-slash-non-match-action): Fix val naming 
       new  f9eff41   counsel.el: Improve counsel-org-goto functions
       new  055068d   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Fix "C-y"
       new  280a14f   counsel.el (counsel-org-goto--get-headlines): Fix 
point-min bug
       new  38ee5f0   counsel.el (counsel-org-goto--add-face): Keep text 
       new  f8b25aa   counsel.el (counsel-org-goto--get-headlines): Simplify 
       new  94fd92f   Add new function counsel-apropos
       new  68f8fc9   counsel-irony: use candidates provided to the async 
       new  1aee9c0   Fix interaction of ivy-partial and case-folding
       new  458e471   Prevent ivy-partial from dropping out of case-folding
       new  e8e269e   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Fix downcase on non-string
       new  a25f3be   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Fix regression
       new  d06b811   ivy.el: Don't add :preselect to collection
       new  fa9266e   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Don't quote regex for files
       new  65d1f56   Add a command to switch to another git worktree.
       new  5999696   ivy.el (ivy-read) Add possibility to auto-select single 
       new  2917aa0   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): ignore entirely empty 
       new  9d1af9d   ivy.el (ivy-read): Add new argument "def"
       new  5eac3d3   Stop counsel-ag-occur from breaking when search string 
begins with "-"
       new  8513832   Avoid setting ivy window as minibuffer
       new  4d330c7   ivy.el: Fix ivy-completing-read when def is a list
       new  df9f1ef   swiper.el (swiper-all): Autoload
       new  513c939   Fix completion of relative directories.
       new  1f246bd   counsel.el (counsel-file-register): Use Ivy to open file 
       new  a756266   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-skip-counting-lines): New 
       new  4a10931   ivy.el: Make prompt line selectable
       new  b711f1c   ivy-test.el: Add tests for selectable prompt
       new  c221f55   Never use color results with counsel-rg
       new  c74b333   ivy.el (ivy--prompt-selectable-p): Fix require-match 
       new  7ef4f7d   Add a command to switch to shell buffers.
       new  0ac3765   Rewrite counsel-switch-to-shell-buffer to ivy style
       new  d115e58   colir.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  4cfe195   ivy-hydra.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  33bb5f4   ivy-test.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  86ecc45   swiper.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  76c123a   counsel.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  b78e65b   ivy.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  523fda1   counsel.el (counsel-file-register): Fix typos and style 
       new  bcf80f6   counsel.el (counsel-file-register): Action to open in 
other window
       new  a718c16   counsel.el (counsel-switch-to-buffer-or-window): Fix
       new  daa5ac9   Makefile: Add target checkdoc to check documentation 
guidelines of lisp files
       new  242f71e   counsel.el (counsel-list-buffers-with-mode): Fix doc
       new  dafd65e   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Remove unwarranted downcase
       new  351de69   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Set 
       new  77a2f5e   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Get rid of error message when exiting 
avy silently
       new  89bfe5c   Implement counsel-ack like counsel-pt
       new  a8691b4   Factor out common code for ivy-occur-grep-mode buffers.
       new  822cfaf   Make counsel-git-grep use counsel-delete-process
       new  c209d4d   Add optional param:initial-input for counsel-git
       new  0ecdfd5   Guard calls to external programs with helpful message
       new  1cc3e35   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Initialize ivy--index with 0
       new  eab3e1e   README.md: Mention the possibility to select the prompt 
       new  1fe353f   counsel.el: Fix checkdoc warnings
       new  968ba1c   counsel.el (counsel-M-x): Don't rebuild cache on every 
       new  94456d9   counsel.el (counsel-rg): Search whole Git repository
       new  c914b00   ivy.el: Fix extra initial-input in read-file-name
       new  07e6c5e   counsel.el (counsel--descbinds-cands): Update regex
       new  3155355   ivy.el: Fix minibuffer-prompt face with 
       new  eee567a   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-ignore-regexp): Offer 
       new  8a220aa   Add ivy-rotate-preferred-builders to switch re builders
       new  d897636   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-recenter): fix warning by 
       new  1481a48   counsel.el (counsel-rg-base-command): Remove --max-columns
       new  f78b155   ivy.el (ivy-minibuffer-map): Bind <next> and <prior>
       new  959375d   Fix invalid key binding
       new  f2a4ddd   doc/ivy.texi: Update
       new  78b0f12   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Fix error on 24.5
       new  7a8e98e   ivy.el (ivy-switch-view): Add
       new  8431b14   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Consider DEF being a list
       new  dc569e8   Extract a helper function to get git toplevel directory.
       new  9adb671   Add an action to kill all buffers from a worktree.
       new  e5ff4ed   Git worktree: Fix: avoid to trigger an error while 
walking the buffers.
       new  a85167a   Add a test for new default behavior
       new  044639f   Make DEF default to the empty string in 
       new  88d0336   Add test for ivy-completing-read-default-is-empty-string
       new  bb5f4b5   Better handling of nil default to ivy-completing-read
       new  8b92a39   Prevent infinite recursion when handlers call ivy
       new  15c7948   Add test for ivy-completing-read-handlers-alist
       new  cd175af   Add some entries to ivy-completing-read-handlers-alist
       new  a12e583   Fix a test failure under Emacs 24.3
       new  0eaca32   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read-with-empty-string-def): Fix 
       new  1d20e18   Do not let bind find-file-hook if not necessary
       new  7d719a4   ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Highlights for more commands
       new  c6fbfd8   ivy.el: ivy-initial-inputs-alist should use caller first
       new  b922cbf   ivy.el (ivy--sorted-files): Always use predicate
       new  d5aa547   Add variable counsel-git-log-split-string-re
       new  e5b1107   Add counsel-async-ignore-re
       new  469e048   counsel-git-log: Ignore blank candidates
       new  255013a   ivy.el (ivy-truncate-lines): New defcustom
       new  e7d5838   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Fix for ivy-format-function-arrow
       new  27651e9   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Update
       new  9bd9966   Fix ivy-previous-line-or-history behaviour on non-initial 
       new  c27a388   swiper.el (swiper--add-overlays): Skip background for 
super-long matches
       new  9274d1d   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Fall back 
when there's no space
       new  a055067   Prevent "void-function colir-color-parse" in ivy-test.el
       new  f2dfddf   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read-with-empty-string-def): Fix 
       new  419c1dd   Make counsel-async filter update time configurable
       new  0fbc911   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Simplify re-builder / highlight
       new  bdd200f   counsel.el (counsel--browse-history): Work-around 
       new  a6fe04d   ivy.el (ivy--virtual-buffers): Ensure bookmarks are loaded
       new  09f3713   ivy.el (ivy--virtual-buffers): Add delete " -no file- "
       new  81407ad   ivy.el: Fix arrows not working for ivy--regex-ignore-order
       new  aba6872   ivy.el: Fix arrows not working for ivy--regex-ignore-order
       new  9bfb773   ivy.el: ivy--old-re is either a string or a seq
       new  3f890c1   ivy.el (ivy-occur-delete-candidate): Add and bind to "C-d"
       new  31a416a   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-cmd-default): Fix for Windows
       new  b74a115   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region-action): Fix "C-M-j"
       new  1b26f27   correct spelling mistake
       new  8dbe588   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Update
       new  e247e5a   counsel.el (counsel-imenu-map): New defvar
       new  16dc558   counsel.el (counsel-dired-jump): Obey find-program
       new  a2b33e2   ivy.el: Fix compile warning
       new  0fe3c52   Ensure action and display transformer are called from 
initial buffer
       new  c5ff92c   Allow ! and space to be escaped in ivy--regex-ignore-order
       new  1641e22   Add a counsel command to checkout a different branch.
       new  8ddcb2d   Unify the different ways to check for git.
       new  2564d20   counsel.el: Fix up previous commits
       new  cee08ef   counsel.el (counsel-M-x-history): Add
       new  869f4da   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Fall back
       new  33bac2c   Protect against match-beginning / match-end not integerp.
       new  3ed7914   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-occur): Fix output with 
negative pattern
       new  58d45db   Add counsel-url-expand helper for ivy-ffap-url-functions
       new  cb668d7   Minor changes to counsel-url-expand
       new  e374d20   ivy.el (ivy-read): Call ivy-overlay-cleanup only when 
       new  eef6929   ivy.el (ivy--insert-prompt): Don't require prompt to end 
in ": "
       new  c7f2927   counsel.el (counsel-org-file): New command
       new  51b1d51   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add treemacs-mode
       new  d188a4f   counsel.el (ivy-ffap-url-functions): Check if git is 
       new  2389cc3   counsel.el: fix default ag command on windows
       new  01e0c7e   Adapt to ucs-names now being a hash table in emacs 26+
       new  d511a2c   counsel.el (counsel-grep): Remove counsel--git-dir 
       new  c197b67   counsel.el (counsel-grep-like-occur): Add
       new  81e1424   counsel.el (counsel-unicode-char): Make lazy
       new  15b2189   counsel.el: Fix :group typos
       new  a77b2e1   ivy.el (ivy-initial-inputs-alist): Fix entry for man
       new  5951d94   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-occur): Update
       new  05e88c2   counsel.el: Allow async commands on Tramp buffers
       new  05804b8   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Remove empty string from coll
       new  90034c7   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix "/sudo::" in current dir
       new  1c160f7   targets/plain.el: Add
       new  45fbaeb   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Don't delete "" for dynamic 
       new  eca6f1a   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Use :initial-input and 
       new  c45346d   counsel.el (counsel-ag-occur): Fix quoting
       new  b9122e4   counsel.el: shell-quote-argument clean-up
       new  d3cefe7   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fix compile warning
       new  5d04842   doc/ivy.org: Update
       new  80022a5   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fix prefix issue
       new  911ff27   Add trailing space to counsel-imenu ivy prompt
       new  5c39ca1   counsel.el (counsel-up-directory): Allow editing TRAMP 
       new  3e14c0d   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fix up
       new  c7180dd   ivy-overlay.el: Expect window to be 1 row taller
       new  3752312   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fix length bug
       new  5b631ef   ivy-test.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Add test
       new  fe29f90   ivy-test.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Try a different 
       new  103aebf   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fix sole match case
       new  77263aa   counsel.el (counsel-require-program): Return result
       new  477eb84   Add new command counsel-fzf
       new  81ac6fd   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Selects correct candidate
       new  5074bc1   Add CONTRIBUTING.md
       new  3676abe   CONTRIBUTING.md: Improve grammar
       new  5260bdd   CONTRIBUTING.org: Rename from CONTRIBUTING.md
       new  edd7bb6   ivy.el (ivy-backward-delete-char): Preselect last dir
       new  5a04fce   counsel.el (counsel-mode-map): Add counsel-faces
       new  3d6f043   ivy.el (ivy--exhibit): Update prompt even if there are no 
       new  7fd40c8   counsel.el: Require compile.el faces before use
       new  111d47e   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-transformer): Optimise text 
       new  c9525f1   counsel.el (counsel-fzf-function): Enable highlighting
       new  a01ff7f   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Check for 
       new  56ab8bd   counsel.el (counsel-grep-base-command): Add --
       new  3e0d45a   counsel.el (counsel-ag-occur): Add --
       new  2991c4a   Revert "ivy.el (ivy--exhibit): Update prompt even if 
there are no candidates"
       new  737c024   ivy.el (ivy--exhibit): Update prompt even if there are no 
       new  148d575   Revert "ivy.el (ivy-backward-delete-char): Preselect last 
       new  e34ce55   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Fix 
       new  97f25b8   ivy.el (ivy-occur-mode-map): Bind "R" to read-only-mode
       new  06f4160   swiper.el (swiper-query-replace): Disable read-only for 
the duration
       new  34cea7d   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Bring back 
       new  990c3b5   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add magit-popup-mode
       new  06c2c38   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add adoc-mode 
       new  e4b84eb   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add bbdb-mode
       new  8bbd84b   counsel.el: Add a generic minibuffer history browser.
       new  df6f8a5   ivy.el: Add a small refresh delay for dynamic collections.
       new  1f3dd01   counsel.el (counsel-fzf-dir-function): Allow to customize
       new  bdab981   counsel.el (counsel-fzf): Set extra actions
       new  6a0aba6   doc/ivy.org: Fix typo
       new  1d23aa3   .dir-locals.el: Enforce sentence-end-double-space
       new  f3d7648   counsel.el (counsel-grep-or-swiper): Improve logic
       new  bdff5c8   counsel.el (counsel-grep-base-command): Improve docs & 
       new  55b9728   counsel.el (counsel-grep-action): Simplify logic
       new  6f51f81   .dir-locals.el: Suggest common-lisp-indent-function
       new  a7252e8   ivy.el (ivy--occur-press-buffer): Fix double 
pop-to-buffer issue
       new  6b2a3ff   ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Don't fail if buffer was killed
       new  807a52a   counsel.el (counsel-git-occur): Add
       new  4e677fa   counsel.el (counsel-git-occur): Actually use git ls-files
       new  52cf4e9   counsel.el (counsel-cmd-to-dired): Rename from 
       new  700a493   counsel.el (counsel-fzf-occur): Add
       new  920ff08   counsel.el (counsel-cmd-to-dired): Reduce boilerplate
       new  65a567d   ivy.el (ivy-read): Bind inhibit-message
       new  91c5ee9   ivy.el: Promote "C-d" from ivy-occur-grep-mode to 
       new  e41b235   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer-occur): Simplify
       new  0eda126   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur): Add
       new  6c6bbf0   ivy.el (ivy-read): Don't touch inhibit-message
       new  768a175   ivy.el (ivy--sort): Also check this-command
       new  b4208cd   ivy.el (ivy-add-actions): Delete action dups by key
       new  de9266d   ivy.el: Add buffer->file completion switch action
       new  ee7320e   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur): Correct regex 
passed to grep
       new  fb514c9   ivy-test.el (ivy-with-r): Use with-output-to-string
       new  35c232d   Makefile: Reuse implicit variable RM if present
       new  2c349ae   Makefile: Add missing .PHONY targets
       new  de4e9c1   Makefile: Simplify and reorder compile target
       new  a4a851e   ivy-overlay.el: Pacify byte-compiler
       new  3f8eb18   counsel.el (counsel-git-occur): Fix regex
       new  908c858   Add missing re-builder-alist value in docstring
       new  2ed93db   Uniformize interface of swiper and 
       new  7f14b34   counsel.el (counsel-locate-action-extern): handle cygwin
       new  85d6005   swiper.el (swiper--init): Turn off reveal-mode for the 
       new  028015d   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-setup): Use setq-local
       new  ffc2d67   ivy.el (ivy--dirname-p): New function
       new  324b4ee   counsel.el (counsel-org-capture): Add
       new  0f6c354   counsel.el (counsel-org-capture): Use delq
       new  1ce5cef   Make sure foo/ directory goes before foo-bar/ directory
       new  7e4385b   Make it possible to configure counsel-describe-function
       new  f2e3e74   Make it possible to configure counsel-describe-variable
       new  5a9f0f4   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur): Use xargs -d '\n'
       new  1ba8590   counsel.el (counsel-unquote-regex-parens): Handle cons arg
       new  6812ece   ivy.el (ivy-auto-select-single-candidate): Disable on 
       new  473c234   ivy.el (ivy-read): Check string
       new  b2efabc   README.md: Update guidelines link
       new  b49e97e   counsel.el: Minor interactive touch-ups
       new  061f736   counsel.el (counsel-mark-ring): Improve
       new  93c11f2   Simplify string padding and truncation
       new  dbe0e6a   Minor major-mode touch-ups
       new  20be1e4   counsel.el (counsel-list-buffers-with-mode): Use classic 
       new  8b13a05   counsel.el (counsel-describe-function-preselect): New 
       new  36a3803   Use fboundp and functionp correctly for great good
       new  1a49140   doc/Changelog.org: Release 0.10.0
       new  741330d   Merge commit '4a2cee03519f98cf95b29905dec2566a39ff717e' 
from swiper
       new  ce9b2cb   * externals-list: Add sql-indent
       new  0b2dd21   * el-search/el-search.el: Minor tweak.
