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[Orgmode] Org-mode 4.72

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode 4.72
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 09:47:20 +0200


org-mode version 4.72 is now available at



- Carsten

Changes in version 4.72

* Overview

  - Control over blank lines between trees in collapsed view.
  - Info about the running clock is shown in the modeline.
  - C-a can behave specially in headlines.
  - Better color and scaling defaults for LaTeX fragments.
  - Customizable list of keys in org-mode to be replaced.
  - Stuck project descriptions have been extended.
  - Emphasis code has been modified to fix some issues.
  - Bug fixes.

* Incompatible changes

  - The option `org-format-latex-options' has changed.  If you
    have customized it, please revert to default and then redo
    your customization.

  - `org-CUA-compatible' no longer modifies S-RET by default,
    because newer versions of CUA don't use this key anymore.
    If you need this replacement, customize the variable

  - The variable `org-CUA-compatible' is obsolete, please use
    `org-replace-disputed-keys' instead.  `org-CUA-compatible'
    is still an alias for this new variable, though.

* Details

  - Better control over blank lines between trees in collapsed
    view.  This has come up several times in the past and most
    recently by Scott Jaderholm.  There is now a new variable
    `org-cycle-separator-lines' with default value 2.  It says
    how many empty lines there need to be after the end of a
    subtree to get an empty line in collapsed view.  So with the
    default, if you leave only one empty line it will disappear
    in collapsed view.  If you leave two, one empty line will
    remain so that you can use double empty lines to structure
    the collapsed views of a file.  I love it, so many thanks to
    Scott for bringing this up again.

    One property of the new setup is that you will never get
    more than one blank line in collapsed view.  We could do
    something special to allow *several* empty lines in
    collapsed view, but I think this is counter-productive.

    In Emacs 22, if you want to make full use of this, make sure
    that you have not set `outline-blank-line'.

  - When the clock is running, Org-mode will put info about it
    into the modeline.  The info consists of the elapsed time
    and the heading of the clocked item.  This was a proposal
    from Bastien who got the idea from Muse.

  - C-a can behave specially in headlines when you set the
    variable `org-special-ctrl-a'.  It will bring the cursor
    first back only to the beginning of the headline *text*,
    i.e. after the stars and the TODO keyword, if any.  A second
    C-a will then move the cursor to the beginning of the line.
    If the cursor is already at the beginning of the line, C-a
    will spring *forward* to the headline text.  This was a
    proposal from Leo, based on a request from Scott Jaderholm.

    I have not turned this turned this on by default, should I?

  - When LaTeX fragments are processed into images, there is now
    more control and (hopefully) betters defaults for colors and
    scaling.  Special values can be set for HTML export, so that
    these values can differ from what is used for display in an
    emacs buffer.  The default foreground and background colors
    for images embedded in emacs are now taken from the default
    emacs face.  Thanks to Xiao-Yong Jin for proposing these

  - There is now a much better mechanism to change some keys in
    org-mode if these keys clash with other modes you use.  Turn
    this on by setting `org-replace-disputed-keys' (aliased to
    `org-CUA-compatible').  The list of keys to replace is now
    fully customizable, see the option `org-disputed-keys'.
    Many thanks to Meciej Katafiasz for a patch implementing

  - Stuck project descriptions have been extended.  You can now
    use "*" as a TODO keyword or tag to say that *any* TODO
    keyword or TAG marks a project as non-stuck.  You also can
    give an arbitrary regular expression that, if it matches,
    indicates a non-stuck project.

  - The code for emphasis like bold, italic etc has been
    modified - I might have broken something in the process,
    please let me know if you find problems.

  - A number of bugs have been fixed - those where I have
    replied "Fixed" on the mailing list.

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