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Re: [Orgmode] a couple of possible bugs in filling/indenting of plain li

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] a couple of possible bugs in filling/indenting of plain lists
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 10:45:20 +0200

On Jun 5, 2007, at 1:46, William Henney wrote:

On 6/4/07, Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> wrote:

On Jun 4, 2007, at 15:39, William Henney wrote:

> Thanks Carsten. Is this fix just for the indent-relative bug, or does
> it fix the second (fill-paragraph) bug as well?

The fix will only fix the second bug (with fill-paragraph).  The first
problem I believe cannot be fixed, because Org-mode cannot know if
you want to start a new level of lists, or if you are continuing the
current list.

Thanks for the explanation. I am still a bit confused though, since
even if org thought I wanted to start a new list, then it should only
indent by one space, whereas it actually indents by two....

No, when starting a new list level, the bullet character should be
under the left margin of the text of the upper llevel, i.e.
2 characters indented.

In the case of ordered lists, I think that you can tell (in principle)
if the item represents the start of a new list. Whether it is worth
your effort is another matter :)

Yes, I could do a lot of parsing, but I don't think it is worth the effort.
If you use M-RET to make new list items, indentation is set correctly.

- Carsten

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