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[elpa] externals/exwm 2c0dcc4 1/2: Remove hard-coded keys in menu

From: Chris Feng
Subject: [elpa] externals/exwm 2c0dcc4 1/2: Remove hard-coded keys in menu
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2019 11:52:01 -0400 (EDT)

branch: externals/exwm
commit 2c0dcc46cdf4a51aa7f082492290d9fb5a3537bf
Author: Chris Feng <address@hidden>
Commit: Chris Feng <address@hidden>

    Remove hard-coded keys in menu
    * exwm-core.el (exwm-mode-menu): Avoid hard-coding keys in
 exwm-core.el | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/exwm-core.el b/exwm-core.el
index 39928e1..287fc6f 100644
--- a/exwm-core.el
+++ b/exwm-core.el
@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ One of `line-mode' or `char-mode'.")
-    ["Toggle mode-line" exwm-layout-toggle-mode-line :keys "C-c C-t C-m"]
+    ["Toggle mode-line" exwm-layout-toggle-mode-line]
     ["Enlarge window vertically" exwm-layout-enlarge-window]
     ["Enlarge window horizontally" exwm-layout-enlarge-window-horizontally]
     ["Shrink window vertically" exwm-layout-shrink-window]
@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ One of `line-mode' or `char-mode'.")
     ["Delete current workspace" exwm-workspace-delete]
     ["Move workspace to" exwm-workspace-move]
     ["Swap workspaces" exwm-workspace-swap]
-    ["Move X window to" exwm-workspace-move-window :keys "C-c C-m"]
+    ["Move X window to" exwm-workspace-move-window]
     ["Move X window from" exwm-workspace-switch-to-buffer]
     ["Toggle minibuffer" exwm-workspace-toggle-minibuffer]
     ["Switch workspace" exwm-workspace-switch]

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