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[elpa] branch externals/fountain-mode deleted (was 0fd23b7)

From: William Rankin
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/fountain-mode deleted (was 0fd23b7)
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 01:23:05 -0400 (EDT)

pwr pushed a change to branch externals/fountain-mode.

       was  0fd23b7   Use read-char-choice for fountain-set-font-lock-decoration

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  0fd23b7   Use read-char-choice for fountain-set-font-lock-decoration
  discards  534fe0b   Fix fountain-mode.org font
  discards  56ec118   Better links to export examples
  discards  9585258   Typo
  discards  2ed4878   renamed: CNAME -> docs/CNAME
  discards  1e045ce   Add fountain-mode.org index files
  discards  fff47c4   Add fountain-completion-additional-(characters|locations)
  discards  14a898b   Merge functions into fountain-completion-update
  discards  44cbe32   Attempt to get fountain-mode.el bugs sent to pwr@sdf.org
  discards  5fe797e   Fix infinite loop when reading metadata in some cases
  discards  7f2e75b   Add <url> markup for good links
  discards  db702b5   Add fountain-outline-show-all alias
  discards  cb6cf6a   Create CNAME
  discards  782dd4e   Update email, URL, Debian pkg and aesthetics of code 
  discards  bd73426   Update README/Commentary
  discards  f5aaa1c   * fountain-mode.el (fountain-version): `lm-version` is 
not autoloaded
  discards  de028db   Fix fountain-version bug v2
  discards  a9e14ec   Fix fountain-version bug
  discards  16001a5   Use lm-version, bump version number
  discards  9f8e5cc   Only auto-complete when at eolp
  discards  6577c05   Fix fountain-completion-update-locations bug
  discards  a017347   Update README example links, delete screenshots/01.png
  discards  eef014a   Update README/Commentary/code comments
  discards  349436a   Update fountain-dwim to toggle outline/completion-at-point
  discards  735561a   Change scene heading completion to location/suffix 
  discards  51d3e39   Fix scene heading regexp grouping for scene numbers
  discards  f12e7f0   Improve completion for scene headings
  discards  c1a01e3   Remove old page-count vars/options
  discards  cb78fc0   Bind TAB to fountain-dwim, C-c C-o to 
  discards  6cdcb2d   Bump version number
  discards  5fd879c   Neaten up fountain menu
  discards  e8a7ecd   Remove fountain-tab-command from menu
  discards  a6a11f8   Remove fountain page count commands from menu
  discards  eb1ae47   Cleaned up obsolete variable warnings
  discards  d6c367e   Clean-ups, fixing fountain-scene-numbers group
  discards  459bd14   Remove --edit-line funcs
  discards  0a202b8   Remove fountain-auto-upcase-highlight face
  discards  7ace331   Remove timer page count and mode-line alteration
  discards  ea6f03b   Remove background functions & feature creep
  discards  7d92f6b   * fountain-mode.el: copyright year and version number
  discards  fe6e334   Updated README/Commentary as per FSF assignment
  discards  a3ff805   * fountain-mode.el: Remove redundant :group args.
  discards  6f2d72e   More FIXME commentary & bump version number
  discards  010d422   Added some needed FIXME commentary
  discards  42f87ca   * fountain-mode.el: Various cosmetic changes; fix up 
  discards  4519d18   Add .gitignore and fixup copyright
  discards  55e8b6a   Fixes #97
  discards  26919a2   Final menu rearrangement for 2.6.0
  discards  6d95cb4   Avoid auto-upcasing within folded scene/section
  discards  57ce4a9   Add fountain-shift-all-elements to menu save options
  discards  da22c9b   Minor improvements
  discards  0fef7d8   Conforming include code to work with template code
  discards  23fc828   Buffer-wide indentation fixes
  discards  64bd138   Fix missing mode-map pointers in docstrings
  discards  de090e2   Add option fountain-shift-all-elements
  discards  c4cec45   Introduces fountain-script-format option
  discards  3f25359   Rearrange menu
  discards  53b67bc   Fixed issues with moving blocks around
  discards  4080543   Add fountain-insert-hanging-line-maybe fun
  discards  f902fb2   Rename fountain-shift-block-(up|down) -> 
  discards  13dff9e   fountain-get-block-bounds:
  discards  98d2a1c   fountain-shift-down: Check next element block bounds are 
  discards  b4c39f0   Remove unneeded fountain-blank-regexp
  discards  b53a572   Better match-character using regexp to negate 
action/section heading
  discards  375b07c   Fix bug where sections headings could be recognised as 
  discards  3b3edc4   Use keyword wp -> text
  discards  307ba52   Update fountain-version
  discards  5c5ff98   Refactor (cons A B) -> '(A . B)
  discards  1077e3b   Refactor if -> when
  discards  6e65884   Simplify fountain-get-align
  discards  cd0058a   fountain-export-include-title-page is not obsolete!
  discards  b2f2b97   Add safe file variable properties
  discards  85d7d14   Collate obsolete warnings
  discards  3711aeb   Use literate style
  discards  2d6174f   Remove redundant syntax table definition
  discards  b673c39   Updated Bitcoin Cash address
  discards  bebc3cb   Fixing fountain-get-scene-number match-string bugs
  discards  6871b14   Respect buffer narrowing when counting pages...
  discards  ffa4c91   Fixes #89
  discards  f1a8171   Remove endnotes functions
  discards  2c009ce   Update obsolete warnings
  discards  b4342f3   Bump version number
  discards  3dfeb33   Add fountain-completion-update to logical hook options
  discards  814be8b   Fixes #89 (hopefully)
  discards  6756851   Fixes #89
  discards  7c7d6fc   Fixes #92
  discards  4c81c03   Add setter functions to fountain-align-ELEMENT options
  discards  9a28299   Use "Scene/Section" in menu over "Heading"
  discards  3d6ff3b   Merge branch 'keymap'
  discards  0766b0a   Better parsing of action
  discards  73cba5f   Revert "Use get-element-bounds for parse-region"
  discards  70715ce   Updated keys/menu
  discards  0d535d5   Consistent setting N arg
  discards  2b67bd9   Added keybindings for shift block commands
  discards  c30da23   Add working block funs:
  discards  9e69919   Merge branch 'master' into block-bounds
  discards  123e487   Fix scene heading parsing regexp groups
  discards  9bd88a7   Use get-element-bounds for parse-region
  discards  fc07bc1   Use C functions over while
  discards  2b1c4a0   Add fountain-get-element-bounds
  discards  761c11e   Make sure forced scene headings begin with words
  discards  63128c2   Fix imenu-generic-expression scene heading regexp group
  discards  a3bcaf8   Fix completion-update-scene-headings regexp group
  discards  eba2601   Simplify trans regexp in style of scene heading
  discards  4a96e5c   Misc docstring improvements
  discards  fec1d7b   Fix section heading regexp to agree with scene heading
  discards  619a78f   Remove fountain-scene-number-regexp
  discards  f456ed3   Expanded scene heading regexp
  discards  dfc07d9   Re-add "EST" to scene-heading-prefix-list
  discards  9d65a8d   fountain-include-in-region -> 
  discards  0edb39a   Don't call fountain-init-vars when creating font-lock 
  discards  978b893   Remove invisible element text property
  discards  e8a5210   Fix for exporting center text to plaintext
  discards  c406dff   Test for non-nil fountain-outline-custom-level before 
running hook
  discards  8f7e414   Add LICENSE.txt, remove badge
  discards  5ad0ce6   Bump version number
  discards  b91421d   Remove fountain-outline-startup-level
  discards  d670d0c   Add fountain-outline-hide-custom-level as default hook
  discards  66e2bba   Keyword wp -> text
  discards  1efbdbb   Prevent note/inclusion in metadata regexp
  discards  3d85d74   Don't select file when including in region
  discards  857cd3a   Remove unused variable
  discards  57059f9   Remove obsolete obsolete function alias
  discards  213255b   Make sure to set match data in fountain-parse-center
  discards  b33813a   Make fountain-count-pages not use called-interactively-p
  discards  8269066   Bump version number
  discards  5217934   Merge pull request #84 from grettke/master
  discards  bd1284c   (crrctn) Balances `fountain-outline-to-indirect-buffer'.
