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Re: bug#60560: 29.0.60; ERC 5.5: erc-track should account for killed buf

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: bug#60560: 29.0.60; ERC 5.5: erc-track should account for killed buffers
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 06:35:57 -0800
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"J.P." <jp@neverwas.me> writes:

> Case 1
>   Here, `erc-track--switch-buffer' and friends do not fully account for
>   killed buffers hanging around in `erc-modified-channels-alist'. This
>   could potentially be addressed by adding a maintenance function to
>   `erc-kill-server-hook' on module init (er, major-mode init). However,
>   since the hook itself is a public option and there's a race between it
>   and `erc-window-configuration-change' (which sees the killed buffer as
>   still being alive), I've modified the command instead. If this is
>   potentially problematic, someone please enlighten me.
> Case 2
>   This highlights the need for other modules to perform chores when
>   erc-networks kills a server buffer. Basically, when merging contexts,
>   it doesn't run the normal `erc-kill-server-hook' because that would
>   invite a host of complications. I've chosen to address this by adding
>   a separate, internal hook expressly for this purpose. If that's dumb,
>   please someone say so.
> The fix for the second case belongs on emacs-29 (IMO) because the bug is
> caused by changes it introduces.

This has been carried out.

> The fix for the first could arguably go on master because it's been
> with ERC since the beginning.

This has indeed been held back in a separate patch destined for master

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