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Re: bug#51841: 27.2; erc-insert-marker has no value

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: bug#51841: 27.2; erc-insert-marker has no value
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 07:12:01 -0800
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Rostislav Svoboda <rostislav.svoboda@gmail.com> writes:

> Until then it would be enough just to provide some information (e.g.
> in the variable documentation) like "Requires restart" or "Do this
> when changed, to see the effect".

I see, so I guess nothing was broken in the traditional sense. But since
the current documentation or lack thereof might leave people expecting
more, namely, full buffer refilling, they're liable to waste time
fiddling with erc-fill, wondering why it doesn't work. And you suggest
we address this by making things plainer somewhere, perhaps in a doc
string or two.

So is this (and the full dynamic/adaptive feature) something you might
be willing to take on personally, Bost? If not, someone may get around
to it, but if that someone is me, it'll likely be a while (because I've
got lots of other stuff I'm trying to improve on ATM, not least my
understanding of Emacs).

> That's a lovely animation. BTW the links behind "Info", "Recipe",
> "Camera", i.e. the "View raw" stuff, don't work. (However the links
> behind those little icons - the "View in forge" do work.)

Thanks for the head's up. That whole automated repro thing was just a
half-baked sketch anyway, but I may try to make it less garbage-like at
some point.

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