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[emacs-humanities] An attempt to prepare critical editions in Emacs/Org

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: [emacs-humanities] An attempt to prepare critical editions in Emacs/Org Mode
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2021 17:58:49 +0000


I have written this package, org-critical-edition, to prepare a
philological critical edition from the comfort of Emacs/Org Mode:


(for those who are not philologists, critical editions are a class of
book with margin numbering and various complex apparatus of footnotes
or/and endnotes. Notes usually refer to line numbers, beginning with a
"lemma", which is the annotated passage. This scheme have their origin in
editions of the classical Latin and Greek texts, but any type of
literature, both ancient or modern, can be edited and annotated by this
method. Here is an example of a critical edition I recently typesetted
in LaTeX for a German publisher: https://imgur.com/a/drqCib5).

The natural output is LaTeX with the reledmac package
(https://www.ctan.org/pkg/reledmac), which is the most mature option we
have in the TeX ecosystem to produce these type of books. In fact, my
package pretends to be a sort of interface in Org Mode for reledmac.

The basic idea of this package is that the critical notes (both
footnotes and endnotes) are always hidden in an Org document and only
the annotated passages are shown in the text (they are actually Org
links, but what is shown is the target, while the description and the
target label remain invisible). Each critical note can be edited or
created (over a marked region) in a dedicated buffer. Therefore, the
typical structure of a critical note is the same for an Org link:

[[edtext:annotated passage in the text][critical notes]]

Feedbad welcome!

Best regards,

Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel Macías --


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