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bug? no output after /clear and /n

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: bug? no output after /clear and /n
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 00:23:06 +0100
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    <incal> o/ what happens if you do /clear and then /n ?
    <incal> it works as expected? I don't get the data
            displayed in the window, if I scroll up all the
            way and down I see it tho so it is there alright,
            just not shown, can you please see if this works
            for you? if so it is a config error on my part
            .... TIA
   <corwin> Sure, but I need to find a channel where I don't
            mind doing /clear
   <corwin> moment...
   <corwin> incal: nope, not your config. I confirm that ERC
            doesn't recenter display to the top following the
            /n given we do /clear then /n
   <corwin> (pressing C-l a couple of times does it, of
    <incal> corwin, cool, I'll report it, thanks
   <corwin> incal: tbh, I'm not sure we'll be able to agree
            that's a bug but I don't see a reason not to
            report it as such and we can go from there.
            Please make sure to CC the emacs-erc list also
            and... ty!
    <incal> corwin, what do you mean? /clear should clear, /n
            should show, right? it doesn't ... well, bug or
            not. I'll report it ... or just post on
   <corwin> both those commands do those things, as far as
            I can tell. the "bug" would be assuming you'd
            expect the /n to be shown under the current top
            line shown (vs just above, as is currently done)
    <incal> I don't see _anything_ after /clear and /n!
   <corwin> If I send /clear then send /n then press C-l twice
            I see the nick list at the top of an otherwise
            empty channel buffer.
    <incal> yeah, but you shouldn't have to press anything, /n
            should show the names w/o anything after
   <corwin> right, and I'm saying that some people problem
            "expect" the present behavior.
    <incal> anyway I kill and yank all this in a post to
            gmane.emacs.erc.general, that's OK?
            should I obfuscate your name or anything? no,
            right? silly ...
   <corwin> I have no concerns being quoted as you find
            helpful, thanks for asking.
    <incal> :)

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