       new  b82fa20   * transcribe/transcribe.el: Cosmetic changes
       new  84e4095   New option gnorb-org-log-add-link
       new  d7f6fa4   Fix starting a search with `el-search-this-sexp'
       new  e2fab3b   Display match count for *El Occur* buffers
       new  e6b7e64   Fix resuming a single-buffer query-replace
       new  1818eb4   Use local binding of `post-command-hook' to reset wrap 
       new  443c1b9   Gnorb: New option gnorb-gnus-tick-all-tracked-messages
       new  cf90a6c   Gnorb: Consolidate all after-capture functions into one
       new  15c3185   Gnorb: Tweak manual a bit
       new  8c26a95   Gnorb: Tweaks to gnorb-org-extract-mail-tracking
       new  1d7ccbf   Gnorb: Try harder to find the nngnorb server
       new  77e7bb6   * csv-mode/csv-mode.el (csv-header-line): New command
       new  6733bdc   * el-search/el-search.el: Shorten the query-replace prompt
       new  883aecf   Gnorb: Bump version to 1.3.3, tiny manual fix
       new  9bed238   Fix to after capture function, bump to 1.3.4
       new  d58c1a3   packages/el-search: Some minor tweaks
       new  508f714   Gnorb: Only add one registry-related hook to the Org 
capture process
       new  2f80331   Gnorb: Re-work the capture hook functions.
       new  5da4268   Gnorb: Typo
       new  ba20dd2   Add 'packages/paced/' from commit 
       new  c47413d   Update uni-confusables license to only refer to local 
       new  527c1da   Provide Org tagging for Gnus messages
       new  db05ea7   * copyright_exceptions: Update for new 
       new  d03dc7f   Gnorb: New command for inserting tracked messages; bump 
to 1.4.1
       new  8e79f3c   Gnorb: Fix and bump to 1.4.2
       new  9122b45   Bump version to make new release
       new  62595f4   * README: mention make check_copyrights
       new  6a9b9d3   Update realgud to MELPA stable 1.4.4
       new  5eb0cc1   * README: Clarify the right fix for check_copyrights 
       new  9b2589b   Merge commit 'ea0f9fb914cccc1d127eea94bc4c607dbcd4dc7d'
       new  bc6727f   Merge commit '1f8935e117918fab8c6ad700b627a67ac4a4f10c'
       new  a1caee6   Remove an outdated test
       new  8b3c1bd   Fix seq-empty-p for streams
       new  c13ff00   * arbitools.el: added new functions, updated website
       new  66b0363   Merge commit '556e03be1068d746e3d672185987c433302229fa'
       new  0ad2834   * el-search/el-search.el: Declare doc-string in 
       new  295d2f4   ; * el-search/el-search.el: Mention Emacs Bug#29857 in 
the header
       new  5a47492   * el-search/el-search.el: Some buffer display related 
minor tweaks
       new  c60de74   Implement `seq-mapn' method for streams
       new  3ca7fc2   Merge commit 'dca9cb6d19f9e28ad8fa267a84710703ff38e006'
       new  1ed1a2f   * stream/tests/stream-tests.el: Require 'generator'
       new  cd3ed55   Gnorb: The proper link type is "mailto", not "mail"
       new  64cffe5   Prefer defalias to fset
       new  d8996bb   packages/vlf: [tyny fix] Fix cursor position after search
       new  27ab9b9   packages/vlf: [tyny change] Make vlf-batch-size 
configurable in the remote case, make mode-line batch indicators more accurate.
       new  bbdf289   packages/vlf: Fix issue where tramp-verbose is bound to 
       new  0c75dc7   packages/vlf: Explicitly set coding-system-for-read to 
the current coding when not inserting from the beginning.
       new  1b4d340   packages/vlf: Update copyright dates and bump version.
       new  85a7c7e   Make the some-context function include an opening 
       new  8a0134f   *arbitools.el: Some functions improved
       new  7572d47   Updated copyright on auto-correct, captain, and vigenere
       new  6e0b7da   * GNUmakefile (org-fetch): Don't stop the whole update if 
it fails.
       new  d52a3d0   Update copyrights of some packages
       new  b0961c8   Allow `string' and `symbol' el-search patterns to set 
match data
       new  1ff4d5c   * el-search/el-search.el: Get rid of orgstruct-mode
       new  1c7f0ba   New option value ask-multi for 
       new  53fdfa3   * el-search/el-search.el: Add two more autoload cookies
       new  e21f346   Declare any search started with `el-search-this-sexp' 
       new  7a17901   Merge pull request #183 from tarsiiformes/silencio
       new  74c07c6   Fix and improve define-key based replacements
       new  7b84299   Version 3.1.0
       new  85607e7   Merge commit '7559a79e95aada65601f7413a1c3f08bfa34557b'
       new  adceadf   arbitools.el: Improved functions, fixed bugs
       new  831f16b   Fix bad git subtree merge for ivy
       new  66c9dba   Add fallback function for read-multiple-choice
       new  739ccbb   Sort the score file from better to worst results
       new  5251be1   Dont prompt user when updating the score file
       new  2dabfcb   Do not uncover flagged cells if the user dont want that
       new  fa4337b   packages/pinentry/pinentry.el: Popup window for multiline 
       new  6909449   ; pinentry.el: Update header comment and fix typos
       new  790124f   pinentry.el: Support external passphrase cache
       new  bd4b00c   Revert "pinentry.el: Support external passphrase cache"
       new  7d241e4   pinentry.el: Improve multiline prompt
       new  c818f09   pinentry.el: Add debugging support
       new  7b4f383   Suppress redundant Pinentry startup messages
       new  b8ce35e   Mention how to enable pinentry feature
       new  1f2a4b5   Change the default socket location for pinentry
       new  d46453e   Revert "Change the default socket location for pinentry"
       new  53f3028   Set file modes of pinentry socket for extra safety
       new  81ebda7   Recognize bugs.gnu.org in debbugs
       new  4523fbb   Bump debbugs 0.15
       new  0787a70   Do not assume that 'git rev-parse 1' exits with status != 0
       new  8b5e85c   * el-search/el-search.el: Some minor tweaks
       new  8b7ec02   Tweak el-search--get-search-description-string
       new  f3985d6   * el-search/el-search.el: Tweak 
       new  4f2fc05   Make el-search key binding installation more flexible
       new  adfebd9   * el-search/el-search.el: Bump version to 1.5
       new  15454a0   Add command `el-search-ibuffer-marked-buffers'
       new  e6e2f2a   * rbit.el: New package
       new  6423b2e   Merge commit '50ee379c866e02dc0c36bb4bf45dd5b4cab0e90d'
       new  a4463c4   * rbit/rbit.el: Add 'rbit-map' function
       new  c266487   Reimplement mines-end-p
       new  60bbd32   Merge commit '45bf75f17752c8e8dd4c8a4531c0aa419cdccb84'
       new  dbef0f8   Merge commit '9367e4a277fdabde7433640fbae48407bab7c4da'
       new  e87610e   Implement `cl-print-object' for el-search-objects
       new  b569698   Allow to save the current el-search to a register
       new  9f84546   * el-search/el-search.el: Add 
       new  1ad3e0c   Merge commit 'a038d91ec593d1f1b19ca66a0576d59bbc24c523'
       new  98c9176   Merge commit '463d752d4703af93ea86df8f07b244e8fc851617'
       new  ce65b2b   Merge commit '35acd8c2f9710e54ec3f433ae4af40cfff635295'
       new  a429063   * el-search/el-search.el: Work around Emacs Bug#29857
       new  3adcb40   Merge commit '47ad7156de07301a7cb77e067713be3e6979fa75'
       new  fec6bee   Merge commit 'defbc56377a80acdd7f284ec368f20cfb5116887'
       new  3dd4aea   Merge commit '9fadc75954f5e697b1347d6d9e11193f71574610'
       new  d29ca99   Merge commit '1e10278c3201f55c339a81e33b2ba8e8adf989b6'
       new  f77b989   Fix el-search's to register save when no search started 
       new  661c23c   * el-search/el-search.el: Some minor tweaks
       new  071cdb3   Add face `el-search-highlight-in-prompt-face'
       new  cd92b2c   Backported copyright fix from ELPA
       new  1ebbc26   Added keyword for use-package
       new  96ef7d1   Created branch for ELPA releases.
       new  4185cea   Merge commit '58a5cfa6d2884ac921153a285170b2c1ebec2a51'
       new  4df391f   Updated use of when-let
       new  31e09a0   Updated copyright headers
       new  a156610   Various updates to documentation
       new  10474dd   Small mod to documentation
       new  8ecbdf6   Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master' into 
       new  06559e8   Merge commit '7c6c2bf1b6eab973e61ff3cacfac47183279a898'
       new  d4c98b3   Improve quit/error handling in el-search-query-replace
       new  28cf8a7   Update a variable when splicing mode is toggled
       new  db7a8ff   * el-search/el-search.el: Don't highlight inserted 
       new  0c488c4   company-safe-substring: Honor the current 
       new  fb93439   add golang keywords
       new  a25cdcf   Merge pull request #694 from ycz0926/master
       new  7b9f915   Fix the warnings
       new  c0ca8ae   Force the prefix call to synchronous everywhere
       new  bf976fd   Introduce company-tooltip-maximum-width
       new  744596c   Unread whole command instead of last input
       new  fcf7fb1   company-tng: Implement visualisation and completion
       new  a60497b   company-tng: Advice company-select-next to allow 
unselected state
       new  825c7da   company-tng: Don't highlight tooltip when unselected
       new  db792fe   company-tng: Function to give sensible default 
       new  f4a64c4   company-tng: Usage instructions
       new  114d745   NEWS: Entry for company-tng
       new  673740d   company-tng: Kill local overlay variable after completion 
is done
       new  6b4a9a3   company-tng: Use 'after-string when the prefix is empty
       new  d9a820a   Merge pull request #706 from nikital/company-tng
       new  1e02c20   Move the entry up
       new  937edd3   Rewrite the tng documentation a bit
       new  18b3446   Tweak some more
       new  6fce53d   And more
       new  f08ba9c   Fix the link text
       new  f8b1692   company-tng: Remove redundant call to overlay-put
       new  1fa8926   company-tng: Fully replace default frontend list
       new  13821ec   Merge pull request #712 from nikital/tng-defaults
       new  93baf00   Place cursor at correct location for completions
       new  d221214   Merge pull request #716 from jeffersoncarpenter/master
       new  bfebb62   Abort dabbrev search on input pending
       new  23a6c4d   Merge pull request #720 from 
       new  d63734d   company--window-width: Account for display-line-numbers
       new  501337e   Refine col-row calculation in the presence of line 
       new  fa186bb   Add interactive tags and skip-unless
       new  7be3910   Test in Emacs 25, too
       new  885ef88   Try 'emacs'
       new  9186a27   Which version?
       new  051fa1a   Nah
       new  656967c   Change to container-based Travis-CI build
       new  32bea2c   Merge pull request #737 from iquiw/container-based-ci
       new  6f0d346   Don't restart semantics after ::
       new  34c90de   Merge pull request #740 from Havner/master
       new  4aa25ad   Add some Commentary
       new  e9b8ad9   company-tng: default config: Disable company-require-match
       new  03eb735   Merge pull request #748 from 
       new  924be3d   Rework Clang version handling
       new  b3d697a   Fall back to earlier behavior with Clang < 4.0
       new  6ab9994   Specify type
       new  0b78f5a   Fix last change
       new  a662222   Add keywords for swift-mode
       new  802f91b   Merge pull request #750 from jojojames/master
       new  e68fc41   Add keywords for kotlin-mode
       new  b843a5f   Merge pull request #751 from jojojames/kotlin-keywords
       new  ad1374d   Specify :type for company-dabbrev -ignore-case and 
       new  89b9e8d   Specify :type for 
       new  d53e669   defcustom: prefer t instead of (meaningless) descriptive 
       new  aee3e6d   Merge pull request #754 from jabranham/fix-defcustom
       new  6aa48a6   company-etags: Don't set tags-file-name globally
       new  bef9ed4   Remove dup
       new  6dd8fed   company-clang--start-process: Kill the existing process, 
if any
       new  27626e2   Reindent
       new  51a8ccf   Clean the annotation string before stripping it
       new  07b4611   Simplify how async backends are called (WIP)
       new  361a6fe   Use inhibit-redisplay
       new  b0526e9   Make company-clang use cache again
       new  190a5b2   Tiny hack for better latency
       new  2ed11dc   Update the async tests
       new  998ea6a   Fix noninteractive runs
       new  da65072   Add a NEWS entry
       new  b8cfa72   Merge branch 'simpler-async'
       new  dea8618   More NEWS entries
       new  9228394   Rephrase
       new  e79110b   Avoid an extra redisplay call
       new  32a501b   Add a comment justifying the duplication [ci skip]
       new  c51e3c7   Force sync when company-require-match is t
       new  305ddac   Break idle re-starting loop
       new  8544c23   M-x copyright-update
       new  377299b   Revert "Break idle re-starting loop"
       new  532bbd2   Fix #760 in a different way
       new  1d3d927   Release 0.9.5
       new  e7487f8   Merge commit '7cc0901489dff3d73ddc845ae060f938ecb85615' 
from company
       new  139c318   Merge commit 'c3683a0a8a611fbd15bb3ec78ccac121843711c9'
       new  42d2f03   * el-search/el-search.el: Fix handling of void 
       new  06833bd   Treat inserted replacements as potential to-replace 
       new  669a4f5   * el-search/el-search.el: Fix single buffer query-replace
       new  a0ca4cd   Add a workaround for sit-for conflict with flyspell
       new  2cd5c9c   Release 0.9.6
       new  53b199a   Merge commit '4711695af3df93f1bbceee165c505fea5bfc49ac' 
from company
       new  1aef45e   * el-search/el-search.el: Bump version to 1.6; some minor 
       new  acb5258   Small improvements to 
       new  4b89148   Improve working of 
       new  998f21f   Reinit the repo for sync elpa.git
       new  adaa4ae   Fix type
       new  0737112   * packages/multishell: Break cyclic require; use lexical 
and cl-lib
       new  1f01c64   * externals-list: Add posframe
       new  d2dc94c   Fix "rebase" mess up
       new  70233ca   Preparing to redo the subtree add
       new  b846aa2   Add 'packages/posframe/' from commit 
       new  ed05a2e   * multishell/multishell.el: Minor comment/doc tweaks
       new  5e6bbcc   Parse all default exports as expressions
       new  68ba947   make sure to visit import clause children in order
       new  f7ab64a   remove stray message call
       new  b9bf3c1   Merge pull request #440 from felipeochoa/issue439
       new  4c76b0e   correctly handle arrow functions in js2-node-parent-stmt
       new  68084d5   Merge pull request #442 from felipeochoa/arrowStatements
       new  deffb7e   Add jsdoc highlighting for yield and yields
       new  e75b1e8   Merge pull request #444 from felipeochoa/jsdoc-yield
       new  81f7f47   Fix function/class declaration issues from commit 7e4293b
       new  e991161   add support for trailing comma in function arguments
       new  221de84   Merge pull request #454 from olessavluk/trailing-comma
       new  b8d4e79   Add separate object property access face.
       new  70a15e5   Merge pull request #461 from 
       new  ac685ef   Set the correct node pos for unary nodes
       new  93e2501   Merge pull request #464 from felipeochoa/unary-node-pos
       new  7365b3d   [feat] add jsdoc @abstract and @virtual empty tags
       new  41b00c7   Merge pull request #465 from felipeochoa/jsdoc-abstract
       new  7899033   [bugfix] Mark @type jsdoc tag as a typed tag not an arg 
       new  d123149   Merge pull request #468 from felipeochoa/jsdoc-type
       new  7b963e3   Add tests for jsdoc highlighting
       new  1cfaeac   [feat] add support for single-line jsdoc highlighting
       new  f185b13   Merge pull request #467 from felipeochoa/jsdoc-single-line
       new  107380c   [feat] add @typedef jsdoc highlighting support
       new  7620e2a   Merge pull request #469 from felipeochoa/jsdoc-typedef
       new  1344541   [bugfix] error when parsing malformed namespace import
       new  f2c0bdb   Merge pull request #473 from 
       new  0ad4d85   Fix length of shorthand object property nodes (e.g. 
