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[elpa] branch externals/scanner created (now 72ecf43)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/scanner created (now 72ecf43)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2020 13:55:47 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/scanner.

        at  72ecf43   minor clean-ups

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  cce46fd   initial commit
       new  5bc37ff   add more customizations and validations, arglist functions
       new  1e60cd2   add test and check targets to Makefile, gitignore dep
       new  704f055   add compile dependencies to check target
       new  30b97d3   add implementation of image scanning and first test case
       new  027658b   ignore image files
       new  c439a01   add scanner--ensure-init
       new  31c8a49   add document scanning command and test cases
       new  4596ed9   add autoloads, minor refactoring
       new  9665335   add a menu and configuration functions
       new  e5c74e6   implement multi-page scan modes
       new  d5be7b8   clean up resolution setters
       new  9779064   remove an old FIXME
       new  dbb0ee4   add commentary, correct docstrings
       new  c952d0d   rename -options to -switches
       new  536e998   move commands were they belong
       new  6594fcb   put image scan sentinel back into scanner-scan-image
       new  68b5c5f   update tests
       new  0b0fecf   make a basic Readme from the commentary
       new  bfaae5a   ignore PDF and text files
       new  5f06a4a   implement correct cleanup and error handling 
       new  3e0398c   correct to eval-and-compile 
       new  00ab593   rephrase commentary in active voice
       new  930448a   improve docstrings
       new  15bc51d   correct the ‘run’ make target
       new  b058e2f   autoload the menu
       new  bc9b16c   correct a comment and whitespace
       new  6adbc64   correct argument handling in all the interactive specs
       new  8219c0e   add ‘scanner-select-device’ to the menu
       new  2147abd   add tests for the configuration commands
       new  c63d2f9   update Readme.org
       new  52bb203   correct the license notice (GNU Emacs -> This program)
       new  fdfdb62   add tesseract outputs selection command
       new  45a3e1c   use finer argument tests in language and output selection
       new  af4923b   require menu-bar
       new  d011e65   implement multi-image scan
       new  64f5514   update commentary and Readme.org
       new  fff6573   implement page-reversal customization for document mode
       new  e9b14b5   clean up a few rather cosmetic issues
       new  eab3aea   cleanup scanner--ensure-init
       new  e17e2fa   add section headings
       new  c815ae0   make Makefile a bit more general
       new  d6af0ae   clean up tests a bit
       new  d634903   improve docstring to scanner--determine-image-format
       new  312b0f4   clean up scanner--scanimage-args
       new  1229f38   add ‘check’ to phony targets
       new  6537d71   add image size customization and update tests
       new  a8cdff3   clean up device switches and docstrings
       new  4202783   add logging of process error outputs
       new  f660947   add log warning about missing device options
       new  b36caab   add menu entries and command for multiple scans
       new  e8310f5   factor out non-needed globals
       new  56f13c7   clean up tesseract languages and outputs customization 
       new  eee1a77   remove useless type checks
       new  8486db9   correct and clean up image scanning
       new  72ecf43   minor clean-ups

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