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Re: [Orgmode] Some questions/suggestions

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Some questions/suggestions
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 19:32:40 +0100

On Nov 22, 2006, at 10:47, dachsy wrote:


First of all: I'm using org mode now for a couple of weeks and like it
veeeery much. Thanks for this great work! :-)

I have some questions/suggestions:

- From time to time I'd like to get a quick overview of what I've done
  the last weeks. Agenda Timeline view would be perfect, but it only
  includes DONE entries if they were scheduled or had a deadline. Is
  it somehow possible to include also all other DONE entries?
  Furthermore: It would be perfect if I could do a timeline overview
  from several org files.

Why don't you use the agenda view for this?  It shows you exactly
one week, you can turn on log-mode with "l" to show the done stuff.

If you want to do a specific set of files, or if you want to turn off
(for example) diary entries, see section 8.9.3 in the manual.

- When using "C-c $" to move DONE entries to the archive file, the
  close date of the entry is changed to the current date. Not sure if
  this is intended, but I'd like to keep the original close date.

That was a bug, fixed for 4.57.

- When setting date (deadline/schedule, ie w/ "C-cC-s"), it would be
  nice if I just could enter something like '+7' to schedule/deadline
  the entry 7 days in the future.

- I very much like the remember interface, but: if I set
  'org-reverse-note-order' to true and the target file has some '#XYZ'
  statments at the beginning, the entry is added at the very beginning
  instead of after these statements. Furthermore: I like the interface
  since "C-cC-c RET RET" is fast, but: Is there an easy way (other
  than hacking the org-remember-hanlder) to add the new note as level
  1 heading as default instead of a level 2 heading?

In 4.57, when you use reversed order, it will now paste just before the
first headline in the buffer, and it will use level 1 instead of 2.
Level 2 does not make sense at the beginning of the buffer.

- Coloring: I was able to specify other faces for some of my TODO
  keywords (ie. SCHED) using 'font-lock-add-keywords'. This is
  possible in the normal org-mode, but I wasn't able to do this also
  in agenda view: here I'd like to have different colors too in the

Fontification in the agenda buffer is not done using font-lock-mode,
but is done by hand while the buffer is being build.  You best bet for
hacking this is to use the hook `org-finalize-agenda-hook' and
put in there a function that will find those keywords and
give them different faces.  However, this will still be a problem when
you are using commands that update lines in the agenda buffer - these
updated lines will not see the action of the hook....

Thanks for your bug reports and input.

- Carsten

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