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[Orgmode] C-c C-j (was: )

From: Leo
Subject: [Orgmode] C-c C-j (was: )
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 15:01:59 +0100
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On 2007-04-05, Jason F. McBrayer said:

>> I really love the integration of remember with org, especially the way
>> how to insert the notes by moving within the headings-tree. 
>> Is it possible to use this feature also for moving portions of text
>> via regular copy/paste an org-buffer, and have org automatically adapt
>> the header levels? I didn't find anything in the manual.
> C-c C-x C-w will cut a subtree, which you can paste with C-c C-x C-y,
> and it will automatically adapt the header levels.  You can navigate
> to where you want to insert it with C-c C-j, which works a lot like
> selecting your place with org-remember.

I also found C-c C-j convenient. However, it is quite weak when
navigating through a big file with various levels of subtrees. I
wonder would it be useful to add the support of navigating subtrees on
the same level?

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