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[emacs-humanities] ELPA, MELPA and the Sea of Package Achives

From: Krishna Jani
Subject: [emacs-humanities] ELPA, MELPA and the Sea of Package Achives
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2022 21:57:30 +0530
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Hello Everybody,

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and is having a great time. I have
been really happy with the responses recieved from the group and I was
honestly not expecting many replies seeing that the last conversation on
the list was approx 9 months ago.

Today I come to you with another conundrum, the issue of Package
Archives, there is ELPA, there is Non-Gnu ELPA and then there is MELPA
Quelpa and many such similar archives which at the heart of it work the
same way. I wanted you understand why we have many of these and what is
their significance. Please explain as to why have we not simplified this
and what is the step forward

Please also advise on which one to use, as managing all these is getting
cumbersome and also what are the advantages to use one over the
other. If this is a very stupid question I present my apologies and
regert wasting your time


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