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[Orgmode] Org-mode & EasyPG: How to enable both on a per-file-basis?

From: phil
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode & EasyPG: How to enable both on a per-file-basis?
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 16:06:53 +0200


I want to use have my .org-file gpg-encrypted.

I played arround with EasyPG (http://www.easypg.org/) and after compiling the package and adding:

        (require 'epa-setup)

to my .emacs, encryption and decryption is working fine.

When I'm saving a file EasyPG is asking for a public-key which it should choose for encryption. To skip this dialog, there is the possibility to put

        -*- epa-file-encrypt-to: ("EMAIL-ADRESS OR KEY-ID") -*-

in the FIRST line.
This key is then used for encryption.

While this is working, when in the first line, it doesn't work when I have

        -*- mode: org; -*-

in the line above and when I move the mode: org to the second line, Org-Mode isn't working.

Any ideas how I can use both settings on a per file basis:

1. telling Emacs that this file is a org-mode file, and
2. telling Emacs which GPG-Key it should choose when encrypting?

Best regards from Berlin

- P hil

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