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Low-hanging fruit: /LIST fails with some servers

From: J.P.
Subject: Low-hanging fruit: /LIST fails with some servers
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 06:58:55 -0700
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 Some servers seem unresponsive to the /LIST command.


 Can you find a network or an IRCd where this appears to be the case?
 What happens when you remove `list' from `erc-modules' and issue a
 /QUOTE LIST instead? What determines where replies are printed? What
 does ELIST=CMNTU mean and is it relevant here? What's an easy way to
 spy on traffic between ERC and the server? How might you create a unit
 test for this issue? What precautions might be necessary to avoid
 interfering with other tests?

Difficulty: 3.5

This series is for folks interested in getting involved in ERC. If
that's you, please find a way to reproduce the bug, and then open a
report via `erc-bug' with your solution. See CONTRIBUTE for more info.

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