  discards  a45b2e8   Bump version number
  discards  3c65b14   Improving fountain-outline-to-indirect-buffer
  discards  2c30442   fountain-outline-to-indirect-buffer -> C-c C-x b to match 
  discards  6fc8329   Add face remapping for fountain face
  discards  8b1b6b2   Bump version number
  discards  d0be4e8   Add obsolete warnings for endnotes variables
  discards  0a38bcc   Use fountain-endnotes-display-alist
  discards  2451c79   Move syntax table to mode definition subtree
  discards  10ff0fa   Remove ability to set outline level with metadata
  discards  a99bbf1   Auto-Complete -> Auto-Completion
  discards  2f441be   Add fountain-outline-to-indirect-buffer (C-c C-o)
  discards  b58b1ee   Fixes #83
  discards  ee20f7a   Tidying
  discards  f131de1   Link README roadmap to Github roadmap project
  discards  e0f85c5   Avoiding infinite loops in fountain-forward-page
  discards  e4c9c68   Fix infinite loop on goto-page-break-point
  discards  863e9a0   Fixes #82
  discards  1ad1c38   Use "Hide..." in menu for syntax and emphasis
  discards  2c17d73   Added Ethereum address
  discards  476dd76   Better menu wording for page count in mode line
  discards  0414a72   Merge branch 'auto-completion'
  discards  e2878da   Update menu bar save options
  discards  27de025   Typo
  discards  52b217f   Rewrite fountain--completion-line -> fountain--edit-line
  discards  f68b349   Merge branch 'auto-upcase' into auto-completion
  discards  6f41f60   Neaten mode definition
  discards  12d49c2   Include possible scene heading in jit-lock completion 
  discards  1ce041e   Use line-number-at-pos for completion
  discards  e5fe5af   Improving completion funs
  discards  7f0d3b9   Use robust method to get current scene character 
  discards  9750ba6   Function quote lambda
  discards  c3402b6   Use "Auto-Completion" or "Completion"
  discards  cfa4c32   Don't pass nil to funcall
  discards  c72dda9   Rename fountain-tab-function -> fountain-tab-command
  discards  3330495   Added docstring
  discards  a7148d4   Setting x to point is unused
  discards  fba6338   Skip top-of-page whitespace before skipping page-break
  discards  aae2489   Skip comments when calculating page length
  discards  5bda86a   FIXME notes
  discards  53cdbed   Document fountain-completion-characters
  discards  6199cce   Use priority sorting of completion characters
  discards  51be13b   Merge branch 'autocomplete' into auto-upcase
  discards  6129ec8   Add TAB Command to menu
  discards  3dfc29d   Add fountain-tab-action on TAB
  discards  f21ab70   Remove superfluous documentation
  discards  05f4ae3   Rewriting auto-upcasing funs
  discards  5fe0ff7   Add fun fountain-toggle-auto-upcase
  discards  3eaa0d0   Rename completion funs to fountain-completion-*
  discards  c251cf1   Document completion
  discards  629f67b   Rewrote character complation table function
  discards  364af70   Added message on updating completion candidates
  discards  bce95c2   Document completion
  discards  b34fb53   Update menu
  discards  566304b   Remove unneeded fountain-insert-alternate-character
  discards  a50d13e   fountain-completion-at-point finds priority characters 
  discards  e59b2c5   Test if fountain--completion-line is an integer
  discards  a9f9f11   Bump fountain-version
  discards  4c11494   Absorb reset-autocomplete into update-autocomplete
  discards  9fd6d9d   Prevent completion-in-region-mode hijacking TAB
  discards  d0a3cf7   Add reset-autocomplete to update-autocomplete
  discards  cee03f5   Add Insert Alternate Character to menu
  discards  b30bf8e   Rewrite fountain-insert-alternate-character
  discards  160639a   Bump version number
  discards  cc889b6   Use (contd|alt)-character for insert-alternate-character
  discards  5a8051f   Add fountain-insert-alternate-character on M-RET
  discards  319455b   Make completion-cycle-threshold buffer-local and t
  discards  14c18f1   Use fountain--completion-line for completion-at-point
  discards  6bbc4e2   Revert using fountain--edit-line for and auto-upcasing
  discards  41b38cf   Use fountain--edit-line for completion and auto-upcasing
  discards  2ed34f1   Var name typo
  discards  97001ab   Add menu commands and completion-at-point to M-TAB
  discards  f07ca57   Add autocomplete for scene headings and characters
  discards  361f2a5   Don't match comments within dialogue
  discards  25af58d   Fix impossible date in note docstring
  discards  192397e   Update (c) year & version
  discards  7470220   Remove toggle-hide key bindings for absent commands
  discards  f1dc9df   Fix idiotic del-region bug
  discards  3f953ae   Updated README/Commentary
  discards  9a4be35   Delete endnotes after prep-and-parse deletes comments
  discards  90899e6   Modify syntax table in fountain-init-vars
  discards  a474810   Revert "Fixes #79"
  discards  8c2d1fc   Allow for nil content in export element list
  discards  307d712   Fixes #79
  discards  d8859c2   Rearrange menu
  discards  6abc208   Add insert-page-break key binding
  discards  6b1dbff   Rearrange Page Numbers in menu
  discards  6db5c79   Remove forward-page error for < n 0
  discards  aabe49f   Add fun fountain-pages-update-mode-line
  discards  2f48fd0   Add custom set function to 
  discards  fb69099   Add group prefix "fountain-pages-"
  discards  797b826   Merge branch 'master' into page-count
  discards  c34d4f5   Remove unnecessary variable settings functions
  discards  2f6ba68   Add custom set functions for:
  discards  bb0aa77   Use customize-set-variable in menu for:
  discards  e68f1cc   Use customize-set-variable in menu for:
  discards  3552633   Add custom set functions
  discards  883858d   Add page numbers to menu bar
  discards  6e3f71f   "Go to" is two words
  discards  5f5d5de   Removed unnecessary fountain-insert-page-break-string
  discards  4863cec   Removed point movement from fountain-insert-page-break
  discards  5e51292   Change outline-cycle to C-c TAB
  discards  95be608   Add Goto Page... to menu
  discards  da20d11   push-mark before goto-(scene|page)
  discards  3206673   Only try counting pages on current buffer
  discards  cd029a0   Merge branch 'master' into page-count
  discards  94c2c07   Don't force disable show-paren-mode
  discards  625e925   Cleaning up, remove fountain-show-page-count
  discards  4f9d251   Unnecessary progn
  discards  c105ef9   Changed count-pages model
  discards  4516c30   Add fountain-goto-page fun (bound to M-g p)
  discards  7fdc3b7   Add fun goto-page-break-point
  discards  14c5a9e   Move forward-page, add N and EXPORT-ELEMENTS args
  discards  e1b4856   C-c C-x p to update page count (with message)
  discards  5797017   Added page-count timer and funs
  discards  204efec   Add page-count vars
  discards  c50427a   Add fountain-pages group & show-page-count-in-mode-line 
  discards  1cdfa6c   Prepend hooks
  discards  63bf1af   Avoid auto-upcase-deactivate-maybe when auto-upcase-line 
is nil
  discards  9e098b6   Merge branch 'dwim'
  discards  ddbd98e   Docstring updates and FIXME's
  discards  85a3f48   Fix blank-before-p bobp bug
  discards  0493cb4   Small rearrangements
  discards  98d3cfb   Pass dwim prefix to outline-cycle
  discards  8fb5788   Document dwim and associated outline-cycle
  discards  0b97890   Use auto-upcase-overlay with scene headings too
  discards  45cbb7f   Use overlayp when deactivating auto-upcase-overlay
  discards  aad7ac8   auto-upcase-make-overlay first deletes existing overlay
  discards  6a43fc4   Advance auto-upcase overlay
  discards  85b5851   Change fountain-auto-upcase-highlight to inherit hi-yellow
  discards  dd903d1   TAB (fountain-dwim) on include will find file
  discards  2ac6ef1   Add face fountain-auto-upcase-highlight
  discards  4b20c7a   Working draft of fountain-dwim
  discards  b918e4e   Replace all alist-get with (cdr (assq ...))
  discards  238a5c5   list-length is unavailable, use length
  discards  360200b   Fixing LaTeX template
  discards  e7369c1   Change requirements to 24.5
  discards  a3bcf07   Test if backup continued-dialog-string is a string
  discards  98e732c   Updated README/Commentary - with BCH address :)
  discards  7b9f0cb   Screenshot (feat. The Abductors)
  discards  57fd996   Use GitHub hosted screenshot
  discards  75c49c8   Remove unused match-comment function
  discards  6e71d5e   Update fountain-continued-dialog-refresh
  discards  578dfd4   Fix include & page-break matching as action
  discards  6576907   Fix missing ; in Final Draft XML escapes
  discards  74ba892   Title template fixes:
  discards  2d4e16c   Add conditional title pages to all export formats
  discards  12e84b1   Menu and docstring fixes/improvements + FIXME's
  discards  bbb2b66   Simplify fountain-match-note
  discards  35e08c6   Remove font-lock-extend-region stuff
  discards  48d692b   Docstring fixes
  discards  a805d8a   Update obsolete warnings
  discards  4fb0dce   fountain-export-buffer-name -> 
  discards  99ff0a2   fountain-export-standalone -> 
  discards  3a32511   Remove {{contact-template}}
  discards  654a6c6   Fix :cond-replace bug
  discards  2d40214   Remove fountain-export-tex-replace-alist
  discards  82673d6   Fix dialog export always t
  discards  26b6002   Add export-number-first page & 
  discards  77f6328   Docstring updates
  discards  17292d0   Arrange export formats into own groups
  discards  ad7b226   Add define-fountain-export-template-docstring
  discards  21edc4f   LaTeX template fixes
  discards  3e89b19   Add export-buffer-to-txt binding to keymap
  discards  28e8272   Use lightyellow for HTML link hover highlight
  discards  d5f9aa4   Escape $ in LaTeX
  discards  5de3830   Fix double-quoted fountain-export-page-size
  discards  d577787   Updates to fountain-forward-page
  discards  11d4ccc   fountain-insert-page-break-string updates existing forced 
page break
  discards  feb3c7d   Add :string-replace alist to LaTeX export format
  discards  da427cd   scene-spacing -> scene-heading-spacing
  discards  a022406   Updated LaTeX template elements
  discards  29f943c   Remove include from templates
  discards  ef0b7e3   Fix insert-page-break bug when at first dialog paren
  discards  131e248   Revert "Remove LaTeX"
  discards  dd11209   Merge branch 'master' into v3
  discards  78f6cf4   Add page margin options
  discards  886e6d9   Make fountain export page breaks always include space for 
  discards  0974c61   Improve fountain-scene-number-to-string
  discards  87365d7   Add ability to double-space scene headings in fountain 
  discards  7dc5ed8   Add ability to double-space scene headings in plaintext
  discards  23321e2   Prepend scene heading override fontification
  discards  9e5ab16   Make action fontified last
  discards  adc1f89   Make emphasis delimiters only fontified in level 2
  discards  50e668e   Remove old convert-quotes stuff
  discards  a10795c   Breaking fountain-export-element into *working* components
  discards  ff8d4d6   Display scene numbers in margin w/o delimiters
  discards  a927ec8   Add {{scene-spacing}} to stylesheet
  discards  fe7c4bb   HTML template title-template fix
  discards  73f22f5   Docstring fixes
  discards  76beb1d   New HTML export template & fountain-export-html-stylesheet
  discards  3c3e4b8   fountain-include-replace-in-region -> 
  discards  8b08914   Allow fountain-include-replace-in-region to delete
  discards  02f55b8   fountain-blank-(before|after)-p
  discards  1f93b23   New awesome delete-comments-in-region
  discards  c320338   Fix for parse-region matching action that begins with 
  discards  a64e5ce   Remove non-breaking space code
  discards  0571a7d   It turns out match-action needs to test for all elements
  discards  9073683   Various fixes:
  discards  0b0d44e   Remove switch-comment-syntax from init-vars
  discards  25bc3ef   Use simple < for emacs-major-version
  discards  d33ad86   Add fountain-export-fdx-replacements to export-formats
  discards  d2bcbe2   Make sure redisplay-scene-numbers doesn't pass point-max
  discards  a389323   Remove ps export for now
  discards  c35b73d   One more prep-and-parse-region fix
  discards  835f37f   Fix section-heading fetch parser bug
  discards  0e98409   Reorg/rename fountain-parse-region function/s
  discards  76ec9de   Only update recursive fountain-parse-region job if job
  discards  1cd9840   Use remap in keymap to allow more custom keys (evil?)
