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[elpa] externals/modus-operandi-theme updated (9d33d16 -> 643298e)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] externals/modus-operandi-theme updated (9d33d16 -> 643298e)
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 09:25:13 -0400 (EDT)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/modus-operandi-theme.

      from  9d33d16   Merge branch 'master' into local branch
       new  8df6b66   Add support for NOTMUCH
       new  eb854a7   Review colour sequence of MESSAGE cited text
       new  68a8f65   Major review of MU4E faces
       new  bf3c670   Review Gnus mail/news level faces
       new  750e342   Special colour for default active modeline border
       new  45cc0a3   No more need for ':extend t' in HELM faces
       new  dd63b2b   Review DIARY and CALENDAR faces
       new  8f8bb3b   Review 'org-meta-line' face
       new  5a15e06   Refine CALENDAR+ORG date selection
       new  6876c72   Use a more intense bg in 'org-agenda-date-today'
       new  a978351   Define missing 'header-line-highlight' face
       new  d0c8af9   Review 'org-priority' styles for user options
       new  abafe51   Use more appropriate styles for 'org-warning'
       new  5435753   Refine 'org-todo' for "rainbow headings" option
       new  b584076   Review colour for 'font-lock-preprocessor-face'
       new  27e94b2   Use optional bold weight in font-lock-warning-face
       new  9ff949f   Initial implementation of "faint syntax" option
       new  bf41544   Add tentative support for 'highlight-tail'
       new  306d2cd   Change order of links in README "meta" section
       new  b633b6d   Refine 'diff-hl-reverted-hunk-highlight'
       new  a712240   Review ANNOTATE faces
       new  c543a76   Consistent org-checkbox-statistics-todo, org-todo
       new  f5018c0   Tweak ORG,OUTLINE foreground in "rainbow headings"
       new  3013cca   Review 'org-meta-line', amending commit 8f8bb3b39
       new  adeee9f   Major review of "nuanced" colours (internal)
       new  3c38b04   Two minor documentation refinements
       new  2766a1d   New custom option: "ORG SRC RAINBOW BLOCKS"
       new  5c38177   Remove obsolete note in README
       new  9a52600   Add support for two new HELM faces
       new  ae783cd   Add aliases for 'org-src-block-faces' languages
       new  bbcc399   Add support for clojure in 'org-src-block-faces'
       new  80f87a6   Improve README on Org "rainbow src blocks" option
       new  7c27fb4   Review and expand  'org-src-block-faces'
       new  0c90a92   Tweak various preprocessor faces for consistency
       new  1ce0e98   Review TRANSIENT faces (magit pop-up)
       new  98073da   Refine FOUNTAIN faces
       new  e32ca7d   Refine Org block beg/end line conditional styles
       new  e039129   Refine Org agenda modeline filter faces
       new  79ab685   Refine two Org agenda faces
       new  34eeaa8   Tweak 'secondary-selection' face
       new  c6fcf51   Review Org scheduled faces
       new  3521fae   Simplify conditional use of Org block background
       new  8a0b566   Refine conditional beg/end styles for Org blocks
       new  f382ac1   Tweak 'org-quote' face
       new  80e95c0   Use more appropriate colour for PAREN-FACE package
       new  624cbd6   Improve README for Org-block-related options
       new  28d5b83   Add README suggestions for "faint syntax" option
       new  362f626   Remove now-outdated README note
       new  5d2e6ae   Reference issue 54 regarding "mixed fonts" in Org
       new  a6cd22b   Refine org-scheduled face (amend commit c6fcf5122)
       new  cba4339   Add support for ESHELL-FRINGE-STATUS
       new  32f3d6f   Add support for ESHELL-GIT-PROMPT
       new  1cf8571   Add support for ESHELL-PROMPT-EXTRAS
       new  cfc5d24   Minor tweaks to the README
       new  e536a59   Tweak Org block begin/end for "rainbow blocks"
       new  7a3ceda   Update documention of "rainbow src blocks" option
       new  72d4723   Remove ':extend t' from all Org block options
       new  1841211   Add support for HL-DEFINED
       new  16ad838   Tweak keycast for when "3D modeline" option is 't'
       new  23b38df   Add "bug" keyword to 'hl-todo-keyword-faces' list
       new  4bde9bc   Update README install section (GNU/Linux distros)
       new  52a8c0c   Clarify customisation symbols and possible values
       new  efa3431   MAJOR REVIEW of Org block custom option
       new  3306e4b   Amend adeee9f73:Normalise luminance of nuanced bgs
       new  0a0af53   Add support for BOON
       new  0e5f2b0   Internal re-order of a few faces
       new  89f94d5   Add link for more font- and writing- related confs
       new  72e1f6b   Minor review of MARKDOWN-MODE faces
       new  aea6d29   Add support for built-in TTY-MENU faces
       new  ae2fa4a   Let Markdown tables always inherit fixed-pitch
       new  e22d75d   Let org timestamps inherit fixed-pitch
       new  3f18a36   RENAME CUSTOM OPTION for variable-pitch headings
       new  7bf96d9   Internal: review of docs, outline comments
       new  867d211   Modus Vivendi: minor tweak for consistency
       new  426578f   MAJOR REFACTOR of bold weight and bold constructs
       new  94e1138   Remove extra properties from outline-minor-mode
       new  8a555e9   Internal: fix misplaced comment line
       new  099fe43   Revert commit 94e113878
       new  d8986b7   Let outline-minor-faces respect "section headings"
       new  1e466e0   Modus Operandi: fix bad var from commit d8986b791
       new  c2b800d   Tweak default background of outline-minor-faces
       new  dbdbb90   Clarify that specific degree of "bold" is optional
       new  b8c3d0f   Use new symbol for variable-pitch headings option
       new  2ae2e12   Remove obsolete comment
       new  ffd9f1f   Update section on mixed font docs
       new  8414a5d   Unquote face symbols in 'org-src-block-faces'
       new  ea85175   New custom option for intense hl-line
       new  37b6bd0   Adds a readme note referring to #60 for HTML mails
       new  15d045b   Internal: add custom ids for headings in README
       new  5c58249   Use line highlight for flycheck list current line
       new  e3ce274   Add support for DICTIONARY
       new  5166bc0   Add org-quote background for "org blocks" option
       new  b80d4b4   Add "conf" to org-src-block-faces
       new  7ad88f0   Improve distinction between MU4E read and unread
       new  c8deb91   Add explicit support for BONGO
       new  da76787   Minor refinements for BONGO
       new  a339d41   New CUSTOM OPTION for intense paren matching
       new  c376b08   Prepare version 0.11.0
       new  643298e   Merge branch 'master' into local branch

Summary of changes:
 CHANGELOG.org           |  259 +++++
 README.org              |  444 ++++++---
 modus-operandi-theme.el | 2444 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 3 files changed, 2003 insertions(+), 1144 deletions(-)

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