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Re: [Orgmode] folding broken in sparse TODO tree

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] folding broken in sparse TODO tree
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 10:09:15 +0200

On Jun 1, 2007, at 23:34, Jason Dunsmore wrote:

> I think there is still a related bug in 4.76.  If you put the
> following in an empty buffer:
> * level 1
> ** TODO level 2.0
> ** level 2.1
> ** level 2.3
> Press C-c C-v, go to the level 2.1 header, and press Tab, it isn't
> unfolded and the EMPTY ENTRY message appears.

Well, the 2.1 is empty, or am I missing something???

Yes, well, there are no notes for that heading, but there are further
level 2 items, which I expected to be unfolded by pressing Tab.  Would
there be anything inconsistant with that behavior?  Otherwise, it's
difficult for me to tell which items with "..." in a sparse TODO tree
can be unfolded and which can't.  Maybe a different symbol can signify
which items can't be unfolded if there is a problem with making Tab
unfold further items at the same level.

Now I see what you mean.  No.
TAB only show what is below this entry, not what it coming after it.
The reason for this is that normally, you would start from Overview
mode and then work your way down using TAB.  In this case, when you
press TAB on "level 1", all level 2 entries will be shown,
so the situation you describe would never arise.

Now, when you use C-c C-v or any other sparse-tree command,
the tree is not displayed in a consistent state, in order
to allow for a compact display of the matches[1].

To get the tree locally back to a more consistent state, you can use
the command C-u C-c C-r.

However, I do see that it might be intuitive in the situation you
describe to allow TAB to make the tree more consistent as well.
Need to think a bit about this possibility.  Thanks for
the feedback.

- Carsten

[1] You could, in fact, make it even more compact by configuring
    org-show-following-heading to nil.

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