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[Orgmode] Release: Org-mode 4.70

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Release: Org-mode 4.70
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 00:13:14 +0200

Hi everyone,

I am releasing org-mode version 4.70 at



- Carsten

Changes in version 4.70

* Overview

  - The dust settles after the upgrade of TODO keywords.
  - The export title can be taken from the first text line.
  - TTY replacement keys have changed.

* Incompatible changes

  - Some TTY replacement keys are changed, see below.

* Details

  - Further development concerning TODO keywords.

    + You can now have several DONE states in a sequence, like


      The difference to the proposal discussed on the mailing
      list (and which is also works!)

        #+SEQ_TODO: | CANCELED

      is that in the first case, the extra DONE states will be
      reached with `C-c C-t' (or with `t' from the agenda), while
      in the second case you need S-<right> or C-S-<right> to get
      to the special states.  I guess both ideas can be useful.

    + A more complex TODO setup can now be configured in Lisp.
      Setting up TODO keywords in Lisp previously used two
      separate variables: `org-todo-keywords' and
      `org-todo-interpretation'.  The preferred way is now to use
      only `org-todo-keywords', with a new structure:

       (setq org-todo-keywords
         '((sequence "TODO" "|" "DONE")
           (sequence "BUG" "KNOWNCAUSE" "|" "FIXED" "IGNORED")
           (type "Fred" "Lisa" "Peter" "|" "DONE")
           (sequence "CANCELED")    ; for things we decide to not do.

      If your setting has this new structure,
      `org-todo-interpretation' will be ignored.  This change
      does not break backward compatibility.  The old way of
      using a flat list in `org-todo-keywords' and taking the
      interpretation from the other variable still works.

    + When listing *specific* TODO entries via a sparse tree
      (`C-u C-c C-v') or via the agenda (`C-c a T' or `C-u C-c a
      t'), you can now specify several keywords to be selected,
      like "TODO|VERIFY|WAITING".  This also works for custom
      agenda commands.  Thanks to Jason F. McBrayer for pointing
      out this omission.

  - If you have configured Org-mode to export also the text
    before the first headline (this is done by setting the
    variable `org-export-skip-text-before-1st-heading' to nil),
    then the first normal text line in the buffer becomes the
    title of the exported document.  A title set with #+TITLE
    overules this default, and the first line then belongs to the
    normal text.  Thanks to David House for this proposal.

  - TTY replacement keys.  Some of the key bindings used by
    Org-mode do not work on a tty, so replacement key sequences
    are provided on ttys.  In version 4.70, there are some
    changes in the tty replacements.  Thanks to Jason F. McBrayer
    for coming up with the idea to use C-c <cursor> keys.

    | Command           |           | Old TTY       | New TTY       |
    | org-.....         | Main Key  | Replacement   | Replacement   |
    | shiftleft         | S-left    | C-c C-x left  | C-c left      |
    | shiftright        | S-right   | C-c C-x right | C-c right     |
    | shiftup           | S-up      | C-c C-x up    | C-c up        |
    | shiftdown         | S-down    | C-c C-x down  | C-c down      |
    | shiftcontrolleft  | C-S-left  |               | C-c C-x left  |
    | shiftcontrolright | C-s-right |               | C-c C-x right |

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