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[elpa] externals/modus-operandi-theme 0d9b1d4 03/54: Expand README with

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] externals/modus-operandi-theme 0d9b1d4 03/54: Expand README with new customisation methods
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 08:20:09 -0400 (EDT)

branch: externals/modus-operandi-theme
commit 0d9b1d42bc0e74721a1ec521a14ed45ea7947621
Author: Protesilaos Stavrou <info@protesilaos.com>
Commit: Protesilaos Stavrou <info@protesilaos.com>

    Expand README with new customisation methods
 README.org | 105 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 104 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/README.org b/README.org
index b3efc45..20ade8a 100644
--- a/README.org
+++ b/README.org
@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ the use of proportional fonts more useful are highly 
appreciated (see
 [[#h:25ba8d6f-6604-4338-b774-bbe531d467f6][section on contributing]]).  The 
default is to use whatever the default
 typeface is, typically a monospaced family.
-** Complete example configuration
+** Complete example configuration for the above
    :CUSTOM_ID: h:0e3b8a62-8d72-4439-be2d-cb12ed98f4cb
@@ -359,6 +359,109 @@ Need more ideas?  Check the 
 do not try to interpret the values of the variables, as I always test
 different combinations and scenaria).
+** Full access to the palette for further tweaks
+   :CUSTOM_ID: h:b7282635-4fe9-415a-abdf-962b736ff5b6
+   :END:
+Unlike the previous options which follow a straightforward pattern of
+allowing the user to quickly select their preference, the themes also
+provide a more powerful, albeit difficult, mechanism of controlling
+things with precision.
+*** Option 1 to redefine colour values
+    :CUSTOM_ID: h:149e23b6-ada1-480f-95cd-c56fb40999b5
+    :END:
+The variables are:
++ =modus-operandi-theme-override-colors-alist=
++ =modus-vivendi-theme-override-colors-alist=
+Users can specify an association list that maps the names of colour
+variables to hexadecimal RGB values (in the form of =#RRGGBB=).  This
+means that it is possible to override the entire palette or subsets
+thereof (see the source code for the actual names and values).
+#+begin_src emacs-lisp
+;; Redefine the values of those three variables for the given theme
+(setq modus-vivendi-theme-override-colors-alist
+      '(("magenta" . "#ffaabb")
+        ("magenta-alt" . "#ee88ff")
+        ("magenta-alt-other" . "#bbaaff")))
+*** Option 2 to apply colour variables to faces
+    :CUSTOM_ID: h:9754abfd-c890-4af3-91a8-1a2cb2b5be44
+    :END:
+The macro symbols are:
++ =modus-operandi-theme-with-color-variables=
++ =modus-vivendi-theme-with-color-variables=
+Users can wrap face customisation snippets inside this macro in order to
+pass the variables that the themes use and map them to face attributes.
+This means that one can essentially override or extend the original
+design (also in tandem with option 1).
+Len Trigg who proposed 
[[https://gitlab.com/protesilaos/modus-themes/-/issues/39][the whole idea in 
issue 39]] uses this method to
+tweak how a couple of Magit faces will look in GUI and terminal Emacs
+respectively (follow the link for screen shots and details).  This is
+Len's sample package declaration (with comments by me):
+#+begin_src emacs-lisp
+(use-package modus-vivendi-theme
+  :init                                 ; enable some of the customisation 
options before loading the theme
+  (setq modus-vivendi-theme-visible-fringe t
+        modus-vivendi-theme-3d-modeline t)
+  :config
+  (defun customize-modus-vivendi ()     ; function that passes further 
customisations to the theme
+    "Customize modus-vivendi theme"
+    (if (member 'modus-vivendi custom-enabled-themes)
+        (modus-vivendi-theme-with-color-variables ; this macro allows us to 
access the colour palette
+         (custom-theme-set-faces
+          'modus-vivendi
+          `(magit-branch-current ((((supports :box t)) (:foreground 
,blue-alt-other :background ,bg-alt :box t)) ; use a box property if possible 
and also apply a background
+                                  (t (:foreground ,blue-alt-other :background 
,bg-alt :underline t)))) ; use an underline if the box is not available
+          `(magit-branch-remote-head ((((supports :box t)) (:foreground 
,magenta-alt-other :background ,bg-alt :box t))
+                                      (t (:foreground ,magenta-alt-other 
:background ,bg-alt :underline t))))
+          ))))
+  (add-hook 'after-load-theme-hook 'customize-modus-vivendi) ; invoke the 
above function when appropriate in order to override the styles of the desired 
+  (load-theme 'modus-vivendi t))                             ; load the theme
+*** Further considerations
+    :CUSTOM_ID: h:4acda0f1-564e-48ff-8998-ebf7618377dd
+    :END:
+Please understand that these customisation methods are meant for
+advanced users or those who are prepared to do their own research.  If
+you think that the themes do not work well in some context you can
+inform me about it: maybe you do not need to carry your own
+customisations.  We can just fix the issue in its source.
+To harness the potential of this method you will need to study the
+source code of the themes.  You can always open an issue in case you
+need some help.  To support you in this task, try the =rainbow-mode=
+package which offers live colour previews.  This is how I configure it:
+#+begin_src emacs-lisp
+(use-package rainbow-mode
+  :ensure
+  :diminish                             ; optional if you use `diminish'
+  :commands rainbow-mode                ; optional
+  :config
+  (setq rainbow-ansi-colors nil)
+  (setq rainbow-x-colors nil))
 * Face coverage
   :CUSTOM_ID: h:944a3bdf-f545-40a0-a26c-b2cec8b2b316

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