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[elpa] externals/modus-operandi-theme updated (503a772 -> 9d33d16)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] externals/modus-operandi-theme updated (503a772 -> 9d33d16)
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 12:43:06 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/modus-operandi-theme.

      from  503a772   Merge remote-tracking branch 
'modus-themes/elpa/modus-operandi-theme' into externals/modus-operandi-theme
      adds  6210f41   Add support for MINIBUFFER-LINE
      adds  d2ca6f3   Add README on how to load themes at sunrise/sunset
      adds  992d825   Add missing README link to André Alexandre Gomes
      adds  d5f5968   Tweak 'stripes' face to match 'hl-line-mode'
      adds  8fdb458   Attempt to resolve problems with compilation
      adds  b1c7c60   Ensure better consistency of some Org faces
      adds  3bc8f66   Review colour value of 'org-date'
      adds  7d42a55   Review 'org-checkbox' face to use a "box" effect
      adds  968d374   Refine some Org Agenda faces for consistency
      adds  b77ac9b   Review org-todo and org-checkbox-statistics-todo
      adds  f22749e   Modus Vivendi subtle palette review
      adds  c3238e2   Tweak 'log-edit-header', add 'change-log-function'
      adds  1ca78af   Make Org doc title consistent with other headings
      adds  eaede36   Tweak 'message-header-name' (better in context)
      adds  680bee7   Use more appropriate colours for EPA validity
      adds  09fb3ef   Tweak 'eshell-prompt' (better in context)
      adds  9c15114   Tweak 'magit-tag' (better in context)
      adds  b19d100   Extend support for INFO titles
      adds  0d9c90c   Major review of DIREDFL faces
      adds  9b8c0c8   Make diff indicators better for subtle diff option
      adds  2c55c0f   Differentiate 'message-mml', 'message-header-name'
      adds  f1a22b5   Make 'message-separator' more intense greyscale
      adds  25de45e   Tweak README advanced customisation example
      adds  695f459   Expand README with demo for custom colour values
      adds  38471df   Minor amendment to commit f1a22b5e3
      adds  deda7db   Fix parentheses and indentation
      adds  8317484   Fix Ibuffer dependency on Dired faces
      adds  bfa6650   Review internal "mark" faces
      adds  c28d472   Don't give deffaces an invalid docstring
      adds  776977c   Use modern (DISPLAY . PLIST) face spec entries
      adds  9d5f815   Remove unwanted underline in doom-modeline-urgent
      adds  c0d35ae   Use appropriate colour for symlinks
      adds  4068405   Define palette as a constant
      adds  aa3897c   Upgrade to version 0.10.0
       new  9d33d16   Merge branch 'master' into local branch

Summary of changes:
 CHANGELOG.org           |  117 ++
 README.org              |  137 +-
 modus-operandi-theme.el | 5026 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 3 files changed, 2751 insertions(+), 2529 deletions(-)

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