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Re: bug#52010: 28.0.60; ERC now ignores dialed server names in autojoin

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: bug#52010: 28.0.60; ERC now ignores dialed server names in autojoin
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2021 17:43:23 -0800
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/28.0.60 (gnu/linux)

Actually, please ignore everything stated previously (and the patch as

The 2017 change [1] was *not* the source of the problem as wrongly
implied in my previous email (although it did get the ball rolling by
changing from announced to dialed names for auth-source queries). The
real culprit is actually something way more recent [2]:

  diff --git a/lisp/erc/erc-join.el b/lisp/erc/erc-join.el
  index e4faf6bd79..79c111082f 100644
  --- a/lisp/erc/erc-join.el
  +++ b/lisp/erc/erc-join.el
  @@ -153,18 +153,20 @@ erc-autojoin-channels
                                server nick (current-buffer))))
       ;; `erc-autojoin-timing' is `connect':
  -    (dolist (l erc-autojoin-channels-alist)
  -      (when (string-match (car l) server)
  -       (let ((server (or erc-session-server erc-server-announced-name)))
  +    (let ((server (or erc-session-server erc-server-announced-name)))
  +      (dolist (l erc-autojoin-channels-alist)
  +        (when (string-match-p (car l) server)

But its damage has already been undone by [3] (IOW, there's no
regression)! So everything's fine as long as we don't mind a bit of
churn for folks on master who may have adjusted their autojoin alists in
the meantime (since August 2020 or so).

I suppose if we *really* wanted to be thorough, we could add an entry to
etc/ERC-NEWS saying a problem introduced in early in Emacs-28
development has been fixed and that any entries in
`erc-autojoin-channels-alist' containing dialed host names as keys
should use networks or partial announced domains instead. But, IMO,
that's unnecessary.

Thanks, and apologies (yet again) for the noise.

[1] commit 927dcbd2e6e0e53fcfb09296716e11c002ab1518
    Fix erc-join with channel password

[2] commit 88567ca8ecb505a59157af6338ebe355a304182b
    Fix erc-reuse-buffers behavior

[3] commit 9bb8d90cddf11df3aecdc6c04e762773dfa0cb92
    Allow irc network symbols in erc-autojoin-channels-alist

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