  discards  43605e2   Huge rewrite of fountain-export-element and associated 
  discards  beafedd   Improve wording of obsolete switch-comment-syntax option
  discards  62163a7   Remove support for legacy comment syntax
  discards  6a549cb   New fountain-parse-region
  discards  2d1260a   fountain-outline-cycle* -> fountain--outline-cycle*
  discards  54906f3   Improve insert-page-break
  discards  a94dabf   Make match-action assume other match funs already called
  discards  6491538   Remove fountain-count-lines
  discards  11ccc4b   parse-goto-end-of-subtree -> parse-end-of-subtree & 
docstring fixes
  discards  4290124   Add {{date}} to export-contact-template
  discards  d43a713   Added fountain-fill group/options
  discards  b8186d2   Use fountain-elements with :parser for 
  discards  73d879c   get-element fix
  discards  e62e0c5   Roll back version number
  discards  7918cac   export-include-element-p -> get-export-elements
  discards  b290a8f   Avoid x as function var
  discards  794ff1d   Added include-replace-in-region
  discards  90758e0   Added Pages group
  discards  4702f8a   forward-page ALPHA
  discards  f0f4104   Improve delete-comments-in-region
  discards  f58e7ab   Skip over CR (\r) as whitespace
  discards  ab92207   Docstring fixes
  discards  5c63d2f   Fixed fountain-version var
  discards  926021a   Bump version number
  discards  ecb1dcc   Updated code commenary
  discards  a7f61fe   Remove old patch-emacs-bugs
  discards  d299f49   Update patch-emacs-bugs
  discards  69b63e9   Update patch-emacs-bugs
  discards  220d271   fountain-element -> fountain-get-element w/ trans bug fix
  discards  0d9a3f7   Merge branch 'master' into v3
  discards  34402a2   README typo
  discards  bf90805   Update links in README
  discards  e633c7f   Merge pull request #73 from sten0/master
  discards  c58bdca   Add Debian/Ubuntu/derivatives installation instructions
  discards  4ec9730   Use var include-elements -> export-elements
  discards  240d60c   Added count-lines prototype
  discards  0ba7f1f   New font-lock mapped faces
  discards  4f6dc2c   Make export-html-replacements non-custom
  discards  7e0810c   Remove mention of Emacs bug 23879
  discards  be10ce9   Replace .editorconfig with Local Variables
  discards  4910a50   Replace .editorconfig with Local Variables
  discards  42d0ee1   Add insert-alternate-character
  discards  75d019c   Remove metadata parsing
  discards  8a2e72a   export-format-string requires fixedcase t
  discards  213a679   Fix odd parse-region bug
  discards  d429f20   Dialogue blocks are only exported with 
  discards  ae5cbba   Sections and scenes are always exported
  discards  1e5193c   Convert straight double-quotes to smart quotes
  discards  2c0fd18   Fixing lyrics replacement bug
  discards  795ec33   Implement slugify in export-element
  discards  2864850   Remove trailing ")"
  discards  b303ceb   Rewrote export-element
  discards  092328e   Added export-txt-template
  discards  b3f5f66   Add nice fountain-elements variable
  discards  894e7eb   Use insert and newline over insert-char
  discards  e642acf   Rename export-html-replacement-alist -> 
  discards  74291b3   Use ".ext"
  discards  226241f   Pass job to recursive element parse funs
  discards  57a81a6   Fix end bug in parse-section
  discards  d2e6b15   Make include-find-file use noselect when 
  discards  40e7a2e   Fix export-format-string literal replacement bug
  discards  ac93406   Update export-html-template - add include, remove 
  discards  9d60e85   Add title page to fdx template
  discards  5695abb   Update export-fountain-template with include and fixes
  discards  fc5d012   Revert export-page-size to symbol value (from string)
  discards  9b0b16c   Remove LaTeX from menu/keymap
  discards  49aa07f   Add txt & ps to export-formats
  discards  ed56ed0   Export replace section heading level
  discards  be14400   Use key-in-plist condition and cons -> list for export 
  discards  99880e7   Docstrings and comments
  discards  3c7cc9e   Rewrite of export functions
  discards  1d2f867   Added inclusion (Mountain) functionality
  discards  eabd07e   Updated menu export title page to work with 
  discards  102455b   Change (element "") -> (element nil) in 
  discards  c080362   Make synopsis require at least one text char
  discards  4869ea5   Add progress reporting back to parse-region
  discards  696d5dc   Commenting code
  discards  d95221a   Updated FDX export template
  discards  05c733b   Add preliminary PostScript and plaintext export functions
  discards  fa74ada   Require subr-x for string-join
  discards  c564371   Always export sections, scenes and dialogue
  discards  d37e210   Use unless over or
  discards  0da4124   Temporarily ignore parsing scene numbers
  discards  50a31e5   Changed fountain-script-end-regexp -> fountain-end-regexp
  discards  0c699bf   Document fountain-export-buffer
  discards  09dfc05   Docstring updates
  discards  48f7543   Remove LaTeX
  discards  5f2ed75   New tree parse method (with starts-new-page)
  discards  e379827   forward-character accepts 0 as "back-to-character"
  discards  4f85451   Change endnotes height to 0.3
  discards  089763b   Merge branch 'master' into version-3
  discards  37289bb   .editorconfig indent size causes problems
  discards  a1825ff   Don't save-excursion/save-restriction on fountain-element
  discards  bb74dac   Move Emacs bugs section
  discards  f1e20f8   Rename export-include-elements-alist -> 
  discards  8d62f5e   Function fountain-element
  discards  2fa6cb4   Minor
  discards  51649a1   Cleaning up docstring
  discards  f9b0385   Show only key bindings in docstrings (if set)
  discards  d249cdf   Add teleplay align defaults
  discards  f95de8c   Require subr-x
  discards  c91ebd4   Merge branch 'master' into version-3
  discards  4944bac   Added .editorconfig
  discards  b923996   Remove parents elemtns from export-fdx-template
  discards  c1a1742   Optional buffer with export-get-filename
  discards  2b91bdf   Don't omit metadata when parsing
  discards  813bbf4   Make includes optional for parse-element
  discards  91ac9a9   Docstring & comment fixes
  discards  3e6b052   Remove parents elements from element-list-type widget
  discards  d1edcb4   linear-parse version of export-html-template
  discards  101942b   Remove {{title-bold}}
  discards  544451c   linear-parse version of export-element
  discards  3da85e9   Add comment to export-html-replace-alist
  discards  e649ddf   A parse-metadat function, perhaps not useful
  discards  3b0e78b   Add title-page to export-include-elements-alist
  discards  ff14d8a   Parse dual property for dialog
  discards  1e1df6e   Parse dual property for paren
  discards  612f8f3   linear-parse version of export-region
  discards  ca07afc   linear-parse version of export-buffer
  discards  fdc6bb5   Fix get-font-lock-decoration
  discards  726ee3c   Simplify metadata-regexp
  discards  5752c1b   Fix read-metadata
  discards  b746b33   Small docstring fix
  discards  63afc41   Improved function get-scene-number
  discards  81d2148   Removed warning from add/remove-scene-numbers
  discards  c3f55d1   Signal job done in parse-region
  discards  81bbb4d   Removed content-start from read-metadata
  discards  8559e16   Added function slugify
  discards  64d5995   Version -> 3.0.0
  discards  49c5482   Removed pre v1.0 obsolete aliases
  discards  5965882   Fix get-scene-number not returning a list
  discards  bf2d095   Make export-get-filename add "." to ext
  discards  f1e6a48   Move export including to parse-region
  discards  8edf599   Fix dialog-regexp to match group 1
  discards  3c5530e   Change copyright to 2017
  discards  1641a18   Collapse a line
  discards  b583c8b   Ensure fontification after script-end mark
  discards  8210a24   Small fixes in font-lock-keywords-plist
  discards  6fdbcc6   Improving block-bounds
  discards  eb4ceda   Fixing match-note
  discards  783b34d   Fix imenu regexp groups
  discards  9700033   Merge branch 'master' into linear-parse
  discards  cd164b7   Fixes #68
  discards  06c0c4e   Remove docstring re global regexp groups
  discards  6fb1385   Fixing action font lock keywords group
  discards  4d800b5   Use action-regexp in match-action
  discards  710259a   Don't assume buffer point with parse-action
  discards  eeb07e6   Remove ^! when parsing multiline action
  discards  ea3ec3e   Use match-action in parse-element
  discards  0d45708   Fix character mistaken for action
  discards  2506af0   Removed var fountain-new-page
  discards  3af5ac9   get-scene-number checks for any scene number first
  discards  1c76f12   Fixe some docstrings
  discards  1f40e51   New linear parse model
  discards  565ea27   Added endnotes command and options
  discards  279fbfd   Errant ^L
  discards  746d55d   Remove default endnotes buffer *'s
  discards  36d9f02   Fix endnotes regexp
  discards  f102ad8   Use display-buffer function not cons cell
  discards  71ae49e   Rearrange endnotes code
  discards  e613850   Merge branch 'master' into end-notes
  discards  bba892a   Do not display scene numbers in margin by default
  discards  5415b5a   Display scene numbers in right margin
  discards  6c53edd   Use regular expression for action
  discards  c1f6510   Add all elements as invisible props
  discards  ca8697d   Use fun to match forced action
  discards  7f3b0b2   Cleaner Font Lock keywords generation
  discards  f402582   Don't bother with comments interfering
  discards  2ca1f24   Added page size to menu
  discards  5351f3d   Neater menu headings
  discards  fcfc069   Use groups 4-7 for scene numbers
  discards  46f2c68   Bumped version number
  discards  f9b8fa5   Merge branch 'master' into scene-numbers
  discards  cbeb8f1   Bumped version number
  discards  4e88b75   Just require autoinsert
  discards  b67f1c1   Remove switch default comment syntax from menu
  discards  c897b73   Added Go to Scene Heading... to menu
  discards  713cd85   Better docs on scene funs, and y-or-n-p
  discards  7c7c9bd   Make auto-upcase scene heading protect scene number
  discards  64033f2   Make goto-scene use scene numbers
  discards  557ab2c   Added scene number keys and menu items
  discards  fa9e108   Use progress reporter and y-or-n-p for scene numbers
  discards  2345866   Added add/remove-scene-numbers funs
  discards  7dd8022   Resolved endless loop with scene between 1/A1
  discards  5fdaebe   Scene numbers almost work flawlessly
  discards  1789636   Include OMIT(TED)? scene heading regexp
  discards  7be845b   Should work but creates endless loop
  discards  fff5b6b   Function quoting
  discards  d62b48f   Fix forward-character let binding
  discards  766998c   Commented get-scene-number... it's complicated
  discards  0dacde3   Working get-scene-number
  discards  51b64c3   Merge branch 'master' into scene-numbers
  discards  57567cf   pkg-info is not part of GNU Emacs!
