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[Orgmode] tags: thoughts, questions and feature request

From: Maxim Loginov
Subject: [Orgmode] tags: thoughts, questions and feature request
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 17:57:31 +0700
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I like tags very much, everything should be tagged, not hierarchical!
:-) but in org-mode these to approaches are well balanced and I
suppose to use tags extensively. in the following there is a
description how I suppose to use tags together with questions and
features I did not find. any comments are welcome!

I use org-remember for keeping different kind of notes:
- note =  how something works
- hint = feature seems to be useful, but now I do not need it
- bookmark for websites (I'd like to use org-mode as the only place for my web 
  bookmarks because of tagging feature!)
there is a part from .emacs to do this:

(setq org-remember-templates
      '((?h "* %^{Hint} %T :hint:\n  %i%?\n  %a")
        (?n "* %^{Note} %T :note:\n  %i%?\n  %a")
        (?b "* %a %T :bookmark:\n  %i%?")))

you see, there are tags inserted to every note in the headline, now if
I have an org-file containing this:

* Emacs :emacs:
** gnus :gnus:
** org  :org:

and then add a bookmark using M-x remember RET b RET to the gnus section 
I'll get this:

* Emacs :emacs:
** gnus :gnus:
*** [[http://gnus.org][gnus]] <2007-06-07 Thu 10:51> :bookmark:
    bookmark notes
** org  :org:

exploiting inheritance feature now I can search bookmarks related to
emacs (I'll find this bookmark), to gnus (find also). cool!


1. is there a way for keeping dynamic list of all tags in all files,
listed in org-agenda-files? as I see currently taglist is based on the
open org file (dynamically updated) or on predefined list (which can
cover all tags, but not dynamically)

2. is it possible to show all (including inherited) tags in agenda tag view?

feature requests:

1. is it possible to implement "implicit" tags, which takes their
value from the headline?  in the example above :emacs: tag is taken
from headline * Emacs by hands, it would be good not to type it, but
rather imply. the value (:emacs:) inferred from headline using some
customizable function. this function definitely should remove illegal
characters, spaces, timestamps, words like TODO, DONE etc. as a simple
solution use upcase/downcase function for one-word headlines only, do
not considering longer headlines for implicit tags creation. the
heading level which is used for implicit tags should be customizable
as well. it is not even necessary to print implicit tag at the end of
headline (why to pollute space? also customizable), just imply them!
in all other senses implicit tags should behave as usual

2. the similar implicit tags can be implemented for [[bbdb:Name Surname]] 
links. if the text after headline contains such link, the
headline is tagged with :surname: (again value is inferred by
customizable function). this is very convenient and fast to find
related persons in agenda view. additionally, if for example explicit
tag :talk: is added, you can clearly see from agenda view on which
topics you should talk to a person, even when these topics are
scattered around different files, no need for separate list. cool,
isn't it? it can be even better if such implicit tags would be
implemented for ANY kind of links, headline implicitly tagged by
:bookmark: if http:// link encountered in the text below, by :file: if
file: link encountered and so on. additionally if anyone implement a
search in the link and description it will be a great desktop
search/organizing tool!

finally I'd like to note that I'm not very experienced with emacs and
org-mode in particular, please do not blame me if my questions/requests are 


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