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Re: [Orgmode] M-x lifesnap (and an itty bitty org-agenda problem i'm hav

From: David O'Toole
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] M-x lifesnap (and an itty bitty org-agenda problem i'm having)
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 10:12:28 -0400

Hi Pete,

Like I said, there are bugs. I just started coding yesterday morning.
I'll work on it and see if I can fix the problem. Within a few days I
should have a "real" alpha release with a bit of documentation so
maybe it would be best to wait till then. It will also support proper
window configurations then, so that you can have vertical splits etc.

My themes page is http://dto.freeshell.org/notebook/ColorThemes.html .
The right one is color-theme-cl-frame and it includes Org faces.

I will keep you posted.

On 4/6/07, Pete Phillips <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi David

That seems cool. What about adding:

- mh-e plugin to show the no of unread mails, and total no of mails in
  certain named mailboxes (I use an +action mailbox where I file mails
  which I need to do something with, plus a +waiting mailbox. This
  enables me to get my +inbox to zero as per GTD). By all means, support
  other emacs mailers :-)

However, I have installed the linkd and lifesnap files, loaded them up,
but when I run lifesnap nothing happens!   (the linkd stuff works for me
though). Any ideas ?

Finally, do mind me asking how you get that colour scheme ? Nice.


>>>>> "David" == David O'Toole <address@hidden> writes:

    David> Hello everyone. I'm working on a very small (but very useful
    David> to me) piece of software called Lifesnap. It is compatible
    David> with org-mode and potentially of interest to org-people so I
    David> am mentioning it here.

    David> The idea is to get a single-key overview of the output of
    David> various Emacs packages I use to keep myself organized. This
    David> way I can more easily "get in sync" with my information.

    David> the webpage (with screenshot) is here:
    David> http://dto.freeshell.org/notebook/LifeSnap.html

    David> It's currently very tiny and with some bugs, but I already
    David> find it useful. Eventually I would like it to behave much
    David> like the Evolution Summary page, showing RSS feeds, weather,
    David> mail messages, and so on.  But it also can support any kind
    David> of custom "emacs feed" you can think up. So org-agenda is one
    David> of the "plugins".

    David> Speaking of which, there is a slight problem with
    David> org-agenda.... when I switch weeks in the agenda week view,
    David> it clobbers the nice window configuration. Is there any way
    David> to prevent this? I'm not sure why changing weeks should alter
    David> the windows.

    David> Anyway, I'm interested in hearing your feedback on lifesnap
    David> and seeing what ideas/suggestions people may have.

    David> -David

    David> _______________________________________________ Emacs-orgmode
    David> mailing list address@hidden
    David> http://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/emacs-orgmode

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