  discards  0c1ffba   Working scene number string <-> list
  discards  33ad804   Some iterator fixes
  discards  3f26b77   Allow dash/period in scene number
  discards  97b3ac9   Working scene-number-to-list
  discards  d43ab2b   Restructure code layout
  discards  7aeb2e2   Docstring error
  discards  0d92baf   Use HTTPS links
  discards  44ac212   Working auto-upcase scene headings hook
  discards  45934bf   Merge branch '24.x-outline-aliases'
  discards  cb65a64   Small cleanups
  discards  3833c4e   Parse page breaks in FDX
  discards  4d5180a   Merge branch 'master' into parse-page-break
  discards  07dc64a   Minor mistakes and optimisations
  discards  5a5a2a6   Function arguments are already lexical
  discards  9715d3f   Make parsing work going backward/forward
  discards  78b9061   Updated version numer, and outline-invisible-p doc
  discards  a31c19e   Fix forced action not being recognised
  discards  c7c445c   Only force scene heading if not already
  discards  2a4b55f   Fixed scene heading face subexp
  discards  9f3497d   Use 25.x outline- prefix, add aliases for 24.x
  discards  e74be73   Changed version number, slight doc fix
  discards  cffb48c   Removed fountain-export-title-format from save-options
  discards  74024d9   Change version number
  discards  e9785a6   Use prog1 not unwind-protect
  discards  19a3c0c   Keep export-job inside unwind-protect
  discards  0233ab8   Provide with-demoted-errors FORMAT
  discards  2b6d9bc   Merge branch 'master' into parse-page-break
  discards  3bc4d73   Merge branch 'title-template-fix'
  discards  e048f27   Change patch-emacs-bugs
  discards  b513910   Fixes #60
  discards  21655b9   Changed version number
  discards  b2b31d3   Clearly documenting patching Emacs bugs
  discards  d3f9041   Moved patch-emacs-bugs doc to function
  discards  9292ee8   Only patch outline-move-subtree-down if not <= 24.5
  discards  b266619   Override bugged outline funs
  discards  79416b2   Reintroduced hiding syntax chars
  discards  800886d   Added outline-patch-outline
  discards  356d804   Highlight page number with fountain-page-number
  discards  7ff139f   Added page-break to export-include-elements-alist
  discards  f9b02ca   Add parse-page-break
  discards  f849b5d   Added match-page-break
  discards  422ff6f   Added fountain-page-number face
  discards  fccdc00   Updated page-break regexp
  discards  0b07fd2   Adding page break type to export templates
  discards  586844e   Adding page break type to export templates
  discards  e54e4f8   Add HTML/LaTeX style for section headings
  discards  d4e3f7d   Use p for HTML title blocks
  discards  f89c59f   Collapse HTML whitespace in format string
  discards  3f3bfcf   Just use assoc STRING LIST
  discards  03334ad   Fixed LaTeX formatting string with multiple line breaks
  discards  4ca8c77   Removed fountain-export-title-format
  discards  5eed6bd   Change ${KEY} => {{KEY}}
  discards  03e50cb   Default note template leads with space
  discards  df51d43   Fixed scene number regexp
  discards  54e8b26   Renamed ELEMENT-p funs to match-ELEMENT
  discards  e7aaeb8   Whitespace cleanup and FIXMEs
  discards  ef533c4   Removing silly code indent
  discards  ea11fd4   Move needed vars into init-vars
  discards  27f73e5   Added tex-command local variable in tex template
  discards  474df63   Use replace-regexp-in-string not with-temp-buffer
  discards  0707b47   Updated README/Commentary; commented out export formats 
not ready
  discards  efee7ca   Merge branch 'export-reorg'
  discards  b62e8ed   Updated/fixed obsolete warnings
  discards  e3d0a62   Updated version number
  discards  6fd8620   Rearranged export code
  discards  a6bf761   Use export-formats for funs
  discards  8f5cf3e   Use define-widget for custom templates
  discards  e050922   Finished rearranging export templates
  discards  ac25ca1   Added extensions to export-formats alist
  discards  ec7e25b   Merge branch 'master' into export-reorg
  discards  68e685c   Fixes #58
  discards  4c79e3d   export-buffer will search export-formats for hook
  discards  42c7039   Added export-tex-hook, split away export-tex-template
  discards  8763c8f   Added export-html-hook, split away export-html-template
  discards  24d1503   Added fountain-export-formats alist
  discards  e398b01   Set default scene prefixes to match fountain.io
  discards  e31c5a1   Use `quotes' instead of "quotes"
  discards  76677d2   Remove s dependency & update README/Commentary
  discards  ed61f73   Updated note-template doc string
  discards  4b5a9c9   Remove insert-template
  discards  1fbca2e   Rewrite insert-note w/o insert-template
  discards  061f31d   Fixed export-standalone mismatch
  discards  6f257f2   Merge branch 'hotfix'
  discards  4f66bb4   Updated version number
  discards  8862cc6   Fixed export-page-size mismatch
  discards  fab8031   Updated version number
  discards  dfc5df8   Added viewport tag to HTML template
  discards  d100501   S-TAB prettier than <S-tab> in menu
  discards  a4e425c   Cleaning up doc string
  discards  0aed892   Fixing keys compatibility for GUI/terminal
  discards  83d17f1   Cleaning related doc string
  discards  217c637   Working model of endnotes
  discards  1ee910b   Pulled define-auto-insert out of mode definition
  discards  d10c280   Removed short/long-time-format from insert-template
  discards  0f30b10   Revert "Turn off electric-indent-mode"
  discards  b24cad6   Prompt to overwrite export buffer & file
  discards  d304e62   Added draft show-end-notes
  discards  aa7cf0e   Consolidated time formats
  discards  aa8ed8e   Updated README/Commentary
  discards  288f1f2   Turn off electric-indent-mode
  discards  41a84d6   Added auto-insert integration
  discards  c1ad5cb   Fixing character regexp
  discards  dbeb99c   Fixing scene number regexp
  discards  05ec673   Revert "Remove comment-p from parse-region"
  discards  34c26a8   Made comment-p not use search-backwards
  discards  5b78a14   Temp workaround for #56
  discards  b174e54   Cleaning up
  discards  9adea4d   Remove comment-p from parse-region
  discards  6208d27   Merge branch 'master' into export-with-temp-buffer
  discards  6f656f7   Updated version number
  discards  c43464d   Updated Commentary
  discards  731ebb8   Fixes errant newline in LaTeX dialogue
  discards  6a505a7   Added page-delimiters
  discards  7a9aee0   Added script-end-regexp
  discards  aa32d3e   Strip comments working model
  discards  4421d1c   modified: README.md
  discards  12f6170   Set local page-delimiter var
  discards  0f01ca4   Fixing paren comment append regexp
  discards  74b984e   Fixing HTML paren indent width
  discards  e4d6b0e   Allow comments appended to character, paren, lines
  discards  79be752   Use shy regexp groups in comment
  discards  4b875ef   Removed staggered dual-dialogue in HTML
  discards  364f464   Function quoting with # for speeeeed
  discards  ce1ff96   More robust toggle-custom-variable
  discards  9c73e1c   Changed version number
  discards  e29b34a   Fix for Emacs lexical binding standard-value property bug
  discards  9ff255f   Fix for fountain export forced bug
  discards  25135dd   Merge branch 'auto-mode'
  discards  a824990   Remove s from parse-action
  discards  65f27f3   Auto-load fountain-mode for .fountain files
  discards  559885e   Adding all docstrings
  discards  b9a68ea   Fixing let scope
  discards  c6e28fa   Merge branch 'docstrings'
  discards  214cf25   Use nil and t for forced property
  discards  067a046   Adding docstrings
  discards  f447acf   Remove additional-template-replace-functions
  discards  5ad9fac   Merge pull request #54 from rnkn/template-rewrite
  discards  d6bb149   Reintroduce snippet export
  discards  aa1a803   Doc string additions
  discards  9730363   ${dual-dialog} template replace fixes
  discards  f8e4045   Fixing HTML template
  discards  9567e4e   Indent dialogue 1.5in -> 1in
  discards  0ec5516   Fix for nil templates
  discards  31e4572   Removed export-html-create-style
  discards  ab1327b   Fix fountain-trans-forced template
  discards  a49aa07   Remove omit from scene plist
  discards  c3c7aab   Simpler template-key-regexp
  discards  4e50faf   parse-character adds contd property
  discards  46ab330   parse-region no longer needs recursive flag
  discards  8958463   Cleaning up
  discards  c5db8a0   Make HTML template responsive
  discards  175858b   lexical-binding: t
  discards  b01afff   Temp defmacro
  discards  be027f6   Added TeX-engine local variable
  discards  2e185cb   Added ${contact-template}
  discards  4627868   LaTeX package name atbegshi -> oberdiek
  discards  040c443   Fixing FDX template version problem
  discards  f618989   Improving doc, removing commented funs
  discards  7b7383e   Improve toggle-hide-element/comment-syntax
  discards  f0da32a   easy-menu-define rearrange
  discards  ebbad55   Reimplemented menu toggles with toggle-custom-variable
  discards  c4236a6   Neatening up
  discards  be509c0   If replacer fails stringp, return ""
  discards  e2ff716   Removed keys that need to be in metadata
  discards  55c113e   TeX typo
  discards  6e9daba   Added HTML keys
  discards  8bd9c75   Merge branch 'latex-export-fixes' into template-keys
  discards  e52dcb2   Make template-replace-funs format independent
  discards  33f6914   New LaTeX template
  discards  dcd5cea   deleted: .gitignore
  discards  2561769   Extra precautions against endless loops
  discards  660dae5   Lexical template-replace funs
  discards  794952b   Look for replace-fun in 
  discards  c9f03dc   Merge branch 'lexical-lambda-funs'
  discards  27e5633   Split required template-replace-funs from additional
  discards  cd8a4a7   Moved export-template-replace to lexical lambda
