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New ERC comaintainer: F. Jason Park (neverwas)

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: New ERC comaintainer: F. Jason Park (neverwas)
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 11:09:33 -0500
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Dear fellow ERC users,

I'm very excited to announce that J.P. (neverwas) will be joining me
as comaintainer of ERC going forward.

As you probably know, over the past year or so, J.P. has made several
contributions to ERC and other parts of GNU Emacs, has several patches
pending review (which I'll be doing very soon), and still more patches
elsewhere to be proposed and reviewed for merging into ERC proper
further down the line.  He has also been tremendously helpful in the
#erc and #emacs IRC channels on the Libera.Chat network, helping
answer many ERC questions, and triage ERC issues and feature requests.
J.P. has demonstrated his receptiveness to receiving and considering
constructive feedback about his work, and shares our values and
mission of furthering GNU Emacs and free software.  We have already
benefited from J.P.'s excellent contributions to ERC thus far, and
I look forward to even more of them with him as my comaintainer.
I'm confident that having J.P. as comaintainer of ERC will help
facilitate and accelerate the development of ERC -- both in terms of
new features and bug fixes -- and I have no doubt that ERC has been
and will be [even] better off thanks to J.P.'s contributions.

So I couldn't be happier when I was chatting with J.P. a couple of
days ago and brought the idea up to him, he kindly agreed to become a
comaintainer of ERC along with me.  Please join me in welcoming J.P.,
wishing him the best, and working together with him on moving our
favourite IRC client forward into the future. :)

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