       new  442ab03   Drop (constructor nil) on structs where a constructor is 
       new  49ab529   Merge pull request #466 from mishoo/master
       new  2bcb059   Explicitly pass the variable instead of relying on 
dynamic binding
       new  eef0da9   Merge pull request #476 from lelit/avoid-dynbind
       new  e864a96   Port over fix for https://debbugs.gnu.org/23391
       new  5d04e42   Switch to lexical binding
       new  1f01e57   Do not overwrite POS
       new  d1c1996   Fix the breakage
       new  2c55e80   Clarify where to report indentation bugs [ci skip]
       new  73b5eea   Release new version
       new  5c056e9   Merge commit '38e425785d5ea4600c3642f6500062ecedf694a4' 
from js2-mode
       new  b806341   muse: replace find-file-hooks, an obsolete alias since 
Emacs 22.1
       new  af1fec9   * packages/shen-mode/inf-shen.el (inferior-shen-prompt): 
Doc fix.
       new  75450ab   Merge commit 'a8c24d676c6e1a47ea4b010633a31571d59f506f'
       new  78a964b   Merge commit '1070cf02d121a117036a3dbe9f19b4d3d91aa294'
       new  de6917e   * adaptive-wrap/adaptive-wrap.el: Fix use without 
       new  b9b2b05   * el-search/el-search.el: Add `el-search-looking-at'
       new  f1f8d1a   Add 'packages/mmm-mode/' from commit 
       new  b5cadd0   Merge commit 'cb905bdc728fb3b5f9fdff8836d71b62bd717eab' 
from mmm-mode
       new  32d3876   Add the agreed-upon copyright exceptions
       new  581ed14   * vlf.el: Use GPL version 3
       new  9a41939   Optimize order of iterator-of-directory-files yield 
       new  ace028d   * stream/stream-x.el: Update copyright
       new  20e686b   Change mmm-mode to be an "external" instead
       new  773daf6   Actually remove mmm-mode from master
       new  1a3e76c   Show progress of automatic el-search-query-replace
       new  d7f4cff   Bump version to keep in sync with elpa
       new  9b19bae   Bump version
       new  9e97b8d   Merge commit 'b3b69f52207d3a8111421ad7ab9ed82abbe85316'
       new  3b3be2b   Sync with github and MELPA stable
       new  9b7a485   ; * packages/fsm/fsm.el: Comment.
       new  76a319f   muse: replace the obsolete interactive-p
       new  819f608   * el-search/el-search-x.el: New pattern type 
       new  b3c5afe   Handle multi remote repositories
       new  d1f103c   Enforce use of spaces for indentation
       new  59459e9   Set type of customizable options
       new  6bbd74f   Allow outline-minor-mode to find section headings
       new  264ab2d   rainbow-mode: release 1.0
       new  cd9795a   num3-mode: cut new release version 1.3
       new  793cfc7   Fix gited-push bug from previous commit
       new  ea8fbaa   * el-search/el-search-x.el: New user option 
       new  f707632   * el-search/el-search.el: New user option 
       new  6c147be   * el-search/el-search-x.el: Some more tweaks
       new  f36b7ac   gited-pull fetches all remote branches
       new  8cadd87   * packages/gited/gited.el (gited-pull): Delete unused 
       new  e5c9d62   Not all bug reports have a subject, apparently.
       new  a40039d   Port websocket to bleeding-edge 32-bit Emacs
       new  c9b55cf   * README: Don't clone a clone.
       new  95f3188   Use "git worktree list" in archive-contents.el
       new  4e7013d   * nhexl-mode.el (nhexl-nibble-edit-mode): New minor mode
       new  337e5ab   * nhexl-mode.el: Add our own line-movement functions
       new  3f5aea7   * nhexl-mode.el (nhexl-overwrite-only-mode): New minor 
       new  f3ce6d1   * nhexl-mode.el: Bump version number for new release
       new  1f199c3   * nhexl-mode.el: Hide undisplayable chars by default
       new  a151383   * nhexl-mode/nhexl-mode.el: Let isearch look for 
addresses as well
       new  e5fef5b   * nhexl-mode/nhexl-mode.el (nhexl-line-width): Allow 
dynamic adjust
       new  95e48ce   * nhexl-mode/nhexl-mode.el: Fix minor issues
       new  b9f233c   * nhexl-mode/nhexl-mode.el: Improve multi-window behavior
       new  ea53ff0   * nhexl-mode/nhexl-mode.el: Get rid of the spurious top 
empty line
       new  66d91a9   [aa2u] Use U+2018, U+2019 instead of U+60, U+27.
       new  58fc91d   [aa2u maint] Update years in copyright notice; nfc.
       new  a155319   [aa2u] Fix docstring for ‘aa2u-ucs-bd-uniform-name’.
       new  a13858d   [aa2u] Mention ‘DOUBLE’ in ‘aa2u-uniform-weight’ 
       new  7cb4027   [aa2u] Release: 1.12
       new  9676a82   * GNUmakefile (org-fetch): Use https and stick to wget
       new  0cc1ed5   externals-list: Add orgalist
       new  b319432   Allow gnorb-msg-id-request-head to accept a "group" 
       new  fd62a32   Allow short-circuiting the nnir search
       new  5d73d2a   Factor out function for finding nngnorb server
       new  8c4ec29   Missing a require for seq package
       new  ec9317f   New function gnorb-gnus-search-registry
       new  a170783   New gnorb-helm file
       new  823ec82   Update copyright notices, bump to version 1.5
       new  d15a6fd   [gnorb] Fix immediate and inexplicable typos, bump to 
       new  a5fc25c   [gnorb] More little tweaks to registry searching, bump to 
       new  2e738a0   [gnorb] Don't use string-trim with optional args
       new  2d67dd1   [gnorb] Don't use make-temp-name for registry searches
       new  06a7da2   [gnorb] Check message-alternative-emails in helm registry 
       new  94e02f0   [gnorb] Fix handling of region-bounds return value
       new  209940f   [gnorb] Bump version to 1.5.3
       new  b14c323   * .gitignore: Add orgalist
       new  7b7c4a6   Fix el-search's check for buffers visiting a given file
       new  e1a062e   * el-search/el-search.el: Fix infloop in 
       new  3ab616c   * el-search/el-search.el: Fix heuristic matcher for 'nil
       new  a832d67   [gnorb] Require gnorb-org within gnorb-trigger-todo-action
       new  d800ea5   * yasnippet-debug.el (yas-debug-snippet): Handle 
non-numbered fields.
       new  1d74094   Add test relying on overlay hook inhibition in 
       new  bca1abe   Let whitespace-global-mode work in new snippet buffers
       new  3428770   Set test to fail with newer org version
       new  51280be   Unset autoload-compute-prefixes for utility files
       new  85bb249   * doc/faq.org: Fix typo.
       new  da1d5fc   * yasnippet.el (yas--message): Fix invalid docstring 
       new  41ca2b1   Let snippet insertion trigger active field clearing.
       new  20e7e1a   Fix undo when first line indentation moves snippet forward
       new  599af97   Refactor undo tests
       new  2ab9f0f   Allow "# --" end-of-header marker to have trailing space
       new  40f7f4e   Remove submodules (snippet and yasmate)
       new  1e146a2   * yasnippet.el (yas-reload-all): Mention if no snippets 
were found.
       new  b14084a   Don't set yas-selected-text to non-selected text
       new  b0b4996   * yasnippet.el (snippet-mode): Derive from prog-mode.
       new  0564fd8   Don't use prog-mode in older Emacs
       new  b719e49   * yasnippet.el (yas-key-syntaxes): Prefer the longest key.
       new  83b9f47   Update `yas--take-care-of-redo' call in buffer undo list
       new  0cf3bd8   Close #824: Simple fields can be parented like other 
fields or mirrors
       new  414143b   Reinstate the old debug behaviour for yas-tryout-snippet
       new  7d48ada   ; yasnippet-debug.el: Update yas-debug-snippets arg for 
previous change.
       new  e069569   ; .travis.yml: Test with 25.3 and 26 prelease.
       new  406a770   ; yasnippet-debug.el: Fix deprecation warning.
       new  50ab8b7   ; yasnippet-debug.el: macroexp-progn is not avaiable in 
Emacs 23.
       new  626f605   * yasnippet.el (yas--guess-snippet-directories): Guess 
major mode first.
       new  d4718ad   Add yasnippet-unload-function
       new  38102ac   Bind field skip and clear command conditionally
       new  bd9db5b   Fix typos in "Writing Templates" documentation
       new  ccff45c   ; doc/snippet-development.org: Further copy edit.
       new  4bb5767   Don't use global variable for backquote expression 
       new  a1b7734   ; yasnippet-tests.el (yas-no-memory-of-bad-snippet): Fix 
       new  29a1cc6   Change yas-lookup-snippet to return a yas--template struct
       new  da7197c   Fix expansion of commands snippet
       new  f84567e   Make yas-snippet-mode-buffer-p robust against symlinks
       new  6c58463   Fix docs for new org mode
       new  204870a   Add some styling to doc, improve top menu
       new  782a289   Improve rendering of docstrings in manual's reference 
       new  2235e21   * yasnippet.el (yas-field-value): Fix docstring.
       new  ba98d24   Merge: doc style improvements
       new  200f090   Use fancy field adjustment for fixed indent too
       new  0cf8c61   Adjust previous fix
       new  102238a   Don't indent first and only line of expanded snippet
       new  0ccd069   ; Try to get more info about 873/919
       new  ca1f309   ; Don't enter debugger for kill-all-local-variables case
       new  a5b2024   ; Wait until post-command, or bad auto-fill call to print 
       new  4f9a256   Don't add to disabled undo list
       new  77c2f73   Work around Emacs Bug#30931 (Misc_Free in undo list)
       new  ecc67ad   Tweak bug-reporting information slightly
       new  8da47c8   Clarify behavior of mirror transforms
       new  8ed75d8   Release 0.13.0
       new  8502e14   * packages/yasnippet: Merge version 0.13.0 from upstream.
       new  e9a9fae   Fix loading of yasnippet-classic-snippets
       new  acdf870   Add packages/eglot as an :external
       new  b8c31ba   Auto-update of .gitignore
       new  84dd0f0   * el-search/el-search.el: Prefer adverb "backward" in 
names and text
       new  c2ce4cc   Skip tests when Git is not available
       new  ca4ac82   gited.el: Merge branch 'show-trunk-ci-status'
       new  3c72fbc   * packages/gited/gited.el: Bump version to v5.0.1
       new  a353678   * el-search/el-search.el: More minor tweaks
       new  0db4ce2   * gited/gited.el: Don't require `gited-ci`, which isn't 
       new  83921d2   Add missing file gited-ci.el
       new  f37d26d   gited-ci.el: Fix copyright stuff
       new  5644876   * el-search/el-search.el: Skip over #N read syntaxes
       new  6c3b02d   * rainbow-mode/rainbow-mode.el: do not fail if 
face-property is a symbol
       new  f317415   [el-search] Raise user-error when replacement contains 
       new  00f7aba   [gnorb] Small gnorb-org bugs
       new  a4f3bad   [gnorb] Use unwind-protect around the trigger process, 
bump to 1.5.4
       new  f565346   [el-search] Use current buffer to check for matches in 
       new  3cf8508   Don't forget the snippets in yasnippet-classic-snippets
       new  9b1c67e   [gnorb] Missing quote in nested `eval-after-load', bump 
to 1.5.5
       new  7b26d4a   [el-search] Improve forward search functions
       new  edb76d4   [el-search] Factor out `el-search-backward'
       new  1bacd13   [el-search] Save two 'eval' calls
       new  db180cd   Avoid double entries in debbugs
       new  bec0a3c   Fix previous patch
       new  4308ca5   [el-search] Some more minor tweaks
       new  6399b5a   [el-search] Special case 'el-search-make-matcher' for '_'
       new  e28274e   Implement #182
       new  8d75e0d   Remove debugging message
       new  2f3a2b8   Add option to show docstrings in which-key buffer
       new  04bcfb6   Improve which-key-show-docstrings option
       new  8a5a92f   Fix description truncation when showing docstrings
       new  7db8101   Use safe version of propertize
       new  00e20ee   Handle null description in 
       new  5589371   Improve which-key--format-and-replace
       new  3777eb2   Extract which-key--ignore-keys-regexp and 
       new  7b3ee52   Add which-key-show-full-keymap
       new  7492de5   Autoload the show keymap functions
       new  05bea00   Fix descriptions of keys involving meta when showing 
       new  be93e0d   Fix docstring of which-key--get-keymap-bindings
       new  3daf77d   Fix typo in previous commit
       new  24b3425   Detect menu-items in which-key--get-keymap-bindings
       new  550de62   Fix which-key--show-keymap when no bidnings found
       new  ce07dc4   Use symbol at point in whow keymap functions
       new  f4ede0e   Refactor show keymap functions
       new  774fe13   Consolidate key binding collection into 
       new  5990068   Add which-key-toggle-docstrings
       new  c4098da   Use cl-struct to hold which-key pages
       new  4be6d78   Add and use which-key--automatic-display
       new  379d9fd   Remove a bunch of global variables
       new  836e3d2   Add prefix arg to which-key--get-current-bindings and ..
       new  532d545   Remove which-key--current-prefix
       new  f41f497   Fix which-key--create-pages
       new  7f410f1   Fix display of meta bindings in which-key-show-keymap
       new  739e7ee   Fixes related to removal of which-key--current-prefix
       new  cad7fa1   Factor out which-key--this-command-keys function
       new  4edfa44   Fix switching to top-level from which-key-undo-key
       new  bb5e643   Fix and improve defcustoms
       new  cc1d739   Version 3.2.0
       new  af0b7ef   Fix behavior of f and t in evil operator map
       new  b897409   Fix prefix bindings in which-key-show-major-mode
       new  9482ad8   Add support for evil's auxiliary maps in show-keymap 
       new  e59e569   Use window-size-change-functions for detecting size 
       new  dea0e57   Fix handling of duplicate (evil) bindings in show keymap
       new  62e9759   Version 3.3.0
       new  bd47598   Merge commit 'ff79dfff66f880885c5893dd6fd05dc51173a476'
       new  eac27e4    arbitools.el: added new function
       new  e4f5be0   Warn about transfer.fsckObjects
       new  c86dccf   [el-search] Add command 'el-search-last-buffer-match'
       new  1ea7e1e   [el-search] Add bindings for first/last match jumping
       new  1eac40f   [el-search] Bump version to 1.7
       new  de9950a   [el-search] Avoid most calls to 'scan-sexps'
       new  277ede7   * el-search/el-search.el: Correct NOERROR argument uses
       new  39ae58f   [el-search] Enforce defun start for heuristic matching
       new  184f05c   [el-search] Improve 'el-search-display-match-count'
       new  9802a19   [el-search] Bump version to 1.7.1
       new  a5464e2   auto-correct: Add support for flyspell-correct-word-*
       new  b947bed   * frame-tabs: New package
       new  c890a1a   * externals-list ("jsonrpc"): New package.
       new  86204c5   Add "Maintainer" header and update copyright years
       new  e58ff81   Add filladapt
       new  53e15df   * filladapt/filladapt.el: Use lexical-binding.  Cosmetic 
       new  909463f   * filladapt/filladapt.el (filladapt-token-match-empty): 
New var
       new  7c856c0   * filladapt/filladapt.el: Minor fixes
       new  1be1d51   Support "forwarded" in debbugs
       new  e00a6a5   javaimp.el: Fill :file module slot in a separate step.