  discards  446c531   Added "&" escape for TeX output
  discards  ebea6ce   Updated README/Commentary to omit develop git branch
  discards  f3045d3   Allow metadata tab indenting
  discards  45db55a   Fix for parsing comment bug
  discards  4142fdb   Prefer "Final Draft" over "FDX"
  discards  645409f   Remove custom options not in menu
  discards  125f376   Added default export function options
  discards  ffcf482   Comment funs not yet ready
  discards  0da38ea   Revert "Locally disable electric-indent-mode"
  discards  36dda30   Added fountain-export-contact-align-right
  discards  9a10e3e   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  36df359   Fix GPL 3 badge img
  discards  f4737a1   Updated Commentary
  discards  ff67a61   Added LaTeX packages to README
  discards  d263485   Unneeded forced vspace
  discards  18499da   export-template-replace now take format
  discards  865479d   Fix for two-space rule in LaTeX
  discards  dba49c2   Removed unneeded funs
  discards  06b1fb3   LaTeX template now works pretty well
  discards  d8a480c   Added shields.io GPL 3 badge
  discards  565d86c   HTML title page display
  discards  6fb2a7d   Added tex template replace functions
  discards  4e1b1d0   Updated latex template
  discards  7958e2e   Locally disable electric-indent-mode
  discards  62f2d79   Added obsolete warnings
  discards  8fcd969   No longer add "(" and ")" to continued-dialog-string
  discards  d67dc1a   MELPA links point to Fountain Mode
  discards  5765e61   Prefer MELPA-stable more strongly
  discards  56a4fbe   Allow programmatic snippet export
  discards  7b3564f   Added Fountain export to feature list
  discards  45b722b   Docs on export convenience funs
  discards  44b1a30   Added parse/export progress report
  discards  ea90e4b   Double quotes everywhere
  discards  73d7e20   C-u C-u C-u TAB shows custom-level not startup-level
  discards  cb81bf0   Insert style to cssfile with silent modifications
  discards  5f45a84   Show all outline when exporting
  discards  1fbd6a3   Not using wombat theme!
  discards  f8d2945   Updated README
  discards  20d7d02   Small fixes
  discards  9beb0e0   Reintroduced export-include-title-page
  discards  4a6df6e   Unworking get-scene-number fun
  discards  f1be332   CSS fixes
  discards  c57e0c1   Use lists for title/scene export format opts
  discards  c979ae3   Remove unneeded parse-metadata fun
  discards  b4781d7   Part II of fix for double-space dialogue
  discards  1e45175   Use cons over append where possible
  discards  d406abb   Added forced element prop
  discards  bfc0dde   Fix for double-space in dialogue
  discards  81dcd16   export-title-as-filename -> export-use-title-as-filename
  discards  69ae363   export-include-elements -> export-include-elements-alist
  discards  8cb2942   Add template replace infrastructure
  discards  d7624d5   export-buffer reads available formats
  discards  f2bf999   export-buffer-tex -> export-buffer-to-latex
  discards  8e2d5ac   Use insert-char over newline
  discards  c12dfa1   Upcase funs can now force scene heading with C-u
  discards  6ed0c94   Rearranged menu
  discards  9e9622c   Removed unused get-block-bounds
  discards  0be9512   Added fountain export document format
  discards  b858388   Fixes possible infinite loop on forward-character
  discards  2ec4a08   Use ${dual} in HTML dialog class
  discards  f1b10bc   Remove unused junk
  discards  ffbf79e   Fixed bug passing element list instead of content
  discards  c8ebd78   Working use of export-format-getter-alist funs
  discards  09c5f14   Make elements without templates pass string
  discards  45f2219   Added export-format-getter-alist
  discards  a3b246e   Reintroduced export-html-create-style
  discards  193b2dd   New export funs
  discards  63018cf   Added export-format-replace
  discards  e7c3c20   Use export-document-templates in export-format-element
  discards  5ca84ed   Cleaning regexp
  discards  87fb1d0   Added export format courtesy functions
  discards  a8a2f3b   Added delete-comments-in-region, moved 
  discards  9ebfd7d   Added export keys/menu items
  discards  9c432ba   Optionally use title as export filename
  discards  b811afa   Remove export-html-head-template
  discards  477e8be   Added export-element-templates (replaces 
  discards  dd890be   Added current export-document-templates
  discards  aefbab1   Added current CSS template
  discards  e7b7020   Reintroduced export options
  discards  79e4d09   Removing dot notation in vars
  discards  df5fd37   Documentation cleanup
  discards  750c529   Add init-vars and cleaned mode definition
  discards  1e5087f   Use true lists for get-align
  discards  cefe7b5   Parsing now puts metadata only in document plist
  discards  cca2529   Update README.md
  discards  1cf0a88   Changed element plists :prop -> 'prop
  discards  6fdfde8   Removed comments from export-include-elements
  discards  736d989   HTML, LaTeX and FDX format templates
  discards  fbdafab   New export fun, working for snippets only
  discards  a7ba3d7   Fix for two-space rule
  discards  143df6d   Use tabs in documentation
  discards  ee6d8e6   Commented out scene number functions
  discards  bf837ff   Added scene number alignment stuff
  discards  19f324f   Added todos
  discards  28440b3   Comment out insert-alternate-character
  discards  a9d9a53   Imenu list shows section prefixes
  discards  857909f   outline-cycle now using outline-custom-level
  discards  378fd7c   Commented out all export code
  discards  baa8ce8   Added support for multiple formats
  discards  f0ec82d   Fixed note face group
  discards  39d20ff   Remove uuid stuff
  discards  0e57e2f   mark-scene only marks until next outline heading
  discards  201059a   Rearranging and neatening
  discards  c4a2c17   Removed outlining from README
  discards  2603c20   Merge branch 'v2.0' into develop
  discards  57fb86d   UTF-8 quotes in docstring
  discards  3430a01   New keys
  discards  01dbbd2   Alternate character functions
  discards  3df83a1   Scene number functions
  discards  4016f93   Updating read-metadata
  discards  ce37b85   Marking obsolete functions
  discards  47b5682   Replacing export functions
  discards  0e7961e   Improving font-lock and regexp
  discards  a2767a5   Better parse-region listing
  discards  cbe8de9   Added action face
  discards  b77851c   Reworked setting outline-startup-level
  discards  bbbcc7c   Added Todo list
  discards  8aab9a3   Updated copyright
  discards  a351a40   Added align group
  discards  133dfb4   Changed version number
  discards  934243a   Add Emacs 24.4 to Package-Requires
  discards  a49a2aa   Updated README
  discards  37594a4   Auto-align scene numbers
  discards  42b606a   Removed occur funs
  discards  1378a16   Regexp improvements
  discards  13f5e0f   Terminal-friendly keys
  discards  67e8132   Called init-regexp when changed font lock dec
  discards  82a8dca   Moved function
  discards  848ef23   scene-number-regexp combines with scene-heading-regexp
  discards  3dfaa22   Neatening up
  discards  525fea6   Use "fun" instead of "func"
  discards  210689e   Improved read-metadata and get-metadata-value
  discards  d3489b4   Made block-limit customizable
  discards  8987302   Combined all files into fountain-mode.el
  discards  53db63d   Split parse-element into each element
  discards  8b1a5e8   Merge branch 'develop' into v2.0
  discards  640bd03   Changed screenshot
  discards  167238b   iMenu needs to be set after scene-heading-regexp
  discards  a050ea7   Updated version number, README/Commentary, email
  discards  6e5682d   Moved imenu var to after regexp vars
  discards  c8d90b8   Added basic imenu functionality
  discards  844444d   Changed email
  discards  fb678a9   Removed data var - use lex instead
  discards  ffb7157   parse-region does not take data arg
  discards  14ea06a   Removed get-element
  discards  0047b10   renamed: fountain-data.el -> fountain-parse.el
  discards  6f1841c   Updated character-regexp doc
  discards  3715769   Changed face defaults
  discards  87b6c00   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  b3bcfa7   Update README.md
  discards  1614778   Update README.md
  discards  4604fcc   Bumped version number
  discards  081ffa4   Fixes #25
  discards  4f1af5b   Fixes and lexical binding
  discards  5940c04   Split into separate files
  discards  db0b19f   Remove thingatpt
  discards  4caa161   Bumped version number
  discards  2aeaacf   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  a4bed42   Removed thing-at-point from note-p
  discards  afbc73d   Merge branch 'develop' into export-rewrite
  discards  24ab81c   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  87ff021   Updated version num, README and Commentary
  discards  2a8a52a   Improve menu
  discards  29aac52   Use customize-set-variable for menu
  discards  c37acb4   Fixing font-lock-dec funs
  discards  7fe9cb8   Fixing comment-p
  discards  5edba38   Don't use blank-regexp for insert-note
  discards  f46e21c   Use outline for insert-synopsis
  discards  2205f14   extend-region does not need get-block-bounds
  discards  38eedf7   Split outline-startup-level, outline-custom-level
  discards  0ec26a2   Fixed get-font-lock-decoration
  discards  0478df5   Fixed scene-heading margin
  discards  6f54808   Added some latex/fdx formatting
  discards  3d8a5e0   Improving parser
  discards  ac83438   Optimized note-p and comment-p
  discards  ce9ac1e   Parse temp buffer
  discards  ba7e175   Bumped version number
  discards  994010d   Fixing outline cycling
  discards  96408f8   Added force option to export
  discards  9fcf741   Small eof newline additions
  discards  ec2af70   Minor fixes
