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[Orgmode] clocking time

From: J. David Boyd
Subject: [Orgmode] clocking time
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:02:21 -0500
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When I have a TODO item, and I've added time to it by clocking in and out,
what happens if I reschedule that item for the next day, to continue working
on it, then again clock time in and out?

I should say, what is going to happen to the dynamic clock block I have placed
at the top of the file.

Actually, I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I use this, but I am curious.  I
made my subtree start with 'Nov 15', and then plan on making subsequent trees
at the same level as 'Nov 16', 'Nov 17', etc.

Then, I put what I am working on, or planning on working on, into a given day.

Come to think of it, that's not a good way to do this, is it.

I should have a better topic than the date.  Or should I?  I've seen some
threads on this before, I believe, but since I wasn't doing it at the time, I
wasn't able to follow them very well.

Any ideas on the best structure for tracking programming work and priorities?
Is this list archived somewhere?


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