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[elpa] scratch/hyperbole-lexbind b128464 06/20: Update Changes and add 7

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] scratch/hyperbole-lexbind b128464 06/20: Update Changes and add 7.0.3 release message to HY-ANNOUNCE
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 04:30:21 -0400 (EDT)

branch: scratch/hyperbole-lexbind
commit b12846483d30e97471990ebeb4e7e163a9af74e8
Author: Bob Weiner <address@hidden>
Commit: Bob Weiner <address@hidden>

    Update Changes and add 7.0.3 release message to HY-ANNOUNCE
 Changes     |  46 +++++++++++++-
 HY-ANNOUNCE | 207 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 252 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/Changes b/Changes
index 3ee534f..613d4dd 100644
--- a/Changes
+++ b/Changes
@@ -1,9 +1,53 @@
+2019-06-23  Bob Weiner  <address@hidden>
+* hsys-org.el: Added many new predicates and code to handle navigation between 
+    mode internal links and their targets, as well as radio target definitions 
and their links.
+* hypb.el (hypb:region-with-text-property-value): Added and used in 
+* kotl/kfill.el (set-fill-prefix): Updated to better match standard Emacs 
+2019-06-22  Bob Weiner  <address@hidden>
+* hyrolo.el (hyrolo-add): Fixed bug in call to match-string-no-properties.
+2019-06-21  Bob Weiner  <address@hidden>
+* kotl/kotl-mode.el (kotl-mode): Set fill-paragraph-function rather than 
+    fill-paragraph.
+  kotl/kfill.el (kfill:fill-paragraph): Renamed and used only in kotl-mode.  
+    temporarily set fill-paragraph-handle-comment to t and made prefix arg 
+                (kfill:funcall): Removed.
+                (kfill:function-table): Removed.
+                (kfill:do-auto-fill): Temporarily set 
fill-paragraph-handle-comment to t.
+2019-06-20  Bob Weiner  <address@hidden>
+* hsys-org.el (org-link): Changed to call org-open-at-point which handles 
+    org links, fixing following links such as radio targets.
+    (org-thing-at-p, org-target-at-p): Added.
+* hpath.el (hpath:texinfo-section-pattern): Added and used in 
hpath:to-markup-anchor to
+    jump to specific Texinfo sections.
+2019-06-19  Bob Weiner  <address@hidden>
+* man/hyperbole.texi (Referent Display): Added doc of 
+* hpath.el (hpath:find-program): Changed to prioritize 
hpath:native-image-suffixes over
+    hpath:internal-display-alist over hpath:external-display-alist-macos 
instead of the
+    reverse.  This prevents external viewers from being used when internal 
viewers are
+    also in effect.
+2019-06-18  Bob Weiner  <address@hidden>
+* hibtypes.el (grep-msg): Allowed for null char in place of first colon in 
colored grep output lines.
 2019-06-17  Bob Weiner  <address@hidden>
 * hactypes.el (link-to-gbut): Added.
   hui.el (hui:link-possible-types): Added link-to-gbut.
 2019-06-16  Bob Weiner  <address@hidden>
 * hyrolo.el: Replaced buffer-substring-no-properties with 
match-string-no-properties where possible.
index 7afa2a3..66feeb0 100644
@@ -1,4 +1,211 @@
+7.0.3 Announcement
+From: Bob Weiner <address@hidden>
+To: address@hidden, address@hidden, address@hidden, address@hidden, 
+Subject: GNU Hyperbole 7.0.3: link your world quickly and easily
+--text follows this line--
+* Introduction
+GNU Hyperbole 7.0.3 is released and ready for action.
+Hyperbole is an amazing hypertextual information management system
+that installs quickly and easily as an Emacs package.  It is part of
+GNU Elpa, the Emacs Lisp Package Archive.
+Hyperbole interlinks all your working information within Emacs for
+fast access and editing, not just within special modes.  An hour
+invested exploring Hyperbole's built-in interactive DEMO file will
+save you hundreds of hours in your future work.
+7.0.3 is a significant release with a number of interesting
+improvements.  What's new in this release is described here:
+   www.gnu.org/s/hyperbole/HY-NEWS.html
+Hyperbole is described here:
+   www.gnu.org/s/hyperbole
+For use cases, see:
+   www.gnu.org/s/hyperbole/HY-WHY.html
+For what users think about Hyperbole, see:
+  https://www.gnu.org/s/hyperbole/hyperbole.html#user-quotes
+Hyperbole can supplement and extend Org-mode's capabilities.  It adds
+many features not found elsewhere in Emacs, including Org mode, see:
+   www.emacswiki.org/emacs/Hyperbole
+Hyperbole includes its own easy-to-use hypertextual buttons and links
+that can be created without the need for any markup language.
+Hyperbole has an interactive demo to introduce you to its features as
+well as a detailed reference manual, as explained here:
+  https://www.gnu.org/s/hyperbole/hyperbole.html#invocation-and-doc
+* Quick Reasons to Try Hyperbole
+It contains:
+- the most flexible and easy-to-use hyperbuttons available, including
+  implicit buttons automatically recognized by context, e.g. stack
+  trace source line references.
+- the only Emacs outliner with full legal item numbering,
+  e.g., and automatic permanent hyperlink anchors for every
+  item
+- the only free-form contact manager with full-text search for Emacs
+- rapid and precise window, frame and buffer placement on screen
+- an extensive menu of typed web searches, e.g. dictionary, wikipedia
+  and stackoverflow, plus convenient, fast file and line finding
+  functions
+- immediate execution of a series of key presses just by typing them
+  out.  For example, a M-RETURN press on: {C-x C-b C-s scratch RET
+  C-a} will find the first buffer menu item that contains 'scratch';
+  then leave point at the beginning of its line.  Build interactive
+  tutorials with this.
+* The Magic of Implicit Buttons and the Action Key
+For near instant gratification, try Hyperbole's 'implicit button'