       new  a67c471   Fix byte compile warning and some customizations
       new  2aabcfc   [el-search] More minor tweaks
       new  850b377   [el-search] Improve match faces
       new  df6ed64   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
       new  3595842   Minor improvements in other-frame-window
       new  dbdf583   Fix repo links for :core packages
       new  d793ba0   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--insert-repolinks): 
Fix last change
       new  a3d5244   * el-search/el-search.el: Again tweak commentary in header
       new  5720df9   Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'
       new  ab42716   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--insert-repolinks): 
Fix further
       new  c150869   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--insert-repolinks): 
Fix further yet
       new  7e99a3c   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--insert-repolinks): 
Getting there
       new  853029f   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--insert-repolinks): 
       new  a7ba7b1   rcirc-color: add rcirc-color-other-attributes
       new  62477fc   [el-search] Extend meaning of C-J prefix arg
       new  b11d642   [el-search] Add special scroll commands
       new  20fb450   [el-search] Minor tweaks and bump version to 1.7.5
       new  41afcda   rcirc-color: make compatible with latest rcirc
       new  f7a3eee   * copyright_exceptions: Sync with new version of ergoemacs
       new  2918d43   [el-search] Follow-ups to transient map handling
       new  18ee528   Add brief.el v5.80, Brief editor mode, an emulator of 
Brief editor.
       new  c92529b   * packages/brief.el: fix some typo mess.
       new  0a67b5f   Brief mode: merge some of Stefan's patch and rework some 
       new  35c3b03   Brief mode: backward compatibility fix for Emacs v23 and 
       new  06f3e31   Package other-frame-window; improve description
       new  d6f67be   Brief mode: major improvement for external Xselection 
       new  ab219b8   Brief mode: merge Stefan's patch and revised some legacy 
       new  c735670   * xclip/xclip.el: Add support for `xsel` and Cygwin's 
       new  248a981   Other-frame-window: bump version to publish changes
       new  aeba3db   [el-search] Add some key bindings
       new  5a08fa4   excorporate.el: Bump soap-client requirement to 3.1.4
       new  d41c8f5   excorporate-calfw.el: Rename from excorporate-calfw.el.txt
       new  8a93a0f   excorporate-calfw.el: Enable clean byte-compiling in GNU 
       new  661038a   excorporate.el: Require org for org-trim
       new  15e580e   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.7.7
       new  e56e94b   Brief mode: add [C-p] for viewing compilation buffer and 
error messages
       new  7b0d846   [el-search] Open invisible text
       new  7912308   packages/excorporate: Extend exco-connection-iterate
       new  6abcf36   packages/excorporate: Support retrieving meeting details
       new  34c866a   packages/excorporate: Add diary and appt integration
       new  aed1773   packages/excorporate: Update documentation for Diary 
       new  f721738   [el-search] Some scrolling tweaks
       new  feedd59   * nadvice: New forward compatibility package
       new  d5b01d1   * nadvice.el: Fix copyright!
       new  41cdaf4   * nadvice/nadvice.el (advice-add): Add support for 
       new  2de2b07   * nadvice.el: Fix typo
       new  a5f9c1f   * nadvice.el: ad-remove-advice is not autoloaded
       new  8a806d3   packages/excorporate: Support diary on Emacs 24.1, 24.2, 
       new  c752a22   packages/excorporate: Mention appt features in 
       new  677c2c2   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.8.0
       new  189ce97   packages/nadvice: Fix advice-remove behaviour
       new  c7e6451   packages/excorporate: Bump version to 0.8.1
       new  6ea5339   * nadvice/nadvice.el: Silence fewer errors
       new  0fbcc83   * nadvice/nadvice.el (advice): Require during 
       new  d80673b   Merge commit '4e7c577dc13b918158bcac53e06eeeb7cf93a3fb'
       new  69bf7f4   gnorb: Fix bug in post-message-send action triggering
       new  93f05cf   Speed up the load of the dired buffer
       new  32d058a   gnorb: Fix link following, bump to 1.5.6
       new  c1914ea   gnorb: Remove weird group-name guard, bump to 1.5.7
       new  c6d8b46   Remove redundant nil keywords to define-minor-mode. 
Sprinkle some FIXMEs for good measure. Add some cosmetic changes. Fix copyright 
notice. Bump verion to v0.5.1. * packages/dired-du/dired-du.el (dired-du): Fix 
dired-du group.
       new  3257294   gnorb: More guards for visiting an original Org capture 
       new  fd198f5   * sml-mode.el: New var sml-abbrev-skeletons; bump vers to 
       new  78044b8   * externals-list: Add fountain-mode
       new  b03fbb8   * gnorb/gnorb-registry.el: Fix compilation warnings
       new  0e0fd52   Gnus mock initial commit
       new  bb11b2c   Split gnus-mock-settings-file into two separate options
       new  067fcfd   Create necessary empty maildir on startup
       new  1254883   Warn user if sendmail-program is unavailable
       new  eb5bc8e   Maybe clean up dirs if the start process fails
       new  d9ec72a   Merge branch 'scratch/gnus-mock'
       new  cdc53da   Provide support for fakesendmail script in windows, bump 
to 0.1.1
       new  7178c9c   packages/gnus-mock: Adjust copyright
       new  f6c95ae   gnus-mock/data/.gnus.el: Fix comment
       new  f9d3295   Merge commit '08d846a7aa748209d65fecead2b6a766c3e5cb41' 
from highlight-escape-sequences
       new  f2b0ccf   * adaptive-wrap/adaptive-wrap.el: Fix interaction with 
       new  ea9218d   * markchars/markchars.el (markchars-set-keywords): Fix 
       new  86b0a9b   * visual-fill.el: New 
       new  e56c163   * markchars.el: Use valid address for maintainer
       new  79e1543   * visual-fill.el: Add missing version
       new  14939b7   * adaptive-wrap.el (adaptive-wrap-fill-context-prefix): 
Ignore paragraph-start
       new  e0b5d58   * visual-fill.el: Fix copyright
       new  dd8dfe0   Release debbugs 0.16
       new  13e53cb   * gnus-mock.el: Make sure the 'data' subdir is included
       new  3558e86   Brief Mode v5.86 release. Add README.org file with full 
key commands table & post on EmacsWiki. Completed key commands supported by the 
legacy msdos Brief(tm) v3.1.
       new  2d435ba   * packages/brief/README.org: Fix some formats and typo.
       new  6e46e1c   * brief/b.el: Remove unused file
       new  f537565   Brief mode v5.86: Fix codes in response to Stefan's 
review suggestions.
       new  cd07d7b   Brief: change to multi-file package.
       new  a7c2742   * externals-list: Add ssh-deploy
       new  effc68b   * externals-list: Prepare tramp
       new  53ade8c   Brief mode: Fix for enabling infrequent keys.
       new  6c879fe   Brief mode v5.87 release Fix quick launcher script 'b' to 
be more reliable.
       new  e80a664   * brief/README.org: Change some wording.
       new  aa07a4b   * crisp/crisp.el: Fix incompatibility with brief-mode; 
plus cleanups
       new  933dc9c   * brief/README.org: Correct wording to be consistent with 
EmacsWiki page.
       new  6a0ff92   [gnus-mock] Zoop the condition-case up around the whole 
       new  04accbd   [gnus-mock] Instead of inserting strings, use princ and 
       new  e3397e4   * externals-list (zones): New package
       new  c43f16a   [gnus-mock] Conditionally add nnimap server, bump to 0.2.0
       new  b9cf89b   [el-search] Fix nested match issues in *El Occur*
       new  1333452   Add mail command index in debbugs
       new  3c411a6   * packages/debbugs/instructions.texi: Add @anchor{}.
       new  a516d1a   Add 'Mail Command Index' reference in debbugs manual
       new  e59e074   [el-search] Fix an infloop in el-search--search-pattern-1
       new  0ff9e2d   [el-search] Follow-up to "Fix nested match issues in *El 
       new  f704d49   [el-search] Don't try to kill modified buffers
       new  ea7980e   [el-search] Small fix in el-search--reset-wrap-flag
       new  a318157   Extract company--capf-post-completion, for easier 
       new  cc6e845   Add a FIXME
       new  c14878c   copyright-update
       new  63db20a   Deprecate company-css
       new  6a4cdc3   Deprecate company-nxml too
       new  734ba69   Work around python-shell-completion-at-point's behavior
       new  05a383b   Add NEWS entry
       new  60c068c   Fix the build
       new  864be39   Allow CMake completion in strings when inside ${...}
       new  4fc7464   Simplify company-cmake-prefix-dollar-brace-p
       new  6a48dcb   Remove an unnecessary test
       new  b769efe   Add NEWS entry
       new  1288940   backend: Remove pre-completion command
       new  0ee4694   company-tng: Supress post-completion (#731)
       new  9710da6   Merge pull request #764 from 
       new  0f625d6   Always get candidates with prefix string in 
       new  2166c39   Merge pull request #769 from tigersoldier/master
       new  7589dfe   Merge pull request #771 from Wilfred/interactive-example
       new  1749c63   Abort when completion-at-point is invoked
       new  f33f383   company-css: Improve performance
       new  06659ec   company-keywords: Support thrift-mode
       new  f8eb6e7   Merge pull request #785 from 
       new  ec4e0a8   Truncate the Clang error in the echo area
       new  42414c0   Update Javascript and Python keywords
       new  1805340   Merge pull request #802 from wyuenho/update-keywords
       new  740de9f   company-diag: Catch any error in `completions'
       new  d5f4753   Per #798, #762: Fix company-capf's highlighting of 
non-prefix matches
       new  41b2fe0   Close #798: look for :company-match function in the 
capf's metadata
       new  d7ec459   Add some tests for the previous commits
       new  8c1b26f   Emacs 24 doesn't have working elisp capf, so don't test it
       new  729d410   Make fixes after Dmitry's comments
       new  b3f9c96   Mention #798 in NEWS.md
       new  532d3d6   Merge pull request #798 from joaotavora/master
       new  27c982b   Fix #809 by looking up `face' as well
       new  d26ccf7   Properly fix #809
       new  304c69b   Merge pull request #810 from joaotavora/master
       new  d9af5fb   move golang's keywords to the right place
       new  8a0a8c7   Merge pull request #817 from chunzhouyu/master
       new  f4b07da   Switch to npostavs/emacs-travis binaries
       new  6bb9bea   Merge pull request #821 from iquiw/emacs-travis-bin
       new  9dc77b7   add some golang fake keywords for a better programming 
       new  3b74f10   update go-mode's keywords sort
       new  5612c09   fix golang's keywords sort
       new  956ccc0   add reference url for go-mode's keywords
       new  2e4831c   add some comments for adding go-mode's fake keywords
       new  500be54   Update company-keywords.el
       new  6511c8d   Merge pull request #819 from chunzhouyu/master
       new  56fe1af   Improve comment
       new  7e51152   Reformat
       new  79c5fdd   add some golang's builtin funcitons to go-mode
       new  076f420   resort the go-mode in company-keywords.el
       new  2b9fe34   Update company-keywords.el
       new  80ab45c   resort go-mode'e keywords
       new  1196ed2   add some refs
       new  e20b75c   capitalize the comment sentences
       new  08c0fa4   Merge pull request #828 from chunzhouyu/master
       new  d9f26eb   add nil and bool to company-keywords for go-mode
       new  4d1cad1   Merge pull request #829 from chunzhouyu/master
       new  d4b8342   Define variable alias before referent
       new  a380769   Merge pull request #830 from jabranham/alias
       new  c42887c   company-ispell-available: Better error message
       new  9c61060   Backends are called at the same point where company begins
       new  92c0f72   Merge pull request #838 from bet4it/restore-point
       new  06bf375   Release 0.9.7
       new  e46bf32   Merge commit 'c95a6b41d621de4253b77e512aa61fc0e75acddc' 
from company
       new  594797a   [gnus-mock] Fix two small bugs, bump version to 0.2.1
       new  d9a15f5   [el-search] Don't initially fold El Occur buffers
       new  70e1dcf   * nhexl-mode.el: Make C-u use hexadecimal
       new  57844c1   * nhexl-mode.el: Improve handling of mouse events
       new  4830c2e   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Control Messages): 
Fix typos.
       new  20b6d56   [el-search] Make y move forward after replacing
       new  da1823a   Merge commit '26b0a6e6fb03fe4b895bb03972bbb0d80ce2e8e3'
       new  84b94d1   Merge commit 'bec310f1a793e58bfd31a12a612e7ffe931505d0'
       new  c24bf6f   [gnorb] New option gnorb-gnus-refile-use-outline-path, 
bump to 1.6.0
       new  12f5711   * packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.el (ada-mode): emacs 26 vs 
       new  6ae4179   [gnus-mock] Add Cyrillic group to the nnimap server, bump 
to 0.3.0
       new  b50eca3   [el-search] Make r hit twice restore a replaced match
       new  ceb127f   * xclip/xclip.el: Fix bug#33399
       new  9a2edd4   * crisp/crisp.el (crisp-home, crisp-end): Obey 
       new  4071cbd   Merge commit '2c5ac0cb808ae6953fbc74cc497245dafb51051f'
       new  2b6fbbd   [gnorb] Move location of gnorb-gnus-summary-mode-hook, 
bump to 1.6.1
       new  e344476   Add 'packages/vcl-mode/' from commit 
       new  7d0f18b   * externals-list (vcl-mode): Add entry.
       new  ce3b0dc   * vcl-mode.el: Update header and fix last line; improve 
       new  8d8c2e1   * vcl-mode/vcl-mode.el: Simplify syntax handling; plus 
       new  980b79c   [el-search] Minor tweaks in el-search-query-replace
       new  c9ff68b   Release ada-mode version 6.0. Release wisi version 2.0
       new  7bf3fb6   * ada-mode/xref-ada.el: Add copyright blurb
       new  69d0e0e   Fix spelling error in the namespace
       new  939384c   * README: Recommend "externals" and add some 
       new  df1873e   [gnus-mock] Don't completely swallow errors
       new  e7e3ebd   [gnus-mock] Set a value of default-directory for child 
Emacs process
       new  c017c27   [gnus-mock] Set gnus-verbose to max by default, bump to 
       new  2ca1276   * externals-list: Add lisp/progmodes/flymake.el as new 
:core package.
       new  d48d6dc   Release ada-mode 6.0.1, wisi 2.0.1; fix copyright, 
packaging bugs
       new  5f07877   [el-search] Make replacement editable and ediff'able
       new  0c4b292   Remove an old workaround from company-capf
       new  fb9ca3b   company-capf: Use exit-function that came with the 
completion table in use
       new  bbb6743   Use company-capf--current-completion-data in more places
       new  2a016fe   Make company-capf--current-completion-data buffer-local
       new  030dfc1   Discard company-capf--current-completion-data when we can
       new  7bdfd6a   company-completion-cancelled-hook: Don't remove-hook
       new  6f2cb1d   Release 0.9.8
       new  195f09e   Merge commit '5adb0be1dfa1c9767e888eee5892a10a1f81d582' 
from company
       new  cf0414d   Merge pull request #93 from Wilfred/handle_file_move
       new  7cbe9b0   Fix #102
       new  3fc7ca7   Add a LICENSE file
       new  96d0e60   Merge pull request #105 from phst/license
       new  53990d6   Add some FIXMEs related to #71
       new  fc87748   diff-hl-revert-hunk: Emphasize the hunk
       new  8e65986   #111 Extract diff-hl-highlight-revert-hunk-function
       new  33d06ed   Make sure buffer is not narrowed when reverting a hunk
       new  50bde44   Merge pull request #109 from 
       new  ae846fa   Bump the version
       new  3d9f22f   Merge commit '069a92590000269a9a5b0b7aebbae9595675a59c' 
from diff-hl
       new  59cd475   * landmark/landmark.el (Commentary): Mention algorithm's 
       new  a24f71a   * landmark/landmark.el: Avoid `eval`; plus cosmetic 
       new  8cd7695   * ada-mode, wisi: Fix file access rights
       new  1f59f14   [el-search] Stop for problematic comments
       new  3cc060c   [el-search] Enhancements to my last two commits
       new  c4700d2   Merge commit '5ed8901691b26eb5847f9522d20fa93a4fbaace8'
       new  c7fa21c   * nhexl-mode.el: Add isearch and highlight to hex area
       new  5413522   * xclip/xclip.el: Make it work again on Emacs<25
       new  0a6c4f8   [el-search] Provide el-search-occur-search-object earlier
       new  7cd8e3b   * xclip/xclip.el: Add new `emacs` method
       new  0255350   Bind inhibit-quit to nil inside an idle timer
       new  b4e4268   #845 Make a longer NEWS entry
       new  74bd500   Reindent
       new  0c4ffed   company-clang: Skip over identity preprocessor #defines
       new  651cc14   Fix the exit-function fix
       new  374a8e4   Add the new entries
       new  e921529   Release 0.9.9
       new  68b3b17   Merge commit 'ac82e875e144b227e926c09c53def9b0c059115c' 
from company
       new  9b218fb   Account for frame height and width when repositioning
       new  fefe156   Merge pull request #9 from 
       new  85f4aff   Merge pull request #7 from 
       new  89163c4   Use posframe-hide-frame instead make-frame-invisible
       new  1abbeb9   Merge pull request #10 from manateelazycat/patch-1
       new  d01189d   Fix indent
       new  841873b   posframe-hide-frame -> posframe--make-frame-invisible
       new  5acc99e   Add posframe-poshandler-frame-top-left/right-corner
       new  d904350   Add more information to README
       new  6035787   Update README again.
