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[emacs-humanities] Emacs "Projects" management?

From: Alan Davis
Subject: [emacs-humanities] Emacs "Projects" management?
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2021 18:24:29 -0700

I am using Emacs for almost everything, as I have done for decades.  I use
Org-Mode, though I do not take advantage of too many bells and whistles.
Various tools offer to help organize "Projects;" but here's the problem for
me: they seem to cater to the programmer, for programming projects.

The very word "Project" is fuzzy, imprecise in usage: I have seen it used
in the sense of a writing project, or without boundaries; yet in the
tutorials and guides for, for example, "projectile" project manager
package, it seems to focus on programming projects.

I would like to ask about how others, in the "emacs-humanities" community,
use such project managers for various kinds of projects (in the loose
sense), and whether such as "projectile" have been useful, and what
modifications were useful.

I am not a programmer, and my attention span is declining.  I do not wish
to embark on a large scale "project" of coding and configuring in elisp to
get somewhere with this.

Thank you for any thoughts about this,

Alan Davis

  "When the Last Tree has been cut down, the Last Fish caught,
   the Last River poisoned, only then will we realize
   that One Cannot Eat Money." (Native American Saying)

  “Into this Universe, and why not knowing,
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       (Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám )

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