+capabilities (hyper-buttons that Hyperbole gives you for free by
+recognizing all types of references embedded within text such as
+pathnames or error message lines).  Below are more complex examples to
+show the power; simpler ones can be found within the Hyperbole DEMO
+Implicit buttons are activated by pressing the Action Key, M-RETURN.
+Once Hyperbole is loaded in your Emacs, pressing M-RETURN on any of
+these examples *in virtually any buffer* will display the associated
+referent in a chosen window or frame, handling all variable
+substitution and full path resolution:
+    "find-func.el"                            Find this file whether gzipped 
or not
+                                              in the Emacs Lisp load-path
+    "${hyperb:dir}/HY-NEWS"                   Resolve variable, show Hyperbole 
+    "${PATH}/umask"                           Display a script somewhere in 
multi-dir PATH
+    "${hyperb:dir}/DEMO#Hyperbole Menus"      Org mode outline, Markdown, and 
HTML # refs
+    "(hyperbole)Menus"                        Texinfo and Info node links
+    "c:/Users", "c:\Users", "/C/Users", "/c/Users", and "/mnt/c/Users"
+                                            On Windows and Windows Subsystem 
for Linux,
+                                            Hyperbole recognizes all of these 
as the
+                                            same path and can translate 
between Windows
+                                            and POSIX path formats in both 
+Git Links:
+    git#branches                              List branches in current 
+    git#commits                               List and browse commits for 
current project
+    git#tags                                  List tags in current project
+    git#/hyperbole                            From any buffer, dired on the top
+                                              directory of the local hyperbole
+                                              project
+    git#/hyperbole/55a1f0 or                  From any buffer, display 
+    git#hyperbole/55a1f0                      local git commit diff
+Github Links:
+    gh@rswgnu                                 Display user's home page & 
+    github#rswgnu/hyperbole                   Display user's project
+    gh#rswgnu/helm/global_mouse               Display user project's branch
+    gh#rswgnu/hyperbole/55a1f0                Display user project's commit 
+Gitlab Links:
+    gitlab@seriyalexandrov                    Display user's home page
+    gl#gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/activity          Summarize user's project activity
+    gl#gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/analytics         Display user project's 
+    gl#gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/boards            Display user project's 
kanban-type issue boards
+Once you set the default user and project variables, you can leave them off 
any reference links:
+    (setq hibtypes-gitlab-default-user "gitlab-org")
+    (setq hibtypes-gitlab-default-project "gitlab-ce")
+    gl#issues or gl#list                      Display default project's issue 
+    gl#labels                                 Display default project's issue 
+    gl#members                                Display default project's staff 
+    gl#contributors                           Show contributor push frequency 
+    gl#merge_requests or gl#pulls             Display default project's pull 
+    gl#milestones                             Display default project's 
milestones status
+    gl#pages                                  Display default project's web 
+    gl#snippets                               Project snippets, diffs and text 
with discussion
+    gl#groups                                 List all available groups of 
+    gl#projects                               List all available projects
+    gl#milestone=38                           Show a specific project milestone
+    gl#snippet/1689487                        Show a specific project snippet
+Even useful social media links:
+    tw#travel or twitter#travel               Display twitter hashtag matches
+    fb#technology                             Display facebook hashtag matches
+Hyperbole uses simple prefix characters with paths to make them executable:
+    "!/bin/date"                              Execute as a non-windowed 
program within a shell
+    "&/opt/X11/bin/xeyes"                     Execute as a windowed program;
+    "-find-func.el"                           Load/execute this Emacs Lisp 
+    File "/usr/lib/python3.7/ast.py", line 37, in parse
+                                              Jump to error/stack trace source
+    "/ftp:address@hidden:"             Tramp remote paths
+* Try It - Installs or Uninstalls in a Minute
+Hyperbole lets you concentrate more on your work.  Then as you grow
+with it across time, it helps speed your work across weeks and months.
+It installs in about a minute and can be uninstalled even faster if
+ever need be.  Give it a try.
+Hyperbole can boost your day-to-day productivity with Emacs and
+your ability to manage information stored across many different
+machines on the internet.
+Hyperbole can be installed like any other package with the Emacs
+package manager:
+   {M-x list-packages RET C-s hyperbole RET i x y}
+Then to invoke its menu:
+   {C-h h} or {M-x hyperbole RET}
+The best way to get a feel for many of its capabilities is to
+invoke the interactive DEMO and explore sections of interest:
+   {C-h h d d}
+The Hyperbole Team
 7.0.2 Announcement
 From: Bob Weiner <address@hidden>

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