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Re: track-exclude some nick

From: Danilo Alves
Subject: Re: track-exclude some nick
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 18:46:31 -0300

On 08/10/2021 00:17, J.P. wrote:
> Did you remember to remove lisp/erc/erc-track.elc?

Oh, I didn't! After removing the .elc the patch worked!

> Fantastic! Please take over this patch if you're feeling up to it (and
> can get it working).

Nice! I'm thinking that maybe changing the foreground color of those
track-excluded messages to something more faded would be a good
addition. Let's see if I can add that.

> Sorry for talking past you a bit with this stuff and basically trying to
> parlay your interest into a larger discussion. (That was rather rude.)
> Here's some missing background...

No problem :-) I appreciate the background you provided, thank you.


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