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[elpa] externals/modus-operandi-theme updated (58836de -> ef898e7)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] externals/modus-operandi-theme updated (58836de -> ef898e7)
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 21:41:05 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/modus-operandi-theme.

      from  58836de   Merge 'master' into elpa/modus-operandi-theme
      adds  1f6520d   Internal: add gitignore rules
      adds  469b165   Add support for MAGIT-IMERGE
      adds  5349487   Add support for WCHECK-MODE
      adds  d34d007   Fix missing colon sign in one Cider box property
      adds  8191e47   Make NO-EMOJI support explicit. Tweak colour.
      adds  b720885   Add support for PAGE-BREAK-LINES
      adds  d3a39cd   Add support for PARROT
      adds  837ee69   Add support for PHI-GREP
      adds  6b31621   Add support for PHI-SEARCH
      adds  1c25680   Add support for POMIDOR
      adds  91a9f37   Add support for TOMATINHO
      adds  86eb802   Add support for CTRLF
      adds  7f3388b   Add missing documentation for covered `csv-mode'
      adds  88489ed   New customisation option for SUBTLE DIFFS
      adds  00bb7dc   Internal: minor corrections
      adds  003941a   Internal: implement macro for scaling headings
      adds  91aeae2   Minor doc update on new subtle diffs option
      adds  e1e9fad   Document IBUFFER support. Add minor tweaks.
      adds  3f4e09f   Add support for HELPFUL
      adds  4d7d769   Fix MAGIT regression on colours of unfocused diffs
      adds  2f77706   Refine SELECTRUM faces (more faithful to original)
      adds  d931e3c   Add docs on ORG colour-coded source blocks
      adds  1086949   Add single missing parenthesis to the README
      adds  d32b2c8   Improve style of DIFF-HL "revert" command
      adds  4de27df   Add support for SWOOP
      adds  110a51f   Add support for SWITCH-WINDOW
      adds  aacd88a   Add support for TRASHED
      adds  afbe3ce   Add support for VISIBLE-MARK
      adds  0c4f871   Major review of EDIFF (superior UI/semantics)
      adds  075c29f   Improve section about demo content in the README
      adds  d68b1e3   Major review of SMERGE faces
      adds  35fbfb7   Expand and refine MAGIT faces
      adds  e6c7b7f   Document already-supported ICOMPLETE and FLX
      adds  c419e9b   Add support for new ICOMPLETE-VERTICAL package
      adds  ded2d1f   Provide concise docs of customisation options
      adds  a5f8651   Add support for FORGE (magit issue tracker)
      adds  5767a3d   Add support for WINUM
      adds  6d288f9   Refine colours for C-q chars and regexp groupings
      adds  7b52738   Add support for HIGHLIGHT-SYMBOL
      adds  ca9a69d   Add support for AG
      adds  2c42b61   Add support for COLOR-RG
      adds  7fabd85   Add support for VIMISH-FOLD
      adds  d8d266d   Add missing newline char in end of file
      adds  72de79b   Use bold weight conditionally in more indicators
      adds  bba4e77   Add support for IFLIPB
      adds  53e1a43   Define new dedicated colours for language checkers
      adds  f8a4b1d   Refine FLYCHECK: use new dedicated linter colours
      adds  530787e   Refine FLYSPELL: use new dedicated lang colours
      adds  409648d   Refine FLYMAKE: new linter colours, better fringes
      adds  f635f9b   Refine ARTBOLLOCKS-MODE: use new lang colours
      adds  4e88341   Refine WRITEGOOD-MODE: use new lang colours
      adds  55dad77   Make bold optional in WINUM and ESHELL prompt
      adds  657adea   Draw a subtle border around the inactive modeline
      adds  272f7da   Style the `vertical-border' explicitly
      adds  a0e9380   Add tentative support for Emacs27 TAB-{BAR,LINE}
      adds  d7b7252   Tweak border colour for Emacs 27 active tabs
      adds  8ca7fe2   Add support for SPELL-FU
      adds  b874c79   NEW CUSTOM OPTION: 3d modeline for active window
      adds  5107407   Internal: convert two defmacro into defun
      adds  7a7e22c   Internal: reorganise `defun' initial placement
      adds  8336e5a   Refine 3D modeline conditionality and tweak looks
      adds  efdb292   Minor tweak to 3D modeline foreground
      adds  7afc624   Improve README, especially docs on custom options
      adds  e50f582   Internal: add page breaks for convenience (the ^L)
      adds  17c760f   Internal: refine function for conditional 3D box
      adds  54a2534   Adapt KEYCAST to new 3D modeline option
      adds  b298d30   Add note on package list refresh in the README
      adds  1cb0353   Simplify `outline-minor-faces'
      adds  f744335   Add support for ORDERLESS
      adds  a395411   Review linter faces (FLYCHECK and FLYMAKE)
      adds  75199a6   Minor formatting change in README
      adds  43ebfb5   Modus Vivendi: tweak "magenta-alt"
      adds  bd57c10   Clarify toggling of customisations in README
      adds  d3958bb   NEW CUSTOMISATION OPTION for "rainbow headings"
      adds  c3c743b   Minor correction and clarification in the README
      adds  9481730   New palette subset of nuanced accented backgrounds
      adds  e7a5f9a   NEW CUSTOMISATION OPTION for "section headings"
      adds  5f8c9d5   Update README: improve discovery of custom options
      adds  0ffe48d   Update README with minor clarifications
      adds  95c073b   Add support for RCIRC
      adds  b5dba7a   Internal: use defun for conditional Org src blocks
      adds  43f0136   Allow `org-quote' to use optional slanted text
      adds  48b9df3   Use optional slanted text for Git commits (Magit)
      adds  e0c57fe   Add support for VTERM
      adds  1c605b3   Internal: improve function of "section headings"
      adds  1742916   Internal: delete trailing whitespace
      adds  52a247a   Expand README with table of contents and more docs
      adds  1921e3b   Use web-friendly href for README table of contents
      adds  685c8c7   REMOVE table of contents: not working with GitLab
      adds  23889e0   Section heading style for Org priorities, keywords
      adds  69203f2   Add support for EGLOT
      adds  66416bc   Tweak `message-mml' face
      adds  cd9cce9   Refine HYDRA colours
      adds  37309fb   Internal: tweak Modus Vivendi "red-active" value
      adds  e03e9f2   Add {major,minor}-tick for DISPLAY-LINE-NUMBERS
      adds  16093af   Revert commit e03e9f2
      adds  77d5f91   Add support for DEBBUGS
      adds  3d153f3   Add support for TUAREG
      adds  277c202   Review ELFEED faces
      adds  1f193c5   Internal: some indentation corrections
      adds  0344a1b   Add support for MAN and WOMAN
      adds  4c18005   Refine background colour values for fringes
      adds  24cea55   Always use a nuanced foreground for linted text
      adds  6af76ba   Internal: inconsequential whitespace adjustments
      adds  2101557   Use less intense foreground for fringe indicators
      adds  ead95c9   Use bespoke colour for contextually unfocused text
      adds  44f75d3   Internal: refine Modus Operandi main green values
      adds  22c0707   Internal: refine Modus Operandi red-alt{,-other}
      adds  29078bd   Upgrade to version 0.8.0
       new  ef898e7   Merge 'master' into elpa/modus-operandi-theme

Summary of changes:
 .gitignore              |   3 +
 CHANGELOG.org           | 169 +++++++++
 README.org              | 405 ++++++++++++++++++---
 modus-operandi-theme.el | 950 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 4 files changed, 1220 insertions(+), 307 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .gitignore

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