       new  a44aabe   posframe: Add fullscreen parameter
       new  b2e6b57   posframe: support internal-border-width
       new  bc0c623   posframe: Recreate posframe when internal-border-width 
       new  7ffb6bd   posframe: Add face-remap argument
       new  ce44074   posframe: cache posframe/parent-frame/parent-window's 
more info
       new  7defcd8   use empty posframe title for window manager
       new  6f1b240   Merge pull request #13 from yqrashawn/empty-frame-name
       new  441004a   posframe: Add posframe-poshandler-frame-top-center
       new  138a625   posframe: Add posframe-poshandler-frame-top-center 
       new  a8e1bea   * posframe.el (posframe-show): Remove useless space
       new  f167cf5   posframe: Add initialize argument to posframe-show
       new  7678638   * posframe.el (posframe-show, posframe--initialized-p): 
Rename posframe--initialize-p to posframe--initialized-p
       new  f2ce548   posframe: Add posframe-default-initialize-function
       new  d8a13b3   Change to looser line-end-style specification
       new  1c86607   Merge pull request #17 from jingqi/master
       new  d056b56   bump to version 0.4.2
       new  5937bfb   Merge commit '09e3f1937d19243cfb02178540aaf5c78f2e2939'
       new  b6ade51   Remove coding: utf-8
       new  5a09c14   Merge commit '405b5a07aa2cb923f7657a98c7deaf601f5e09a5'
       new  22856b6   * nhexl-mode/nhexl-mode.el: Fix performance bug#33708
       new  d91dcc3   [el-search] Let el-search-query-replace add undo 
       new  cf79cbd   * GNUmakefile (FILTER-nonsrc): Don't compile 
.dir-locals.el files.
       new  97af0cc   * externals-list ("system-packages"): New package
       new  09c9df7   [el-search] Implement an explicit quit command
       new  cbb7c0d   posframe: use external branch instead of subtree
       new  aa0b0d8   [el-search] Fix C-J with numeric arg in case of no match
       new  c17eed5   * README (PACKAGES/Externals): Clarify use
       new  23cf14f   * externals-list: New package "gpastel"
       new  b94a803   [gnorb] Add nnselect method of getting an article's 
"real" group
       new  b112dbd   [gnorb] Compiler-complaint fixes
       new  e42f18d   [el-search] Fix search setup with non-nil occur flag
       new  139ff18   [el-search] Fix more "redundant _ pattern" warnings
       new  2aab8a4   [el-search] Make mouse clicks not abort the search
       new  9d15b57   [company-ebdb] Offer record role field mail addresses for 
       new  c401272   [company-ebdb] Use derived-mode-p with company-ebdb-modes
       new  353e59e   [company-ebdb] Add to company-backends by default
       new  b44a0a4   [company-ebdb] Provide new company-ebdb-pop-up option
       new  69b7eb8   [company-ebdb] Only return record addresses that actually 
       new  79870c9   [company-ebdb] Bump to 1.1
       new  a047e92   Release djvu.el v1.0
       new  38367e5   djvu.el: be compatible with uniquify
       new  23efdb3   arbitools.el: added support for ARPO tiebreak
       new  f233a9e   In ada-ref-man; indicated italics in syntax element names
       new  204c3a3   Add package path-iterator, version 0
       new  1a35607   [el-search] Allow to work without installing key bindings
       new  e3c3180   [el-search] Add C-h help
       new  09b5eb8   [el-search] Improve my last commit "Add C-h help"
       new  b1ebdb0   * externals-list: Add clipboard-collector
       new  1c591da   [helm-ebdb] Delete package
       new  28441dd   * externals-list: Add 'map'
       new  c78cbae   * externals-list: Add objed and ivy-explorer
       new  a7e1ba5   [el-search] Include preceding comments in occur defun 
       new  242cd21   [el-search] Some optimization tweaks
       new  ee616bb   [el-search] Add menus
       new  e03d19d   [el-search] Tweak my last commit "Add menus"
       new  392af45   [counsel-ebdb] Delete package
       new  66823c1   * GNUmakefile (%.elc): Use load-prefer-newer
       new  5e25a65   Update copyrights of some packages
       new  435e84d   Merge commit 'facd92f4c026525706a48b96b4e0b24543ce1d94'
       new  aff2a1e   Add package uniquify-files
       new  3ac393d   Add new files in ada-mode; package version not bumped
       new  45bf0ea   Fix unparsable file header
       new  d9e7650   In path-iterator, fix header comment syntax, add 
       new  9d6cbc7   Improve uniquify-files; add tests. Add path-iterator tests
       new  cd07251   In path-iterator, add new function and test
       new  9d097dd   In uniquify-files, handle list tables, refactor code, 
update tests
       new  b7969c6   Fix bugs, add tests in uniquify-files
       new  8f839a2   Improve uniquify-files-test.el, improve uniquify-files to 
handle new tests
       new  0189502   [javaimp] Minor corrections.
       new  e78c249   [javaimp] Bump version to 0.6.1
       new  76ea995   Merge commit '53bcfc9e49f6306ac3e911a9de3d4a2a74c70f95'
       new  fa69d58   In uniquify-files, add another file completion style
       new  982e8a2   Improve path-iterator
       new  af88862   Improve uniquify-files
       new  1cfb2c5   Merge commit '5289910f860a9676b1ab9dd450e8ff82308e91a4'
       new  d0ec581   Merge commit '4cfbe698f4bee8de43ce10ba2392025e6f49f28d'
       new  b97eaa2   Improve path-iterator handline of duplicate directories
       new  88fdf91   Improve uniquify-files in corner case
       new  1746ba3   Fix bugs in uniquify-files
       new  cd2662b   * externals-list (xr): New package
       new  a3f4421   Merge commit '83aa4099b048ff883071b4598d88a084de47d3bf'
       new  0fefb4c   In uniquify-files, use text property to pass completion 
       new  9742858   * sokoban.el: Switch to lexical-binding
       new  e775c79   * externals-list: Uncomment greader
       new  f0ba1d0   [el-search] Allow expressions as args of 'string'
       new  62cd699   [el-search] Small fix for my last commit
       new  7ac37d3   [el-search] Unify go-to-previous/next-match key bindings
       new  c38fc37   * sokoban/sokoban.el: Use cl-lib
       new  746aae6   * sokoban/sokoban.el: Add save/load capability
       new  ec38673   [el-search] Add accessible buffer area to a validity check
       new  60b7013   [el-search] Minibuffer pattern prompt hints part 1: 
       new  89213a1   [el-search] Minibuffer pattern prompt hints part 2
       new  2dbfd32   Merge commit '11843e2db4a24aaec2ad9a827ed4f079588dcf58'
       new  bb6a163   In uniquify-files/file-complete-root-relative.el, delete 
extra paren
       new  efdf99d   [el-search] Display colored defun match count
       new  3900741   [el-search] Avoid bytecomp warning windows pop up
       new  57500d9   [el-search] Fine tune separator for splicing replace
       new  84b8626   Merge commit 'a91ad330a8ee5e196e7ecfe48cbfccd6e65d3c83'
       new  d121c21   [el-search] Improvements for 'change' and 'changed'
       new  19b4681   [el-search] Some minor tweaks and bump version to 1.10.1
       new  c66fd68   [el-search] Add el-search-list-defined-patterns
       new  ae6f87f   [el-search] Improvise eldoc support for search pattern 
       new  72d2c71   [el-search] Small fix in el-search--changed-files-in-repo
       new  8d0a4af   [el-search] Enhance docstring of el-search-occur-mode
       new  24fc62c   [el-search] Fix behavior after completed single-buffer 
       new  123e6c5   [el-search] Tweak 'display-buffer' actions
       new  6b7370b   [el-search] Bump version to 1.11.1
       new  1390873   [el-search] Fix quits in minibuffer in emacs -nw
       new  14c2453   Silence "variable ‘_’ not left unused"
       new  7dd58e1   Fix typo in test name, namepsace -> namespace
       new  0c892d8   Properly classify imported symbols
       new  d54d3b3   Merge pull request #487 from lelit/classify-imported
       new  de9b09d   Don't warn about trailing commas by default
       new  e7c92fe   Use regular forward-sexp when inside strings
       new  56769e2   Merge pull request #491 from 
       new  d63a834   Make js2-additional-externs safe as a local variable
       new  2fc17f2   Merge pull request #492 from 
       new  cc0b744   Fix #495 Aggressively reparse during imenu-create-index 
when possible
       new  c50ff63   Merge pull request #496 from wyuenho/bug495
       new  6e2fa90   Don't record js2-xml-ref-node's in 
       new  8cb059e   Fix broken js2-node-short-name for Emacs 26
       new  4977d03   Merge pull request #498 from 
       new  4bfa794   allow testing for specific errors and add test for object 
       new  b304951   fix bug jumping to function def in shorthand 
property:value literal
       new  7b6d8ce   Merge pull request #501 from thorrr/obj-literal-fix
       new  7b69f44   Update README.md
       new  9459569   Merge pull request #507 from piotr-yuxuan/patch-1
       new  6ecf031   Release new version
       new  010cbb2   Update NEWS
       new  e253d2d   Merge commit 'ed955e7f1608cfd2d2713129d65f5fd734842ae4' 
from js2-mode
       new  b35dc8f   * externals-list: Add disk-usage
       new  282caee   * externals-list: Add dired-git-info
       new  2a2ecf1   * externals-list: Add guess-language
       new  0a01a20   diff-hl-flydiff: Set tick to nil and use 
       new  faa84df   Update copyright
       new  7b1eb20   Fix the breakage
       new  cf03da9   Add and use diff-hl-maybe-redefine-bitmaps
       new  3f53793   Add the Usage section
       new  d56777a   Change psvn integration example to use nadvice
       new  e3912ab   Bump the version
       new  adb36da   Merge commit '84a5fe1900af2e5cc522f02749804f0d9f094bbf' 
from diff-hl
       new  2c77ae7   [el-search] Improve "Make replacement editable and 
       new  1082c57   Support sort by size on ls-lisp for the directory sizes
       new  e3055de   [el-search] Label matches when copying from *El-Occur*
       new  69d36dd   [el-search] Add "List patterns" menu item
       new  1f2b094   [el-search] Minibuffer pattern prompt hints part 3
       new  c12c604   * externals-list: Add buffer-expose
       new  1ccb388   Merge commit 'ce8b57131aaa038165445e6d2eb0f791b118afa6'
       new  f1a06fb   New package: visual-filename-abbrev.el
       new  c85caac   visual-filename-abbrev: Release version 1.0
       new  f47fb6b   Don't error if fontification starts before buffer is 
shown in window
       new  cfbdfd7   Improve previous fix (which didn't fix all cases)
       new  be6f702   [el-search] Fix sanity check regarding comments
       new  4ff735c   * cobol-mode.el (cobol--fixed-comment-indicators-re): 
Clarify regexp
       new  38a16db   * exernals-list: Add `peg`
       new  163d6bb   In packages/ada-ref-man: fix dir, bump version
       new  08d9e1f   Improve uniquify-files
       new  b110318   * xclip/xclip.el: Don't use remote processes to get 
       new  3ac6194   Update packages/ack from upstream
       new  59f8059   Update packages/darkroom from upstream
       new  48817f5   Update packages/ack from upstream
       new  7b1fb01   Release ada-mode 6.1.0, wisi 2.1.0
       new  c18db6d   Merge commit 'c304ac9a80ab7e96f705771a3842a48bf5a32c8a'
       new  391f19f   In uniquify-files, improve completion table to work with 
other styles
       new  84819e8   * externals-list: Add frog-menu
       new  205abd3   * admin/archive-contents.el: Fix case of non-versions 
       new  7e0586e   * packages/xclip/xclip.el: Add tentative support for 
       new  11ae85d   * externals-list: Add webfeeder
       new  f1634ed   * packages/nlinum/nlinum.el (nlinum-widen): New custom var
       new  75a37a1   * packages/nlinum/nlinum.el (nlinum--check-narrowing): 
Flush the line-number-cache as well.
       new  b16004b   * packages/nlinum/nlinum.el (nlinum--check-narrowing): 
Reset current-line
       new  9fe0c43   * packages/nlinum/nlinum.el (nlinum--flush): Widen to 
really flush all.
       new  2736384   Release debbugs 0.17
       new  88e71a7   * externals-list: Add relint
       new  978d09b   * mines/mines.el: Various minor changes, wave 1
       new  20d316a   * mines/mines.el (mines-grid): Use `bomb` instead of t
       new  d92875b   * packages/mines/mines.el: Keep flag in mines-state
       new  9afbe5f   * packages/mines/mines.el: Streamline mines--insert
       new  dcad7b3   * mines.el: Make sure the first move is successful
       new  19aab89   * mines.el (mines-mode-map): Add mouse bindings
       new  b9fc956   * packages/mines/mines.el (mines-auto-flag): New custom 
       new  c10287c   * mines.el: Adjust docs for the @ => SPC change
       new  017ad48   Wcheck: Mention GNU Elpa in the README file
       new  868515d   New command debbugs-control-make-message (Bug#33225)
       new  f09d73f   Fix previous change for version-less commands
       new  7725827   * packages/debbugs/debbugs.el: Require Emacs 25.1.
