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[Orgmode] Org-mode release 4.57

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode release 4.57
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 08:26:38 +0100

Hi all,

Org-mode version 4.57 is at


This is a release with quite a few user-visible changes, so make sure
you read through the list below and see if there is something
you might want to use.


- Carsten

Changes in Version 4.57

Sorting of outline items on same level

  Sorting can be done alphabetically, numerically, or by time stamp.
  Reverse sorting is also possible.
  The implementation is reasonably fast, so you can sort trees
  with 10000 entries without any problem.

  Thanks to Charles Cave and Bastien Guerry for ideas.

Sorting tables has become more comfortable

   Table sorting uses the same algorithm as entry sorting and therefore
   can now also use time-stamps for sorting.
   Sorting now automatically selects the sorting column by using the
   column where the cursor is in.  If the cursor is before the first
   column, you will be prompted for the sorting column.

   Sorting also automatically selects
   the row range to sort, by taking the range between the nearest
   horizontal lines in the table, or the whole table.  For me,
   this is the right range 99.9% of cases.

   You can still limit the range to be sorted by creating an active
   region.  In this case, the mark specifies the first sorting
   line *and* the sorting column.  Point gives the last sorting line.

Changes in Agenda buffer

  - `C-c C-o' follows a link in the current line
      (request from Xiao-Yong Jin)

  - `C-c $' archives the subtree corresponding to the line (Bastien).
      (request from Bastien Guerry)

  - Changing dates with S-left and S-right shows the new date in the
    agenda line using an overlay.  To move the entry to the new date
    in the agenda buffer you still need to press "r".
      (request from Pete Phillips)

  - New option `org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-done'.  When set,
    scheduled items will not show up in the agenda for the day
    when they had been scheduled.
      (reported by Ramon Diaz-Uriarte)

Agenda and sparse tree construction using regexps for tags

    A tags match can now, for example, look like this:


    to match headlines that contain the tag WORK and any other tag
    starting with BOSS, for example BOSS_URGENT, BOSS_PRIVATE,

    This was a request from Bastien Guerry.

Enhancement for the date/time prompt

  When prompted for a date/time, entering "+7" indicates a date
  7 days from now - but only this is the only thing you enter at
  the prompt.  So you cannot enter "+7 13:30", for example.
  Again, this was a request from Bastien.

Custom time formats also apply to exported html and ascii

Bug fixes

  I just cannot believe how many little bugs were found again.  This
  includes the persistent bug with linking to gnus, which is now
  finally fixed.
  Thanks to everyone who reported and/or helped to analyze bugs.

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