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[elpa] externals/realgud-lldb bf07222 42/56: Need to use b %X:%l not "br

From: Rocky Bernstein
Subject: [elpa] externals/realgud-lldb bf07222 42/56: Need to use b %X:%l not "break set name -l number
Date: Thu, 23 May 2019 02:11:43 -0400 (EDT)

branch: externals/realgud-lldb
commit bf072222423d39380822e1b9a5c774b70ff6a081
Author: rocky <address@hidden>
Commit: rocky <address@hidden>

    Need to use b %X:%l not "break set name -l number
 lldb/core.el | 3 +++
 lldb/init.el | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/lldb/core.el b/lldb/core.el
index 91838b8..248bcef 100644
--- a/lldb/core.el
+++ b/lldb/core.el
@@ -70,6 +70,9 @@ that works."
       (puthash filename resolved-filename realgud:lldb-file-remap)))
+;; FIXME: setting a breakpoint should add a[ file-to-basename mapping
+;; so that when this is called it can look up the short name and
+;; remap it.
 (defun realgud:lldb-loc-fn-callback(text filename lineno source-str
                                         cmd-mark directory)
   (realgud:file-loc-from-line filename lineno
diff --git a/lldb/init.el b/lldb/init.el
index 0926c46..fff53d5 100644
--- a/lldb/init.el
+++ b/lldb/init.el
@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ realgud-loc-pat struct")
   the lldb command to use, like 'process continue'")
 (setf (gethash "backtrace" realgud:lldb-command-hash) "bt")
-(setf (gethash "break"     realgud:lldb-command-hash) "break set %X -l %l")
+(setf (gethash "break"     realgud:lldb-command-hash) "b %X:%l")
 (setf (gethash "delete"    realgud:lldb-command-hash) "break delete %p")
 (setf (gethash "clear"     realgud:lldb-command-hash) "break clear %X:%l")
 (setf (gethash "continue"  realgud:lldb-command-hash) "process continue")

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