       new  4535ebd   Minor cleanup in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  bfd1d89   * packages/debbugs/instructions.texi: Sync with 
       new  c53c68b   Search further if d-g-cur-status is nil (Bug#35121)
       new  43dd790   Fix previous change
       new  a28724c   Added shelisp package
       new  d022be4   * packages/shelisp/shelisp.el: Fix up copyright
       new  7abe86a   * externals-list: Add eev
       new  18f900c   Remove GitLab URL; code will be managed in ELPA
       new  e587ae7   Fixed spelling error (Thanks Stefan)
       new  a82e88c   Add nnml server with non-ASCII group name, bump to 0.4.1
       new  c70a903   Adjust copyright_exceptions for eev-tlinks
       new  2c6cff8   * externals-list: Add upstream location of `muse`
       new  d320ca6   * packages/cobol-mode/cobol-mode.el: Fix last change
       new  6b81ee6   * externals-list: Add smalltalk-mode
       new  51c5d47   * cobol-mode.el: Fix misrepresenting variable
       new  ed6680a   Begin completion on a unique match if the user really 
wants that
       new  2cff664   Avoid using company-preview-frontend when it'll be 
       new  050bdb9   Update the remaining callers of 
       new  c8057cf   Merge branch 'master' into 
       new  6c6c12c   Remove outdated comment
       new  1af2a5e   Add a couple of tests for 'unique' behavior
       new  1b42440   Add a clarifying message
       new  122336b   Add a NEWS entry
       new  1083147   Fix a typo
       new  fcccd7a   Don't run company-completed-started-hook unnecessarily
       new  eff2e94   company: company--company-command-p: Fix lookup-key
       new  f7a4ca4   Merge pull request #858 from nikital/tng-fix-lookup-key
       new  47211fc   Move inhibit-redisplay higher
       new  fc58fb7   make numbers after candidates customizable
       new  6e3a3d8   Merge pull request #859 from 
       new  1660c38   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  8abf3ed   Make company-idle-delay support predicate function
       new  9d2bdae   Merge pull request #874 from amosbird/master
       new  fb88914   company-complete: Don't change last-command if completion 
       new  d28125d   company-complete: Ensure last command was really the same
       new  cf92d40   Make tests resilient to arbitrary text properties in 
       new  666122f   Merge pull request #880 from 
       new  325b374   company-tng: Document post-completion and yasnippet issues
       new  537c19b   Merge pull request #883 from 
       new  f0bb9aa   Revert "company-clang: Skip over identity preprocessor 
       new  7bbeb3b   update regex template to match (InBase) declarations
       new  008dd25   Merge pull request #886 from 
       new  ee5e647   Update copyright years
       new  3842473   Update NEWS for the latest change
       new  5f18723   Release 0.9.10
       new  a88c7e6   Merge commit '3eda0ba23921d43b733f7975e56d490a34b9f30b' 
from company
       new  a4106ad   [el-search] Make el-search-query-replace resumable
       new  714c7ad   [el-search] Minor tweaks and version bump
       new  ccc398e   [el-search] Shorten el-search-query-replace prompt again
       new  791825c   [el-search] Query-replace: Change skip keys
       new  eea3bbe   [el-search] Key syntax cleanup
       new  438f200   [el-search] Prefer rx forms to stringish regexps
       new  094dfc0   * gnu-elpa-keyring-update: New package
       new  0dfb3e6   * gnu-elpa-keyring-update.el: Make it a multifile package
       new  df550f2   [el-search] C-c C-c in edit-replacement means replace
       new  5c9b9bc   [el-search] Minor fix in 
       new  7a54555   [el-search] Fix a highlighting corner case
       new  c9ff90f   * externals-list: Add olivetti.
       new  ef34cd1   [el-search] Harmonize search and qu-replace prefix arg
       new  2140d00   [on-screen] Fix error for a corner case
       new  68eaafe   Automate commit -> debbugs workflow (Bug#35362)
       new  f7fd1ab   Fix typo in poker-describe-hand (Bug#34241)
       new  e763625   Fix debbugs-gnu-announce-commit for ELPA bugs
       new  6dc9d69   ; Commit debbugs-ug.info, minor edits in debbugs-gnu.el
       new  d593bb5   [el-search] Also overwrite replaced matches automatically
       new  9166feb   * debbugs: Cosmetic changes
       new  48d38d9   gnu-elpa-keyring-update: Circumvent bug#35495
       new  576f95e   * gnu-elpa-keyring-update.el: Remove assumption about gpg 
pubring file
       new  25f11d0   * gnu-elpa-keyring-update.el: Improve `Commentary:`
       new  e19f3d7   * gnu-elpa-keyring-update.el: Bump version
       new  e5b540d   Improve copying of :core files; update .gitignore
       new  700e77d   [el-search] Extend possible search domains
       new  4420392   [el-search] Small fix in occur 
       new  d1fa51f   * nhexl-mode.el (nhexl-nibble-self-insert): Obey 
       new  91b1f1a   * packages/debbugs/debbugs.el: Increase Version to 0.18.
       new  8ae085f   Merge company-math
       new  324d345   Merge math-symbol-lists
       new  9838e64   * packages/math-symbol-lists/msl-build.el: Add copyright 
and license
       new  22cf03b   [gnus-mock] Create empty draft/queue directories in 
       new  abdf837   [math-symbol-lists] Merge commit 'dbf4a6d26'
       new  ff92dde   [math-symbol-lists] Merge from upstream
       new  39835df   [gnus-mock] Add Paul Eggert's misencoded Gnus message, 
bump to 0.4.2
       new  260945a   [company-math] Merge from upstream
       new  627d88f   * math-symbols-list.el: Remove spurious SPC
       new  841d399   packages/arbitools/arbitools.el: Fixed bugs in ARPO
       new  fe43fa0   * externals-list: Add bnf-mode
       new  ebee6f0   * packages/arbitools/arbitools.el: Various code tweaks
       new  2652961   * packages/arbitools/arbitools.el 
(arbitools--verbose-output): New function
       new  f41372d   * packages/advice-patch/advice-patch.el: New package.
       new  67513c1   Update readme.md: add melpa badges
       new  3dd7c4b   avy.el: More fixes to org-toggle-link-display
       new  e5571b9   avy.el (avy-next): New command to go to the next 
candidate after avy-read
       new  74078f7   avy.el (avy--visible-p): buffer-invisibility-spec can be t
       new  0be74fa   avy.el (avy--generic-jump): Update docstring about 
removed arg
       new  0c82e6c   avy.el (avy-jump): New API, don't use avy--generic-jump
       new  b04f0c5   Change avy--process to accept cleanup function
       new  7e6f4dd   avy.el: Use avy-process instead of avy--process
       new  ada1b3d   avy.el (avy-push-mark): Turn off message
       new  63e6028   avy.el (avy-process): Return res
       new  3fa0978   avy.el (avy-show-dispatch-help): Add and bind to "?"
       new  d7899b0   avy.el (avy-jump): Add predicate argument
       new  65373c6   avy.el (avy--line-cands): Allow "invisible" 'org-link
       new  c4f71db   avy.el (avy--overlay-at-full): More consistent face order
       new  2f67305   doc/Changelog.org: Release 0.5.0
       new  b9b2fcc   doc/Changelog.org: quote issues
       new  a324bc8   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Fix docstring
       new  9fb2268   Merge commit '0e59474430cbfbe7caf2a41cf7935fc613648c49' 
from avy
       new  c0cbe90   Reworked counsel-fzf to support ctl-u and prompt
       new  cecc3f5   Interpret mouse events in the minibuffer managed by ivy.
       new  77e7219   ivy.el (ivy-mouse-done): Remove ivy-next-line-and-call
       new  dd5eb48   ivy.el (ivy-occur-grep-mode-map): Use w for wgrep
       new  24b061a   ivy.el (ivy--window-index): Clarify doc
       new  6d13d0a   ivy.el (ivy--wnd-cands-to-str): Extract
       new  d64c802   counsel.el (counsel-org-files): Use org-attach-directory
       new  0346401   ivy.el: Disable ivy-auto-select-single-candidate for 
address@hidden entry
       new  c5a9a2a   Prefer integer positions to markers
       new  530ff33   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): Handle ivy-state-buffer 
getting killed
       new  7f41aea   ivy.el (ivy-auto-select-single-candidate): Pacify 
       new  e0f3aca   counsel.el (counsel-grep): Reject fileless buffers
       new  51ae3c9   counsel.el: (counsel-org-files): Fix and improve
       new  d500e6a   counsel.el (counsel-rg): Read extra args when 
current-prefix-arg is given
       new  f23c1ea   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer-kill): Add and bind to "C-c C-k"
       new  5845a8b   swiper.el (swiper--cleanup): Add text to history even for 
       new  66c7afb   swiper.el (swiper-stay-on-quit): New defcustom
       new  00cdfc9   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): Add
       new  2a0101b   counsel.el: increase org-goto/org-agenda-headlines UI 
       new  4b582c6   counsel.el: Fix org-get-heading invocation
       new  bfd28f5   Prefer define-obsolete-variable-alias to defvaralias
       new  0a2ecc3   counsel.el (counsel-minibuffer-history): Add delete-dups
       new  1ecc05e   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Minor touch-ups
       new  87f9f77   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Make purer
       new  edcb7ae   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-truncate-radius): Doc fix
       new  b9d34ce   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Liken to yank-pop
       new  de9a52c   ivy.el: Use text prop functions more accurately
       new  b1f132f   Make consistent use of EOL functions
       new  1b0136d   Interoperate better with kill-ring
       new  7eb6fe8   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-action-rotate): Rename from 
       new  8cb1492   counsel.el: Improve counsel-yank-pop actions
       new  b6a37ac   counsel.el: Reconcile counsel-yank-pop & ivy-call
       new  e934e79   counsel.el (counsel-minibuffer-history): Add copy-sequence
       new  06459c6   ivy.el (ivy-completion-common-length): Simplify
       new  859286c   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Expand "(s-c-t-s" 
       new  7cbad1d   ivy.el (ivy-completion-common-length): Fix off-by-one
       new  a906e10   ivy-test.el (ivy-partial-2): Add version guard
       new  57766f2   ivy-test.el (ivy-partial-2): Update
       new  4df17b9   Make counsel-yank-pop ivy-height configurable
       new  23fbe81   counsel.el (counsel-find-library): Add :caller
       new  dcdf6f2   counsel.el: Make kill-ring filtering configurable
       new  cff0b58   ivy.el (ivy-completion-common-length): Work around 
       new  e2c4027   ivy.el (ivy-completion-common-length): Try a different 
       new  61517a2   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-action): Extract
       new  5e49d9f   Add counsel-evil-registers
       new  e5185f3   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): More portable
       new  c6b81ae   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-action): Save window-start
       new  b90dce5   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Add preselect toggle
       new  dc50f2b   counsel.el (counsel--yank-pop-kills): Keep first dup
       new  ace5d8f   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): Major overhaul
       new  02ca7f5   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur): Require find-dired
       new  37f26ea   Added optional initial-input for swiper-all
       new  6e6eccd   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Fix blinking
       new  23e3b2a   Update documentation: ivy-toggle-fuzzy is no more the 
       new  2c03d0f   colir.el (colir-blend-face-background): Add hack for 
       new  02cb92a   ivy-test.el (colir-blend-face-background): Add tests
       new  1cffa5f   colir.el (colir-blend-face-background): Update
       new  5af8b2d   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): Go back to 
using ls
       new  318cfcd   counsel.el (counsel-mode-map): Add counsel-bookmark
       new  31b71dd   counsel.el (counsel-bookmark): Add 2 actions
       new  8697d5f   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fixup
       new  d2558ee   counsel.el (counsel-org-files): Speed up
       new  29517e5   counsel.el (counsel-semantic): Add pretty formatting
       new  db76293   counsel.el (counsel-semantic): Expand types recursively
       new  bf7140a   counsel.el (counsel-semantic-or-imenu): New command
       new  79778af   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Improve
       new  01d8c1a   counsel.el (counsel-semantic): Rewrite cands function
       new  9381a8d   counsel.el (counsel-semantic-or-imenu): Add a require
       new  5dfd7da   Add "~/.local/share/applications/" to 
       new  744ee3d   counsel.el: Decouple counsel-git-grep from 
       new  6a82d3c   swiper.el (swiper--ivy): Fix history modified on each char
       new  c31ff0b   ivy.el (ivy-reverse-i-search): delete-dups
       new  245859c   swiper.el (swiper--ivy): Fix history duplicate
       new  0e04d0f   counsel.el (counsel--gg-count): Fixup
       new  56e7793   counsel.el (counsel--git-dir): Remove
       new  798a8b0   counsel.el (counsel-rg-base-command): Use "-S" in place 
of "-i"
       new  11607e6   ivy.el (ivy-read-action): Support multi-character action 
       new  c66ab51   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-action): Remove 
       new  b0776b5   Advertise counsel-mode
       new  0d66054   counsel.el (counsel-locate-action-extern): Refactor
       new  0a73d96   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Don't treat URLs as dirs
       new  6f3f085   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Run gg-count in base 
       new  27d09e5   Fix typos
       new  7b7480c   doc/Makefile: Automate generation of ivy.texi
       new  88037bf   swiper.el (swiper--ivy) Add integration with evil s 
       new  e395068   Preselect current file when showing list of files
       new  9adef74   Update doc string
       new  fb87be4   Let counsel-set-variable be used non-interactively
       new  45de3f4   counsel.el (counsel-list-processes): Improve
       new  802b2e3   Update ivy.el
       new  e00890e   swiper.el (swiper--line): Obey dired-isearch-filenames
       new  04bfdb2   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add helpful-mode
       new  1077990   swiper.el (swiper--line): Add bound-and-true-p
       new  98a1fec   targets/plain.el: Add some bindings
       new  dd1bc3b   ivy.el (ivy--regex-plus): Update and add test
       new  3a2f9ec   ivy.el (ivy--highlight-default): Works on negation
       new  63c0570   swiper.el (swiper--add-overlays): Improve highlights with 
       new  aaa20bd   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Rely on "du -s" for repo 
       new  bf4f09a   Make counsel--yank-pop-position more robust
       new  18db92e   ivy.el (ivy--re-filter, ivy--sort-files-by-date): Simplify
       new  8485ab0   targets/plain.el: Bind some keys
       new  00ab411   counsel.el (counsel-wmctrl): New command
       new  c55327c   Support older Org versions for counsel-org-goto
       new  dbfd047   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Allow sorting
       new  c6dadd7   .gitignore: Add byte-compiled and backup files
       new  9a0bb72   counsel.el: Fix and improve counsel-colors-*
       new  f821ef4   Regexp-quote characters in ivy--regex-fuzzy
       new  bed9b63   .dir-locals.el: Configure bug-reference-mode
       new  60fbbea   Enable sentence-end-double-space in all modes
       new  50061b3   Minor logic and indentation cosmetics
       new  ad112a3   Rename ivy--preferred-re-builders without hyphens
       new  d1a6419   Turn more quoted lambdas into evaluated ones
       new  1102233   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-cmd): Update
       new  c64126d   ivy.el (ivy--switch-buffer-action): Simplify
       new  db70754   ivy.el: Fold case during index recomputation
       new  0be4cf1   Fix some docstring typos
       new  caac647   swiper.el: Use new defun ivy--case-fold-p
       new  0736e1b   swiper.el: Move evil's isearch-string set to 
       new  2ee8268   Allow ivy-display-functions-alist adding key: t as 
       new  b2ba1eb   Add ivy-display-functions-props and use it
       new  8e7ef2f   ivy-display-function will be used to set global display 
       new  ed76b3f   swiper.el (swiper--action): A bit more generic
       new  71add24   counsel.el (counsel-yank-directory): Add and bind to 
       new  87f10e9   ivy.el (ivy-display-function-fallback): Add
       new  20ddef7   ivy.el (ivy-thing-at-point): Prevent error when 
url-handler-mode is on
       new  f8a9704   Simplify string splitting logic
       new  9224c30   swiper.el (swiper--action): modify isearch-string only 
when evil-search-module is 'isearch
       new  0b9bcb1   ivy.el (ivy-exit-with-action): Bring back quotes
       new  70252a3   ivy.el (ivy-kill-whole-line): New command
       new  0dc1660   Add /doc/dir, *.info and *-autoloads.el to .gitignore
       new  81d528a   Add counsel-org-entity
       new  7984bc5   add abbreviated path option to ivy-virtual-abbreviate
       new  1ed0301   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep): Also works on remote
       new  bb76d06   counsel.el (counsel--find-file-matcher): Allow use of $ 
for dirs
       new  c4279ad   counsel.el (counsel--find-file-matcher): Fix for 
       new  e616ea0   counsel.el: Add command `counsel-ibuffer`
       new  e34069a   counsel.el (counsel-ibuffer) Add action to open vanilla 
       new  b213f07   counsel.el (counsel-ibuffer): Rename variable for ibuffer 
       new  8af9f9e   counsel.el (counsel-ibuffer--get-buffers): Refactor check 
for wrap around
       new  4573f18   counsel.el (counsel-ibuffer--get-buffers): Avoid inf-loop
       new  1aa1c43   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-mkdir-action): Add and bind 
to "M-o d"
       new  67e3b5f   counsel.el (counsel-outline): autoload
       new  7cb732f   Provide hooks to customize counsel-git-grep behavior on 
large repos
       new  bdb109b   ivy.el (ivy--switch-buffer-action): Fix virtual buffer 
       new  0edbd0b   counsel.el (counsel-ag, counsel-rg): store command 
       new  2068e18   counsel-linux-apps-directories: Add guixsd's application 
       new  0816dc8   counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-directories): Fix up type
       new  cbd0174   Touch-up some defcustom types
       new  3a22ff2   Minor touch-ups
       new  d4ad489   swiper.el (swiper--line): Don't replace tabs with spaces
       new  b9a75bc   counsel.el: Make process sentinels more robust
       new  d6e92ca   counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Simplify I
       new  04114b4   counsel.el (counsel--async-sentinel): Simplify II
       new  af7c637   counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): Fix & simplify
       new  db2a004   counsel.el (counsel--gg-sentinel): Simplify
       new  f25b528   counsel.el: Minor simplifications
       new  b854e10   counsel.el: Generalise async counsel processes
       new  69ce17f   counsel.el (counsel--gg-count-sentinel): Fixup
       new  40e8ecf   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): defuns for all actions
       new  e2c96cb   Add text property `buffer` to swiper-multi candidates.