  discards  4823f4d   Begin export rewrite
  discards  6edde9f   Enable lexical environment
  discards  70dc488   Changed outline-custom-level to outline-startup-level
  discards  c878527   Changed section to section-heading
  discards  61664ff   Minor cleanups
  discards  366646d   Improved forward-scene
  discards  e99b25c   Separated b/eobp from blank-regexp
  discards  282719b   Added init-comment-syntax
  discards  e7acdd2   Changed screenshot to Big Fish, other cleaning up
  discards  b2b43dd   Fixing arg/n var
  discards  35b5e71   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  a9c5e94   Point marker nowhere
  discards  fa9f438   Minor cleanup
  discards  580900d   Don't quote let lambda, use n for number
  discards  7d9c475   Bumped version number
  discards  0e91c16   Aliased outline funs, wrote custom outline-shift-up/down
  discards  c3d23a8   Use section group 4 for outline-level
  discards  429d1ca   Fixed mark in no buffer bug
  discards  a36b95c   Fixed subtree cycle bug
  discards  5ca4974   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  05f2d08   Fixed outline regexp counting spaces
  discards  fb17167   Unneeded
  discards  a7b1d46   Added MELPA badges
  discards  f213e08   Updated commentary with README
  discards  85f088e   Added outline info
  discards  abab1e1   Rearranged feature list
  discards  76661b1   Removed empty doc strings
  discards  89e532b   Fixed section-regexp
  discards  d21e563   Commented out scene-num stuffs
  discards  67207d7   Combined commit:
  discards  f29592e   Added export-element-set for teh future
  discards  819b05a   Fixing font-lock-keywords-plist
  discards  dc1b6b3   Added outline-cycle funs
  discards  b746634   Added align-scene-num var
  discards  dbddec3   Combined commit (incl. scene-num):
  discards  f32983d   Fixing regexp
  discards  4b4e375   Comment out unused strip-comments fun
  discards  3dc3705   Fixing outline-cycle vars
  discards  05c5e7d   Added regexp init funs
  discards  3604955   Added outline commands
  discards  2e758f0   Bumped version number
  discards  d3f0adf   Added outline functions
  discards  71aff40   Updated center regexp
  discards  81fa6bf   Updated synopsis regexp
  discards  6f643d7   Updated note regexp
  discards  e1f745a   Updated paren regexp
  discards  f42cfbc   Changed MELPA links to melpa.org
  discards  2b1489b   Updated character regexp
  discards  eee6f31   Updated metadata regexp
  discards  3a33a36   Updated comment regexp
  discards  023f66c   Updated nbsp regexp
  discards  f7c9fc6   Added outline functions
  discards  3951254   Merge branch 'master' into develop
  discards  cd1b826   Revert "Added temporary link to The Abductors on the 
Black List"
  discards  3772c59   Merge branch 'master' into develop
  discards  e8f9ced   Bumped version number
  discards  aa65db0   Make font-lock-extra-managed-props buffer local
  discards  c7b55a9   Added zero padding to td CSS
  discards  b721eed   Removed option to prepare HTML
  discards  f288368   Obsessive cleanliness
  discards  1f21a56   Renamed invisible-p to tachyon-p
  discards  532db85   Added "on GitHub" to links
  discards  31f8dda   Added link to mailing list
  discards  e9a9a13   Switched screenshot to files.paulwrankin.com
  discards  9a5441c   Rewrote font-lock-keywords-plist and 
  discards  35eae9c   character-p now uses regexp instead of funs
  discards  04ddde2   Added character-regexp
  discards  b091c57   Added temporary link to The Abductors on the Black List
  discards  d0c367d   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  2306123   Bumped version number, plus obsessive cleanliness
  discards  3131080   Obsessive cleanliness
  discards  26794ba   Added git clone instructions
  discards  11a8e5d   Fixed missing link
  discards  689fde9   Added theme note to README
  discards  cd074ff   Change mark and point in template to $@ and $?
  discards  a98fe45   Added The Abductors to README
  discards  f29032f   Added block-limit var
  discards  2e40724   Updated README/Commentary
  discards  fff6d4a   Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:rnkn/fountain-mode 
into develop
  discards  df8c4b8   Updated README/Commentary
  discards  435b433   Updating doc
  discards  bef6750   Changed version number and README/Commentary
  discards  c3804ae   Fixes bug introduced in 
  discards  02ad32b   Changed version number
  discards  6003b4e   Fixed customizing trans-list and scene-heading-prefix-list
  discards  2290270   Added monospace to font stack
  discards  c562ff0   Obsessive cleanliness
  discards  d746a4c   Changed version number
  discards  273d46c   Updated README/Commentary to reflect latest
  discards  d1bfaf1   Moving export-line-breaks to creating element
  discards  2f2f6e4   Changed fountain-escapes to fountain-syntax-chars
  discards  a2d7951   Preserve line-breaks in titlepage
  discards  963edb0   Increase fontify bounds to 10000
  discards  b6576ca   Fixing metadata regexp
  discards  2066658   Combined fountain-export.el with fountain-mode.el
  discards  d3d2443   Custom (CONT'D) and (MORE) strings
  discards  2e50661   Split filter fns
  discards  1440e20   Set character prop to slice only at (CONT'D)
  discards  8d27327   Changed get-character to take positive/negative int
  discards  d470ceb   Removed FADE IN: from trans-list
  discards  24e424d   Fixing missing ${font}
  discards  4e351f8   Merge branch 'develop' of 
bouville.local:~/src/fountain-mode into develop
  discards  32fdff2   Minor doc cleanup
  discards  f3cba8b   Updated README/Commentary
  discards  1c54ebc   Changed version number
  discards  e023bd6   Merge branch 'hotfix'
  discards  a0dd4d7   Fixed font lock extend region bug
  discards  fe8b0b1   Don't need to hide captions on screen @media
  discards  cbbcaba   Added caption class in prep for Prince changes
  discards  37a03e7   Added orphan and widow lines options
  discards  3df9d48   Insert dialog as tables to allow MORE/CONT'D
  discards  5710ca9   Fixed wrong num args on mark-scene
  discards  f7c758d   Only create title page if title meta exists
  discards  62d8cc2   Merge branch 'develop' of 
tropico.local:~/src/fountain-mode into develop
  discards  2cebbf0   Replaced lambdas with named fns
  discards  4343486   Added revision mark CSS
  discards  346eb9f   Automatically make fountain-metadata buffer-local
  discards  930f5c0   Added latest release link and note about MELPA-stable
  discards  bcaa069   Minor cleanups
  discards  dc4c457   Updated README/Commentary
  discards  afc1631   No commentary for export engine
  discards  750e3c1   Escaping nbsp, e.g. "\\\s"
  discards  35e2796   Workaround for invisibility spec problem
  discards  44de329   Doc cleanup.
  discards  8ef04b6   Removed font lock matching fns in favour of lambda 
  discards  37ca9f7   Added key-bindings for hidden elements and added refontify
  discards  7a769cf   Export works without refreshing font lock defaults!
  discards  cc03aec   Big doc cleanup, combined get-previous-character into 
  discards  9dfb3d0   Merge branch 'develop' of 
bouville.local:~/src/fountain-mode into develop
  discards  83a7db3   Added occur fns to menu
  discards  55e9a10   Fixed center text bug inheriting default
  discards  e114a9c   Multiple changes:
  discards  7037e46   Toggling element visibility with single fn
  discards  5603721   Working on hiding invisible and non-printing text
  discards  324a978   Fixing emphasis regexp and keywords gen
  discards  2709151   Added show/hide emphasis delim menu toggle
  discards  9114f4c   Combined keywords gen into single fn, added set-dec 
  discards  1087a95   Multiple changes:
  discards  a5c1d80   Commented out trim-whitespace custom option
  discards  df5e9b3   Added emphasis faces and invisibility spec
  discards  72689d6   Added README to header as commentary with small cleanups
  discards  bc0ac89   Changed version number, added obsolete faces
  discards  c91e806   Fixing doc, using "minimum" instead of "none" for 
  discards  ad566b7   Removed -highlight faces
  discards  f4a9e43   Keywords gen now uses per-face decoration level
  discards  586eae5   Multiple changes:
  discards  76e1d83   Always refresh font lock defaults, regardless of error
  discards  6662895   Use fountain-element instead of face for export
  discards  4f59e67   Added fountain-element to text props and keywords gen
  discards  70f66c7   Scene navigation now adheres to sections
  discards  e798669   Completed doc for font-lock-keywords-plist
  discards  9943252   Minor efficiency change
  discards  df3d2ee   No need for dolist
  discards  bf3f975   Changed version number
  discards  40e9228   Make sure no other mode is fontifying on export
  discards  a8f867a   Character is now p not h3, authors is now author
  discards  0b4e5ee   Fixing point/mark markers in insert-template
  discards  1852a65   Fixed continued dialog refresh bug
  discards  fe82b50   Updated to reflect current status
  discards  496e103   Added credit to external CSS
  discards  bb99adc   Removed useless custom vars
  discards  e3afb68   Changed version and URL info, fixed doc and obsolete
  discards  096fe56   Added occur-scene-headings
  discards  07edaa6   Renamed "centered" to "center"
  discards  a4e32d3   Added option to include/omit title page
  discards  29922d7   Added forced-action-mark for forcing action
  discards  3793ec5   Combined metadata regexp
  discards  66f19b5   Combined normal and forced regexp
  discards  4ef3f44   Improved title page templates, added title options, read 
  discards  f2f3424   Fixed :prefix, added Occur commands
  discards  b41f083   Small trans-p bug
  discards  d3240c1   Refreshing continued dialog progress, also...
