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Re: [Orgmode] Small bug and sorting suggestion

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Small bug and sorting suggestion
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 09:55:11 +0100

On Nov 19, 2006, at 2:14, Bastien wrote:

Hi Carsten and list,

headlines containing a time interval after SCHEDULED are not "closed"
properly (org-log-done is t).  The adding of "CLOSED" yields this:

* WAITING Salon address@hidden
  SCHEDULED: <2006-11-15 mer>--<2006-11-17 ven>

* DONE Salon address@hidden
  --<2006-11-17 ven> CLOSED: [2006-11-18 sam]

Maybe i shouldn't use time interval after SCHEDULED, but i find it
useful.  Note that this does not happen with DEADLINE instead of
SCHEDULED.  Tested with org v4.56.

Indeed, SCHEDULED is not intended to be used with a time interval.
The time/date interval you give in such a case will not be interpreted
as a scheduling interval, but just as a block appointment.

I can see, however, that it could make sense to use it like this.  An
item marked by SCHEDULED: <date1>--<date2> will show up on all days
in the interval, but will also be carried forward as an overdue
scheduled item, until you mark it done.  Hmmm, a nice, unintended
feature.  For now I am leaving it undocumented, but I have fixed
the problem you describe above, for the next version.  Thanks for
the report.

The feature suggestion is this one: since you're working on sorting,
what about sorting headlines depending on the date they're attached

I've got a headline called "Call for paper" where I put all the CFP
and that would be great to have them automagically sorted.

I take it that you are talking about sorting tree-nodes in the
Org-mode buffer, similar to Carles Cave's request?

This could be either an absolute order (first coming headline first
displayed, no matter if it's SCHEDULED or DEADLINE) or a mix between
categories and dates (DEADLINE first with sorted items, then SCHEDULED
with sorted items, etc).

Hmmm again - if I read this, it looks to me that you are in fact
talking about sorting in the agenda buffer.  Which one is it?

- Carsten

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