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Strange ERC/ZNC Bug/Problem

From: acdw
Subject: Strange ERC/ZNC Bug/Problem
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2021 16:46:03 +0000
User-agent: Cyrus-JMAP/3.5.0-alpha0-1126-g6962059b07-fm-20210901.001-g6962059b

Hi ERC devs!

I'm writing today to report a bug with erc, due to the urging of neverwas on
#emacs@libera.chat.  I was told to reference this bug as well:


I'm just going to recount what I experienced using ERC to the best of my
remembrance; I haven't used it in about a week or so (see the last commit of my
config using ERC at [1]), having switched to Circe.  I'm afraid I didn't
investigate the cause of the problem too thoroughly, so I'm not sure what it
might have been.

- After setting up ZNC on znc.tilde.team, ERC would connect to channels on the
  wrong server, e.g. I had #politics@tilde.team setup, it would connect to
  #politics@libera.chat (which doesn't exist, and would redirect to
  ##politics).  This is with the new ERC on Emacs 28, that when connecting to
  different servers directly, would /not/ be confused (i.e., two buffers were
  created: “#emacs/tilde.chat”, “#emacs/libera.chat”).  To be honest, I'd never
  used ZNC before either, so it's possible I set /that/ up wrong…
- Re-connection issues: I'm on a laptop so the connection drops in and out.
  That's not the problem, but ERC was not so smart with reconnecting.  I'd run
  /reconnect in a server buffer, or try to map the command over servers, and
  it'd reconnect but my nick would be acdw` or similar.  I don't think this is
  ERC's issue /per se/, but Circe, e.g., handles it better, afaik.

That's really all I remember, I hope this is helpful.  ERC is, on the whole,
pretty good, and I might switch back later!


~ acdw
acdw.net | breadpunk.club/~breadw

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