  discards  35e6cc4   Export buffer name uses format, save excursions, css fixes
  discards  a86164f   Autofill fix
  discards  023b5bb   Note about TextPlay stylesheet
  discards  7c53c1f   Added Prince to requirements
  discards  e9718f8   Updated to reflect 1.0.0
  discards  3dc6c0c   Face and CSS for page breaks
  discards  b0af801   Fixing multi-line read-metadata bug
  discards  f5bcd0e   Duplicated get-metadata with HTML filtering
  discards  35ed594   Fixing CSS, filter get-metadata-value
  discards  a3edba6   Added create-title-page fn
  discards  5231655   Changed some menu names
  discards  7a3c4f3   Name changes, require s and declare fns
  discards  dca870b   "style" not "styles", Courier Prime and utf-8 charset
  discards  01c55b2   Rewrite of export--html to use create-html-head and 
  discards  ad3389c   Added metadata faces
  discards  a8a384a   Fixed :prefix bug, renamed buffer name vars to 
  discards  6d104c8   Exporting with \s\s as \nbsp\s
  discards  b86454a   Added metadata fun and var, will read on load and save
  discards  a109bb5   Added metadata-p and fixed comment regexp
  discards  9d2a780   Using with-temp-buffer, don't need a persistent temp 
  discards  01faa22   Export now strips comments to temp buffer
  discards  36ae0ef   Added customize export group menu
  discards  12c6b53   Fixed center/character regexp bugs
  discards  f961540   Only skip \n, use h2 for scenes, don't prompt for 
  discards  50a4a9a   Moved syntax highlighting submenu
  discards  f8fbfea   Changed "moderate" to "normal"
  discards  3205e77   Added export options to menu
  discards  84d01af   Use dolist instead of while, because we can
  discards  7b45beb   Added styles export (inline only)
  discards  64afe7c   Some doc updates
  discards  4fb90e0   Ditched the spaces in the exporting progress reports
  discards  6d80d79   Renamed "minimal" faces to "moderate" - everything in 
  discards  df180d6   IMPORTANT: removed forced-scene-heading funs, vars and 
  discards  cb08a67   Made fontify-buffer refresh font lock defaults (so it 
  discards  366a17c   Fixed forced elements regexp grouping
  discards  1f2c98a   Added a respectable pdf-via-html shell command
  discards  cc67fdb   Added some doc and obsolete vars
  discards  e222614   Merge branch 'export' into develop
  discards  4cab629   Merge branch 'export' of 
bouville.local:~/src/fountain-mode into export
  discards  b6402e3   replace-match... it's cleaner
  discards  0e2d6a5   Templates can now set point and mark
  discards  94b1e4f   Added h2 for forced-scene-heading
  discards  470052b   Merge branch 'develop' into export
  discards  b1edc6a   Updated to reflect current status
  discards  b422318   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  d4f6890   Fixed quote fountain-comment
  discards  6a5831d   Removed centering text
  discards  a587565   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  7f1d118   Changed version number, renamed font-lock-extend-region
  discards  b17a12c   Added ${title} template key, linked `fountain-mode'
  discards  2ceb4ae   Fixed trailing whitespace bug with continued dialog
  discards  e998000   Default export C-c C-e C-e
  discards  516750c   Small optimization
  discards  3780bea   Added export-default
  discards  5cd1cc4   Improved keywords generator, deleted default defvaralias
  discards  9edd1b0   Made create-html-element work with substring-no-props
  discards  9940c3d   Unquoted fountain-comment (causes export error)
  discards  9ca5cc4   Merge branch 'develop' into export
  discards  fb3e222   Deleted all unneeded indenting funs - wahoo!
  discards  cb94762   A pretty awesome working Font Lock keywords generator!
  discards  03b9500   Renamed indent to align, improved some regexp
  discards  09fea7b   Font Lock keywords with ` macro
  discards  1c01d63   Require fountain-export
  discards  3d4c276   Working indentation without jit-lock-register
  discards  21a41ec   Split section subexp highlighting
  discards  1a48b38   Improvements to regexp
  discards  2d8f606   Added escapes for \_ and \*
  discards  50b030c   Changed replace-quotes to convert-quotes
  discards  af9d040   Added "not part of GNU Emacs" note
  discards  c9a066f   Added underline, italic, bold funs; added replace-quotes 
  discards  587e42f   Merge branch 'non-printing' into develop
  discards  3ce1840   Deleted C-c C-u for upcase-line
  discards  ae5ab83   Merge branch 'export' of 
tropico.local:~/src/fountain-mode into export
  discards  dd4e6ea   Made preparing HTML optional
  discards  8346871   Merge branch 'non-printing' into export
  discards  84f6a9f   Added non-printing cookies to comment face
  discards  bb96f1a   Removed buffer var in export-region-to-html
  discards  55e1b1d   Made funs work on narrowed buffer instead of regions, 
added saving
  discards  4b8765d   Merge branch 'develop' into export
  discards  eabae34   Merge branch 'develop' of 
bouville.local:~/src/fountain-mode into develop
  discards  66dbfc3   Added beginning/end-of-scene fun and upcase keys
  discards  3d57965   Changed parse-buffer to parse-region
  discards  9fb4d78   Made funs work on region by default, created separate 
  discards  1a6118c   Replaced format-replace with s-replace-all
  discards  8736a62   Merge branch 'develop' into export
  discards  87b4451   Slice character-p at only ( not ^
  discards  5db9477   Merge branch 'develop' into export
  discards  0051f8c   Fixed character-p bug
  discards  f156765   Changed sgml-close-tag to insert
  discards  2abd17f   Many additions
  discards  5dc5fef   Working export to HTML
  discards  694e317   Working insertion of separate elements
  discards  89b8f38   Changed when to if where possible
  discards  1eb692b   Started on fountain-export
  discards  def3903   Added version number const
  discards  57e6a07   Added link to release history
  discards  a9df26a   Updated to reflect current changes
  discards  d97515b   Changed version number
  discards  a4092c7   Removed block-bounds limit (unlikely to ever occur)
  discards  ed634c8   Minor doc and comments
  discards  eda13aa   Improved faces doc, added interactive prompt
  discards  95b0811   Made notes slanted
  discards  eb5289a   Removed problem UUID options
  discards  884f31b   Updated to reflect current features
  discards  c950a8f   Added more save-restriction, just in case
  discards  083907f   Fixed centered text indenting
  discards  27467cb   Comment cleanup
  discards  4db725d   Added mark-scene and obsolete variable aliases, comment 
  discards  1b9f498   Cleanup doc
  discards  df9fe92   Replaced get-character with character-p where appropriate
  discards  4703034   Made indent-refresh more robust, character-p faster
  discards  62e119a   indent-add adds symbol value not symbol
  discards  fff24e2   Made indent-refresh use font lock face property
  discards  f89c0c2   character-p matches whole line, get-character slices
  discards  00a5ebc   Merge branch 'develop' of 
tropico.local:~/src/fountain-mode into develop
  discards  bd904fb   Added character-p, match-character and character faces
  discards  95cfe97   Added paren font lock
  discards  791e203   Changed short description
  discards  59fcaf4   Changed version number
  discards  3b39961   Made comment (boneyard) face custom
  discards  8d899d1   Removed set-clean-margins
  discards  290ea2b   Fixed get-font-lock-decoration bug
  discards  7a367fe   Cleaned up default/highlight face names
  discards  57a80f5   Added message when changing font-lock-decoration
  discards  e7a4c89   Added save-font-lock-decoration fun & to menu
  discards  32e8a69   Added Customize option for uuid.el
  discards  d6f6686   set-font-lock-decoration retains previous defaults
  discards  0637acd   Added set-font-lock-decoration
  discards  1cbbbe9   Added get-font-lock-decoration fun to clean menu
  discards  0704743   Added syntax highlighting menu
  discards  17ace3f   Merge branch 'master' into develop
  discards  4ac3c63   Changed faces to inherit font-lock faces
  discards  ce7555a   Updated to reflect recent changes
  discards  a01b5ce   Added match funs for trans and dialog
  discards  d8c2213   Re-added all predicate funcs
  discards  1d6cd91   Merge branch 'develop' of 
tropico.local:~/src/fountain-mode into develop
  discards  40b50a2   Minor change to toggle-comment-syntax
  discards  36b5d83   Removed thing-at-point in strip-comments, doc cleanups
  discards  ec37663   Fixed comment-end syntax, begin implementing 
  discards  e929072   Better doc for strip-comments
  discards  5b0818c   Added strip-comments
  discards  7c4e341   Centered elements can indented to col or center
  discards  dcea782   Removed unused next-comment func
  discards  d610832   Merge branch 'menu' into develop
  discards  fdede91   Changed all "dialogue" to "dialog" (US imperialism...)
