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Re: [Orgmode] minor niggles concerning tables

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] minor niggles concerning tables
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 21:12:14 +0200

On Jun 4, 2007, at 18:05, William Henney wrote:

Hi Carsten

Every time I use org's tables I am amazed at how powerful and easy
they are. There are just a couple of annoyances that I repeatedly come
across, and which I thought I'd better report.

* minor niggles concerning tables
** org-table-toggle-coordinate-overlays
  This is great, but it is less useful than it might be because it
  uses the notation A1, B2, etc, whereas the canonical notation (as
  used by org-table-eval-formula and in the TBLFM line) is @1$1,

In fact, org-table-eval-formula understands both kinds of references.

This introduces quite a cognitive load in translating between
  the two, especially since one is row-major while the other is

Yes, I agree, this is hard and a bit unfortunate.  If I could
start from scratch, I would make but the same, but for backward
compatibility I cannot.

If you prefer the @row$column references, have you set

   (setq org-table-use-standard-references nil)

?.  Obviously not, because this also causes the coordinate grid
to change.  However, I now see that there is a little bug - you
should also get the other grid with

   (setq org-table-use-standard-references 'from)

which is probably the best setting if you prefer this type
of references.  However, this does not yet work right.
Will be fixed in 4.77.

The right setting of this variable is important in particular for the
formula editor (C-c ').  Have you ever tried it?

** numbers like "1.e3"
  I am in the (lazy) habit of omitting the zero after the decimal
  point in scientific notation. This causes no problems in most
  programming languages, or for calc.el, but it is misinterpreted in
  table formulae. Is it possible to easily fix this?

Interesting bug!  Fixed as well, thank you very much.

- Carsten

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