       new  be2b931   ivy.el (ivy-resume): Simplify
       new  b534ee6   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix file expansion
       new  734fce4   swiper.el (swiper-occur): Allow to capture groups from 
       new  53e565c   counsel.el (counsel--git-grep-count-func): du should not 
       new  797e007   ivy.el (ivy--regex): Search "defun \([^ ]+\)" now works
       new  e4cabd0   swiper.el (swiper--extract-matches): Remove extra space
       new  f813f36   swiper.el (swiper): Allow scroll-other-window use
       new  e544e3a   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): allow preselecting a directory 
with read-file-name-inernal
       new  27b8625   ivy.el (ivy--cd): update ivy-state-directory
       new  612b5ff   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-cmd-default): Add -I: ignore 
       new  419b393   counsel.el (counsel--git-grep-count-func-default): Run du 
only on .git
       new  02baee0   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): add other-frame action
       new  20ca914   counsel.el (counsel-recentf): add other-frame action
       new  294fcd5   counsel.el (counsel-find-library): add alternative actions
       new  d3023f0   counsel.el (counsel-find-library-other-window): Extract
       new  8939eb3   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-mkdir-action): use ivy-text
       new  d41c8d4   Touch-up ivy-quit-and-run
       new  9a1f443   colir.el: Require cl-lib dependency
       new  b480df6   CONTRIBUTING.org: Fix typo
       new  e4eaeb8   Allow browsing kill-ring in read-only buffers
       new  f5b56a3   Give a chance to interprogram-paste-function to alter the 
       new  3ad9202   ivy.el: a customization mechanism for ivy-height.
       new  daf333f   Add variable to set :dynamic-collection on 
       new  d9f65bb   Fix spurious counsel-M-x-transformer bindings
       new  6e9ec45   counsel.el: (counsel-M-x-transformer): Optimise I
       new  a08e2b1   counsel.el: (counsel-M-x-transformer): Optimise II
       new  4a70cbc   Expand documentation of ivy-on-del-error-function
       new  d7f8fe8   Pacify byte-compiler
       new  4493b98   counsel.el: Call gtk-launch asynchronously
       new  8eab72f   counsel.el: Fixup obsolete definitions
       new  ed48561   counsel.el: Minor touch-ups
       new  b78913a   counsel.el: Housekeeping
       new  c672c6d   counsel.el: Work around current-kill pitfalls
       new  5a76a3e   counsel.el (counsel-org-entity): Touch-up
       new  2e3415c   counsel.el: Add counsel-key-binding face
       new  2e7e9a1   Improve swiper handling of invalid regexes
       new  80a64a7   counsel.el (counsel-fzf-cmd): Add quotes
       new  7f83c35   ivy.el: Fix :preselect getting deselected with new input
       new  c03876c   ivy.el (ivy--sort-function): Handle fallback
       new  8be7377   ivy.el (ivy--sort-function): Handle list of fns
       new  3374c30   ivy.el: Change default fallback sort function
       new  9f75ede   Conflate caller & this-command in ivy--reset-state
       new  9e9f300   ivy.el: Various sort-related simplifications
       new  783d66e   ivy.el: Minor touch-ups
       new  87cefba   counsel.el: Allow counsel-rg to search for { and }
       new  c86d286   counsel.el: Avoid popping up Ibuffer window
       new  800473f   counsel.el: Touch-up Ibuffer functions
       new  431f041   counsel.el: Reorder final sections
       new  8cc7417   counsel.el: Improve shell buffer switching
       new  8fd20d1   counsel.el: Revert recent obsolete function alias
       new  8686a11   ivy.el (ivy--sort-function): Handle anonymous fns
       new  b98d57b   counsel.el: Pacify byte-compiler
       new  59b17af   counsel.el: Explicitly create async command buffer
       new  4f02181   counsel.el (counsel-imenu): Show functions as "Functions: 
       new  9e269b4   counsel.el (counsel-imenu-categorize-functions): Fixup
       new  d74106c   counsel.el (counsel-directory-name): Rename from 
       new  b9575fa   swiper.el (swiper-occur): Fix for spaces in regex
       new  5b66090   swiper.el: Replace `isearch-lazy-highlight-face'
       new  3d7d647   Add Ivy version of isearch-yank-char
       new  de021ea   Add new command ivy-yank-symbol
       new  2d7fd12   ivy.el (ivy--yank-by): Make safer
       new  f45438c   ivy.el (ivy--yank-by): Allow yank to reach EOL
       new  b9d12d6   ivy.el: Add prefix arguments to yank commands
       new  60bc958   ivy.el (ivy-reset-state): Use ivy-sort-max-size for 
collection functions
       new  a2ba2bc   Show docstring in counsel-set-variable if lv available
       new  28e928a   counsel.el: Support amx in addition to smex
       new  586b50b   .dir-locals.el: Add comment for lisp-indent-function
       new  46d670e   Suggest changing lisp-indent-function
       new  5fb6a3c   CONTRIBUTING.org: Add more info on setting up automatic 
       new  11a4189   Fix indentation
       new  91f30b5   Improve aesthetics of reindented code
       new  800af15   counsel.el: Fix compile warnings
       new  91e632d   Fix the format of amx-cache
       new  a303737   ivy.el (ivy-thing-at-point): Strip text properties
       new  2ccb98a   ivy.el (ivy--format-minibuffer-line): Apply 
       new  1d2cd5a   Highlight multiple regexps correctly
       new  96b2e1c   Add .dir-locals-2.el to .gitignore
       new  59d1577   swiper.el: Don't highlight multiline matches
       new  2ca3690   swiper.el (swiper--add-overlays): Use count-lines
       new  21be09b   counsel.el: counsel--git-grep-count-func-default 
submodule support
       new  6a3c2cd   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Use copy-sequence when sorting 
       new  9a77bb4   counsel.el (counsel-describe-face): Set :caller
       new  7323113   counsel.el (counsel-faces): Clarify docstring
       new  71a7a1d   counsel.el: Fix face preselects
       new  1c6cbdb   counsel.el: Touch-up face function ivy-read args
       new  785aa91   counsel.el (counsel-faces): Autoload command
       new  3e547d5   counsel.el (counsel-describe-face): Use face-list
       new  0b0ec09   counsel.el: Use face-name-history
       new  a557d88   counsel.el: Make face describing more customizable
       new  76638eb   counsel.el (counsel-faces): Simplify
       new  55b54cb   ivy.el (ivy-read): Default :caller to this-command
       new  63bd5c1   ivy.el (ivy-call): Restore previous buffer
       new  417f000   ivy.el: Map <right> to ivy-forward-char
       new  8d0f3b0   Update copyright notices
       new  d785542   counsel.el: Reorganize headings
       new  79feee5   Update package keywords
       new  182364f   Update library headers
       new  2b760aa   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix dir or file logic error
       new  787aa15   counsel.el: Future-proof etags/xref dependency
       new  e0efa76   counsel.el: Remove top-level esh-util dependency
       new  f833b8f   Fix subr-x usage
       new  adbafeb   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix inability to create a 
       new  adc17b5   counsel.el (counsel-locate-cmd-es): Match path
       new  2a10b15   ivy.el (ivy--insert-prompt): Use 
ivy-add-face-text-property for compat
       new  9cc2381   Use compatibility shim for add-face-text-property
       new  e463184   counsel.el (counsel-org-agenda-headlines): require org
       new  a151dda   ivy.el (ivy--add-face): Move require colir to top-level
       new  ad9c669   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fix :predicate not getting 
       new  baddd26   counsel.el (counsel-set-variable): Add prefix arg 
       new  bf0369f   counsel.el (counsel-grep): Don't pass too long lines as 
       new  c315cc8   ivy.el: Drop preselected candidate after input
       new  c5bc510   ivy.el: Fix counsel-describe-variable, 
counsel-describe-function, others erroring.
       new  a2a333b   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Fixup
       new  9c2cec8   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): Fix for Org 9
       new  ee9a23d   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): Minor aesthetics
       new  73ec53e   counsel.el (counsel-ag): Allow no space before -- when 
specifying extra args
       new  3ad8ffd   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): No need to bind 
       new  71fc167   Move counsel search commands list to variable.
       new  1c1d2e4   counsel.el (counsel--push-xref-marker): Silence compiler 
       new  96940c1   counsel.el: Refactor calls to counsel-more-chars
       new  4382056   counsel.el (counsel-more-chars-alist): Add
       new  12d5548   ivy.el: Don't insert the default for read-directory-name
       new  4a082cf   ivy.el: Fix issue of minibuffer height 1 for 
       new  b7b7629   ivy.el: Move set-window-text-height call
       new  c7d1ca7   ivy.el (ivy-read): Remove the change to post-command-hook 
by ESS
       new  5a2ddb7   counsel.el (counsel-org-capture): Don't overlook 
templates contexts
       new  5c65319   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-delete): Add and bind
       new  d3c95ad   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-move): Add and bind
       new  e1f72b4   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-left-pad): Fix when there's horizonal 
       new  f5a8bab   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Improve
       new  9ff66ae   counsel.el (counsel-more-chars): Simplify
       new  e317be2   ivy.el (ivy-alist-setting): Fix fallback; document
       new  a5b4a82   counsel.el (counsel-more-chars-alist): Doc fix
       new  c8a3a2b   counsel.el: Silence byte-compiler
       new  6107af9   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fix ivy-state-collection alist 
idx not in sync
       new  1869d21   counsel.el (counsel-locate): Add "open as root" action
       new  f73163b   counsel.el: Silence Emacs 24 byte-compiler
       new  1eb34af   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Use 
       new  3b05394   .dir-locals.el: Simplify outline-regexp
       new  341246a   Add installation instructions for Debian and derivatives.
       new  dd26eee   counsel.el (counsel-outline): only look for outline 
regexp at bol
       new  9e408b4   counsel.el (counsel-outline): Handle major modes and 
display styles
       new  c8c5c7f   counsel.el (counsel-outline): Use a variable to store 
mode settings
       new  2f82fde   counsel.el (counsel-outline-candidates): Refactor
       new  ef19962   ivy.el: Support :annotation-function of 
       new  7e9cd82   counsel.el (counsel-outline): correct and clarify 
       new  da70ce0   counsel.el (counsel-outline): support built-in latex mode
       new  a6ba7ee   counsel.el (counsel-outline): simplify lisp outline-level 
       new  1d8b40d   counsel.el (counsel-outline): clean docstring
       new  90e9d87   counsel.el (counsel-outline-title-latex): use 
       new  78b472a   counsel.el (counsel-outline): add :history and :caller
       new  02a99a2   counsel.el (counsel-org-goto, counsel-outline): make 
       new  29e66f2   counsel.el (counsel-outline): shorten docstring
       new  734b0c0   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fix for alists that require 
       new  b24ebf6   swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Limit 
swiper-use-visual-line to 400 lines
       new  99873d3   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-occur-use-find): Default to 
t on non-Linux
       new  580f4c0   counsel.el (counsel-bookmark): Specify :history
       new  328ceb3   ivy.el: Fontify completion annotations
       new  027187c   ivy.el (ivy--format-minibuffer-line): Make purer
       new  1e4fefd   Fix mentions of counsel-symbol-at-point in docs
       new  478d9b0   Standardise defalias indentation
       new  a70c55c   swiper.el (swiper--re-builder): Fix for when re-builder 
returns list
       new  05298f4   counsel.el (counsel-package): Load package.el
       new  93d06da   counsel.el (counsel-package): Fix initial input
       new  c35f83a   counsel.el (counsel-package): Update docstring
       new  8c4cd44   counsel.el: Simplify counsel-package collection
       new  0c55701   counsel.el (counsel--package-sort): Docfix
       new  f909cbf   counsel.el: Touch-up counsel-package actions
       new  4cbda40   counsel.el: Various counsel-outline housekeeping
       new  b7d6e70   counsel.el: Various counsel-outline docfixes
       new  f718ec7   counsel.el: Simplify counsel-outline functions
       new  2cb3fb1   counsel.el: Pacify byte-compiler
       new  afb402e   counsel.el: Free counsel-outline markers after use
       new  916dfb7   counsel.el: Optimise counsel-unicode-char
       new  907fcc9   counsel.el: #'-quote defalias definitions
       new  7aae730   counsel.el: Reword docstring of symbol history var
       new  4287dc8   counsel.el: Simplify regexp unquoting
       new  4604676   ivy.el: Replace assoc with assq where appropriate
       new  c35f38a   ivy.el (ivy--buffer-list): Optimise
       new  80822bb   Use the variable, not function, buffer-file-name
       new  3851c0e   ivy.el (ivy--find-file-action): Simplify
       new  c58b39b   ivy.el (ivy--recompute-index): Simplify
       new  27464db   ivy.el (ivy--add-face): Update docstring
       new  e300c64   ivy.el: Add convenience function ivy--parent-dir
       new  457a81d   ivy.el (ivy-call): Simplify I
       new  012baed   ivy.el (ivy-call): Simplify II
       new  5f884aa   counsel.el (counsel-apropos): Simplify
       new  7491b27   counsel.el (counsel-apropos): Set sort & preselect
       new  2d6c45f   ivy.el (ivy-thing-at-point): Simplify
       new  0f44f6c   counsel.el (counsel--M-x-externs): Touch-up
       new  09aa841   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): Fix this-command usage
       new  cfdde63   ivy.el: Use delete-dups where appropriate
       new  8661423   ivy.el (ivy--virtual-buffers): Simplify I
       new  b0ceeb1   ivy.el (ivy--virtual-buffers): Simplify II
       new  ff9c178   counsel.el (counsel-library-candidates): Simplify
       new  0e2aa2e   Quote function symbols with #'
       new  cd74b67   Pacify byte-compiler
       new  401bf41   Simplify counsel-imenu-categorize-functions
       new  1b769fb   counsel.el (counsel-git-checkout-action): Touch-up
       new  fe5ac41   ivy.el (ivy-on-del-error-function): Simplify
       new  857f28e   counsel.el: Simplify variable completion
       new  a441d21   Use custom-variable-p in counsel-set-variable
       new  96aa6b4   Widen counsel-describe-function collection
       new  280d201   ivy.el (ivy--buffer-list): Fix regression
       new  c48a523   Extend counsel-unquote-regex-parens tests
       new  0ea8aab   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Filter sorted alist
       new  e5a80dd   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Simplify
       new  ec655a8   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Simplify sort condition
       new  5ace3ab   ivy.el: Avoid modifying alist collection
       new  f23bd59   ivy.el (ivy-alt-done): Sync docstring with manual
       new  06ba644   counsel.el: Bind apropos-command.