  discards  937c98e   Added continued dialog toggle
  discards  50fc07c   Added easymenu with toggle functions
  discards  100981d   Added more doc on format-template
  discards  b6cdf9b   Removed set-clean-margins in autoload
  discards  018f66b   Made uuid shell command sexp func instead
  discards  7c78676   Merge branch 'develop' into margins
  discards  2585bd3   Added set-clean-margins hook
  discards  a572b5b   Added visual-line-mode hook
  discards  402ad31   Simplified change-mode-hook
  discards  d7df22d   Fixed synopsis regexp
  discards  925e2c5   Changed version number
  discards  760ad60   Optimised by removing too many thing-at-point-looking-at
  discards  97128a2   Removed all rx
  discards  bebb262   Basic func rewrites using more regexp
  discards  478fc2c   Added lock-extend-region hook, renamed indent vars
  discards  3220b04   Made uuid-command customised
  discards  fc7121f   Small cleanups
  discards  135bd0c   Merge branch 'develop' of 
bouville.local:~/src/fountain-mode into develop
  discards  edc0abd   Added missing dependencies
  discards  b7f1846   Added note about continued dialog in README
  discards  b4477fd   Separated format-refresh into indent-refresh and 
  discards  3396853   Rearranged interactive functions
  discards  5b63418   Added note about centered text
  discards  6e0af83   Merge branch 'master' into develop
  discards  14c6db6   Added centered text regexp and indenting
  discards  346544c   Added upcase scene heading when format-force-refresh
  discards  d78ef7b   Cleaned up match-line
  discards  85895c5   Changed version number
  discards  95c1a6e   Made continued-dialog-refresh much faster on whole buffer
  discards  96816c4   Changed links and added screenshot in README
  discards  8c695fe   Changed version number
  discards  cb7bdac   Merge branch 'continued-dialog' into develop
  discards  e56ac12   Fixed format-force-refresh doc to reflect scene
  discards  ec3fd0f   Merge branch 'thing-at-point' into continued-dialog
  discards  b4ba2d9   Changed format-force-refresh to act on scene
  discards  565d73b   Added format-force-refresh for continued-dialog-str
  discards  3f209da   Added scene thing definition
  discards  95f18e8   Added version number
  discards  cbc9dc9   Automatic add continued string (with problems)
  discards  54f3e9a   Merge branch 'develop' into continued-dialog
  discards  8928410   No longer need eval-and-compile
  discards  3b33d1f   Required rx
  discards  2666a25   Vastly improved forward-scene
  discards  14e51c8   Replaced fountain-looking-at with 
  discards  e9fe120   Renamed fountain-looking-at
  discards  0220391   Using thing-at-point for some funcs
  discards  616fd8a   Added continued-dialog to format-refresh
  discards  ebad5a5   Fixed forced-scene-heading reversal funcs
  discards  36823b5   Merge branch 'font-lock-search' into develop
  discards  9277d10   Reversed and renamed forced-scene-heading options
  discards  692edde   Removed unneeded face defvars
  discards  73682e4   Removed unneeded nonprinting face (shadow replaces)
  discards  e6fe07b   Added synopsis search func
  discards  82f2c14   Forced scene heading does not need func in face
  discards  4cfc32b   Added auto-complete licence
  discards  20465e5   Changed paragraph-forward func to blank-regexp
  discards  09eb4b7   Merge branch 'develop' into font-lock-search
  discards  792d8b0   Added widen where missing
  discards  6e37750   Cleanup let sexp
  discards  c18f24d   Merge branch 'develop' into font-lock-search
  discards  d551ee4   Added change-major-mode-hook to remove indentation
  discards  b397031   Unbalanced parenthesis bug fix
  discards  9eedde0   Merge branch 'develop' into font-lock-search
  discards  860f7bd   Changed format-refresh call to jit-lock-register
  discards  c3249dc   Added get-dot-scene-heading, replaced "scene-heading-p"
  discards  b6b258a   Added match-line with variable FUNC
  discards  b8dc19d   Cleaned doc for get-character
  discards  89d5045   Changed get-scene-heading no longer matches indented
  discards  0a23bef   Added match-scene-heading
  discards  bf7d8df   Merge branch 'get-elements' into develop
  discards  52810f0   Changed version number
  discards  fec0fb5   Merged character-p and get-character
  discards  b4d1637   Fixed bobp bug
  discards  91e61c6   Merge pull request #13 from syohex/fix-byte-compile-error
  discards  4c5fed2   Fix byte compile error
  discards  2a7c806   Removed errant merge conflict marker HMPH!
  discards  4009951   Merge branch 'develop'
  discards  21df459   Changed version number
  discards  00c267b   Merge branch 'insert-synopsis' into develop
  discards  104ef20   Updated README to include scene navigation
  discards  4561272   Added backward-scene (forward-scene with negative n)
  discards  f725259   insert-synopsis tests if current line is blank
  discards  2ca966d   Added insert-synopsis and tips to README
  discards  b43a8a8   insert-synopsis will add to either scene or section 
  discards  c97670b   Added key-binding `C-c C-a` to insert synopsis
  discards  226ac7c   Added insert-synopsis
  discards  0fa4f80   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  0e04950   Version 0.9.0
  discards  d583213   insert-note will open-line unless next line is already 
  discards  7105369   Update README.md
  discards  2cd536e   Added s-present? to character-p, closes #3
  discards  c02f1fc   Deleted unneeded character-regexp
  discards  0ebe56b   s-rewrite of get-character and character-p
  discards  b24c523   Deleted unneeded line-upper-p
  discards  fc51479   Rewrote get-character, deleted trim-whitespace
  discards  e69cb5e   Ditched require font-lock
  discards  e7453f8   Added info about inserting templates
  discards  aeb568d   Removed template-alist
  discards  8f48452   Added format-template
  discards  ca4ee16   Added template-alist, rewrote insert-note to use s-format
  discards  093a757   Required s package
  discards  1701e2d   Merge branch 'insert-note' into develop
  discards  a8e91b7   Merge branch 'comment-syntax' into develop
  discards  f612173   Separated short-time-format and long-time-format
  discards  1c09f4b   Changed get-previous-character to dotimes
  discards  342d433   Added note example
  discards  8330ba0   Changed insert-note to act more like Org Mode
  discards  51d6cf4   Added insert-note and mapped C-c C-z to this function
  discards  e1d8a02   Added time-format and note-template variables
  discards  906c29b   Added // boneyard syntax and switch-comment-syntax option
  discards  fb5badd   Changed version number
  discards  9f79b3c   Merge branch 'get-character'
  discards  2801390   Merge branch 'sceneheading'
  discards  f38af97   Changed version number
  discards  a4f3858   Changed slugline to sceneheading
  discards  3c87cd1   Changed get-prior-character to while loop
  discards  58e99ad   Removed auto-upcase slugline function
  discards  9ccc915   Commented out problematic auto upcase sluglines
  discards  c373e34   Changed metadata-insert key
  discards  ef68f61   Changed version number
  discards  79d9290   Added fontify-region to format-refresh
  discards  63470c4   Fixed bug with get-paragraph-bounds
  discards  c05f11b   Merge branch 'format-refresh' into widen
  discards  e4541a4   Added widen to save-restriction functions
  discards  67a7c01   Changed version number
  discards  421e97e   Fixed dialogue-p recursion bug
  discards  a72e947   trans-p uses regexp and case-fold-search nil
  discards  fd38133   Added save-restriction to note-p
  discards  ee9fd09   Element function cleanup
  discards  53316e7   Added metadata key and changed metadata variables.
  discards  d64de14   Fixed auto upcase-sluglines
  discards  4cd6afc   Added upcase-sluglines to refresh-format
  discards  ce91efe   Implemented format-refresh
  discards  433b5c2   Merge branch 'clean-elements' into format-refresh
  discards  3646ad0   Changed version number
  discards  653f434   Fixed dialogue-p recursion bug
  discards  adbcc88   trans-p uses regexp and case-fold-search nil
  discards  00a67ac   Added save-restriction to note-p
  discards  28077f7   Element function cleanup
  discards  7a0182d   Fixed version number
  discards  d039bdd   Added format-refresh (exceeds max lisp depth)
  discards  b72120a   Fixed dialogue-p when near bobp
  discards  879d237   Fixed version number
  discards  b496488   Merge branch 'transitions'
  discards  aad6a7b   Removed frontmatter-p
  discards  9fbad73   Added get-character, get-prior-character, 
  discards  588e669   Removed var character-face and face character-face
  discards  7d5449e   Require Emacs 24.3
  discards  65bb16c   Changed code blocks to elisp
  discards  9898770   Fixed fountain-trans-p, lines above and below can be blank
  discards  c54a4e3   Added requirement clarifications
  discards  e119ff2   Merge branch 'master' into readme
  discards  d71e73f   Fixed version number.
  discards  8dd5407   Changed fountain-indent-refresh to use 
  discards  d1255e6   Added fountain-get-paragraph-bounds.
  discards  2622e07   Fixed fountain-note-p.
  discards  ff84d67   Added Commentary attribute to package-header
  discards  8f16c64   Updated .gitignore
  discards  9bb4b28   Changed wrap column to 72.
  discards  78d0339   Merge branch 'package-header'
  discards  c55802f   Deleted 'the', it's cleaner...
  discards  88048a3   Merge branch 'licence'
  discards  0fc48f4   Merge branch 'readme'
  discards  7d5fb8d   Changed licence to GNU GPL v3.
  discards  3c4069d   Removed superfluous package header info.
  discards  40b5b75   Changed brief description in package header.
  discards  b7e1d5a   Added availability on MELPA.
  discards  68478a8   Fixed keywords in file header.
  discards  dc0b851   Added file header.
  discards  2027cd8   Capitalize header data.
  discards  653e117   Updated to reflect 0.7 features
  discards  0bdf50d   version 0.7 Merge branch 'develop' - added full boneyard 
support - added basic note support
  discards  ecfd066   Added working fountain-note-p function.
  discards  9856fdc   Added notes syntax
  discards  51bbc7c   Changed comments to boneyard syntax.
  discards  92c3bbf   Added full list of current syntax highlighting.
  discards  ac7d5ba   Removed LICENSE file.
  discards  a2f2e65   Added feature list, requirements and installation 
  discards  a052f41   Removed inactive variables. Also incorporated licence, 
and cleaned up credits and links.
  discards  6e98de0   Initial commit

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