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parens show and error in ERC with smileys

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: parens show and error in ERC with smileys
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2021 01:02:09 +0200
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Now with the interest in show-paren, how can I make Emacs not
say "No matching parenthesis found" all the time and also
don't highlight the warning with smileys?

Annoying with in ERC not the least ...

Can't we have both show-paren and that error message - as an
option, so at the users discretion - _not_ treat that as an
error (i.e., don't say anything) and not signal the red flag
either (the show part)?

These -

  :) :(
  :> :<
  :] :[
  :} :{

- it possible to exclude them? Maybe the error comes from
C and the show from Lisp (ha) but you know what I'm saying ...

BTW I had a file to mute arbitrary errors but I lost it ...

underground experts united

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