       new  19795d0   Use 'string-match-p' instead of 'string-match' where 
       new  2c40536   Simplify ivy-add-prompt-count
       new  ec3b842   Optimise away string allocations in ivy-add-prompt-count
       new  9f25299   Improve regexps to refer to starts/ends of strings rather 
than lines
       new  db77340   Use ivy--dirname-p to check for directory names
       new  7836ff6   Added counsel-grep-map, added swiper-avy key to 
       new  37c62c1   Add counsel-bookmarked-directory
       new  f9c1c7c   swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Add 
       new  e482327   Interactively specify switches
       new  67c667c   Pacify counsel-bookmarked-directory warnings
       new  05aa75d   counsel.el: Do not free counsel-outline markers
       new  338d793   counsel.el (counsel-mode): Display local keymap in mode 
       new  661db37   counsel.el (counsel-library-candidates): check dirs in 
load-path exist
       new  e21cb5f   ivy.el (ivy-height-alist): Entries can be functions
       new  965885d   Strip properties from returned alist candidate
       new  b647e98   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Don't trigger from TAB
       new  446d5b9   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-delete): reset ivy state
       new  2f27f4d   Fix terminal usage of ivy
       new  5ad7b6f   counsel.el (counsel-prompt-function): Remove obsolete 
       new  c2f7bc1   ivy.el (ivy--switch-buffer-action): Remove 
with-ivy-window wrapper
       new  6b3e12c   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-impossible-p): Add org-mode's 
src blocks
       new  eb6533a   doc/ivy.org: Rename "recommended bindings" -> "sample 
       new  f207880   Add support for counsel-locate over tramp
       new  e3effab   Add ivy-modified-outside-buffer face for ivy-switch-buffer
       new  7fec396   ivy.el (ivy-string<): Handle heterogeneous args
       new  f6d941e   ivy.el (ivy-push-view): Overwrite view with prefix arg
       new  7d31ecb   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Can change current dir when 
completing files
       new  c1417e8   ivy.el (ivy--directory-done): Fix for partial match of 
tramp method
       new  738b685   ivy.el: Fix Emacs26 regression when completing tramp 
       new  41b9dca   ivy-test.el (ivy-partial-files): Fix for Emacs24
       new  4a2bfbc   counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-directories): Add dir for 
       new  4b166bb   ivy.el (ivy--cd): Fix Emacs-25/26 compat
       new  3ebd9ad   ivy.el (ivy--sorted-files): Simplify
       new  5109bc8   Ignore non-readable desktop files
       new  71f9224   counsel.el: Fix xdg-open under Ubuntu for 
       new  adcd7f0   counsel.el: Simplify async xdg-open invocation
       new  4444db7   counsel.el (counsel--browse-history): Add :caller
       new  0871428   counsel.el: Remove unused yank-pop boundaries
       new  c45faa7   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop): Minor aesthetics
       new  faab5bd   counsel.el: Allow counsel-yank-pop after point
       new  2f9f5c2   ivy-test.el (counsel-yank-pop): Add test
       new  76bc3d7   ivy.el: Don't restore buffer after action
       new  dd93cac   counsel.el (counsel-fzf): Remove 2nd prompt colon
       new  ab0b4e0   swiper.el (swiper-avy): Fix when there's scroll
       new  a8152c4   swiper.el (swiper--avy-candidate): Fix off-by-one in 
       new  06795fc   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-delete): Ask for 
       new  3461aed   counsel.el: Respect split string setting when doing 
grep-like occur.
       new  85ffc0d   ivy.el (ivy-read): Turn on :sort also via 
       new  a86364c   counsel.el (counsel-find-file-delete): Fix prompt
       new  cd2d893   counsel.el: Do not prompt for directory deletions
       new  e6d470a   counsel.el: Use long prompts for file deletions
       new  15288b2   counsel.el: Clean up buffers of deleted files
       new  b14bbb7   Fix swiper jumping incorrectly to the first match
       new  ac93444   Unwind with company-abort in counsel-company
       new  6e6fc5c   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-display-function-overlay): Avoid 
extra whitespace
       new  dc61413   ivy-overlay.el: Fix require for 24.3
       new  b6e4729   counsel.el: Fix compiler warnings
       new  f4743b2   counsel.el (counsel--org-make-tag-string): Add
       new  615e166   ivy.el: Remove webjump completing-read handler
       new  7d2d36b   ivy.el: Use ivy-truncate-lines also for non-graphical 
       new  9c234e4   Move counsel-more-chars-alist and counsel-more-chars to 
       new  3104ae0   swiper.el (swiper-all): use ivy-more-chars.
       new  cbb78db   counsel.el (counsel-ag-function): allow to override the 
minimum search term length.
       new  c0bf243   Propertize matches in ivy-occur buffers.
       new  e3d7a98   ivy.el (ivy--highlight-fuzzy): Generalize
       new  880a269   ivy.el: Fix ivy-occur highlighting for non-grep commands
       new  c777820   counsel.el (counsel-grep-like-occur): Don't add an extra 
       new  bc38500   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Avoid error on 
modifying read-only str
       new  6781640   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Don't add 4 spaces for 
       new  f348c15   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox): Refresh list with prefix 
       new  18c95eb   ivy.el: Fix compiler warning
       new  0956b2f   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Add only string default to 
       new  192b2d7   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Add compatibility for 
non-string defaults
       new  417439a   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Exit with unchanged initial 
       new  9b4f562   ivy.el (ivy-immediate-done): Add condition on 
       new  f71291d   ivy.el: For non-graphical Emacs set resize-mini-windows 
to 'grow-only
       new  52cfc1d   Simplify various string manipulations
       new  2dfd647   Various minor simplifications
       new  9464472   Fix ivy-re-to-str usage
       new  d049db6   ivy.el: Remove redundant :group tags
       new  0e81bf7   ivy.el: DRY for determining minibuffer face
       new  6e6ab31   counsel.el (counsel-wmctrl): Remove nil from collection
       new  df2c8da   ivy.el: Fix minibuffer truncation & resizing
       new  dead16a   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Simplify
       new  9fd7728   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Set 
       new  9d48ab3   ivy.el: Work around void Info-complete-menu-buffer
       new  c649e17   ivy.el (ivy--quote-format-string): Add
       new  de9dcd3   counsel.el (counsel-command-history): Remove %d from 
       new  fa11c46   ivy.el (ivy-read): prompt argument is no longer a format 
       new  d5d2718   counsel.el (counsel-linux-app): Show also hidden 
*.desktop with a prefix arg
       new  fe2a08f   Mention recent ivy-read prompt change in manual
       new  7145604   Fix ivy--quote-format-string usage
       new  8113cff   counsel.el (counsel-prompt-function-dir): Simplify
       new  583c45f   Mark counsel-prompt-function-default as obsolete
       new  ec6f90f   counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): Simplify
       new  905d263   counsel.el (counsel--M-x-prompt): Simplify
       new  299be0f   ivy.el (ivy-previous-line): Simplify
       new  78e9483   ivy.el (ivy-prompt): Improve compatibility warning
       new  6cfe148   ivy.el: Simplify and document prompt propertizing
       new  889ddc2   ivy.el (ivy-cleanup-string): Clarify docstring
       new  64246c7   ivy.el (ivy--minibuffer-setup): Simplify
       new  a869a9a   ivy.el: (ivy--remove-props): New convenience defun
       new  402199e   ivy.el (ivy-completion-in-region): Simplify
       new  5499301   ivy.el: Clean up ivy-completion-in-region prompt
       new  fa57b25   counsel.el: Prefer declare form to make-obsolete
       new  fd1ffeb   ivy.el : Add ivy-separator face
       new  a3e5a9d   counsel.el (counsel-yank-pop-separator): Extend :type
       new  5ea242b   counsel.el (counsel--grep-regex): Extract and obey 
current matcher
       new  f0e9ae4   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Handle Windows path 
       new  f6a24f3   counsel.el (counsel-fzf-function): Take bash out of the 
       new  089ff41   counsel.el (counsel--async-command): Touch-up
       new  7568f73   ivy.el (ivy-read): Minor docstring improvements
       new  58e93ff   ivy.el (ivy--regex-fuzzy): Optimize regex "(a).*?(b)" -> 
       new  88945cc   counsel.el (counsel--wmctrl-parse): Extract
       new  47c0f2b   counsel.el (counsel--run): Add
       new  ebf944b   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox-play-song): Re-launch if 
not playing
       new  dced6af   ivy-overlay.el (ivy-overlay-show-after): Don't inherit 
existing face
       new  54dc78f   ivy-overlay.el: Simplify overlay face overriding
       new  45a7c15   Minor ivy-display-function-overlay touch-up
       new  1b45a4b   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox-play-song): Refactor
       new  81ca296   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Fix typo
       new  886e2e8   counsel.el: Call du process directly
       new  f06b5ae   counsel.el (counsel--call): Add wrapper around 
       new  5eeab48   counsel.el (counsel--call): Touch-up
       new  f827cb9   Simplify counsel--git-grep-count-func-default
       new  d4bd8e5   counsel.el: (counsel--call): Warn about stderr
       new  aba0839   ivy.el: Prefer ivy-modified-outside-buffer over 
       new  4952561   doc/ivy.org: Document ivy-modified-buffer and 
       new  ab3b06a   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox-toggle-shuffle): Add and 
bind to "s"
       new  8bc1f92   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Fix for counsel-ag
       new  d45d8f5   ivy.el (ivy--occur-press-update-window): don't switch to 
a killed buffer.
       new  7acea79   Define own variants of compilation-* faces
       new  7678308   ivy.el (ivy-occur-next-line): Be useful also in the 
original buffer
       new  7ae94b5   ivy.el (ivy--select-occur-buffer): Extract
       new  c49fb36   ivy.el (ivy-occur-next-line): Limit the point to 
       new  009b09e   counsel.el (counsel-colors--name-to-hex): protect against 
invalid input. (counsel-color-emacs): adapt.
       new  11a78d8   ivy.el (ivy-occur-next-line): Jump to first candidate 
when in header
       new  d1e90e7   Remove hardcoded font-lock-comment-face.
       new  d6b1121   Remove hardcoded font-lock-builtin-face 1/2.
       new  9d2e997   Remove hardcoded font-lock-builtin-face 2/2.
       new  c78412c   Remove hardcoded completions-annotations face.
       new  153de8a   Remove hardcoded org-level-{1-8} faces.
       new  f8e8c68   Remove hardcoded minibuffer-prompt face.
       new  a5da816   counsel.el: Fix byte compiler warnings
       new  a650f9e   counsel.el (counsel-linux-apps-directories): Add XDG 
       new  aec7830   counsel.el (counsel-linux-app-format-function-default): 
Truncate Exec
       new  e8755ca   ivy.el: highlight yanked word.
       new  a18732b   Replace http:// with https:// in all links
       new  04c31fc   counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): write candidates only 
in the minibuffer.
       new  577c927   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): fix incorrect regexp.
       new  f6dc887   counsel.el (counsel-M-x): Filter obsolete commands
       new  8a1704e   Revert "ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Fix for 
       new  c7c50fa   counsel.el: robustify grep-like ivy-occur.
       new  c1488fe   counsel.el: Fix byte-compiler warning
       new  3a1d4be   ivy.el (ivy-occur-next-line): Fix for ivy-occur-mode
       new  2e47283   targets/plain.el: Don't call `package-initialize'
       new  691a9e2   counsel.el: Tweak a few docstrings
       new  aa5c36f   ivy.el: Touch up yank pulsing
       new  2df7e7b   counsel.el (counsel--normalize-grep-match): remove column 
indicators for wgrep.
       new  6f317ec   ivy-test.el (counsel--normalize-grep-match): Clean up
       new  bd423dd   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Fix dir expansion
       new  9ca0d86   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Simplify I
       new  4d22106   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Simplify II
       new  9771646   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Simplify III
       new  2d6f90c   ivy.el (ivy--magic-file-slash): Simplify IV
       new  2f5e7f8   Avoid TRAMP related errors from blocking ivy-...-buffer 
       new  1acb673   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Use all-completions
       new  dcf996f   Revert "counsel.el (counsel--async-filter): write 
candidates only in the minibuffer."
       new  9cb42a9   ivy.el (ivy--insert-minibuffer): write candidates only in 
the minibuffer.
       new  0f18896   ivy.el: More yank pulsing followups
       new  91b92f3   counsel.el (counsel--normalize-grep-match): Update
       new  fe3244a   ivy.el (ivy-pulse-delay): Convert to defcustom
       new  731831b   ivy.el (ivy-pulse-delay): Touch up doc
       new  3f8bcbc   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): Avoid empty string
       new  466346f   ivy.el (ivy--occur-insert-lines): Speed up regex
       new  ff91b16   ivy.el: Minor yank pulse simplification
       new  4de85ff   counsel.el (counsel-unquote-regex-parens): Bugfixes
       new  32d1a81   Avoid to hardcode the opinionated 
       new  e4457eb   ivy.el: allow to make the initial-input dynamic.
       new  4a945c0   ivy.el (ivy-avy): Split up into smaller functions
       new  96b9485   Do not let ivy virtual buffer faces creep into the 
recentf file
       new  577c7cb   Add find args customization for counsel-{file,dired}-jump
       new  ea5af16   ivy.el (ivy-hooks-alist): New defcustom
       new  6fc1299   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add matrix-client 
       new  39cb51d   Update readme.md, add additional melpa badges
       new  69ae57e   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Add deadgrep-mode
       new  81bdb59   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-exclude): Sort list
       new  248adca   counsel.el (counsel--org-get-tags): Extract
       new  8bc2def   counsel.el (defgroup counsel): Add own group
       new  dc3e403   doc/ivy.org: Use CSS from gh-pages branch
       new  5ee8d76   counsel.el (counsel-down-directory): New command
       new  13678ca   ivy.el (ivy--kill-buffer-action): Remove virtual buffers 
from recentf-list
       new  235521d   swiper.el (swiper-avy): Fix for ivy-format-function-arrow
       new  0dac8bb   doc/Changelog.org: Summarize commits for 0.11.0
       new  92a4895   doc/Changelog.org: Quote links and sort
       new  7e9304d   ivy.el: Release 0.11.0
       new  83426f7   Merge commit '525b2e4887dd839045313f32d3ddeb5cab4c7a7e' 
from ivy
       new  40aca95   * packages/arbitools/arbitools.el: Applied some suggested 
code tweaks
       new  44a7960   Fix up patch file names that are absolute
       new  eca8ed4   * avy/targets/checkdoc.el, ivy/doc/scripts.el: copyright 
       new  05bf7ac   Fix syntax error in previous patch.
       new  f36269c   [gnus-mock] Skeleton code for Gnus Mock interactive tests
       new  e38794b   * gnus-mock.el: Remove redundant :group args
       new  890b6d5   * copyright_exceptions: Remove eev-tlinks.el line since 
it's gone
       new  17be194   Add 'packages/realgud-ipdb/' from commit 
       new  1bf7fc5   "node inspect" with V8 inspector support.
       new  306bbd1   Small changes
       new  b64d000   Correct debugger name
       new  2b2d800   Update README.md
       new  ad0830d   Update README.md
       new  7dc9de6   Update README.md
       new  32fcef8   Update README.md
       new  93b249a   Forgot to intialize a couple of vars
       new  bfc4ffd   Misc tweaks and bug fixes
       new  52936cf   Add .nosearch to subdir
       new  1682054   Merge pull request #1 from terlar/add-nosearch-to-subdir
       new  4844cd2   Preparation for MELPA release
       new  9778097   node-inspect -> realgud-node-inspect ...
       new  5e77f2a   Add realgud:js-goto-file-line
       new  bcec37b   Add info-breakpoint; track loc regexp changes
       new  88495c0   Fix up some backtrace regexps
       new  0008319   Small new package-lint thing.
       new  cc9ad54   Add 'packages/realgud-node-inspect/' from commit 
       new  fd217f8   Merge branch 'master' of 

Summary of changes:

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