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Re: bug#46777: 28.0.50; ERC: NickServ identification: Prompt for passwor

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: bug#46777: 28.0.50; ERC: NickServ identification: Prompt for password after other sources, overall simplifications
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 00:45:24 -0400
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Hi all,

Lars Ingebrigtsen writes:

> Amin Bandali <bandali@gnu.org> writes:
>> 2. gradually phase out the function if we must: either declare it
>>    obsolete and make it a wrapper around a new function with the
>>    desired API
> This is usually the way to handle things like this, and it looks like
> the right solution here, too.

Thanks, sounds good.

                                 * * *

J.P. writes:

> Amin Bandali <bandali@gnu.org> writes:
>> 1. change the function's arguments in a backwards-compatible way
>>    (i.e. by adding new &optional args as needed), and ignore the
>>    arg we don't need anymore (the password in this case, and
>>    make sure we don't accidentally expose it instead of a nick);
> I guess ignoring the password arg means some folks currently using this
> entry point in lisp code may have to call `erc-nickserv-send-identify'
> directly instead, depending on their needs. Works for me, but if that's
> the plan, I don't think the version I sent fits the bill entirely.

Right.  I think your *not* ignoring the password here is actually more
familiar and desirable, and I prefer it over what I'd suggested. :)

>> From a quick look at J.P.'s revised version of Olivier's patch, it
>> looks quite favourable to me
> Um, that was mostly me trying out my bandali impersonation (blasphemous,
> I know).

Ha, you give me too much credit. :)

Okay so having tested and reviewed J.P.'s revised patch, it looks good
to me; so I went ahead and merged it with some minor tweaks, including
listing J.P. as co-author:


Thank you all for your help and bearing with me until I finally got
around to this.

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