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[elpa] externals/consult d88e064: Add consult--project-name, fix prompt

From: ELPA Syncer
Subject: [elpa] externals/consult d88e064: Add consult--project-name, fix prompt
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 06:57:07 -0400 (EDT)

branch: externals/consult
commit d88e0649cb457b5d3c9f369dbcee07d3c0728cef
Author: Daniel Mendler <mail@daniel-mendler.de>
Commit: Daniel Mendler <mail@daniel-mendler.de>

    Add consult--project-name, fix prompt
    Thanks for the report, @iyefrat!
 consult-imenu.el |  2 +-
 consult.el       | 12 ++++++++----
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/consult-imenu.el b/consult-imenu.el
index 1b7138c..de53752 100644
--- a/consult-imenu.el
+++ b/consult-imenu.el
@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ same major mode as the current buffer are used. See also
                                             :sort 'alpha)))
        (format "Go to item (Project %s): "
-               (file-name-base (directory-file-name project)))
+               (consult--project-name project))
        (consult-imenu--all-items buffers))
diff --git a/consult.el b/consult.el
index 1b56d9a..19129f1 100644
--- a/consult.el
+++ b/consult.el
@@ -718,8 +718,7 @@ Otherwise the `default-directory' is returned."
    ((stringp dir) (consult--directory-prompt-1 prompt dir))
    (dir (consult--directory-prompt-1 prompt (read-directory-name "Directory: " 
nil nil t)))
    ((when-let (root (consult--project-root))
-      (cons (format "%s in project %s: " prompt
-                    (file-name-base (directory-file-name root)))
+      (cons (format "%s in project %s: " prompt (consult--project-name root))
    (t (consult--directory-prompt-1 prompt default-directory))))
@@ -728,6 +727,12 @@ Otherwise the `default-directory' is returned."
   (when-let (root (and consult-project-root-function (funcall 
     (expand-file-name root)))
+(defun consult--project-name (dir)
+  "Return the project name for DIR."
+  (if (string-match "/\\([^/]+\\)/\\'" dir)
+      (match-string 1 dir)
+    dir))
 (defun consult--format-location (file line &optional str)
   "Format location string 'FILE:LINE:STR'."
   (setq line (number-to-string line)
@@ -2672,8 +2677,7 @@ non-nil, all buffers are searched. Optional INITIAL input 
can be provided. See
      (consult--line-multi-candidates :sort 'alpha :directory project)
      :prompt (if project
-                 (format "Go to line (Project %s): "
-                         (file-name-base (directory-file-name project)))
+                 (format "Go to line (Project %s): " (consult--project-name 
                "Go to line (All buffers): ")
      :initial initial
      :group #'consult--line-group)))

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